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Could your hubs become a patient of a home health care agency and then you could work for them

Posted By: giving his care? Friend did this. nm on 2006-06-13
In Reply to: Waitressing is the only way I know to get immediate money. Can you leave your hubs alone for any - hours in the day? nm


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Study found that electronic health records did not boost patient care. sm

Link to article on yahoo news stating that electronic health records fail to improve care, study says.




I dont care if you stay home because ofyour kids, a health issue - sm
or because you just like to work in tne nude. The fact of the matter is, settling for a lower rate jsut for the convenience of working from home is BS. I've been doing this for 25 years and have been home since 1996 and while I know I am not making the same money I did in the haydays, I sure as he11 will not work for less. Many of these companies are bluffing if they tell you they have to lower your rate. In fact, if you hold your ground and have a decent reputation, you can even make more.

It's too bad that so many people don't believe in their abilities and worth to hold out. You should never base your decision on fear. Use logic and common sense.
Hey honey, you can work at home and no one will care about your physical appearance. sm
I actually hired a girl one time who was overweight. She could not BELIEVE I would hire her. I told her I did not care if she weighed 1000 pounds, if she could do the work, she was okay by me.
Probably something in patient care, maybe CNA. sm
They make about as much as I am making and with benefits on top of that at the hospitals around here.
MT in addition to other health care job?

I know that there are MTs out there that are MTs along with another HC job, but have never heard anything specific.

I am about to start MT school but in about 2-3 years the opportunity for me to go to school to become an RRT will present itself (it might not again for another 5 yrs past that point).  It (being an RRT) is something I have wanted to do for a while, but only as PRN or part time work because of the shifts, the ages of my kids and my dh's work schedule (out of town a lot and weird hours).  Because of that, I figure I could work as an IC (obviously 20hrs/wk or less) during RRT school and nights and weekends when I am not at my RRT job. We move every couple of years and IC work (for a national at home) could also serve as a steady income source while I find another RRT position (which could conceivably take a while considering my limitations regarding work hours outside my home). 

Since I obviously do neither job right now, I don't know how realistic my expectations of this are.  Does anyone juggle these two jobs?  I know its most likely nurses that do this, but I welcome anyone's comments.

I definitely plan on going to MT school, because its available now, the work will be there, and being an MT is an excellent fit for me. Just trying to plan ahead - I know dh will want to know if I am giving up plans to go to RRT school because of this.


Socialized health care

Here are some stats you might find interesting
Canadian Health Care
A 6-8 week wait time to see a gynecologist? Is that good or bad for the US. I personally have been waiting to see an endocrinologist for 1 year, 3 months...still nothing. Seriously. The wait time for any type of procedure of specialty is actually quite scary. Sometimes it feels as though we are in Russia, we just happen to pay more taxes. We "pay" for our health care with 13% tax on absolutely everything you buy. That is supposedly for health care, but it really doesn't seem to help. I personally believe the problem is in the fact there are not enough doctors. When you compare how many doctors there are in each specialty to the amount of patients that require them, that is where the wait time comes into play. Ironically, Canada is starting to implement "pay as you go" clinics for procedures because the wait time is so ridiculous. It seems that Canada is adopting the US's health system and the US is looking to adopt Canada's system. That reminds me of something...the grass is always greener on the other side (nope, same grass, different place). Take care all.
Do you think patient care will suffer any?
will treat the laptop like it is you, and ignore you, the patient.
I think the average patient would care and
would think, 'Wow, they sure don't know English.' And what about all the abbreviations a lay person woudl certainly not understand.
I work for an agency, type for a major hospital - no hourly wage - just production. nm
Whether you like it or not, your private health care is distributed to others
Everytime you are diagnosed, have a test, go to the doctor, everytime you are billed, your information goes into a data base that all health care providers (insurance companies) have access to.  I don't get the big deal over this all of a sudden.  So someone in India finds out you are treated for a wart or depression.  So what?  What difference does it make as far as privacy goes if India MT knows this or Kansas MT knows this? 
I will take canada's health care in a nanosecond
Well, I gotta tell ya, I would love to have Canada's health care, as I dont have health care..You see, if you are an SE, MQ does not offer health care.  So, universal health care through the govt, IMHO, is better than paying out of my pocket.
Anyone have info on K Force Health care? nm
This is an example of our mangled health care system.
So my husband smacks his elbow on something at work at the end of the day and as he is driving home notices his elbow is swelling up huge. He goes to the doctor and they say they can't do anything without his employer's consent to workers' comp and send him home without even an ice pack.  The next day he goes to work and his boss gives him $100 to say it was done at home and to go get it fixed.  I have taken a picture of his elbow and sent him to the doctor.  He had already told them it was done at work when he went in yesterday anyway, so he is going to tell his boss that and give the $100 back.  Amazing.
Aurora Health Care wiscionsin also.
There needs to be a way to provide universal health care BUT sm
I don't believe that a national system is the right answer. If you look to Hawaii which has a law for universal coverage, it works pretty well.

