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Be honest - the only people who care where the work is done are the MTs! nm

Posted By: Amanda on 2009-03-19
In Reply to: Do you really think they care who does the work - Anonomiss


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Best school for becoming an MT and best (honest) companies to work for as an MT
Can anyone give me insight on the best MT school to enroll in and then after completing the course the best companies (most honest companies) to work for?  Thanks!
Be honest! If you did not think there were random checks on your reports by QA, would you work
I always strive for excellence in my reports partly due to patient care and then there is my own obsessive-compulsive need to be the best, but having said that, are there those MTs who might not try as hard if they didn't have QA breathing down their necks.  Be honest now.
Nice to see people care
I am relatively new to this site, but from reading the posts it seems like there are several negative people out there who probably don't care about the person you are writing about.  Unfortunately, I did not read her post and I don't know where she is, but I hope for her sake she is okay.  I have been troubled to the point of not wanting to be here anymore, but I was able to get help, and now I am doing great.  I just wanted to thank you for caring.    If you should here from here, please let us know. 
The people who care are all raising their hands.
I care about doing a good job and want to be well compensated for that work, so count me in. If you're not interested, don't disparage those who are.
IMO, people wont care. If will cost them more
I wish more people would spay, neuter and take care of the pets
they've already got instead of expecting everyone else to deal with their problem.  I get tired of the loose animals running around our neighborhood.  People just dump their animals because they can't be bothered to care for them.  We've got hundreds of cats running around having kittens all over the place.  The kittens wind up feral.  My pets are "rescues", but I can't take on any more.  I won't, either.  It's like kids.  Don't have more than you can properly take care of.  Don't expect me to take care of the problem you created either.
My people skills are just fine. I just want to hire people who want to work.
I've not been ugly, I've asked questions, legitimate ones.  Please tell me what is wrong with that.  This site is not just for MTs, it is for QA Editors, Supervisors, Service Owners, there's even sections for Billers, Coders, and Nurses.   
Here's another reason why health care is so high people can't afford it and ...SM

A while back I had to go to the ER for a particularly bad Meniere's episode.  I asked for an itemized bill, and you know what they charged me for 4 mg of ondansetron? 



Sounds like exactly how I feel. MQ has a tremendous amount of unhappy people and could care less.
You know, I dont think people care anymore what MQ offers or doesnt offer, I think everyone is just

sick of all the confusion, dishonesty, sneakiness, etc. You never know what is around the corner so after this there will be something else no doubt. I think I and most other MQ MTs just want a company that they can respect and trust. MQ can offer this package and turn right around and change that. Leopards dont change their spots. It seems like they are intent on running this company into the ground and they are doing a good job of it. I dont see how they ever will stand up against the money they owe all of these hospitals. You still have to wonder what prompted them to send checks out to the DQS MTs for mistakes in calculation of lines. Give me a break. Maybe they are trying to settle lawsuits to get out of the MT business and focus on just technology. They sure dont know what they are doing with the MT side for sure. I think they felt they had everyone up against a brick wall but as accounts leave so will MTs or MTs will just move on to another business as the wages get lower and lower so then all the work can go to India. Older MTs will cut back or retire and younger ones will leave for something else when they see what they have to battle with the work left over from ASR or VR for the small amount of money not to mention EMRs coming quickly.

2 people to do that amount of work, is she nuts? More like 20+ people - nm
Don't these MTs even care about their work?
I'm blown away...how do we stay in business as MTs when this is being sent to hospitals?
Do you really think they care who does the work
or basically how it is done? I donít think the physicians care at all.
I take pride in my work. I always take care, as if the
very refreshing to see someone care about their work - sm
I only wish that the service that was transcribing our hospital's work did the same. Their work is beyond horrible and the account manager that we have to deal with is a b**** on a good day!! She has every excuse for every request or correction we send back to her. Oh... I'm getting off track.

