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Can we have a MQ board so I can see posts about other things insstea of this nonsense

Posted By: no name on 2005-09-15
In Reply to:

This is not a Medquist board.  It is being monopolized by MQ complaints again.  Cant you go to MQ and complain instead of coming here where no one cares?  

This has been going on and on and on and no one is getting the point.  GET A NEW JOB WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN MQ                                          

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Just do a search and read the posts. There are plenty of posts about OSI on this board. nm.
read recent posts on this board and on the company board
someone posts on the board
does not mean they are doing it during working hours.
if you go by some posts on this board
rates should be 10 per page and 14 to 16 per line - since no body is interested in anything less. I would be interested in seeing what responses you get. I say review the work you have done in the past - and negotiate with him. Referrals from him will get you more work. being fair without giving it away is right - start at the higher end of what you were paid through an MTSO and negotiate.
Keep in mind he was doing this himself before so has no problem with continuing - you want the first client and again his referrals
Board has over 100,000 posts now!!!
Sometimes the posts on this board are really
heartless. I am sorry people jumped on you when you needed support. I have been in this biz a long long time and first of all, you take information in, but don't take it to heart. Please filter it. I am speaking of posts on this board. Not at your job.
Your job is another thing entirely. First. STop and breathe when you read the feedback. Second tell yourself it is feedback from QA (if it is the big boss realize that just might be different and if directly from the client definitely different). Do go back to the acct. specs for your account, write down where the inconsistency is between what you put according to the specs and how QA corrected you. Do not immediately e mail your supervisor. Instead, keep a list. Then, at the end of a week or after you have a lot, do professionally write your boss with the differences you found, in a professional way.
A lot of what goes on in this business is really how people react. You need to be proactive, not reactive. You also don't need to beat up on yourself or allow the people here to do so. This is because you are obviously good, you are in it enough years already, and you state you have another job, so obviously you have skills and the know-how.
If you are looking for warm fuzzies, don't expect that here necessarily. Give that to yourself by allowing yourself to make mistakes and allowing QA to make mistakes we are all human. But what you should not allow are anon posters here to give you meaningful feedback if it seems to you to be hurtful. That adds to your frustration.
Now, take a deep breath. Put it into perspective in the big picture, and keep notes on your account. Then mature as a Transcriptionist and all the while be professional. PS: Get your warm fuzzies from friends, and family. I find my pillow is best to cry into since I work at home. Good luck to you! oldoldMT
All MQ posts belong on MQ board. (NM)
All MQ posts belong on MQ board. (NM)
There are a few posts on the Wyoming board.
Cheyenne was mentioned, too.

All I know about that part of the country are the obvious, that it's gorgeous, sparsely populated, and they don't have a lot of water. I don't think they have a lot of women-folk, either. :o>

Read through all the posts on the New MT board. Top 3
Is company board down? No posts from today. nm
To add to that...MQ posts..shouldn't they be on the COMPANY BOARD??
ANYTHING about that!!
Go through the posts on the New MT board to see what programs are recommended. nm
This was answered on the Company board down a few posts. nm
Pot, meet kettle. Your posts are all over the board. sm
...just because they are responding, and probably not even as vocal as you've been on here. That just reduces any point you were trying to make to shreds, sounding juvenile and defensive instead of engaging in reasonable debate -- but worst of all, acting like you are superior and somehow smarter than all the rest of us when most of us have known all about this big "news flash" of yours for years now. You say you wouldn't hate others for what they believe in, but when someone spoke up saying they like ASR, you insulted her by saying she must not have been a fast typist then. ASR isn't going away, no matter how many people quit MQ citing that as a reason. Many times, it's not even the MTSOs who sell doctors on ASR - there are companies out there courting the doctors, pumping them up with sales talk about how great it is and how much time/money they'll save. THOSE are the ones the rest of us are aiming at, and wisely so. Think about it, do you think the MTSOs like it when clients go to ASR and lower the rate they are paying the MTSO?? If the MTSO also sells the equipment, maybe. Otherwise, doubtful. It's new technology and MTs must adapt for now, as chances are good it will flame and then fizzle out. MANY, many doctors have already tried it years back, hated it, and returned to traditional dictation. As you've been told, this is NOT a new development so it's not that people don't care; they just aren't as urgently impressed by the rants since it's old news. It lurked on the horizon for a long time before it ever actually hit the shelves and a lot of us researched it prior to it actually being utilized.

Yes, there are plenty of issues that are pulling MTs everywhere down. Offshoring is one of them. Has been for years. ASR/VR is one of them. Has been for YEARS. Maybe this is news to you, but again, most of us have known about these things and been proactive about/against them for YEARS by not accepting lower rates and not offshoring or working for companies that do.

I will reiterate, though, that one of the biggest issues dragging MTs through the mud is something that is perfectly fixable - the BEHAVIOR of some MTs. Unprofessional, juvenile behavior is not considered a desirable quality in any employee. Lack of work ethic and false sense of entitlement are two more traits that are not desirable in an employee. Someone who has only been in the business for a few years but thinks they know more than MTs who worked on manual typewriters is yet another undesirable. MTSOs read this board all the time and take note of these things, and when certain names come up on resumes, they go immediately to the circular file, if you know the flavor of THAT Kool-Aid.
Check recent posts on Company Board. nm
As always, political posts should be posted on the Politics board.
right? isn't there a board for personal medical information posts?

You could start by reading other posts re: laptops on this board.
Click on "See Related Messages" in your OP.
Have you noticed all the strange posts coming through on every Board ?
Something is definitely going on.
Board suggestion: Is there any way the time of the posts can be shown? (sm)

Sometimes it is hard (almost impossible) to tell the order of replies of posts, especially with the nesting.  Can the time of the post be shown along with the date?  The different time zones wouldn't have to be taken into consideration; just choose one. 

