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Can you get cancer from chronic mouth

Posted By: ulcers? on 2007-09-01
In Reply to:

I have a wisdom tooth that is coming in. I do NOT do well w/ dentists/anesthesia, etc...well a few months back i had an appointment to have this removed.  long story short even though the dentist knew I was freaked out about the local anesthesia he took so long to do the extraction my mouth was no longer numb when the hygenist tested my gum area.  I freaked out, left crying and vowed to never go back to him.  Well now that the tooth is slowly coming in more and more i have an ulcer that seems to be getting bigger from where i am more or less chewing the inside of my mouth. 

It doesn't really hurt or bother me that much, i would much rather deal with the ulcer than have another panic attack/heart racing event from the local at the dentist's office.  My concern is this:  Can you develop cancer from a chronic mouth ulcer? My aunt died of oral (tongue) cancer last year so i'm paranoid about it.


Any info you can give is welcom.  Thanks!

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If an attorney knew his client had cancer, would he keep his mouth shut? SM......
You are a professional. Regardless of the patient's name, you are to keep everything confidential.  The only reason I would say for you to give it to someone else is if you can't keep your mouth shut, but having already heard the name, the damage is already done.  Don't make a big deal out of it.  The first thing you should have learned in MT training was EVERYTHING IS CONFIDENTIAL, PERIOD, so what's the big deal?
chronic illness
God bless you.  I have systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and I still work full time, I have a friend diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and she still works full time..Hang in there, honey..You can live with a chronic illness..I have lived with my SLE for 36 years and my friend with multiple sclerosis for 10 years..
Chronic Yawner!

Anyone ever have to put up with a chronic yawner who dictates during/through a yawn? How could anyone be THAT tired? Life must be tough when you make more than +$250,000 a year--poor thing--wish I could get that exhausted!

Chronic chapped lips
This seems so goofy --- go to the dermatologist for chapped lips?  I have had this problem consistently for the past couple of months.  I haven't been sunburned.  My lips are swollen (love the swelling - looks like collagen!  LOL!)  and chapped, can't get enough chapstick (no MQ jokes - LOL).  I read this could be a malignant of premalignant condition and I should see a dermatologist!  Wow!  Anyone have any insight into this problem?  Thanks in advance! 
I have a chronic pain condition as well
It is giving me a break right now so I won't talk too much about it so I don't wake it up.:) This is my first relief in 10 years from severe RA which seems to have been in every joint at one time or another. So, totally understand your emotions on needing to feel like a useful member of society and take care of your responsibilities. Before RA, I worked for 17 years. I did try the disability route and was denied 5 years ago 5 times! Never tried again. I didn't want to then but to help the husband with the bills, I thought it was best and it would have been good for the marriage as well.

The hips keep me from sitting long periods, but you have MT companies who will work with you. One I work for now wants at least 800/lines per day but prefers 1000+. However, mentioned it was okay to break frequently as long as when the MT is on that the MT is very productive. So you might have a longer work day than the other MTs. However, there is hope. I would say even with your nursing background and good grasp of medical terminology and anatomy/physiology, you should still find a program in transcription or a good mentor or both. My heart goes out to you. I thought of nursing and my condition is the only reason I didn't go for it, but it is in demand, that and technology jobs are in demand also. I try to stick with the jobs that are in high demand.

I am going to try to leave a web site for you to take a look around that will give you an idea of what companies expect an MT to know:


You will have to cut and paste the address in the address box, but there is a lot of information there. Other posters may have more information for you. Best wishes.
I have one PA with a chronic allergy or sinus problem....
which is, of course, not his fault, but makes him very hard to understand.  He has a very deep voice and likes to raise and lower the volume at random.  And at least every other sentence, he says "Excuse me," like he made a mistake, but then just repeats what he said and keeps on going.  He also likes to say, "Delete." a lot.  I think he is even the one who dropped a "F" bomb on me one day. 
Same thing here. I have chronic tinnitus and hear crickets
when it gets really really acute with sinusitis to go with it. People think I am crazy when I tell them I hear crickets but that's what it sounds like.
It already has. I have to work from home because of disability due to chronic disease.
My physicians and visiting nurses are extraordinarily caring individuals who fortunate have (more so than I had previously thought, apparently).

Also, I can understand venting about a situation you feel you have no control over. I assume you desired sympathy or empathy or just someone to say, "I know where you are coming from," but to post incoherently and then lash out at those that reply is only going to add to your frustrations and negative feelings.

