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Are you that dumb to know that there were sm

Posted By: Pathetic on 2005-09-07
In Reply to: I have no problem helping people who deserve it - not rapists, looters and trigger-happy nuts

prisoners also at the Superdome in New Orleans. You act like everyone was a rapist, or trigger happy. As far as looters, if I had children and there was a bottle of water and bread in a store damn straight I would take it and feed my children. Many of those people worked and lost their jobs in LA, AL, and MS. You are just a bitter person.

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"How dumb am I" to lose a CD-ROM? Oh, about as dumb as the rest of us. nm
not as dumb as you think?
Coronary artery bypass graft.
No, not dumb! Actually, yes, I did. None of
the buttons work though, just the calc/clear button (very top right on the bottom bottons) work.
Okay, I downloaded Express scribe, when I use the load button and enter the FTP address, nothing happens.  I must be missing an obvious step, so obvious I cannot see it.  I hope this is all worth it!
dumb me... but......
Applying for jobs that state much have WAV pedal....  USB will not work... so what now?  Am I screwed?  I have a laptop and went and bought an adapter for a 9-ping foot pedal.  Is there a web site that I can go to to do a test practice with?  Dumb-me.    trying to get a job......
Maybe a dumb
question but are you talking about the "Gab room" for the chat?

how dumb are you to even go there?: NM
ok, maybe I'm dumb but
what is an STM? "Something" transcription manager?  Are you by chance inundating her with requests or is it that she just does not acknowledge any of your e-mails?  I don't think I'd put up with being ignored for too long.  I'd seriously consider going over her head or looking elsewhere for work.
Count me as a dumb MT if
you want.  It made perfect sense to me.
This may sound dumb, but..
where is the chat room?
Dumb dictation
Review of systems was not obtainable from the baby, obviously, due to the baby's age of one month.  Review was obtained from parents.  DUH!!!!
dumb dictation
Don't you just love these..I had one with the 11 MO understanding the assessment and agrees with the treatment!
dumb as a box of rocks (don't ask me!)

dumb as a bag of hair (No, I don't get it either!)
he's so dumb he got hit by a parked car

I'm gravida 0 and I have a dumb ?
If you are 9 mos. pregnant and in the hospital for induction, on abdominal exam, can your abdomen actually be *soft*?

I have felt pg bellies, and they are not soft. Why do they always say this? It doesn't make sense to me, but then I have no personal experience with it.
dumb question. sm

If you make a mistake while typing and you know it, do you correct it then, or do wait until you spellcheck to correct ?   I tend to correct it when I see it, but began to wonder if it would be more productive to wait until I run spellcheck to catch it.


What a dumb response.
feeling dumb......
when the doctor says dig level in the labs is he meaning digitalis level? my Expander expands dig to digoxin and I never thought to change it. I know digoxin toxicity is dangerous.  I have never gotten feed back on this potentially dangerous (?) blooper.
There are also those that pretend to be dumb so they don't have to. sm
And those that call in sick every other day, that if they were really sick that often, they should be in nursing home.

Needless to say, I got out of supervising because I did not want to hate people anymore, and I could be petty like everybody else and get away with it like everybody else.

I've got wounds to nurse...

So why did she marry him, cause she's dumb, or it
was a coverup. 
Dumb question of the day!!!
What does MTSO stand for? I told you it was dumb.
Might be a dumb question, but...
I got an awesome poster on ebay that came in the mail yesterday.  The one end of the cardboard tube was dented quite badly, causing  the one side of the poster to be rather wrinkled.    Is there anything to be done for it?  I'm hoping that maybe putting it in the poster frame I got for it might help.  Any other suggestions?
No, not a dumb question....

From what I gathered on Google, it is transcribing what the court reporter types into a readable document.

Got it thanks all - felt so dumb and my
teenager wasn't home. 
now thats a dumb question lol
let's use some wisdom here...
Have you ever heard the saying dumb
as a gourd?
We're not dumb, BUT
You really have to develop a thick skin regarding criticism. And you'll even make yourself feel dumb sometimes!

There is no other career that will make you feel like a rocket scientist and an abject failure all in the span of a 3-minute dictation!