Have you searched the board for posts on this company recently?
Posts about political topics go on the Politics board

If you are talking about President Obama's stance, action, statements concerning offshoring - it is political.  It goes on the Politics board.

If you are talking about healthcare industries and what Congress, the Senate, the GOP or other leaders are doing or not doing about - it is political.  It goes on the Politics board. 



The things you post on this board clearly
say that you are a lonely man! Get a woman and then get a life!
I am, but by the sounds of things on this board
I'm beginning to wonder if I just got luck.  Been with them for almost a year and absolutely no problems.
From the sounds of things on this board

Even if you are an employee for a company, they can't guarantee work.  The work comes from the dictating arena.  The MTSO doesn't have any control over that!!!  LOL

We had problems with the Main board and some posts were removed. You did not offend

Oh he reads this board alright. I used to post my e-mail in my posts.
I use to post on the offshore board a lot.  He took the liberty of writing me and telling me his opinion several times. I finally just blocked his e-mail. He reads here.
Lots of OSI posts on Company board. Supposedly offer low pay. nm
It's MDI in Maryland. Plenty of posts on a Company board search. nm
Hey, I don't live on this board. We catch negative posts and delete
at any time. In the top, right hand corner of each post, there is a Report Message button you can click on.  We do the best we can.
Its okay to complain here, the board is for lots of things

Heres a hug for you, there are no icons for that so here's a handshake .  I'm having a bad day also, cannot seem to focus, bad dictators, hot, and someone in my life is being a turd, to add to the bunk...and yes it might just be PMS, so I know it won't be like this forever thank God. 

Did you look at the company board? Just scroll down the page for posts from yesterday and today!
Lots of recent posts if you do a Company Board search. Good luck! nm
If you search the posts, I think the Company board, you will find that the monies paid to AAMT

for CMT/RMT cerifications are being used to offer "India" rates to workers in India to test for their CMT/RMT cerifications. I REFUSE TO BELONG TO SAID ORGANIZATION AND I WILL NOT CONTRIBUTE MY HARD-EARNED FUNDS TO HELPING INDIANS GET CREDENTIALED.

Is this the nonsense produced
by the "University" of Phoenix? Too bad your husband can't attend a real school.

Fortunately, I did not have to waste my time in such a place. I have a B.A. from Michigan and an M.A. from USC. I also skipped a grade at the private school I went to in Bloomfield Hills, and still graduated in the top 1% of the class.

My father is a dentist, and I did not need financial aid.

BTW, I'm black. I have confused a lot of racist white people, and it has been interesting to watch them struggle with their limited beliefs.

In any case, some of the comments here are ignorant, and reflect a limited exposure to the world. If this is the intellectual level of some MTs, no wonder this profession is deteriorating. Fortunately, I have other options.
Is it really a gift when you have to compete for it? Nonsense.
You are blabbering only nonsense, take 2 Xanax
and go and have some scary nightmares!
Maybe you took them already, therefore your senseless postings!

nonsense - we can all express our views...we are all adults (sm)
I just felt compelled to share this information because I just learned it.

haha - I was on atkins for 4 years, all I did was eat meat!

It just seemed important to me, like I feel it is another thing I have been 'lied' to by the government. You find the reality of things, and it is not how it is supposed to be.

Please post recipes because I still have to cook meat for my boyfriend...I just ask for forgiveness first...smile!
Nonsense! Drug books are dead (sm)

The net is ///far/// more useful than outdated books or electronic word products, for MTs with any kind of experience, that is. @_@  If you're a student or new, you do need a good drug book.  Drake & Drake is the best; there will be an electronic version next year.

Try the link below for Drugs @ FDA.  That's one of the essential links on my IE toolbar.  (I know; every time you use IE, god kills a kitten, but w/some work platforms, I have to use it.)  You can search generic/brand names using ^*^any 3 consecutive characters^*^ in the name.  Try doing that with Quick Look, which only lets you wildcard the beginning OR the end of the word or individual characters.  Nothing's more up to date than the FDA!

Using AutoHotKey or Active Words plus the newest download of Google Toolbar (google pones!), you can set up a quick little app to automatically highlight the last word you typed and send a search without leaving your document.

MT references were essential in the "old days" [meaning pre-2000?] when one had to really know how to use a search engine to find med equipment or drugs.  Now every equip and drug mfgr has a website.  Most of the new drugs have their own websites.  Google's awesome ability to figure out what one wants from a phonetic spelling has officially killed the MT word reference publishing industry.

Louise Hayes is a nut writing all of that nonsense.
Don't waste your money.
No nonsense. Straight to the point and repetitious.
Lots of money to be made.
That is nonsense! Most hospitals do not support offshoring and the companies
doing it are going against their contracts without the client/hospitals knowing it.

Come on as a small MTSO myself, we are paid way more than 8 cpl, more into the 15-20 cpl range. Share the wealth with those who are doing the work, and you will always be successful!

I am so tired reading about how the MTSO can only charge so little. That is nonsense! You know it and I know it.

Be honest -there are some very hard working MTs with excellent quality and work ethic, and they need to be paid for their expertise!

That's all I have to said. I am very irritated reading post after post about how little profit there is in the MT industry. That is a joke. This is a multi-billion dollar industry.
Use political board for political posts. NM
Bad things? what bad things? people's being petty and small?
Um have you read any of your posts and the other posts? I think everyone DOES believe me..you

And its gonna kill you to post on the Company board rather than the main board?
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Company board. See that board. Thread locked.
This post should be made on the Ask the Dr. board. OP please repost on that board. Thread locked.
Post belongs on Ask the Dr. board. OP, respost on that board. Thread locked.