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Is it really a gift when you have to compete for it? Nonsense.

Posted By: I have to question on 2006-05-26
In Reply to: MQ gave out some really extraordinary gifts! - I thought it was well done!


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Gift of gab is a gift in deed. Not having it has cost me dearly.
I became an MT because of my interest in medical field, fascination with the work and yes, a lack of social skills. I really did think that my work would speak for me.
Is this the nonsense produced
by the "University" of Phoenix? Too bad your husband can't attend a real school.

Fortunately, I did not have to waste my time in such a place. I have a B.A. from Michigan and an M.A. from USC. I also skipped a grade at the private school I went to in Bloomfield Hills, and still graduated in the top 1% of the class.

My father is a dentist, and I did not need financial aid.

BTW, I'm black. I have confused a lot of racist white people, and it has been interesting to watch them struggle with their limited beliefs.

In any case, some of the comments here are ignorant, and reflect a limited exposure to the world. If this is the intellectual level of some MTs, no wonder this profession is deteriorating. Fortunately, I have other options.
You are blabbering only nonsense, take 2 Xanax
and go and have some scary nightmares!
Maybe you took them already, therefore your senseless postings!

nonsense - we can all express our views...we are all adults (sm)
I just felt compelled to share this information because I just learned it.

haha - I was on atkins for 4 years, all I did was eat meat!

It just seemed important to me, like I feel it is another thing I have been 'lied' to by the government. You find the reality of things, and it is not how it is supposed to be.

Please post recipes because I still have to cook meat for my boyfriend...I just ask for forgiveness first...smile!
Nonsense! Drug books are dead (sm)

The net is ///far/// more useful than outdated books or electronic word products, for MTs with any kind of experience, that is. @_@  If you're a student or new, you do need a good drug book.  Drake & Drake is the best; there will be an electronic version next year.

Try the link below for Drugs @ FDA.  That's one of the essential links on my IE toolbar.  (I know; every time you use IE, god kills a kitten, but w/some work platforms, I have to use it.)  You can search generic/brand names using ^*^any 3 consecutive characters^*^ in the name.  Try doing that with Quick Look, which only lets you wildcard the beginning OR the end of the word or individual characters.  Nothing's more up to date than the FDA!

Using AutoHotKey or Active Words plus the newest download of Google Toolbar (google pones!), you can set up a quick little app to automatically highlight the last word you typed and send a search without leaving your document.

MT references were essential in the "old days" [meaning pre-2000?] when one had to really know how to use a search engine to find med equipment or drugs.  Now every equip and drug mfgr has a website.  Most of the new drugs have their own websites.  Google's awesome ability to figure out what one wants from a phonetic spelling has officially killed the MT word reference publishing industry.

Louise Hayes is a nut writing all of that nonsense.
Don't waste your money.
No nonsense. Straight to the point and repetitious.
Lots of money to be made.
Can we have a MQ board so I can see posts about other things insstea of this nonsense

This is not a Medquist board.  It is being monopolized by MQ complaints again.  Cant you go to MQ and complain instead of coming here where no one cares?  

This has been going on and on and on and no one is getting the point.  GET A NEW JOB WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN MQ                                          

That is nonsense! Most hospitals do not support offshoring and the companies
doing it are going against their contracts without the client/hospitals knowing it.

Come on as a small MTSO myself, we are paid way more than 8 cpl, more into the 15-20 cpl range. Share the wealth with those who are doing the work, and you will always be successful!

I am so tired reading about how the MTSO can only charge so little. That is nonsense! You know it and I know it.

Be honest -there are some very hard working MTs with excellent quality and work ethic, and they need to be paid for their expertise!

That's all I have to said. I am very irritated reading post after post about how little profit there is in the MT industry. That is a joke. This is a multi-billion dollar industry.
To compete with who? (sm)

They quit teaching MT in my area at least 5 years ago because there are no jobs in the area.  Hospitals are on EMR and there is no available work in the area.  The schools here were probably sued because people couldn't find decent paying jobs, LMAO!

