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Automatic Speech Recognition (nm)

Posted By: passin' thru on 2005-09-01
In Reply to: What is ASR? sm - Former MQer


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i think it is automatic speech recognition but it is the same as VR which is voice recognition.

Voice recognition or speech recognition.
MQs speech recognition.
speech recognition
I worked with speech recognition at my last job and I didn't like it.  It took longer and alot of mistakes came through.  You were editing, but I found I could do a better and faster job typing it myself.  Everyone's production went down and error rates went up because you become complacent and when you are reading along with the words playing in your ears your eyes have a tendency to overlook a lot of little things that should be edited.  I did not find it productive or helpful just a mess. 
Speech recognition
I am on speech recognition as it comes up. Don't have it all the time and it is on the DQS platform. I enjoy the break from typing but can be slow as you really have to listen to every word and make the corrections where necessary. The fastest typists just erase the entire report and retype. I just listen and make corrections. I have not had a pay reduction as of yet since this is not all I do. I am still paid my regular per line rate for SR but rumor has it that this will change but this is only a rumor, nothing in writing. If you do not like editing, can always tell them that you just want to type and not edit. I am on high speed internet also. Hope this helps.
Speech Recognition
Does anyone use speech recognition software for better transcription productivity?  If so, I am interested in learning more about it & would like to talk.  Thanks.
Speech recognition
I absolutely love editing speech recognition.  After typing for 20 years, it definitely gives my hand a break.  I like the pay as well.
Does anyone work with speech recognition? sm

We are currently learning this, and I hate it.  It's not editing others' work, its doing your own transcription with speech rec.  Does anyone else do this, and like it?  Anyone had success with it, or failures?    I'm seriously thinking of quitting my company, as we have to give this three months trial to get used to it, before we are considered for being taken out of the program.     

    All I hear from work is how wonderful it is, how positive, how everyone hates it at first but once you get used to it how you love it.  I don't think so.  This just isn't for me.   There are others who feel the same way, but you never hear about them, unless you happen to stumble across those particular people somehow; which I have. 

speech recognition sucks
They are selling it to docs and hospitals based on one thing only, it will cost them less money. Guess why?

It will cost US more money.

The only good thing I have to say about it is this: I know one of the major hospitals in my area is trying it and failing miserably.

They came out of the barn with this donkey a wee bit too early.
ASR question (speech recognition). sm TIA
For someone who transcribes roughly 250 LPH on acute care, what would the introduction of ASR due to her line count?  Could she potentially increase it? 
Back end speech recognition.

Can anyone tell me if this is a difficult job?   Would this be much different than proofreading my own reports while listening to the sound file?  What is the going line rate for something like that?  Is it better pay than regular transcribing?

Thank to all who can soothe my nerves!!!!

question about speech recognition. sm
Do you need high speed internet for speech recognition?  I've been informed by a company I edit for that they are going to incorporate speech recognition into ASP.  I was also recruited by a company I recently left to rehire to do speech recognition.  I can only get dial-up where I live.  No DSL or cable.  Could get satellite, but so many companies say no to satellite.  Thanks!
Speech recognition platform. sm
The company is called MultiModal. They said they're going to integrate it with ASP. The other company I don't know.
Speech, or voice, recognition
Has anyone tried Vista speech recognition?
Speech recognition good or bad?
Is ASR using DEP/DocQscribe better than traditional transcription?  What are the benefits & disadvantage of using ASR/DocQscribe?  All input appreciated.  Thanks.
Speech recognition discussion

In reading the news release posted below about Nuance buying escription, I was wondering how different SR platforms are working for us MTs.  I do ASR on DQS and have found that on my main account the ASR is pretty good, so I don't have to make tons of changes. 

I tend to like doing the speech recognition and here is why I think that is so in my case: 

If I get my primary account it recognizes pretty well and I don't get much junk to have to change. 

Also, I can usually turn the speed to the fastest whereas straight transcription is usually about the halfway point for me, so I think I am getting it done faster. 

Another thing is that I never did get into the habit of really tweaking my Expander the way a lot of other MTs have.  I have seen some say they put anything that takes more than 3 characters into an expander.  I am getting better about this but not to that degree, so I think SR is faster for me. 

I think I have some carpal tunnel issues starting up so I can't transcribe for as long a stretch as I can edit. 

All that being said, about 25% of my work still comes through as straight transcription and it is a good thing because that significantly affects my hourly rate for the better, so I am not losing lots of $, although I have lost some.

So my question is two-fold:  If you do SR, what system are you using?  What has things specifically have made it better/worse for you?


The thing is, speech recognition is only
as good as the dictator dictating and the person reviewing the record before it is sent.
ASR = Automated Speech Recognition



Can someone who works for MQ and is on speech recognition give the rest of us some info as to what it is like, what the pay is, and whether or not a person would want to do it? It would be helpful info to have in case our office called and asked us if we wanted to be on that or not.  I don't know if they have various speech recognition platforms, but I am on DQS and high speed internet.


