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Okay, my experience with cancer

Posted By: me on 2005-12-13
In Reply to: I've found the answer and how to declutter. - decluttering queen

Rather I should say my husband's.  He was diagnosed 6 years ago with stage III colorectal cancer.  Very advanced out of the bowel wall.  They did not think they could cure it, but did say maybe remission.  I was floored and in tears always.  My hubby was a young man, 50.  He had been misdiagnosed by several other doctors and it had reached a very large size by the time it was found.  It was found by a doctor I did transcription for.  This was God's intervention, because I feel this wonderful doctor was  put in our lives to save my husband.  He came and asked me several times to do his transcription and I was so busy I turned him down, but he was such a nice man, I finally said okay.  Well I was talking to him and I mentioned my husband's problem and he said to bring him into the office.  This doctor found the cancer on my husband's first visit.  We had a wonderful surgeon and a wonderful oncologist.  (By the way, all except the surgeon were ESLs so I love doing ESLs now, have a soft touch for them.) 

My husband had a very large cancer.  They were very concerned.  We sought alternative therapies, in addition to traditional therapies of chemo and radiation.  He had a 6-hour surgery, blood transfusions twice, blood clots, DVT, abscesses, etc.  It was touch and go, I felt.  Like being  on a rollercoaster.  We prayed and prayed.  We spent lots of money on alternative therapies that we researched on the internet.  Also he had conventional therapy, except had to stop the chemo because of low blood counts. 

Well my hubby is still alive today, no sign of the cancer.  In the doctor's consultation letter he uses the word "amazing" about not finding ANY sign of cancer during the surgery.  Everything was just dead tissue, they could find no viable cancer, just friable tissue.  I really believe that with the help of prayer, the angels, God, alternative and natural therapies, plus excellent regular medical treatment, a  positive attitude and creative visualization (which my husband also used) that it saved his life.  We moved 3000 miles after that cancer to where we always wanted to live in the mountains on a farm, both our dreams. I feel like I am living in heaven.  I don't get too worried about what is going on at transcription companies, just do my work, because are so much more important things to concentrate on. 

Very little gets either of us down anymore because we learned the hard way what is truly important in life.  My three children have their dad still and I still have my husband.

Good luck and I am praying for you.  Remember, cancer IS curable.



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Experience on top, current experience first. Education second. Leave out ALL fluff.
Recruiters don't need your life story. They need to know if you can do the job. If you want, put your current employer, then state "I have 20 years in the profession doing....." Keep it simple; keep it clean. If you want to go into more detail, do it during the interview. A HUGE red flag is to see that you've worked for 10 different companies, for months at a time. I know that someone who has worked for the same company for 2 years or more is going to have some degree of loyalty and will work through issues rather than cut and run.

My husband might be diagnosed with oral cancer.   He has had a lump in his cheek for awhile and wasn't really concerned about it until he went to the doctor for a check-up.  The doc is sending him to have it looked at more thoroughly.  Any words of encouragement or anyone that has gone through this.  Thanks 


Please let me know if you need any moral support and feel free to write me. Read my post on MTStars.



They have a great cancer drug list. I really like oncology except when my doc does a weeks worth of dictations all in one day.
why so much cancer?
Did you know about the atomic bomb testing/nuclear bomb testing done around the world?  Well worth researching.  I was shocked to find out that it was more than originally led on, well over 700 bombs and I cann't remember if it is just our country or if the numbers were world wide.  Then we have companies that polute our water, our land fills, our air... We have paved roads that are giving off gases constantly into the air, not including the vehicles that give off gases continuously, encircling the earth.  Do you know about the carcinogens in the plastics that hold bottled water?  Chemicals added to food is going to build up in the tissues...  Deodorant is not safe, either, and we don't stop there with hygiene chemicals...
cancer sites
I usually use the NIH-National Cancer Institute site. It has listing of clinical trials, types of drugs, different types of cancer treatments. I also depend heavily on the Oncology Word Book by Stedman.
Cancer - moody as all get-out and
sometimes very touched and concerned about my transcription patients. Even though I know they are totally in another part of the US.
Leo. On the cusp with Cancer.
Very appropriate!
Cancer ..... Leo cusp nm
Just had a doc say a guy with gastric cancer was...
admitted to the OB/GYN service.  (I didn't miss something in my training, did I?)
does anyone know if bone cancer is always..sm
metastatic or can cancer originate in the bone? 
Breast cancer
Does any one on this board know where I might find a sample report with regards to breast cancer?  Any tips greatly appreciated.  I want to be sure to get all of the stages ect. right on and though I have MT experience this is my first shot in the area of breast cancer clinics.
Breast Cancer
Thank you for your kind thoughts.  I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma.  I had a sterotactic biopsy last Wed.  I had one 4 years ago that was clean and assumed this one was too.  Yikes!! That didn't happen.  I was given an option of mastectomy or lumpectomy and radiation.  That's the good news, as the tumor is less than 5 cm.  I'm really scared.  I recently moved to Virginia (about 60 miles south of Roanoke) so I haven't made any friends and no close family nearby.  Luckily, I'm close enough to the local hospital and work at home to be able to go for the daily radiation treatments for 6 weeks.  Surgery is scheduled for next Friday and then the wait to find out if the cancer has spread, what type, the extent of the treatment, etc.  I really do appreciate everyone's kindness and prayers.  I will also buy a copy of the book tomorrow.  Also have a really good to reason to march with all the "pink" ladies now :-)  Bless you all for your kindness
Breast Cancer
Thank you so much for your words. Of course, I was so unprepared, and my world is not what it was 4 days ago. My only son is graduating from college on the west coast in mid June (I'm on the east coast) and it will be cutting it close to get my tired butt on a flight, but I'm determined to make it :-)
cancer terms


