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Asking about dialup, work, jobs, etc. (SM)

Posted By: Goldbird (Moderator) on 2007-01-08
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If you are looking for a job, please read the job ads on the Job Seeker's board. The ads are very descriptive and have contact information for your convenience.

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Jobs on dialup/satellie
Anyone know good companies that will hire MTs with dial-up...or satellite, & pay something towards internet connection (satellite very expensive).  I live in a rural area where cable & DSL not available.
I was always told that Editscript will not work with dialup.
I have worked on this platform for over four years and for a few different companies and not one of them every told me that dialup would work. Did you tell your employer that you had dialup?
I work 7 days a week because I work 3 jobs.
Workaholic here who would seek counseling if I had the time. hahaha
Actually I work 2 jobs, and when
I was applying, I asked the person doing the hiring before I even tested.  Almost every single company I asked said yes, I could work off the clock, even if full time.  I take that back, every single company I applied to said yes, work off the clock, just don't report more than 40 hours.  They would be happy to receive the extra lines type.  It is not just the company I work for, it seems to be common.  Just ask the company you want to work for. 
Me, I do.....work several MT jobs
work two jobs too.
I work full-time doing acute care for a local hospital and part-time at home doing clinic work. Extra money always helps, especially since I am putting my husband through school.
anybody work 2 p/t MT jobs?

Just wondering if anybody works part-time for two companies?

Work at home jobs....

Is medical transcription one of the only legitimate careers available for people who want/need to be able to work from their home?  In searching for work-at-home opportunities it seems that so many things are scams.  I realize one can open any number of businesses that are based in their homes, but I'm talking about working FOR someone...for a company, and doing it from home.  I bought a book that supposedly gave lists of companies willing to hire people for work from home, but almost all of them either A.  Required a person to reside in a state I don't or B.  Had experience requirements that I didn't meet.  I'm just wondering if there is some big area of the marketplace that I'm missing that routinely hires people to work from their home, like medical transcription.  Can anyone help with this?  Thanks.

I work 2 jobs. One is ER with DS thrown in and the

second job is everything but ops since that is all someone wants on the account I'm on.

It's not all cut and paste. Make macros for common phrases. If you find you keep spelling something wrong, make a macro of the wrong spelling so that it automatically corrects it. I write down my words that keep getting stopped in spell check and at the end of the day I make a macro of it to put in the correct spelling. If it needs a capital letter, make a macro so that it capitalizes for you w/o hitting the shift key. If it's an abbreviation that needs to be capitalized, macro a macro of it. Lowercase pt comes out as PT, pmh comes out as PMH. I use pmh- to make it print out as past medical history and put a semicolon after pmh; for it to print out in capital letters. I have macros for the % sign. 1P = 1% and goes all the way up to 100p for 100%, 1L is 1 liter, 1h = 1 hour. If you are constantly typing certain headings for doctors make a macro of it. I have one doctor that wants all different headings than on the template we are given. I made a template just for him where everything is capitalized and bolded the way he wants so that saves me a ton of time. Make macros for your common meds. Also put correct caps of meds into your spellcheck. If I capitalize something like prednisone, it will make it automatically a lowercase w/o stopping on it except if it is the beginning of a sentence.

Work both jobs until you get new coverage or
buy your own policies.

It is a choice and you're making it.

If you're going to stay in hell, please do not complain about the temperature!
The company I work for has jobs sm
posted every week, even offering jobs that pay by the hour, but there is NO WORK for the transcriptions who already work there! This morning there are 2 jobs.
Yes, you can work 2 jobs for the same company.
The only catch is that if the hours for the 2 jobs combined are over 40 per week, that company has to pay OT for you and most companies won't allow you to work 2 jobs within the company for this reason. When I worked at the hospital, I held 2 part-time positions with them and never had a problem.