We have had CHiPS which is the child health plan. I know something about that and had it for my own grown kids when it very first started. You get that if you don't qualify for Medicaid, and if your employer doesn't provide or if the premium of what is provided through employment is more than a given percentage of income.

This issue is one that I feel is best handled by the states, not by the feds. All you have to do is look at the No Child Left Behind to see how well that kind of thing works. States know what their demographics look like. They know what sector of the population is without health insurance and they know what funds they provide to various indigent programs to provide for the poor. It is the lower middle class woman and the lower middle class child who is most likely to be uninsured because they make too much for Medicaid and too little for any type of private insurance and most employers in this bracket can't/won't offer anything.

If you look at Medicare, which is a mess actually, and CHiPS which functions better, they are about the same idea for two different sectors of the population. There are HMOs and plans that one chooses. They are all a bit different, but you all know how this works. The companies who insure people through these plans keep costs and premiums down in order to participate.

I am in favor of the federal government figuring out a capitation rate along the lines of Medicare or Medicaid and paying this to the states, but more broadly to cover more people. Then, the states can figure out what they can contribute. If they eliminate funding for indigent services to cover these people under a statewide plan, that can go into the kitty. Every person in every state WITHOUT employer provided insurance, will be required to contribute to the state plan in some way, based on income. Employees with company provided insurance can opt to participate in the state program. The idea is to recoup the money wasted on county, city and state indigent programs and put it to the greater good. With having not to cover unpaid medical bills because there aren't any, anymore, it should help to raise the amount that states and other agencies have to pay into the system. Insurance companies will have to bid lower to participate in this, because I think it is best that they are the ones who administrate, private sector always does better...

well now I am boring you, but I see what I mean! LOL
A husband to take care of the bills and the health
Soon it will be the government, Universal Health Care, nm
where did you get the idea we were involved in patient care?
We are typists with a specialized vocabulary. If we were doing this for NASA, it would not make us rocket scientists.

I am neither advocating, nor participating in, low quality - I do the very best I can with the experience, knowledge, and tools that I have. The fact that employers do not want to pay me enough to survive, thus making my trips through *QA* a little more thorough, ensures that I will get through reports as absolutely expeditiously as possible.

My bottom line is MY survival. Good luck with altruism - it doesn't buy much at Safeway.
vent on failure in patient care

My husband took my son to see the doc for a tetanus shot after he stepped on a nail.  I'm always transcribing and couldn't go there myself.  After coming home from the doctor's office, my son and husband tell me that his foot was never even looked at by even a nurse, let alone the doctor.  My son got the tetanus shot, and the paperwork said "do not give if a fever is present."  Woops, they didn't even take his temperature.  Rather than looking at his foot to determine if it was infected, they just asked my son if it was infected.  I called the office totally irate, and they reduced the charges from $88 to $7.  Wow, didn't expect that.  It's a crying shame that we're a society so hung up on paperwork and billing (HIPAA, etc.) that a doctor or nurse would not even take the time to actually look at a patient's wound.  What's really ironic is that very day I transcribed a report where the doctor states the patient shouldn't self-medicate with vitamins and supplements.  So, we're not smart enough to determine what vitamins and supplements to take, but we are expected to determine whether or not we have an infection?   


OR, instead of being funny, it could hurt patient care.
A 2-day strike will not hurt patient care
it will give the physicians something to think about when they have to hand write their STAT H&P for patient's surgery tomorrow.
just like quality care for the patient is going out the window-nm
Anything an MT can do when you have grave concerns about patient care?

Is there anything at all an MT can do when you have grave concerns about the care a patient is receiving? I know the answer to this is probably no, but I am so completely frustrated with my one of "my" doctors right now.  I know that one of his patients is not receiving the proper care, and I am really worried for this patient. I wish I could contact the patient's mother and let her know my concerns, but I know that is not allowed and I would be fired for doing so. I know that I'm not anywhere near as smart as a doctor, but my son has the same condition that this patient does and I know that the patient is not receiving the proper care or even the correct diagnosis. It is hard to go into all of the details for confidentiality reasons. I just know, 100% sure, that this patient deserves better care than he is receiving. 

Sometimes the virtual world that we work in is great, and other times it really stinks. If I were working in the doctor's office I could gently share my concerns (maybe I would still be fired but I could give it a shot). Here in this virtual world where the doctors don't even know I exist I can do absolutely nothing.

I'm just so frustrated at the doctor and so very worried for this patient.

United Health Care medical insurance

Well, I am about to use my vision coverage insurance for United Health Care.  Eye Exam 2000 said they only covered 15-20% of the exam, 20% of cost of lens/glasses.  I have never heard of such a low amount covered.  I guess I have the wrong plan.  Anyone else disappointed with United Health Care benefits besides me?  I work for a large national.

