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never noticed him sounding dumb, but

Posted By: mq_mt on 2006-05-31
In Reply to: Are you kidding - at least Clooney speaks properly. - sm

the deodorant thing I did not know about. ICK!!!!! That knocked him down a few notches in my mind. LOL.

Still can't stand George Clooney though. Especially what comes out of his mouth. He probably stinks too. LOL.

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at the risk of sounding dumb, what is an ITOP? nm
at the risk of sounding dumb, what is an ITOP? nm
"How dumb am I" to lose a CD-ROM? Oh, about as dumb as the rest of us. nm
Don't get it......what does French sounding name
This account is sounding like both old MT sm

and the office staff are extremely disorganized.  Other than making a list of the patients you transcribed, I would not get involved in any pre-transcription listmaking.  That's the office's job.

What should be happening is that they give you 1 jump drive for every 1 or 2 days' dictation ALONG WITH PATIENT LISTS FOR THOSE TWO DAYS.  They have patient schedules in the office or a sign-in sheet, I am sure.  They can at least provide you with those.

As far as duplicates, state very firmly that due to the state of the records prior to you doing their transcription, they are probably going to have some duplicates and that you expect to be paid for everything you type.  This is simply a cost of doing business the way they have been doing it in the past (or associating themselves with) and they are going to have to eat that cost.  It's not your problem.

If they give you any trouble with any of this, I would drop the account immediately and let them find a sucker to do free typing for them.

These posts are sounding
sorta paranoid?? Your name is called when someone is ready to see you and what is this about calling a hospital and they say if you are there or not? What pray tell does this matter? Oh, my goodness.
talk about sounding like a dimwit!
they dont arrest someone to ask them questions.  They arrested the father.  yes, they let him go, but they arrested him because they thought he knew something and was NOT cooperating.  They don't hold people for no reason, especially for 60 days.  I guess you don't watch the NEWS.  They DO have evidence against this boy, they just are not releasing WHAT IT IS.  Where have you been??????
You are right, Dano. I apologize for sounding
so critical.

Yes, QA can have problems getting their act together. Most of time, however, I see MTs who absolutely feel they should never be corrected nor forced to follow the client preferences because they have a zillion years of experience.

No one knows it all. It doesn't matter if you have 1 year of experience or 25 years of experience; if the client wants it a certain way, they want it that way, period.

I should have tempered the tone of my post and I am going to ask Admin if they will make a change to it.

MT-NY, I apologize for sounding so critical.
This is a touchy subject, as you can well see.

You're correct - I don't know it all! I have over 20 years of experience but when a client wants it a certain way, they just do.

If it is just one QA person who is doing this, I would take that up with a supervisor. I think I might have responded differently had I known it was just one QA person doing this and not all of the QA department.

In any event, I apologize.
The French sounding name in other words
it was not like I was a Jones or Smith, you know, simple sounding every day names and if you have worked as long as I have in this business, I have seen dictators get a chart mixed up with another, not that it happens often. That was the reason for my saying it - he could not have mistaken my dictation for a Ms. Smith or Ms. Jones....
You're sounding bitter about your cubicle.
Be happy for her, be envious of her (I know I am), but bitter is unbecoming a professional.
Geez, you're really getting close to the line of sounding bitter.
May I suggest some counseling? The OP asked an innocent question and you took it like a personal attack against you.

I've been a single parent and mind you I know how hard it is to be in that situation, but if someone asks a simple question like "what does your spouse do" most people who don't have a SO at the moment would have moved on to another thread and never given it a second thought.

Seriously, time to do some self-searching.
I noticed that..
If it was the one that started out at 5 cents. What terrible pay.
well I have noticed......sm
that 2 of them are being XTRA XTRA careful when dictating risks and benefits (the plasticsmen) of late......being more lengthy about the risks and benefits....looks like they are CVTA (covering their a**es*) *lol*
I just noticed something....SM
I entered 3 entries into the Shorthand and expanded them and noticed that my autocorrect works as well.  I am able to use both of them together. Does anyone use both of these at the same time???
Has anyone noticed...
that the Job Seeker's Board is all lit up in yellow! It looks like its on fire! I wonder why...hmm...
I noticed that too
I ended up returning mine to the store. Love the layout of the keyboard, and all those features are great; they just need to work on getting a better touch to it. The MS natural was stiff too.
Have you noticed?
Have you noticed how they are down to 3 girls and 3 guys? Last year it came down to a guy/girl, year before that 2 girls, and the year before that 2 guys. I didn't watch the first year with Kelly Clarkson so I don't know who the other contestant was in the final 2 that year. Will the pattern start over this year?
have you noticed that
Taylor hasn't been in the bottom 3 at all yet? Gotta love him! I know, I know, not everybody does but I love him enough to make up for it.
On PAs - has anyone noticed (sm)

