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Sagittarius (everything fits except the outdoorsy part)

Posted By: indoor girl on 2006-01-17
In Reply to: Okay I work for Q and have "spare time" what is your sun sign? - Does it suit your personality?

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there ya go, that fits. NM
That fits perfectly

you go girl!!

Thanks much,


Virgo...and fits me to a "T".
My cat is 13 pounds and she just fits in the....

Sounds like a 27 pound cat might be too big for the litter boxes with the covered housing/top.  My cat just fits into this regular sized one.  Suggest you either get a bigger litter box system or have one built.  A 27 pound cat is a HUGE (loveable) cat who needs above-normal sized cat box.

Just my 3 cents  as a CAT LOVER!!!  *S*


If the shoe fits...
wear it. I think she's absolutely right. Doctors and hospitals figure if they're going to pay for crap, they might as well pay for cheap crap and send it overseas. It's amazing how lazy and sloppy some American MTs are. I have even seen some "team leaders" and "MT supervisors" type crap like 38 cms, and I've seen companies refer to HIPPA instead of HIPAA.

I personally know an MT who thinks she is one of the best MTs there is, and she has no clue when to use "their," "there," or "they're." She mixes up tetanus and tinnitus. It's disgraceful.
So the aka name fits perfectly!
it fits the bill for me! i'm frugal too :)
TransHealth fits this category. nm
Ok, there are only a few boards now, so if what you are posting fits into
one of the boards to the left, post it there, otherwise your post will be deleted. We're not going to lock posts anymore, we're just going to delete them. This should be no major undertaking. Have a word question, post it on the Word board...have a question about a Company, post it on the Company board, etc.
Thanks! It is nice to finally find something that fits! :) nm
Virgo, fits me like a glove. I used to work in - sm
used to work in court reporting & the overwhelming majority there were Virgo and Scorpio. I'll bet MT is the same way.

My sister and her husband, who are both graphic designers, are Libra, as is their little girl. When sister started a new job they asked her what sign she was, she said Libra, and so was almost EVERY person in the office!
That shoe fits a lot of 'em. MQ, MDI/Transcend, the old Edix.
you proofread all business letters you receive in the mail and have fits over the errors! LOL (nm)

For arthritis/cold weather, I use cheap, thin, one-size-fits-all
grocery-store gloves, and just cut the fingertips out. Warm & comfy. And cheap.
The easy part is making the decision to leave, the hard part is
actually doing it.  Been in your shoes and it took me a year and a half to leave after I had made the decision to do so.  It was the best thing I have ever done for myself and my girls.  I had family and friends and a counselor telling me what needed to be done and I knew what needed to be done but until I had the courage on my own to do it I stayed.  One day, we had an argument and he spit in my face and that was the last straw for me.  Even though it is something that I will NEVER forget, that day is also a day I will never forget because it is the day that I took my kids and left.  I am a single mom of 2 and have been single and supporting us for 5 years now.  I have been healing ever since and still am to this day.  You can do this.  I know that if I hadn't have left and I would have stayed one of us would be dead by now or both. 
What's up with the CMT part A and part B exams?
I thought it was all one test.  How can a half a test last 6-1/2 hours?  If anyone knows, please share your info!  Thanks! 
Does anyone know if you are a part time employee for 1 company and part time IC for another can you
still claim deductions for IC on your income tax even though you are one of each.
Depends on how part time the part time jobs are.
You can do it. You just have to work out a schedule you can live with.
Which part of OK are you?
Hello there
I did my little part
Went to the Houston SPCA yesterday to bring home a "furry refugee".  They had not all been processed yet, however, and so we brought one home that had already been there, but at least it cleared the way for the other furries guys and gals.  They are in need of donations, if anyone is interested.  They have brought in approximately 460 dogs and cats from NO.
Because they pay a part of it as well.
MQ pays a good portion of the premium and the MT is only paying part.

Spheris pays a higher part of the premium, or at least they have in the past. With the new plan, MQ may have adjusted their portion of the insurance premium up a little bit.

Where did you get the idea MQ was taking away insurance?
this part
Preliminary, unaudited results indicate that operating income declined from approximately $61 million, for the twelve months ended December 31, 2003 to approximately $23 million for the comparable 2004 period. The decline in operating income includes: 1) the impact of approximately $11 million in costs incurred in 2004 related to the ongoing billing investigation and associated litigation, 2) approximately $4 million in costs associated with separation and replacement of the Company's management team, including members at the executive level and 3) approximately $3 million associated with the write-off of intangible assets associated with products no longer being offered. In addition, the base business, as described above in the Revenues section, experienced a decline in transcription service volume from existing and lost clients and a decline in transcription service rates charged to customers. The impact of the revenue decline was partially offset by several cost saving initiatives including reductions in telecommunications costs, office consolidations and associated staff reductions.
$2.87 in this part of PA sm
I got a bike rack for my car (had been using SUV) to take DS to his races and training sessions. I have personally been increasing my mileage and even ride my bike to church every chance I get (20 miles one way). I do all in-town errands by either foot or on bicycle.

When the aforementioned SUV is paid off this summer, I am going to get an even smaller car. I would love to try either a hybrid or a car that would run on biodiesel.
I don't think there is on. How do you get the lab part?
There are programs to get BSN if already an RN that can be done on-line. 
SE has to pay part of the SS tax, which is
practically the same as self employment tax. As SE, the company pays part and you are responsible for the rest.
Most definitely part of it...