I am sorry you feel as though your health care providers don't care if you did, but I am sure that is not the reality of the situation. If you had taken the time to provide context to your rant, then you might have received the type of replies you were looking for, whatever that may have been.

Best of luck to you.
Bells palsy and chronic headaches? Does anyone have any good info or help out there? sm

Unfortunately, I have had Bells palsy for the past 8 years. I got it while pregnant and had a pretty severe case. I was extremely sick with that pregnancy and then ended up with the Bells palsy. In fact, my baby quit growing after I got the Bells palsy! Thank God I was about 32 weeks when I got it. Anyway, over time the symptoms have not been as bad. For the most part to look at me you couldnt tell I had the Bells--until I smiled at you. Then, of course, you would know it. I have regained some use of muscles, but not all. I have been able to get my eye to close, but it is not tight, so I still battle with dry eye every night/morning. My forehead has been completely "dead" since this happened. Even electric stim could not move the muscle! Whenever I get a headache it always seems to settle on the dead part of my forehead. My headaches have been increasing lately, and currently I have had a headache for five days! I have tried Advil, Tylenol and Excedrin Migraine with no relief. My neurologist cant see me until January since I havent been to him for years. I can not afford an MRI right now and have no desire to start taking any type of pain med. Does anyone have any experience with Bells or have any ideas. I was wondering if a TENS unit might help. I have been reading about that on the internet. Sorry this is so long. Thank you for any help. As you can imagine, I am having a very hard time working all day at my computer with this!

I heard crickets til I realized it was winter. Was really the start of chronic
agree - many MT's have chronic back/neck/shoulder problems also
After divorce, child chronic illness, involuntary job change, parents illnesses and death, was force
I frequently regret it, the changes it has made to my life, but when life hands you horror, at least there is this "final solution" to your financial situation. I must admit, I sleep better, and I can finally hold my head up, and I no longer feel hopeless. Find the attorney you can work with,get your free consultation and DO WHAT HE TELLS YOU TO DO. If you have doubts, see a 2nd and a 3rd attorney, till you're comfortable with the person you choose.

My husband might be diagnosed with oral cancer.   He has had a lump in his cheek for awhile and wasn't really concerned about it until he went to the doctor for a check-up.  The doc is sending him to have it looked at more thoroughly.  Any words of encouragement or anyone that has gone through this.  Thanks 


Please let me know if you need any moral support and feel free to write me. Read my post on MTStars.



They have a great cancer drug list. I really like oncology except when my doc does a weeks worth of dictations all in one day.
why so much cancer?
Did you know about the atomic bomb testing/nuclear bomb testing done around the world?  Well worth researching.  I was shocked to find out that it was more than originally led on, well over 700 bombs and I cann't remember if it is just our country or if the numbers were world wide.  Then we have companies that polute our water, our land fills, our air... We have paved roads that are giving off gases constantly into the air, not including the vehicles that give off gases continuously, encircling the earth.  Do you know about the carcinogens in the plastics that hold bottled water?  Chemicals added to food is going to build up in the tissues...  Deodorant is not safe, either, and we don't stop there with hygiene chemicals...
Chicken pox in the mouth
I'd be calling my doc asap with it being in her mouth. The home remedy I had to use was Maalox/Benadryl and doc added diluted Xylocaine to numb it. My dd had it on her uvula also. Made a concotion of yogurt with the above also and added Lysine to it to. That is after the doc had a look at her. Good luck but don't mess around.
We go to them. Word of mouth is a big one.
There are farmers markets and roadside stands.  Some of the ranchers advertise in the weekly advertisement papers, and others advertise in the daily newspaper.  We also have religious sect colonies near our town, who either set up stands or go door to door.  You can always drive to the colony as well to buy produce or meat.  Ask the small butcher's shops or meat processing businesses where to get organic local meats.
You don't need to use the mouth for F10 and insert (see msg)
Not sure what you mean.  If you use the F10 and insert the word, use the Alt, (I think it's T or X) whatever has the little underline in it, then esc.  Mouse doesn't have to be used at all.  Try it.
Put your money where you mouth is
I suggest that you go out and get accounts and have the MT's work for you and you don't pocket a dime when they give you "perfect work" and yet you have to still proof it, deliver it, answer all questions, invoice out and make sure the account is happy.   I doubt that you would do all of that for free -- .  I make 2 to 2.5 cents per line from my sub's.  I am sure some of the VERY large companies are making 6-8 cpl but that covers the QA person, the software that they provide, the benefits, if they provide you with a computer, management, etc.  But for us small to medium -- dare you try it and see how rich you get -- that is why I still type 2000 to 2500 lines per day and am ready to give up my subs as it is not worth the 20% I get off of their accounts. 
snart mouth, eh?....does not ........NM