Anyone work two jobs at the same time?
I only have dial-up and it is so so slow and now the company I work for has "updated" their system which has made my downloading even slower and can only download two jobs at a time.. so now I have to sit and wait for the next job to come through.  The hours at my present job are becoming less and less flexible too and most places I have inquired about want you to put in an 8 hours shift.  My situation is that I was getting my line requirements in in about 4 1/2 hours, but now with the so slow system, I fear I will be sitting and waiting for work and I just can't stand not being productive... after all I'm not being paid to sit.  Was thinking about taking another position, working 5 minutes on one computer, switching to another and working 5 more minutes while my work downloads on the first, and back and forth.   Anyone else do this?   Can it be done?  or am I just taking on more than I can handle?    This downtime really is killing me, not just $$$, but psychologically too... I'm a Type A and I just want to Git Er done.  Any suggestions? 
work 2 jobs - see income going down -
as I still do mostly transcription but both are heavily into VR with huge pay cuts and I am so fast at typing that I will lose money big time - FT national 45,000, PT small company 13,000. 
I currently work 70 hours a week and three jobs...
so it is physically possible to work that many hours. I am going down to 50 hours a week in two weeks, but you do what you have to do.
Most jobs want a set schedule for work at home, from what I can tell -sm
there are very few that allow you to work when you want to anymore. I have 2 luckily that are 24 hour TAT so as long as I meet deadline they don't care when I work. You will unlikely find an at home job where you make much more than $10 an hour since ESL is 80% of any job anymore. So if that trade off is worth it for you, less money, more freedom, go for it.
I work 2 part-time IC jobs..sm
I feel like I have more stability that way just incase I want to leave one job or run out of work I always have a back-up.
I work 2 full time IC jobs. nm
Work 2 jobs here to pay off home improvement. sm
I am currently working a second job to pay for some home improvements.  I figured it would take about 3 years to pay off the debt but now it is looking like it will be more like 2 - 2 1/2 years.  My kids are older so they understand but I am TIRED!.  I have worked this second job for about 1 1/2 years now and while I am glad I had it available, I am about ready to quit the second job.  What good is a nice house if I am to exhausted to enjoy it and my family?
I work 2 full time jobs..
I work from 8:00 - 4:30 then get home and start working about 6 pm. until 12-1 a.m. It's tough to do, but can be done if you are determined enough. I've been doing for almost one year now. The bad thing is I work salary during day hours, and paid cpl at night, so nothing is overtime pay for me. Would be easier to have one job with overtime allowed. We girls just do what we gotta do, don't we?
Ditto, I work 2 PT jobs, which add up to 1 FT but am kept hopping - sm
with their activities, Brownies, dance classes for both, etc. My DH cleaned the other day, kids had it trashed in a very short period of time. He freaked. Now he understands why I get so bent when they make a mess. They are 5 & 7 so old enough to know better. I plan on getting one of those chore charts and start using it on a weekly basis. They like to fold the laundry though and help with that....where I need their cooperation is cleaning up their toys and not leaving cups everywhere. We are working on that though and they do loose privileges when they don't do what we ask of them. I think that is the best method to use for now. Good luck.
Has anyone looked into other work at home jobs (sm)

Like customer service or taking orders?

I started looking around and ran into a lot of ads and scams.

Any info would be appreciated, I want to get out of this field before too long.

I work two part-time jobs
and that seems to keep it more interesting for me. I work on two different platforms. One is a small hospital where I am an IC, and the other is an MTSO where my account is a huge hospital. I think having to juggle the two jobs, supervisors, etc., keeps me more distracted. But, yeah, it can get really boring at times.

I quit for 2 years a few years ago because I was seriously burned out and felt brain dead, but when I started looking for work again could not stand the thought of going to an office, so here I am again.
I just took 2 IC jobs, just in case one runs out of work
I have the other. I am starting with one that is great in NC (have friends there), and it does have the contract, but I contracted at the less amount so if I do more that is great and then I can get the bonus. The other one out of ME is also wonderful, and neither have restrictions on schedule just want to know about what you will do every couple of weeks and if you have something come up they are still flexible. After taking a week or so to decide, and seeing as well the notes on here about lay offs elsewhere, I decided to do the 2 IC, and also will probably volunteer at the local library, and sell on e bay last (too much work LOL). Good luck to you, but if you don't need benefits because someone else can provide them for your family, I'd personally go with the more flexible status than promise my whole life away to a large MTSO and then fear the threat of taking benefits away or sudden layoff. That is just me. And after a lot of thinking about what I personally value. My family and my paycheck to support my family. Good luck to you.!
I work 2 jobs, one FT that takes care of
my taxes (I have extra held out), and also as an IC.
I did work three jobs for quite a long time. Then it dawned on me that

(1) I was always tired (2) I was never finished working (3) It wasn't worth it.

I quit EDiX, and I quit my hospital job, and I've never looked back. I usually have what money I need. I work about 5 hours a day plus a small weekend job recently that's no more than 10 op notes.

Actually, it is quite easy to skip jobs, and I work for a national. sm

Depending upon the account, just press the appropriate number on the C-phone, and *poof* you're at the next job.  In my case, I have no "proof" per se, but when jobs skip from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. then to 1 p.m., etc., and then it gets back to "normal" when you get to the non-ESL docs where I guess they stopped working.  it's not too hard to figure out that someone took what they wanted and left the rest.  It doesn't matter to me.  As has been stated, the MT who cherrypicks cheats himself/herself out of the chance to master everything and assure himself/herself of a larger pool of work.  That goes also for those who limit themselves to only certain work types.  Sure, we all have our preferences (I prefer admit notes and consults), but if you can do everything, then you're more likely not to be one of the ones coming here complaining of no work.

Just my opinion, and you know we all have one.  Happy Friday the 13th!   I have the weekend off for once, and it is actually beautiful weather here.  Yippee! 