Who says you have to compete
Obviously the AAMT is more interested in the offshore projects anyway.  Doing something like a BOS with some common sense has nothing to do with them.  Frankly I think a book with tips, tricks, samples etc would be much better than what is currently being offered.  Of course AAMT can't be competed against.  I don't think the idea here is to go after the companies or take over what the AAMT has done.  The idea to have a real organization for MTs here in the United States.  A place where MT opinons really count and the power that be won't sell out to the highest bidder.
I believe all "honest" ICs will willingly sign one since I have been burned before by an MT who went behind my back and stole my account from me!! I was terribly burned and as a small MTSO, I believe in them very strongly. If you want to keep your accounts as an MTSO, have your MTs sign a non-compete. If your an IC, think about it from a MTSO point of view, would you want someone to go behind you and take your business away?! JMHO.
Non-compete clause
This goes on all the time but I must say that it IS stealing! Shame, shame on you!
non-compete agreement
GA girl, where are you? Do you have experience with a n.c. agreement in GA?
non-compete agreement
I read the posts below about the n.c. agreement and wonder if you have any knowledge of them. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
no compete contract...sm

I think I know who you're talking about...almost positive! Gosh, I wish we could post her name here so others in our area would not become one of her many VICTIMS!

Please email me if you'd like...I'd be more than happy to help y'all in any way I can...bestest of best luck to you...I hope you kick her crooked a$$ in court!

Non-compete agreements

Who has had to sign one with their company? Are they enforced? How long was your non-compete arrangement for? Thanks!

Non-Compete Clause
Length of time?  Depends on the verbiage and the company you work for - some want you to wait 6 months, others a year before you approach their accounts.  They are designed to pretty such save MT companies from people stealing their accounts, wreaking havoc.  If you don't plan on stealing work, don't worry about signing it.  Think about it - you might not like the hospital, quit the job, change companies - so would you really WANT TO STEAL THAT WORK??  I didn't think so!  LOL!  There isn't much an individual MT can do to "steal" an entire account anyway.  If a hospital or doc changes, it's because they don't like the company you are working for.  After being in this field for 15 years, I have never seen anyone prosecuted for theft or anything involving the no-compete agreement.  Basically, this is nothing to worry about...unless you have a hidden agenda.
owners trying to compete
The companies are trying to keep their profits high, be competitive with India and the doctors want to pay next to nothing. It's a tough business right now. I would look to other options or really push for more money. I wouldn't work for less than 9 cents. On the other hand, there are MTs out there who think they are very good, but they are honestly terrible. I think if you push for a quality company and sell yourself and you truly are worth the money, you will get it.
It is a reality in this business. It is the only way for them to compete, but it
can we get an update on the no compete contract

This is interesting (non-compete clauses)
My contract has a standard non-compete clause. Basically, that any subcontracted Transcriptionist will not contact or contract with any clients of my service. I finally had a transcriptionist ask for this complete list of clients. Makes sense, because how will they know who to avoid if they, well, don't know? But I would much prefer they didn't know to begin with. I don't want to tip my hand by giving someone a list of my entire clientele base. Does this seem fair? I feel I should reword my contract to avoid this in the future, but I am not sure how to do so.
we have to compete for our prize for MT week
We have to find stuff in our work like a certain med, or the oldest person,and the first person who finds it gets the prize.  There were only 10 prizes to give out and there are lots of employees.  I didn't even participate because, frankly, they can kiss my patootie.  They should be giving EVERYone something, like, maybe a RAISE, instead of implementing a bogus game where a fraction of the employees win.  Do they think we are second-graders? 
we have to compete for our prize for MT week
We have to find stuff in our work like a certain med, or the oldest person,and the first person who finds it gets the prize.  There were only 10 prizes to give out and there are lots of employees.  I didn't even participate because, frankly, they can kiss my patootie.  They should be giving EVERYone something, like, maybe a RAISE, instead of implementing a bogus game where a fraction of the employees win.  Do they think we are second-graders? 
If you haven't signed non-compete forms...
with a company you are employed by now, and you leave the company, is it acceptable (legal) to contact a client of theirs and offer your IC services if you really want that account as your own?  Any suggestions from anyone having ever done this before would be much appreciated.
No way, I am having no problems with productivity, only that my pay has been reduced to compete
with the global market, that is a fact.