Speech recognition in court reporting
... You are right on. As I was doing my research into possibly getting into court reporting, low and behold, I find "voice writing" and VR coming into this field. This is impacting their profession also but at this time not to the degree VR has in MTing.
Radiology Transcription vs Speech Recognition
I have been doing radiology transcription now for 20 years. They say Radiology is usually the first speciality to go over the speech recognition usually - as it tends to be repetitious with usually a lot of "normals". Even with that said, most companies that do have radiology transcription are paying "by the report" these days, with most of the normals going to an automatic transcription system of some sort and the long reports (MRIs, CTs, Nuclear Medicine, invasive studies, etc.) still going to the transcriptionists. I have heard it said that it "averages out", but I'd be leary about signing up for say 96 cents to 1.35 (that seems to be about the range) to transcribe a report - no matter what the length these days, because it seems like there are no guarantees that the normals and shorter reports will still be going to the Transcriptionist and not to SpeechQ, inhouse, or speech recognition programs. I'd say check it out well before you "jump ship". The grass sometimes just looks greener on the other side. Only my 2 cents... Best of luck - whatever you decide to do.
... Lady
Speech to text recognition software

Can anyone give any information on a good speech to text recognition software?


Running Voice Files Through Speech Recognition. SM
Does anyone run their voice files (DSS and WMA) through a speech recognition program and then edit them?  Just wondering if that is any faster than actually typing it myself. The doctor is a very clear dictator, so I'm wondering if the speech recognition would pick it up okay -- but wouldn't be able to teach the software to recognize her voice the way the instructions say to.

Also, does anyone using speech recognition listen to the dictation and then redictate it into speech recognition software themselves? I would be able to train the software to recognize my voice then.

Just trying to think of a few ways to increase my productivity and save my wrists at the same time. Thanks for any suggestions and comments.


Word 2003 speech recognition program
Has anyone heard of this or used it?  I have Word 2003 and it has a built in speech recogition program that I did not know existed.  From what I can see, I just have to download the software, purchase a microphone headset, and train the thing.  Has anyone used this, is it proficient, and has it increased your transcription production.  Also, I transcribe in ChartScript/NetLinc which is a Word-based program.  For those who have used the speech recognition through Word would this work for me?  
Front-end speech is "talking;" back-end speech is flatulence. :-)
I just go alt+T and A.It's so automatic I don't even think about it. SM

That's to add a word though. You don't scroll down through your entries to use an AC, do you?

For the asterisk: Just write a macro. Go to a document that has an asterisk in it.

Tools/Macros/Record new macro (The little tape-looking icon comes on your screen. It's like turning on a recorder).

EDIT/FIND/*/enter then stop recording.

I think that's right. I've had mine for so many years that I can't really remember what it says. You can e-mail me if you have trouble with it.

Should be automatic but if not
I had trouble with mine but then I realized that I had not followed directions completely as I had not closed ALL my programs before installing it and once I did that again with all windows/programs closed worked great.  If it is 2006 they suggest using the word "Rozerem" and "panitumumab" to check it.  Good luck. 
The UPS Store only allows the automatic $100 if you pay
them to package your stuff. I learned that one trying to ship equipment back to my former employer. I wasn't about the shell out even more money for them to box up something that I put back in the company's original box.
Automatic updates, or

You may have to update your calendaring programs and some cell phones as well.

Automatic numberint
Hi everyone, can anyone tell me how to do automatic numbering after the number 9 so that from 10 on everything falls into place?  I just got scolded because one trainer tells me to leave as is because when the report is printed out it aligns, and now someone else told me FIX THAT!  Wow. I have no idea what to do.
no i'm glad i'm not the only one. I do have automatic
messed things up. They don't think about or care about things like that. My car payment is due tomorrow and i still don't have the money to pay it. thanks for listening.
automatic spacing


If you have automatic spacing enabled in IT, it automatically inserts a tentative space after every expansion. If you then type a punctuation key, IT will then automatically jump back and remove that tentative space and insert the punctuation.

If you have both the built-in Expander in Chartnet enabled, along with IT, the two programs may conflict with each other so it would be best to disable the Chartnet expander while using IT.

Lastly, be sure you are using the latest release of IT which is 5.44 with a built date of May 2007 and if you are using Vista, make sure the User Account Control setting is disabled.

Automatic Spacing and Decimals


There a few options available with regards to automatic spacing and decimals. For a summary of these options, please see the link below.

Textware Solutions

Automatic spacing in shorthand?

Does anyone know how to set up 2 spaces after a period and 2 spaces after a colon in ShortHand version 10?  One poster here said that this:  {@@key Bksp}. worked and it did not work for me.  It worked once and then it erased the last letter as it put in the spaces.