I work 2 jobs and have my hours set pretty good. First

job is Sun through Wed 6 am to 2:30 pm, since we only need 32 hours for benefits. Second job is 8-11 pm Sun through Wed. I work both jobs at home so on Thurs. and Fri. I volunteer at the middle school so I get a chance to get out of the house and deal with other people. I got lucky because both jobs pay every other week but on different weeks so it worked out that I get paid every week.

I work 2 full time IC jobs and made just under 50K. nm


I have 3 jobs, 1 FT doing acute care, and 2 PT doing clinic work. sm
It can be a challenge juggling things, and I really do not have much of a social life, but for now it works.  It not only keeps the wolf away from the door but allows me to build up a little nest egg and save for a mega vacation I have planned in November to celebrate turning 50.  Having goals definitely helps me get through it all. 
Unfortunately there aren't very many work-at-home coding jobs. NM
It means to skip the jobs in your work queue that - sm
are by difficult dictators, or have no line-count-bolstering templates, or require too much backing up, re-listening, sentence restructuring, or nose-in-reference time to get in your minimum lines. That's especially true if the employer doesn't weight the job's pay by difficulty. Most MTs voice disapproval of the practice, but sometimes an gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do, in order to survive and make that next car payment, rent check, or grocery bill.

Please give me some companies that I can do QA or edit for?  thanks, I don't have broadband right now. 

I have actually had good luck my Earthlink dialup and have worked for two different companies without difficulty, but many of the jobs posted specify NO dialup or satellite. 
Work morning, noon and night.....sort of...have always had at least 2 jobs, sometimes 3 -
in 1 basket. I just make myself a schedule for each job and try to stick to it, or work a lot early before kids get up for school, then work the 7 hours I get free during the day, then another 2-3 at night in order to do it all. Generally take 1 day off (Saturday) and 1 night off a week (Friday night usually) to try and keep sane. It can be done but it does grow old quick....been doing it for 3+ years in varying degrees of nuttiness.
At 53 working 2 jobs 80 hours a week is impossible. I tried it, it does not work!! (sm)
I have been at this business 30+ years and at one point worked 3 jobs and 2 were for hospital contracts with taxes taken out and the other IC. It gives you no life. My suggestion, if you need the extra $$ work your 40 during the week, then 1 or 2 nights 2 hours and then Sat/Sun 16 hours which would give you 20 hours. That is more than enough and will give you a chance to see if you want to make a job change. Have tried the 2 FT 80 hours and almost had a seizure over it. Remember if your not physically well you cannot do it all!
Yes, there is on dialup internet. Is that what you use?

Call waiting can also affect it if you don't turn it off in your dialup settings.  Before I get technical, do you use dialup, DSL, cable or something else?

C-phone and dialup

Does anyone have any experience using a c-phone on dialup internet?  Any glitches or drawbacks?  Thanks.


Can I ask where did you get your satellite from? I too, live in the sticks and have only dialup. It sounds like dialup takes forever.
Thanks for the info. I notice a lot of companies won't allow satellite for security. Did you have to get additional spyware, antivirus, etc?
Anyone else still stuck with dialup?

Hello MTs

Is anyone else out there still stuck with dialup?  I am getting so frustrated with the long loading times.  I live in a rural area, and I cannot get DSL or cable.  Anyone have any other alternatives to slow internet?



Dialup Internet (sm)

Any MTs left that only have dialup internet available to them?  Bellsouth said we would get it in 2-3 years (big wow).  I would like to change MT companies but cannot find anyone who accepts dialup internet.  I could probably get satellite but I notice many companies won't accept this either.  What's a girl to do?

I'm on dialup, no problems.
Wildblue, dialup, etc. sm
How far are the trees away from your house? I have some trees to the south too but probably 500+ away. I had considered getting Wildblue. I'm stuck with dialup too and have lost accounts because I can't get high speed. It really limits things, but on the other hand a lot of companies don't allow satellite and I hate to invest that much money and then not be able to use it to work.
dialup vs satellite vs???
You certainly don't want satellite even if you could afford it.  Always out anytime there are clouds etc.  Itype is a very strange platform anyway.  I have worked on it numerous times.  What state are you in?  I think the best would be the air card on cell, if available and if affordable.  You may end up switching who you work for or where you are going to move... neither of which is desirable, I bet. 
I believe accelerated dialup is just - sm
that graphics download faster, nothing to do with voice files. They just do not download the graphics with the normal clarity, they are fuzzier and not so precise. So paying more for accelerated will get you no where.
That should highest paid work at home jobs...look at number 7 to see the pic and listing!
That picture sure made me laugh. :)
I am probably going to be changing from dialup to DSL - just exactly what do I need - new modem? nm
Spheris has dialup and are decent enough
The national I work for usually offers jobs to the in-house people when they acquire an account. nm
i live way out in the country of GA, dont have dialup but
was lucky to have ATT serve this area. You must be moving way out if you cant get cable internet or DSL!!! Good luck Hon!!!