Now please with all respect please do not offer your opinions on my situation, I am sensing a little attitude here and I am not interested in your opinions on that. Thanks.
Both? I thought Spheris had a "no compete" rule.

At least that is what I was told.  Or maybe this is just a new thing?

I fail to understand what the "competition" would be.

Walmart is good. The regular supermarkets are going to be forced to compete.
It all works for the good of the consumer.
I really don't know but the best gift I could get is what I have now and that is 2 of the most te
companies anyone could have to work for! Both companies are simply wonderful. It is very hard to find ONE company that is the best but to find TWO is too unreal and to me that is the best gift one could ask for. I feel so blessed when I read these boards and see all of the folks who are unhappy. Both companies I have are thoughtful and really care about their people. You really cannot ask for more than that. ;)
No x-mas gift

This will be my second Christmas with this company.  I did not receive anything last year so I don't expect to this year either.  Still, a good company to work for.

I just sent a gift of food from Popcorn Factory. Will arrive the 19th. I appreciate who I work for. very much.
Gift for Mom
Go to Hometown Favorites.com - neat stuff!
MT gift
I received a very nice tote bag with the Transolutions' logo with a very nice card.  The bag has lots of pockets--love it!  Happy MT Week! 
Did u get a gift?
I didn't. I guess technically we're not entitled to getting anything but it still would have been nice to get a card or something to show more appreciation for what we do. Just my thoughts. I think it depends on the size of the company.
I scrapbook so of course I think in terms of pictures, momentos. How about a small scrabpook (4x6) filled with pics on great romantic paper. OH even has a scrapbook section. Check it out. Even if she doesn't scrap, you can buy kits that include everything you need and then put it together adding a few personal touches like journaling.
When my husband returned from overseas I brought him a coffee cup filled with chocolate candies. The cup had an American flag on it. And a nice card. He really isn't going to be interested in the gift, so a token gift would be plenty. Enjoy your reunion!
I give my doctors cookie trays.  Somebody else suggested poinsettas.
Each day is a gift

and I do not say that lightly because my last week or so has sucked big-time donkey eggs. I said to my hubby this morning "Okay, honey, I'm leaving for the office now." He looked at me and cracked up because I was standing in the hallway in what he calls my "fart sack" a giant, several-sizes-too-big flannel nightgown. My kids are both home sick with mono and getting them through final exams and everything is going to be a challenge. The flip side of that is how lucky I am to work from home so that I can oversee their recovery and still earn a paycheck. I've resolved to try to find the silver lining in every cloud today.

By the way, those of you who saw my most on the gab board about DH's cellulitis, it seems to have miraculously started clear. I'm not getting cocky yet because he still has a pocket of infection near the top of his scar but he might be okay!

When my neighbors watch my cat while we're on vacation, I usually also get something from the place I visited.
What is an appropriate gift ( reasonable ) to give a doctor's office that has a ton of employees ( I am an IC)? I feel I should give them something since I do appreciate the work, but do not want to spend a ton of $$. Thanks
thank you gift

We recently had a family reunion on my husband's side, hosted on 2 different days by 2 different cousins.  We want to send them both a nice gift for their gracious hosting.  Both families are in their 40s/50s, husband and wife.  Thanks for any ideas.

I have sent a basket that has different cheeses, sausages and the mix.. You can get those pretty reasonable. I think the name of the place is Figi's?
How about a gift certificate for a
for a decadent say of self-indulgence. I wouldn't mind a massage right now and would LOVE it if someone bought me one. LOl
If they have hobbies, how about gift
their favorite stores? Also, sometime you might write them a letter telling them how you feel about them (if you are close and care about them a lot). Nothing like a genuine, heartfelt gift to make a girl cry....seriously. I still have a letter from my little brother from when he was in about 5th grade (he's 35 now with kids of his own) and it is just precious. Don't force it, though, only if you really mean it. Maybe even include pictures from when you were all kids.
Wedding gift
If you already have two households of "stuff" you obviously don't "need" the money either, especially since you are going to have a yard sale. Two terms come to my mind - trailer trash and greed - if the shoe fits - put one of them on and leave me off your guest list. Personally, I would make a donation to the children's home, as I no longer send flowers to a funeral when a charity is listed. I send money to the charity and the family receives a card saying that a donation has been made in the memory of the deceased person. Since you don't seem to mind asking your guests for money - may I ask your age and the age of your fiance? Just trying to put this in perspective
I got the BEST Mother's Day gift!