Thanks.  I guess I am hoping someone will tell me I am wrong and that 80% of the bill is covered.  That this is all a mistake.



you can't insure your body, just paying for health care for it.
off shoring tests for health care professionals

Below is an ad I found were they are offshoring the devlopement of questions  now this is scary


Title: Healthcare Exam Question Writing


The client is based in the United States that is providing training and education to health care professionals.
The client is looking to outsource the process to outsource agents who can write exam questions from the source material (source material can come from journal articles, books, etc.)
1. The client will provide the source material either by email or by providing the web address.
2. The outsource agent will write multiple choice questions from the source material provided. Each question will only have 4 possible answers, with only one answer being correct.
3. The client will designate the number of questions required per course.
4. The outsource agent will format the questions in a format that will be provided.
5. The outsource agent will email the questions to the client for review and editing.
6. The client will email the edited questions back to the outsource agent.
7. The outsource agent will upload the edited questions to the client website.

The client will pay one dollar US ($1) for each question written.

We believe that for a typical set of question will require 15 questions and will most likely take about 3 hours to complete. This equals about $5 US per hour. We anticipate rejecting some of the questions that are developed, though the client will consider paying for the development. The client will work with the selected agents in the future to assist with question development.

No Project Files

IL Health Care Worker Background Check Act

Type "225 ILCS 46/" in your search engine.  It should give you the Health Care Worker Background Check Act for Illinois.  There are several proposed amendments regarding non-fingerprint-based ID before the legislature for the 2007-2008 session.  I hope this is what you seek.

OOps meant best health care in the world
If you think that's bad, just wait 'til we get "free" health care. NM
My take on a big part of the high cost of health care and why we are

Do y'all know how much nurses get paid?  My sister is a nurse and gets around $40 an hour, where she works no weekends, no evenings, occasional call for which they get paid very well, OT if they happen to have to go in on the weekend, DOUBLE PAY if they work on their birthday, etc., etc.  And then there's the pension, and the great insurance and on and on.  Sometimes all they have to do is make phone calls to make their dough, and I am not talking OR nurse.  And then we get thrown to the dogs.  And no, I am not going to go into nursing because I am too old.  I am just disgusted. 

ONLINE nursing program? Do you not care about the patient's well being?
I agree that if it hurts the patient's care you should speak up.
Good for you. You're a wise woman. Take care of your health first. nm
51yo female, divorced, 20yo son, 35 yrs in health care

Excuse me, but who was the health care worker who then disclosed the HIV status?
Ashe's HIV status and career decline. had nothing to do with a healthcare worker disclosing it.
Govt is promoting EMR to reduce health care costs.
Major cuts taking place in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement. See Bush's Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, billions of dollars being cut. Word is that private insurance will follow suit, with higher deductibles among other things. You can thank the
I think it's important to note why health care costs are so high, first of all, SM
one big problem is govt involvement, just like with college, the more the govt is involved, the more the cost goes up. Secondly, laywers run up the cost by frivolous lawsuits and docs have to pay higher premiums for their malpractice insurance. Third, we are paying for illegals, people using emergency rooms for care and not paying, the list goes on and on. Hospitals charge people with insurance more to make up for some of this, because they know the insurance will pay for it, so people who do pay cash really end up paying inflated prices too.

It's complicated, but that is the root problem.
Here's another reason why health care is so high people can't afford it and ...SM

A while back I had to go to the ER for a particularly bad Meniere's episode.  I asked for an itemized bill, and you know what they charged me for 4 mg of ondansetron? 



And all this time I thought the bottom line was patient care. nm
The hosptial administrators aren't interested in safe patient care.

I venting as a patient! No doctor cares if I live or die--could care less in my eyes!!!

working at home doens't cut it when the health goes,

We're trying to get my father home due to health issues

My father has been at a federal prison camp for a little over a year now.  He's been sent to a local hospital six times due to heart troubles.  Before going in he had two heart attacks, stents placed, treatment for prostate cancer.  He's now also having trouble with his kidneys.  We are at our wit's end trying to get him home on house arrest.  It was a money/bribery charge (federal).  No prior record.  Can any one PLEASE help? 


Do you have time to waitress? Would be fast cash if you're willing. And home health aides get pai
14-1/2 years, 10 yrs at home w/acute care. nm
11 years of acute care, all from home. nm
my take is that she worked inhouse, not at home, and now wants to find out how to work at home. nm
To add...never sacrifice your health for work!
And working a week after delivering a baby, no matter how you feel and how your baby is doing, is an example of sacrificing health for work. 
I work/IC for a PS and what she does when a prospective patient - sm
wants more info, is she will call patients who have had the procedure done that they are looking in to, and check/ask them if it is okay for a prospective patient to contact them/call and ask them about their experience. Then, and only then when permission is granted will she pass on a phone number and a name. Also there are web sites out there that will tell you if a doctor has lawsuits against them, etc. Healthgrades I think tells you some information, give that one a try. Also ask the doctor if you can talk to patients that have had the procedure, etc, if he can pass you number on to them, or ask them if you can call them, etc. Do your research though especially if it something major like augmentation, reduction, reconstruction, facelift, it is all painful and varies in recovery time and complications. Also if you smoke, quit immediately. No exposure to smoke is crucial in the healing process. Good luck.
How about a home health aide or an aide for Hospice? Get paid weekly, too. nm