no, but my mouth is watering! nm

First of all, I only mentioned the fact that the child has 4 parents to make a point...they have twice the resources we have to give their child things like a car for her birthday...that's the only reason I brought that up. I do not hold the fact that her natural parents are divorced against her...I love this girl! I'm just worried about her being, first of all, turned loose in a car mere hours after getting her license, and the fact that now my daughter is wanting to run around in the car with her!

I know it's none of my business, that's why I have NOT stated any opinions to ANYONE...except my husband, about the situation. So, you completely took my post out of context. Perhaps you have some unresolved issues with your parent's divorce?

the mouth noises!!!
I hate it when they are sitting there thinking about what they want to say and are moving their tongue around in their mouth so it sounds like they are sucking or smacking!
it means nothing by mouth sm
but they probably wanted the exact meaning which is nothing per os.
It is not that I am 'frothing' at my mouth
because she implied that I am Indian, I am angry because she thought that she is some kind of detective and was criticizing my GRAMMAR!

Do you understand NOW ?

cancer sites
I usually use the NIH-National Cancer Institute site. It has listing of clinical trials, types of drugs, different types of cancer treatments. I also depend heavily on the Oncology Word Book by Stedman.
Okay, my experience with cancer

Rather I should say my husband's.  He was diagnosed 6 years ago with stage III colorectal cancer.  Very advanced out of the bowel wall.  They did not think they could cure it, but did say maybe remission.  I was floored and in tears always.  My hubby was a young man, 50.  He had been misdiagnosed by several other doctors and it had reached a very large size by the time it was found.  It was found by a doctor I did transcription for.  This was God's intervention, because I feel this wonderful doctor was  put in our lives to save my husband.  He came and asked me several times to do his transcription and I was so busy I turned him down, but he was such a nice man, I finally said okay.  Well I was talking to him and I mentioned my husband's problem and he said to bring him into the office.  This doctor found the cancer on my husband's first visit.  We had a wonderful surgeon and a wonderful oncologist.  (By the way, all except the surgeon were ESLs so I love doing ESLs now, have a soft touch for them.) 

My husband had a very large cancer.  They were very concerned.  We sought alternative therapies, in addition to traditional therapies of chemo and radiation.  He had a 6-hour surgery, blood transfusions twice, blood clots, DVT, abscesses, etc.  It was touch and go, I felt.  Like being  on a rollercoaster.  We prayed and prayed.  We spent lots of money on alternative therapies that we researched on the internet.  Also he had conventional therapy, except had to stop the chemo because of low blood counts. 

Well my hubby is still alive today, no sign of the cancer.  In the doctor's consultation letter he uses the word "amazing" about not finding ANY sign of cancer during the surgery.  Everything was just dead tissue, they could find no viable cancer, just friable tissue.  I really believe that with the help of prayer, the angels, God, alternative and natural therapies, plus excellent regular medical treatment, a  positive attitude and creative visualization (which my husband also used) that it saved his life.  We moved 3000 miles after that cancer to where we always wanted to live in the mountains on a farm, both our dreams. I feel like I am living in heaven.  I don't get too worried about what is going on at transcription companies, just do my work, because are so much more important things to concentrate on. 

Very little gets either of us down anymore because we learned the hard way what is truly important in life.  My three children have their dad still and I still have my husband.

Good luck and I am praying for you.  Remember, cancer IS curable.



