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CONGRATULATIONS! Katherine Z. of Hyde Park, NY on winning one of the TVPS Gift Certificates!

Posted By: Administrator (nm) on 2006-11-20
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CONGRATULATIONS! Laura F. of NY on winning a $10.00 gift cert. to TVPS!
Enter now to win $20.00 gift certificates to TVPS.com!

Click on the blue "Administrator (see inside)" link to enter.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

CONGRATS to WINNERS Felicia & Judy on winning the $10 gift certificates
CONGRATS to WINNER Elizabeth S. on winning the $10. TVPS Gift Cert.
CONGRATS to WINNER Elizabeth S. on winning the $10. TVPS Gift Cert.


Congrats to Donetta from Virginia on winning a $20.00 TVPS gift cert!
CONGRATULATIONS to Lori F. on winning one of the MDI $100. Gift Cards!
CONGRATULATIONS! Ashley Z. of Arizona on winning the Avon gift certificate!
I always appreciate gift certificates to restaurants.
Gift certificates for manicures or pedicures - not too
expensive and we women love them. It's a great way to pamper ourselves a little.
Gift certificates for massages are always good. sm
I like to give gift certificates for something someone would not buy for themselves.  A lot of people won't spend money on a nice massage for themselves but it is something they can really use.  Spa gift certificates are nice, too.  It lets a person use that gift strictly for themselves, they don't have to share, and most likely would not spend the money themselves.  Just a thought, don't know how much you are prepared to spend.
I give ours gift certificates to the local teacher supply store.
One year, we also gave a teacher a gift certificate to PetCo (for the class bird!).
ENTER NOW! $10.00 Gift Certificate to TVPS.com!


(Pulling number 56)
Click on blue link to enter or email to freebie@mtstars.com
One entry per person, only one email allowed.
You must enter each giveaway to be eligible to win.



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How about gift certificates to her favorite restaurant? ATT long-distance phone card so she can cal
My siblings and hubby and his siblings started doing this a few years ago and they were a big hit. We also used to buy my grandparents gift certificates to the local grocery store and they would use them to buy treats form themselves, things they wouldn't ordinarily buy for themselves. Hope this helps.
TVPS gift certificate winner is Carolyn of Vermont!
ENTER NOW - Pulling from Santa's Bag $10.00 Gift Cert. courtesy of TVPS!

$10.00 Gift Certificate courtesy of TVPS
Click on the Santa's House Banner at the top of the Main board to enter!


CONGRATULATIONS! Patricia B. of Beaver, PA on winning the See's Candy Tin!
Congratulations! Lisa I. of California on winning the first dinner!

Email to admin@mtstars.com with your full mailing address and your choice of restaurant and we will send out your gift card immediately.

Thank you for playing MTStars Fall Scavenger Hunt!


Congratulations! Diana O. of W. Virginia on winning the third dinner!
Send an email to admin@mtstars.com with your full address and your choice of dinner gift card and we will ship it out to you immediately!
CONGRATULATIONS! Cathy S. on winning $100 CASH courtesy of Meditec!
CONGRATULATIONS! Juli S. on winning a Huge Golf Umbrella courtesy of
Congratulations! Melanie P. of Ohio on winning the weekend warrior dinner!
Please email admin@mtstars.com with your choice of gift card and full mailing address and we will ship it out immediately!
CONGRATS to Lisa R. of Wolcott, NY on winning the $10 gift certificate
CONGRATULATIONS! Mary Y. of Bowling Green, KY on winning the Farm Pac Smoked Turkey!
CONGRATULATIONS! Janice L. of Southlake, TX on winning an MT Magnet & Mousepad courtesy of MTStuff!
CONGRATS to WINNER Sharon A. of Lewisburg, PA on winning the $50. AmEx Gift Cert.
CONGRATS to WINNER Robin T. of Memphis, TN on winning the $50 Amex Gift Certificate
CONGRATULATIONS! Eileen K-D of Canton, OH just won a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate
TVPS sells transcription equipment. Visit www.tvps.com
MQlover/zipper = Jekyl/Hyde????
Gift of gab is a gift in deed. Not having it has cost me dearly.
I became an MT because of my interest in medical field, fascination with the work and yes, a lack of social skills. I really did think that my work would speak for me.
Thank you Katherine. Did you...
find it difficult to get used to the arrow keys as well as the delete, home, pg up and pg down buttons being located in the middle section?  This looks very interesting, but pricey, so I want to make sure it will work. Thanks again for the information.
Katherine McPhee - McPheever!!
She definitely is good looking and obviously there's another doc (sneaking into the medicine cabinet and) on drugs cause she can sing too!
Kelly won't go tonight--probably Katherine!
Adios Katherine - everyone else was good.
I hope that either Kellie or Katherine leave...sm

they should have gone before now if you ask me!