You have to take the lesson in whatever form you get it and then let the rest go. Don't nurse grudges, it'll just give ya ulcers!
Hate to appear dumb, but what is VBC?
I used to be young and dumb but
when I came into some money, quite a bit of it, paid all my bills off. I only have my monthly bills now, utilities and such. It is a wonderful feeling but to the original post, it is here money and really if she wants to burn it, she can.
Not a dumb question, the way I see it...
Did you ever think she was just trying to make pleasant conversation about what happened to your daughter.  I would not see question as dumb or unimportant.  It certainly doesn't matter if she was, in fact, taking her history,but if she was just trying to be friendly then it's called 'engaging' the patient in conversation about her injury.
dumb question!

Hi!  If you are responding to a job posting on the job seekers board and you hit "apply now," does it actually go to the person who is looking to hire or do you have to send it as a completely separate e-mail.  I'm asking because there is no identifying information when you reply to the ad.  Thanks!

No, No, Never Feel Dumb!!
I recall many years ago, what I thought was perfecto mundo reports come back by my mentor red marks all over!!!Hang in There! I probably still need someone to look at my work every now & then.
How dumb am I feeling right now?

I have a CRNP who must think MTs are not very intelligent.

So far, she has spelled: passed (not once, but twice!), spleen, and clicks. 

you are young and dumb. The nerve of you to say
why have children if you are going to put them in daycare.  When I was going to graduate school and working I became pregnant.  I didn't expect my husband to quit his job and I sure enough was going to stop graduate school my six months.  My triplets went to daycare and was fine.
How dumb are you? Evidently you fell from somewhere.
How dumb are YOU to stick with a co you think is cheatin' ya?!

Companies make changes period. I have no idea whether MQ cheated you or not.

If you're not making money, there's PLENTY of other places to work.

Your whining, cryin' song-and-dance routine is old stuff and doesn't draw the crowds anymore. It's a has-been show.

Don't like it? Leave!

Takes a real dumba** to stick around and take the abuse if that's what they PERCEIVE is happening to themselves.

Hey, if I'm not getting paid - I move on!! Not as dumb as you are!
Me thinks 5th graders would think it's really dumb. nm
Dumb question. Can someone tell me how to make

I doubt that. She was dumb enough to marry him.
I hate to sound dumb
If you do the extension and file later, but still have to pay the tax now, how do you know how much tax to pay?
never noticed him sounding dumb, but
the deodorant thing I did not know about. ICK!!!!! That knocked him down a few notches in my mind. LOL.

Still can't stand George Clooney though. Especially what comes out of his mouth. He probably stinks too. LOL.
um...this may sound like a dumb question but--sm
since a digital voice player is used only to play voice files on your computer, and as long as you can play them, what difference does it make what supplier it is from??? How would the *service* know what player you used. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product you are sending back. It is not stamped saying *used with gearplayer or express scribe*...so, unless it is on a computer that is provided by a service, how would they know what you use to play your voice files? I just would like to know that. thanks
Have you tried to reprogram it? I know, dumb question, but just trying to help. nm
How dumb! Everybody knows it is shotty, not shoddy.
Can't believe they'd have that wrong on a test. That's a newbie mistake.
Dumb Question...Can You Do This in Word?
I know my way around Word pretty well, but am lost with this....  I know how to change the background, but don't want it to be that color when I zip it up and e-mail it to my boss.
We get your message; we aren't dumb (sm)
but I have personally seen the benefit of talking to store managers. At one store I shopped (yes, a chain) I explained that I wanted to buy Silk soy milk. He was offering 3 other brands, but not Silk. I explained that he didn't need those 3 brands; he could replace them all with Silk and his sales would go up. HE DID IT! And I was right because sometimes he'd run out and we Silk buyers would start lining up, looking for our Silk!

Another time I complained to a store that that their floors were sticky every Sunday and they weren't culling their soft fruits adequately. Problem solved. So NEVER think communicating your expectations with a store doesn't work. A smart manager or company realizes that responding to consumer feedback can keep customers!

So how dare you tell people that writing letters doesn't work. It can, and you won't know until you try.

what a dumb post/response to OP....

I, too, was wondering if one goes somewhat deaf, and has hearing aids in place, how one could transcribe.

TO THE OP (ORIGINAL POSTER) - it was a good question, too bad this poster who responded first was a nonresponsive and completely nonhelpful answer...

anyone else know?  I cannot imagine with hearing aids in, unless they go behind the ear, how we would be able to *hear* well doing transcription...unless, of course, we had it aloud, on speaker/audio...

I'm facing this down the road, I am sure.....


Not dumb. It is true. What is so difficult to
Why dumb? OP asks nothing about add. equip.