that more and more PAs are dictating for the physicians, and they are just awful!  They can't pronounce things, go 90 miles an hour, and I'm not impressed with their yawning, laughing, and various other things they do that are aggravating.  I am sick of them - even the ESLs are better than some of them.  JMO

has anyone else noticed--sm
The new *report message* button at the top of an opened message?  I just  noticed this when reading some rather snide responses to one of my posts earlier.  Hmmmm.....this might be a neat little feature.  Thanks again to the Admin. for looking out for the posters who like to frequent here without having to be harassed, polked fun of, and told to *get a life* when something does not meet with someone elses *approval*.   
have any of you noticed
that when you are first hired by a company, they go on to state about all of these certain rules and requirements (the recruiter tells you the same) such as schedule, how long you should be on QA, if you do not do these by a certain time you could be termiated, etc.  As soon as you start working, it is totally different.  They are much more laid back and none of those things they said are really applied.  I am glad that they are more laid back than what you are expecting, but this is just something I have noticed now with 2 companies.  Have any of you noticed this?
I had noticed some changes

similar, but I thought they may have been linked with depression. 

Things like not wanting to go out for groceries until it was absolutely necessary or if a friend wanted to go out and do things with me.  I just figured it had to do with exhaustion/depression.  s

just noticed below
I just noticed this very question was asked by someone else yesterday and is posted below.  I will check out those suggestions, along with the one above.  Thanks ya'll.
i noticed
the only thing they did for me was sell my name and address to offshore companies, who in turn flooded me with unwanted solicitation. I asked that my name be deleted from mailing list several times. I was told this was their "main source of revenue." Hmph.
Here is what I have noticed on
When I first started on ES I had one nice steady account. I worked on it with one other MT. The facility was new to the platform, and I guess it was kind of a first run trial thing because it was just a few dictators. Once they all got on speech rec, it was awesome. The program even learned the basic formatting, would add appropriate headings, etc. (The line counts were great). There was very little editing needed.

Then they started adding dictators. Still no problem until it got to be too much for just the 2 of us. Each time a new MT started on the account, we could tell. It wasn't that they weren't necessarily doing things incorrectly, just differently. The speech rec program would start formatting things differently because it was learning from the new MTs too. Then it got bad. Things like date format or section formatting, which were client preferences and had to be done a certain way, suddenly had to be constantly fixed. And the speech rec itself seemed to go downhill and not recognize everything it used to.

In short, I think it depends on how many MTs work on the account, how strictly they adhere to client preference, and what their skill level is.

Are you that dumb to know that there were sm
prisoners also at the Superdome in New Orleans. You act like everyone was a rapist, or trigger happy. As far as looters, if I had children and there was a bottle of water and bread in a store damn straight I would take it and feed my children. Many of those people worked and lost their jobs in LA, AL, and MS. You are just a bitter person.
not as dumb as you think?
Coronary artery bypass graft.
No, not dumb! Actually, yes, I did. None of
the buttons work though, just the calc/clear button (very top right on the bottom bottons) work.
Okay, I downloaded Express scribe, when I use the load button and enter the FTP address, nothing happens.  I must be missing an obvious step, so obvious I cannot see it.  I hope this is all worth it!
dumb me... but......
Applying for jobs that state much have WAV pedal....  USB will not work... so what now?  Am I screwed?  I have a laptop and went and bought an adapter for a 9-ping foot pedal.  Is there a web site that I can go to to do a test practice with?  Dumb-me.    trying to get a job......
Maybe a dumb
question but are you talking about the "Gab room" for the chat?

how dumb are you to even go there?: NM
ok, maybe I'm dumb but
what is an STM? "Something" transcription manager?  Are you by chance inundating her with requests or is it that she just does not acknowledge any of your e-mails?  I don't think I'd put up with being ignored for too long.  I'd seriously consider going over her head or looking elsewhere for work.
Well, here is how I noticed it to happen
A urologist had multiple normal vasectomy reports that he dictated throughout the day for my acct.

