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Gemini. Yes & no (hehe) nm

Posted By: yinyang on 2006-01-17
In Reply to: Okay I work for Q and have "spare time" what is your sun sign? - Does it suit your personality?


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Thanks Gemini...........sm
that really helps. :)
Gemini - absolutely suits me - two personalities!
Don't know which one is coming out when I wake up in the morning LOL!
Hehe, that made my day...nm
Good posture? hehe! (sm)
If I followed all the posture instructions I learned in typing school (yes, typing school -- I'm a dinasaur), I would probably have a body orthotic.

Regarding torture (you made me laugh, and thank you for that!): Ergonomics are important, but everyone is different. A comfortable chair and a good keyboard at a comfortable level (mine is in my lap) are probably the most important things in order to be able to stay working for good stints.

You've learned a lot from this board and I didn't read all the posts below me, so I won't elaborate much except to say that, IMO, the main reason MT is not a good field is because voice recognition will eventually replace us. I have about 15 years left and I'm just hoping I can stay in this field in some way until I retire.

If you have the time, patience, stamina, and discipline, you will do well.

We don't get paid for things "normal" jobs pay, i.e., potty breaks, phone calls, taking a deep breath without typing, etc.

Good luck, sweetie, and remember everyone is different. I am happy, but I rarely post. I'd rather make money.
same here but hubby got me a stool to reach the top, hehe..nm
hehe I was able to nurse and type at the same time. It's all a matter of the chair and keyboard
oops....cant spell today, supposed to be literally, not litterally. I added a T too many. hehe. nm
Well if I'm gonna dream I'm gonna dream big! hehe