Anyways, the service that our hospital uses has transcriptionists that cannot punctuate if their life depended on it. The sentences run on and on and on and on. The doctors even say the punctuation and a couple of transcribers STILL WON'T PUNCTUATE!!

Oooohhh that feels better just getting it off my chest and fingers!
They think they don't care how we get the work as long as SM
it gets done and doesn't cost them anything. That's what they think. If you can't do it, they'll get somebody who will.
Acute care work goes by
work type. Consults are a work type, discharge summaries are a work type, OPs are a work type, H&Ps are a work type. They might also have ER, cardiac procedures, neurology procedures, and others, but the bigger hospitals may have other, possibly in-house, MTs doing procedures and ER, so it mostly refers to the Big 4 work types.
I also work for acute care and we are
XMTSO doesnt care where you are going to work or what they
Not sure if this will work, but hit control shift 8. This might take care of it.
Hope it helps
Do you use child care so you can work? Write
Clinic work to acute care
You are on the right track but it's just that no one has given you the break. Most MTs start with clinic notes and then wait for a break into the Big 4 doing acute care. Don't get discouraged. Yes by all means, test away and you might just get lucky. Take any job you can doing acute care even if the pay and hours are bad just to get experience under your belt.

It's not easy making a go of it these days even with tons of experience. Ya gotta be a little clever and have a game plan. Look at it as a challenge and keep at it. Best of luck to you.
I am sorry, where I work we are swamped. It is acute care, though sm
I worked clinic for my first 8 years. From September until March it used to be slim, very slim. That was half the flipping year! In acute care there is less ebb and flow, in my opinion. It gets lean around spring break time, and again when school starts. How long it is slow can vary. I can't even believe how swamped we are at this point. I can see the number of reports are awaiting transcription and it has doubled every 4 hours all weekend AND people have been working all weekend.