Cancer - moody as all get-out and
sometimes very touched and concerned about my transcription patients. Even though I know they are totally in another part of the US.
Leo. On the cusp with Cancer.
Very appropriate!
Cancer ..... Leo cusp nm
Just had a doc say a guy with gastric cancer was...
admitted to the OB/GYN service.  (I didn't miss something in my training, did I?)
does anyone know if bone cancer is always..sm
metastatic or can cancer originate in the bone? 
Breast cancer
Does any one on this board know where I might find a sample report with regards to breast cancer?  Any tips greatly appreciated.  I want to be sure to get all of the stages ect. right on and though I have MT experience this is my first shot in the area of breast cancer clinics.
Breast Cancer
Thank you for your kind thoughts.  I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma.  I had a sterotactic biopsy last Wed.  I had one 4 years ago that was clean and assumed this one was too.  Yikes!! That didn't happen.  I was given an option of mastectomy or lumpectomy and radiation.  That's the good news, as the tumor is less than 5 cm.  I'm really scared.  I recently moved to Virginia (about 60 miles south of Roanoke) so I haven't made any friends and no close family nearby.  Luckily, I'm close enough to the local hospital and work at home to be able to go for the daily radiation treatments for 6 weeks.  Surgery is scheduled for next Friday and then the wait to find out if the cancer has spread, what type, the extent of the treatment, etc.  I really do appreciate everyone's kindness and prayers.  I will also buy a copy of the book tomorrow.  Also have a really good to reason to march with all the "pink" ladies now :-)  Bless you all for your kindness
Breast Cancer
Thank you so much for your words. Of course, I was so unprepared, and my world is not what it was 4 days ago. My only son is graduating from college on the west coast in mid June (I'm on the east coast) and it will be cutting it close to get my tired butt on a flight, but I'm determined to make it :-)
cancer terms


that one surely has both feet in their mouth right now.
When someone points a finger its usually to make themself feel more powerful, sad and unhappy person.  Honey, all came here the same way, we came from dirt and are going back to dirt.  You keep being strong, raise those babies the best you can and be proud you don't have the mentality of the person making such a crud statement. 
so its okay for you to be unappreciated, to just keep mouth shut
I also do my work and then some, but why not a little respect back that I give?  I can't believe it doesnt bother you.  Look at your tone on this board, you seem like the kind of person who would be bothered by it. 
A mouth guard helped me
Good luck.
meant mouth SHUT
What is with these dictators with the microphone in their mouth?!
Cripe - I've been on this american doctor all morning and he is the pits.  Sounds like he has the microphone buried inside of his mouth.  All kinds of breath noises and other undesirable sounds.  Things are so distorted and my line count is in the toilet.  Don't they know its garbage in-garbage out?  Plus he talks 200 mph.   ARGH
loud-mouth neighbor
ooooooooooo, I would love 1 minute alone with your neighbor!!!!
oops - SMART MOUTH..............NM
took the words right outta my mouth
did not put words in your mouth just noted
that I didn't think the problem was that I didn't know what I was doing. Unfortunately, Dragon doesn't limit their claims to only disabled MT's. So I thought it important to post that it doesn't do what Dragon likes to say it can do.
ok, I'll keep my mouth shut!! ;) Thanks! nm
Straight from the horse's mouth . . .

Snagged this straight from the Escription site.  Hope it helps.

We have had success configuring both the Belkin USB/Serial Adaptor and the Dynex USB PDA/Serial Adaptor to work properly with a serial Foot Pedal and EditScript MT. Other adaptors may also work using this setup, however we cannot guarantee that they will.

  1. To set up the Belkin USB/Serial Adaptor:
  2. Install the USB/Serial adaptor per the instructions included with the device.
  3. After installation, open the Windows Device Manager:

    1. Right-Click on My Computer, choose Properties.
    2. From the Hardware tab, cick Device Manager.
    3. In the Device Manager window, click the + sign next to Ports (COM & LPT). You should see the USB/Serial Adaptor listed there with a COM port next to it.
    4. Right click on the Adaptor and choose Properties.
    5. From the Port Settings tab, click Advanced.
    6. From the COM Port Number drop-down, set the device to COM6. (Any COM device higher than COM4 should also work; be sure to remember what you set this to.)
    7. Click OK to close the Advanced window, then OK to close the Properties window.

  4. Close the Device Manager
  5. Now open EditScript and log in.
  6. Once you have logged in, click on the Options button in the EditScript toolbar:
  7. From the Foot Pedal tab, change the CommPort setting to COM6 (or whichever port it was set to above).
  8. Click OK to close the Options dialog.

Your Foot Pedal should now work properly through the Serial/USB adaptor.

All accounts I have are through word of mouth.
I started calling whenever an ad appeared in the newspaper for an MT. From there all accounts have been through referral. Work quality is the best reference you have.
Put your money where your mouth is and cancel
your service and switch to someone different.