Also Microsoft Word 2000 doesn't seem to have a spacing feature unless I am not looking in the right spot.  Wish I had IT as everyone says that is a no brainer to use and setup.  TIA.  


Snomed is an automatic coding system...
for pathology. If you Google Snomed coding there is some info. I'm sure in the future there will be automated coding.
yepper - automatic deduction from invoice
and was not told about it before the fact - just that the account was switching over - was sent the e-mail about "rental" after the fact - then when the foot pedal broke they wanted to charge me for the replacement. Hello? It's a RENTAL??? I still work there but am branching out. It is not the norm.
Does Dictatphone Ex-Text have automatic save as you are typing?


Do away with automatic numbered list. See inside steps.
Tools, Autocorrect, AutoFormat as you Type, uncheck Automatic Numbered Lists.
Oh, I thought it was an automatic thing on computers these days.
Maybe my hubby set ours up to do it; I'm not sure. It would be under START, then PROGRAMS, then ACCESSORIES, then SYSTEM TOOLS, then choose SYSTEM RESTORE.

Then it would ask you what date you want to restore to.
Something great-- Using Google-- set to use the automatic function of completing the search
For anyone like myself who never used the automatic completion function of Google, IT IS GREAT.

I just started using it, and when I typed in like the first 2 words of something I had never heard before, like say you were typing "sphincter of", then sphincter of Oddi would be one of the choices that Google would automatically bring up.

This is so great! What a time saver. Try it.

Someone with more tech expertise can maybe say how to set the settings so the Google automatic completion comes on. sometimes it would be there and sometimes not, but I downloaded some add-on for Firefox that makes it always there. It was the "Customize Google" add-on for Firefox.

So, if you are using Firefox (Mozilla) browser, go to the add-on page (Google it) and then download the "Customize Google" add-on and then set the settings. I think this was the most useful. There is a way to set it from Google, but it kept not working somehow, the settings would go away.

Other downloads I have used-- other Firefox add-ons that I found helpful: Adblock Plus. Google Toolbar for Firefox (different than Customize Google), and Auto Copy. -- Auto Copy will automatically put whatever you select on a Web sit onto your clipboard, so you can paste it right into the document.

Hope someone finds this all helpful. Thanks for all your gals' help over the years. I have learned a lot and got a lot of tips, and so wanted to post this.
Tools, AutoCorrect, Autoformat as you Type, uncheck Automatic numbered lists. nm

Are you using Speech EXT or something else? nm
Transcription,Technology,and Support is supposed to be implementing this in the near future.
speech rec
It really does suck. No punctuation, wrong headings, puts in he instead of she or vice versa, lists numbered wrong, doctors names wrong. If you ask me, lets get back to what worked!!!!
speech rec
I absolutely hate speech rec. I see it as a way of utterly dumbing down the profession and paying us even less than we're already getting paid over time, like factory work. With our system (not Dictaphone but a major player), they have enabled essentially all the dictators (even those who are horrible), meaning that the proofreading is a killer, and it's not getting better, some dictations are absolute gobbelty-gook. These days, it ain't my wrists but my neck and left shoulder muscles that get the workout from the stress of how hard I have to concentrate. We've been told that the physicians must never see what the report would look like if we weren't charged with making absolutely certain it's picture perfect, as though we'd typed it! And yeah, I'd just as soon delete the whole durned report on some of these and just transcribe it. To heck with production, which is the constant mantra where I work. Again, I absolutely HATE it and pray it will somehow collapse, but I don't see it happening, not with jobs being so hard to come by.

I can foresee where speech rec could be "perfected" to the extent that there will come a time when an intelligent person could conceivably just sit down and read through these reports and actually learn medical terminology and the whole process by just doing speech rec. Again, like factory work. Think about it.
On speech rec
The company I work for pays 4 cents a line for speech recognition and the minimum for speech rec is 11,000 a pay period. That comes out to $5.50 an hour. I believe the minimum wage in Texas is $6, so I do not make minimum wage doing only SR. To get minimum wage I have to do 12,000 lines a pay period. Actually I do more than that because of the cost of living!
I need step-by-step instructions to make a macro in word that aligns automatic numbered list to the
HELP!!!!! Thanks in advance.
Ah, a figure of speech. (sm)
Like a burden or baggage from a person that will not take the time to learn or understand?  One who doesn't want to fix it or get off his/her duff to understand?  One who generally doesn't care?  Anyway, I thought my original post was perfectly understandable and if they didn't understand it that is not my problem!
speech vs. transcription
Thanks...I appreciate the input--I may just give it a try and see how it goes!:)
I want to do VR (speech) editing - sm
which companies should I contact? I do not care whether they outsource or not (please no flaming). Just want to learn the new technology.