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So no one here is an Aquarius. MT not a suitable job or Aquarius can't be bothered?

Posted By: Anybody represent for AcQuarius? on 2006-01-17
In Reply to: Okay I work for Q and have "spare time" what is your sun sign? - Does it suit your personality?

Fine line between genious and madness I have read. Guess MT would push Aquarius over the madness edge huh?

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Perhaps semi-crazed at times, but if I was a genius, I would have come up with a better idea than MT to make a living.
That one bothered me a lot too......
I wasn't over it and then this Amish thing. We were actually planning a trip to that area (Amish) next week but decided on Niagara Falls instead.

Anyway, about the girl in Colorado. I just kept thinking about what her morning with her Mom might have been like. Then she goes off to school and her Mom never gets to see her again. (Obviously I can't help but look at this from a Mom's point of view). I just couldn't even imagine how I could deal with that.

I saw an interview with a woman who says she now prays with her children every morning before they leave the house. I think that is a good idea. I have twin toddlers.....wondering how bad it will be when they are in school. Ahhhhhhh :-(
The thing that bothered me
Was the fact that the doctors told her they wouldn't need her services any longer after today. I didn't hear a word from her. If they had given the job to another transcriptionist, I never would have known. I would have just started work today never knowing that I wouldn't be getting any more work and didn't have a job any more.
since no one has bothered to answer you, I

At MT Stars there are archives - with all sorts of opinions on some of the things you are asking.  What with all the off-shoring going on, not sure it's worth your while to do it, whereas CODING and CODERS is booming.  The USA is desperately seeking all kinds of coders (medical and hospital billing).  Maybe you'd like to check into that......

Best of luck!!! 

Yes, they have bothered me for a while now. Taking SM
advantage of stay at home moms.

And please, if you do make that amount of money, I don't want to hear about it. I too do well, as would anyone working for close to 20 years, but that does not go for newbies to this profession or, rather, what's left of this profession.

personally, I don't mind not being bothered (sm)
and being left alone to do my job, make my money, and live my life! As long as I don't have any problems and they don't, I really enjoy not having someone "breathing" down my neck all the time.  I consider it one of the perks of my job! Oh, well, to each her own, right?
Funny, she doesn't seem bothered when she's
Thanks for your reply. This has bothered me, along with a lot of other stuff about this blankety bl
No, YOU are implying that this mother doesn't want to be bothered with her kids. How do YOU know?
I don't understand why you were bothered that she left a message on your machine. sm
How does the 'generic' greeting you have to answer it indicate what type of message someone is supposed to leave? Would you have rather she left a totally informationless message? I just don't get it.
The only person that bothered me at my wedding was the one who wore a white dress. Black is fine.