Back in December I had a car accident.  I was POURING rain and the woman in front of me slammed on her brakes rather suddenly.  I hit my brakes, but I guess because of all the water on the road I didn't stop, I slid and hit her. 

Her car had very little damage, if any.  My car (Dodge Stratus) had about $1000.00 worth of damage to the front end.  The airbags did not deploy though because it was a very low impact accident.

Well, I had removed collision insurance from my auto policy because at the time I couldn't afford it.  My son had been having some medical problems and I was trying to cut corners any way I could.

My car has been sitting at a body shop since December waiting to be repaired.  The estimate was $900.00 to replace the hood, headlights, and pull the engine forward as the accident had pushed it back some and clamed the radiator hose shut and the fans weren't turning either.  The estimate did not include painting.

I have not been able to afford getting my car repaired yet.  I have been driving an old piece of junk that my parents have sitting at their house as a "back up" vehicle for emergencies.  It burns oil like the dickens, smokes like crazy, no air conditioning (in NC that is critical), and drinks gas like its going out of style.

Yesterday my son and I went to my parents house for lunch.  I pulled in the driveway, AND THERE SAT MY CAR!!!!!!  I swear to you, I cried.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  They had had it repaired and painted.  Well, they painted the new hood and the front fenders.  The fenders didn't have any damage, but they did it in order to blend the paint.  It looks increadibly good.  I can't even tell any difference between the new paint and the "old paint".

They also took it to Stanley Steemer and had the interior steam cleaned.  When they did that, they also cleaned the motor, so it looks brand new.  The only thing left is getting a new front bumper.  It has a couple of cracks in it up where the hood and the bumper meet.  But the body shop could not find a used bumper for it and to replace it with a new one would cost $900.00 by itself.  So, we will be looking out for a used bumper and when we find one we will have the bumper replaced and have the entire car painted.  I can wait for that though.  I am just so thrilled to have my car back!!!  No more piece of junk for me!


MT Week Gift
On Saturday I received a very nice tri-fold tool kit (in pink no less) in a box with the company logo on it.  It is full of useful small tools and came with a note of appreciation.  I thought that was a rather considerate gesture of recognition. 
what a nice gift on MT day !!!!

Today I landed a hospital pathology transcription position; per diem, $22.50 an hour with possibilities of f/t down the road!  They hired me on the spot - yippee!  Happy MT Day, everyone ! 


Gift website
Here's a neat website with a Wizard for gift ideas for just about any occasion.

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

DH anniversary gift

One year my sister had some very beautiful "beaudoir" photos taken that she gave her husband for an anniversary gift and he was nuts about them.  They were all taken by a very reputable photographer, all the shots were tasteful and nothing X-rated was exposed or showing.  One showed her very covered up with a red feather boa, you could see her bare shoulders and her bare legs, but not much else; another showed her kneeling in an unmade bed covered in all the important places by a sheet.  She had 4 taken in different poses and different settings.  They were some of the best photos I've ever seen of her.  They hung them in their bedroom so that they were kept private, but they were beautiful enough and tasteful enough that she showed them to family and close friends.  From what her photographer said, quite a few women have this type of photo taken for their significant others.  Just another idea to ponder.  :)

Need gift ideas.....

I need some help figuring out a neat gift idea for our veterinary staff.  You guys always have some GREAT ideas !!!

We have had some significant problems with both our "mom" and the 8 puppies we have left, having lost 3.  The staff at our vet hospital has just been absolutely wonderful.  This is a new vet hospital for us.  Our old vet and staff were... well... let's just say less than caring or concerned about our animals. 

We'd like a way to say thanks in a different and unique way, other than the traditional fruit/snack basket, and this is just not my strong suit.  We feel that plenty of people will complain about bad service, but sometimes we forget to reward the great service or the extra effort, and this vet hospital has done that and more. 

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.  TIA....