On certain days when a particular person did not work, the normal lengthy surgical procedures came through - they were line-producing reports - a few strokes on the keyboard and you have just typed 60 lines.

However, when a certain in-house person who worked at the office (Monrovia) was working, none of these operative reports came through. They were with the Sansum acct and this particular person was on this acct also. This happened over a four year period...it was obvious that he was bleeding the report into his C-phone either by asking someone in the distribution area to send them to him or just skipping jobs the way a C-phone back in 1999 to 2003 allowed you to skip jobs.

That was my first clue - hot reports (that allow you to make money) just aren't appearing on the screen and had at one time. Someone is making a ton of money and you aren't - and you are working the same amount of time, have equivalent skills and are on the same acct.

Let's face it, we are all in need of money or else we would not be doing this thankless job - where we once were thought highly of and now are not.
I never noticed he was manic
I always liked him and thought he was cute.  Now he kind of turns me off, though.  Still want to see War of the Worlds, however.   I always thought he had the nicest smile.
I have noticed too, since discovering (sm)
this board, I have wasted a lot of time reading and posting, too.  But, I am so unmotivated, and I don't know why! I'm not usually this way, guess it's the heat, kids at home, etc. I hope when school starts back, in four days, I'll feel back to myself.
I noticed it, too, using DQS for another company. nm
Has anybody ever noticed that when a company with a relatively
good reputation is hiring, all of a sudden there are a bunch of posts bashing that company?  It makes me wonder if the negative posts are from MTs who don't want any competition in the application process.  Hmmm....
I've noticed this, as well. sm

I have cats and dogs.  Very expensive.  Vets have so much more in their arsenal now to help animals with.  The supposed reason for doing the twice a year blood tests on cats/dogs over 10 is that their conditions change so quickly at that age.  We have discovered thyroid, diabetic, kidney,  and arthritic conditions in our older pets that have been controlled or minimized with medications and/or special prescription diets and we have been able to improve the quality and length of our pets' lives.  Not to mention heart conditions that can show up and need medication.  It all depends on how much you can afford to spend.  It is truly amazing all that can be done to help our pets these days.  Dental care is important for pets as periodontal disease can lead to serious conditions elsewhere in their bodies, just like people.  Twice a year seems a bit much though, unless the pet has a really bad dental condition.  One thing I have stopped is vaccinations (other than state-mandated rabies) on a yearly basis for cats over the age of 10 that are indoor pets.  They really don't need it after many years of vaccine buildup in their systems and it can be too much for the aging systems to take.  Best to consult with vet about that option. 

Thanks for replying. I have noticed that there seem to be a lot of ads ... sm
that mention this.  I am thinking of seeing if I can train on it.  I currently work in DOS so at least I am used to that part.  I usually use ShortCut for Windows but I do have ShortHand also but am not as familiar with it.  Just thinking about it - thanks again for your help.
Have you noticed how many hits the ads have?
Noticed a lot of companies...
on the job boards lately offering, 9, 10 or even 11 cents a line, whereas before that it was 5-8 cents.  Is the tide suddenly turning?
I have noticed this myself as well, although I am a little older than you (49). SM
My short term memory has been declining. Just nice to know somewhat else has noticed this too. Not all in my head.
Another thing I noticed.
The company I work for uses the Olympus player. I plug the ear phones directly into the computer. I noticed a huge improvement when I changed from the old head phones I used with the C-phone to the head phones that came with the Olympus 4000. I also noticed a slight difference in my new computer with a Soundblaster card and an older computer.
I haven't ever noticed anything like that.
Did they make sure you had the latest version with all the bugs worked out? The only technical problem I ever had was at one point it stopped letting me edit my entry when I copied and pasted a block of text, I would have to save it and go back into it, but I rebooted my system and it worked fine after that. Do you have a way to save your glossaries and maybe uninstall/reinstall the program itself to see if that changes anything?
Has anybody else noticed anything different about Google
I hate what my Google is doing.  Is it just me, or can I change it back to the way it previously was, or is this a new format that Google just came up with overnight???
Cool. Never noticed that. Thanks!
Off the subject, but have noticed in most of
Just in the last several months have I noticed (sm)
Chantix being prescribed on a pretty regular basis.  I am a smoker and was thinking about asking my PCP about this, but now I'm not so sure. 
Have you ever noticed that residents/NP etc.
do not know the definition of the word "briefly."  Some of the longest reports I do start the first paragraph with "Briefly, the patient is ..........." and then they ramble on for 10 or so minutes.