If you do clinic, I wish I had an suggestion of how to break into acute care and I don't. I went from clinic only, to a surgical center doing all OPs, which was HARD HARD way to do it. I ended up in an enormous teaching hospital because I had OP note experience. Mine was sheer luck. I'll pray you have such a neat opportunity and can make that switch.
I work 2 jobs, one FT that takes care of
my taxes (I have extra held out), and also as an IC.
getting paid is showing appreciation for my work. that's all i care about.
who cares if some supervisor "appreciates" me?  i'm in it for the money not for someone to "appreciate" me. 
Try to work w/o distractions, if the cost of day-care is an issue -sm
then you will have to learn to work when your kids are sleeping basically. That is what I did. It is hard and you do not sleep much...I generally worked at night until 2am and got up at 8am before they were old enough for preschool, and squeezed in work here and there during the day. The younger they are though the easier it is to work I think. But you can do it, but you better be determined if you want to do it that way. I still work at night but not that late anymore since I have 7 hours during the day to myself now. It's still very hard to work when they are home (5&7) but my DH watches them a lot and takes care of them when I do have to work and they are home, so good home support helps too. I have 2 jobs so must still work crazy hours but I do what needs to be done.
Soft tissue work with chiropractic care
Moving/manipulating the skeletal system without addressing muscle/tendons/ligaments is useless because the bones will misalign again if adhesions, etc. in muscles (from previous injuries, bad biomechanics, gravity's effects on our up-right postures,etc.) are not dealt with. I'm in my late 40's so I speak from experience. Muscles are often the culprits that pull bones out of proper alignment. Stretching muscles with adhesions is moot. Consider most of the time we are bending forward in our daily lives; psoas muscles get stronger but back muscles (S.I. ligaments) do not.
Soft-tissue work is essential. Chiropractic care alone doesn't complete the job, hence, need for repeated visits over months/years.
Hope this helps.
You can't take care of an infant all day and work full time.
We may care what our work looks like & how correct it is, but many clients don't. They want words
Clinic work or acute care question....sm
If you were offered a job by two different companies, the benefits were the same, line rate was the same, everything was the same except one was exclusively acute care and the other was clinic, which would you choose and why?  I have two offers and everything is even except for the type of work.  I would think clinic work you could get more lines, but then it is not as marketable later if I have to switch companies as staying acute care would be.  Any input? 
I have 3 jobs, 1 FT doing acute care, and 2 PT doing clinic work. sm
It can be a challenge juggling things, and I really do not have much of a social life, but for now it works.  It not only keeps the wolf away from the door but allows me to build up a little nest egg and save for a mega vacation I have planned in November to celebrate turning 50.  Having goals definitely helps me get through it all. 
I started on Acute care, then went to clinic work, - sm
and then back again. I found clinic work to be more challenging, plus it often included radiology. I think it's more a matter of just getting familiar with each institution's way of doing things, along with new doctors, and getting familiar with a few new terms (which don't we all do every single day, anyway?) than it is one being easier or harder than the other.
Like customer service everywhere - people don't care, no self-respect, no respect for.
Would anyone care to share where you work? I love OPs, but do CONS and DS all day.YUCK! nm
Hey honey, you can work at home and no one will care about your physical appearance. sm
I actually hired a girl one time who was overweight. She could not BELIEVE I would hire her. I told her I did not care if she weighed 1000 pounds, if she could do the work, she was okay by me.
Could your hubs become a patient of a home health care agency and then you could work for them
FT people usually get work before it goes to PT
people and that is probably the situation here.  You could ask but you'll probably get a response similar to above, that FT get the work first.  
Do you MDI-MD people have enough work? sm
I saw an ad on one of the other boards, thought I had seen mention here not too long ago of not enough work for those who were there.  Just wanted to find out what the situation is now before I go any further in pursuing anything with them.  TIA!
People really do think we don't have to work don't they? LOL
I have a friend who is off this week and she called assuming I could just go do stuff with her...no wonder she always asks me for so many favors...apparently people think we get paid for doing nothing!  I bet they wonder why my house is such a mess if that's the case! LOL
Acute care work is operative reports, consultations, H&Ps, emergency room, DS basically the type of
dictation found in a hospital setting as opposed to a clinic setting in which you just type office notes and minor procedures.
I know people who went to work for Cymed.....
The ones who say they are happy are the ones that don't really need a good pay check (older ladies who basically work for the insurance and a little extra cash). The others say that they can definitely tell a big difference with them not paying for spaces. They all say the people are nice though and offer good bonuses for extra work on the weekend at times. I've also heard that there are a lot of ESL doctors. I tested and was offered 9.5 cents with them, but everyone else I've heard says they were offered 8 to 8.5 cpl????
Too bad for all the people that go there and have no work. I am not the least bit impressed with
Dixie. Maybe she had better refer people to offices of MQ where there is work before she tells everyone how great MQ is across the broad. Maybe we all have gone and gotten other jobs because we have no work at MQ. Maybe you if you arent Dixie can enlighten that lady about the other side of MQ she seems unwilling to talk about. How about that.
People don't tell because they like having enough work, I imagine - also, sm
Josie Blowsie over there may not make the same line rate I make. That's subbing, of course. I don't tell what I charge my local contracts because I don't want to be underbid.
DH has one through his work, but he's in charge of over 100 people. Can't see
Obviously these people don't have to wake up and go to work EVER
If you don't want to work for 8 or 9 cpl, don't. But people know what they will be making when
I'm with you! So I work the hours people don't want
to work. Much too stressful to fight for work. Life is too short for me to take the money I already earn to spend on a physician prescribing nerve pills.
people sometimes goof off at work, nothing wrong with that
 It doesnt take up THAT much time.
Most people don't have that many backups for no reason if they have enough work so I wonder about
your response.
You can work those machines harder than a lot of people do
Those people obviously do not work full time or want to
make a good living. I would work at McDonald's before I would let someone take my house. If someone is not making enough money in this field, it is them, not the industry. Tired of everyone tip-toeing around this issue. The money is there but you need to buckle down and do the work. Stop whining and start working.