Katherine has a beautiful voice, she is my pick!
She has trained since she was young, attending a school of the arts, is highly qualified.  She appears to be a very nice young lady, classy with a big heart and is very lovely to watch. 
Goodbye Katherine. I am rooting for Taylor..sm
He is the only one with a personality.  I love Chris' voice but he is soooo boring!  And Eliott is just alright for me.
Elliotts voice is not strong - Katherine is
inconsistent and forgets words -  So, I guess that leaves Taylor.  He certainly would be a "different" kind of winner.
what is TVPS?
I have to say that I buy a lot of products from TVPS and have never had a

problem.  Before calling the BBB and credit card company, why not try again to contact the company?  People are always so quick to jump and complain to the BBB, when situations can be resolved.  I would suggest calling and asking to speak to Tom Wilkes directly.  His extension is 101.

BTW, I do not work for TVPS, I own an MTSO and only purchase from them.

Katherine has got to go. I also thought Elliott and Taylor ruled the night!
Chris was okay, but we all KNOW he's better than this. I'm hoping his first CD is the "Walk the Line."
Be careful when doing business with TVPS, also known

as Executive Communication Systems.   I bought a foot pedal from them that was SUPPOSED to be compatible with a particular program.  Right out of the box it didn't work.  Told me to send it back and they would repair it (shipping at my expense of course).  Received the foot pedal back and it will work for a little while and then won't work and I have to reinstall it.  They say the only way to unstall it is to unplug it from the computer.  I'm sitting right in front of the computer with a job open and the *$#*$!#@)$ pedal doesn't work.  I have asked to return the pedal (again I eat the expense) and get a refund and they refuse.  I paid $75.00+ for a pedal, had to pay nearly $9.00 to send it back for repairs, and now they won't give me my money back.  I can't even sell it to try to recoup some of my money, because I don't want to shaft someone like they did me. 

I'm going to file with the BBB and also my credit card company. 

Can you give us a ball park?
Trailer park dwelling
Fine if you want to live in a trailer park, but you should have to pay property taxes. If you want to be treated like everyone else, then pay taxes like everyone else. We had this issue in our community, and we did fight against having a trailer park, because that means the surrounding community has to subsidize the schooling, police, fire, garbage pickup, and all the other services for a trailer park or manufactured home community. I found all this out during months leading up to stopping a trailer park developer. I do believe trailer park dwellers should be treated like everyone else, which means they should have to pay property taxes like everyone else. Currently, in Michigan, they don't. That's not only wrong, it is preferential treatment for manufactured home communities. I'm sure you're as respectable as you say, so start paying your own way instead of making a community subsidize you!
tvps.com is offering same day shipping if ordered by 3p. nm
oooh! I have one!! Cherry-Picker Park! (nm)
I do not live in a trailer park, but you are one snobby B-
My friend and I are going to the amusement park first day of school..
Well, all that is true where I live too, but you STILL can't park at the mall
I park my six kids in front of the EE-lectronic babysitter
for 12 hours a day while I work.  We got cable TV, videogames and DVDs up the old wazoo to keep them mesmerized.  Every now and then, I throw a bag of chips and a six pack of soda in there for 'em to chow down on.  Heck, I always know where they are.  They aren't a bit of trouble for me.  Iffen I keep the curtains closed, they fall asleep a lot, too.  They do all the housework for me in the evening while I sit on the porch drinking a cold pack of Schmidt beers and smoking cigarettes with my latest boyfriend.  Then we go to the bar while his four kids and my six kids watch movies until closing.  We was thinking about renting a Winnebago to go camping, but the kids don't want to miss a single episode of their favorite shows.