See your doctor...may need some hormone adjustment.

What part of WV are you from? sm

I am from Beckley...Boy, is our town ever growing rapidly!!!!

I have read these posts and checked out websites for these train rides, Amish country, Dutch Wonderland and I really, really believe I have found our next vacation!  I have found so many things that I am interested in that would be great for the whole family.  I really do appreciate all of the advice!  Now I cannot wait to book this vacation!  Thanks!!!!

Like I said, it came as part of MQ's (sm)
horrible DQS platform in 2004.
Duh on my part ... thanks so much!! :-) nm

What part are you from because
everything I've read or looked at in my state is between 12-15
You know the sad part?
The sad part is that she was a really good friend for a long time, and she never ever spoke to me after that because she blamed me because I found out what she was doing. I guess she figured I had "ratted her out" after she got caught the second time, when I was not there anymore. I remember when I asked her to stop, she said to me that, "She could not be like me, because she did not have my work ethic." I know that maybe she was just hurt, and that I should stop thinking about it because it was almost 12 years (my goodness how time flies!) ago, but you know, I still miss her. Every so many years I'll send a Christmas card hoping she will write back and even now I wish the whole thing never happened. Oh well. I will make a New Year Resolution right now to stop whining LOL. Things happen for a reason!
First part taken from OP
"... and this is a catholic hospital. i guess this is the new christian work ethic." - I brought up organized religion because of this comment.

I merely meant that it is flawed (because it is made up of humans) and she should look out for her own wellbeing (and not be swayed or feel unjustified because she is working for a religious organization).

Religion itself isn't a bad thing, but many times the organized groups get more concerned with protocol than the truth and love that Jesus talked about.

(The following is from copied from PFO.org)- Some of the most stinging rebukes Jesus issued were directed toward the Pharisees. Probably the strongest diatribe is recorded in Matthew 23. At least seven times in that chapter, Jesus pronounced the following condemnation: “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” He condemned and illustrated their rapaciousness, their selfishness, their inward spiritual emptiness, and their emphasis on “scruple” while neglecting the “weightier” matters of justice, mercy, and faith.

I am also curious if you are sensitive to how the people in other parts of the world feel when Christians tell them that what they have been taught and believe is wrong and that they will go to H#ell if they don't change their thinking.
it has always been a part of the job sm
and it is not going to change. There are some dictators that some MTs are always going to have a hard time understanding, probably most MTs but they are not going to change for us. The only thing you can do is flag a report and hope the doctor will fill in the blanks or the hospital will say something to that person about all the blanks in the report (the dictator). They are not going to change for us because it is not about us!
QA is a part of MT like it or not. nm
what part of Florida are you in
because it shouldn't really affect your work, if you have a working computer and electricity, you should be able to get work.
I exaggerated the part about
1/2 the pay for working twice as hard, but in my opinion that is quickly becoming the trend...

Also, I apologize ahead of time, for any typos.  I am not on the clock right now and am not obsessive/compulsive about it all...

maybe its part of the new MQ pay plan

its all part of the job sweetie.
This is part of growing up
I believe they have to start making their own decisions at some point in their life and living with the consequences.  Same as we all do.  I'm not saying he will regret it or not regret it, one way or the other, but either way, it should be his decision.  Take it easy, Mom. 
Try just entering part of the last name sm
and the first letter of the first name.

Some accounts do have glitches and yours might be one.
Obviously not part of the base of
Part time
I work part time from home, and I graduated about 7 months ago. It fine doing part time, just don't expect to make any money.
What part of my post
indicated that I was mad or angry about something?
The "get over it" part. :) NM
part time
I was told I had to work 20 hours minimum and there was no maximum. Since I'm paid by the line, I could work 100 hours a week if I wanted.
Why don't you try getting a part-time job? Try
Don't want a part time job
I was hired as a fulltime employee; I have benefits and want to keep them. What kind of benefits do you have for parttime; not what I have now that is for sure.

We want to work. Yes it seems like we are complaining a lot but you just do not understand what is going on and obviously do not work for MQ and until you do or are in our shoes kindly do not respond to us. We are letting each other know what is going on on this board because management does not care no matter how much complaining we do.

Many of us have quit already and more and more are going out the door.

All we want to do is work and be treated like human beings and not machines.
that's part of the problem
The reports that I do, there really are no normals. I think on any given day I do reports for 30-40 different doctors. 2-3 doctors do their "review of systems" paragraph pretty much the same so I have just put the whole paragraph in InstantText and then I edit.... but virtually everything else is different from report to report.

Am I being too hard on myself to expect so much after just 5 mos or am I doing something wrong??
The weird part is
is that everybody does care! I will continue to say this over and over and over again every night. Just don't look at it or post a reply to me if you don't like it. To me, this post is kind of like all of the MQ complainers who whine day in and day out. So, welcome to my world.

Did you know that the administrator of this forum weighs 375 pounds, has a beard, mustache and moles all over her face. It is insane.
I think this is sometimes the hardest part
of the job, that it is at home. I did it out of house and I enjoyed it more there, maybe I was a little less productive but I am a social person. I had to adapt and it has been hard. I am forcing myself out more but there are weeks when we are on cut off when I don't leave for 3 days, feel like Howard Hughes sometimes. hahahah.
That's why I use vg for the female part.