It won't take cancer to quit smoking. Try
ASTHMA, a common problem for smokers. When you can't breathe when there is a strange odor around such as perfume, you won't get near a cigarette because if you do, you won't be able to breathe. You will cough, and choke and gasp for air and feel air hunger when you sit down. It is not a fun way to live, and I absolutely LOVED my cigarettes, a real hard core addict to nicotine.
Yes, Libra, with Cancer rising.

she was in Mexico for treatment for cancer, BUT...
From what I heard on GMA a few days ago, the clinic she was in was deplorable. There was even an article about it on the Watchdog website, AND the man running the clinic was NOT a doctor. So, what does that say about the person or persons who took this woman there for treatment?
for lung cancer in 1980.......nm
A breast cancer warning sm
Let me tell you a true story. I am hesitant to tell it because I want every woman to have a mammogram and to be tested as often as possible. In 2000 a surgeon I had trusted for 30 years read my path report of a biopsy he did for a suspicious small lump. The pathology report came back as "atypical ductal carcinoma insitu which some may call atypical hyperplasia." This surgeon literally yelled in my face "You have breast cancer and that breast has to come off." Due to the fact that friends of mine had suffered lymphoma and other complications from mastectomy, I asked him again if mastectomy was the only answer. He was extremely stern with me and said it was, and my only other alternative would be lumpectomy with radiation and he would not guarantee it. Due to other problems of health issues in the family (serious) I wondered about my ability to type or transcribe again. I even asked him to keep it from my husband until I decided what to do and he called my husband in his office (my husband was very ill at the time).  I called my health care provider and asked about a second opinion, they said get as many as I was comfortable with. I was referred to the head of oncology at another facility (IMPORTANT) and he referred me to a breast surgeon. I told her that I had read Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book and I read about surgeons leaving "dirty margins" from the first biopsy and questioned if lumpectomy would be just as good as mastectomy. I told the second surgeon (a breast surgeon) I had heard of  a physician from "Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book"who practiced at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. The new breast surgeon did the second operation which was removal of the rest of the "dirty margins" and my slides were sent to Vanderbilt. Their opinion was that no further treatment would be necessary. The breast surgeon called a tumor board meeting and it was their opinion that they were not sure if I did indeed have "breast cancer." The radiologist who was at that tumor board meeting said she would not radiate me since they were not sure it was cancer, as if I did get cancer back in that breast, she could not radiate me again. By the way, the first surgeon whom I had trusted for 30 years told me to "to go ahead and listen to your neighbor and your hairdresser and you'll be back here with more cancer and it will be too late for you then because we don't know what's in the rest of that breast!" He also was very angry that the other doctors told me I had every right to have a plastic surgeon present at operation to install Expanders should I decide to have a mastectomy and want plastic surgery down the road. He was very upset with that and upset at the fact that I would have had my own plastic surgeon of my choice. He wanted that mastectomy done "last week" were his very words. Well, it's 2006, I have had 6 month mammos on that breast and yearly mammos on both breasts since 2000. I did have a needle aspiration for the tiniest lump in that breast which was benign, then I had a stereotactic biopsy on that breast because I was watched closely for 5 years, that biopsy was insufficient for diagnosis, so I underwent another surgical biopsy in 1/05 which turned out to be "atypia." So, whether I am a fool for not having the mastectomy, I can't really say, but I can say that I did question, read, study, make my own decisions. I did not have a mastectomy in 2000, I still have that same breast (a bit smaller, but who cares?) and I still have negative mammos every 6 mos. except for the two ? findings later on. I refused tamoxifen for my own personal reasons, although it is the treatment of choice. I am very, very reluctant to tell this story for fear of just one woman letting a cancer go undetected. On the other hand, I am telling it here (now for the first time) because I want women to know they have a right to make a decision with regard to their own bodies and ask intelligent questions. You have every right. Just be sure you get many high-level opinions. By the way, I did get put on a lot of prayer lists as well. I do believe God helps those who help themselves. I will never be sorry for the chances I took and the choices I made. I hope that trusted old surgeon is NOT right (my new breast surgeon says he is from the "days of yore"}. The important thing is to get tested, get more than one opinion and please, please, if you believe, pray, and talk, talk, talk, and read, read, read. Learn when to say "yes" and learn when to say "no". I hope I didn't scare anyone, but there is hope and help out there for those who are willing to use their intelligence. For any of you who think I did it for cosmetic reasons -- absolutely not! I would not have even wanted expanders for further plastic surgery. I am a grandmother, not interested in body beautiful.  I was the sole source of income due to an unfortunate circumstance with my husband and we would both have been "down" at the same time. I did it because I had to at least ask what my options were. So far, so good. Please pray that I did the right thing and please know that you too have "options" to consider. Please be sure to go to a "different" facility for a "different" opinion, not the same as the one who diagnosed you. I sure hope this helps someone some day, but please, please if the second opinion says the breast must be removed, then you will absolutely have to listen and you will do fine. My new breast surgeon said if it were ever necessary, she could remove both breasts, freeze and save the nipples and do a reconstruction for her patients if they desired it down the road. There are tons of new options for us out there. But ASK!. My message to you is GET CHECKED, and make those checkups regular, there are clinics that will take you for free. I hope if they do find something, you have as good a result as I did. Please go, and please ask questions and get other opinions. Good luck and God bless. Hope I helped someone today but I really, really do not want anyone to miss anything that could kill them, so be aware that this is only my story, but it's true and it may give someone else with atypical ductal carcinoma in-situ some help, hope and understanding.A mastectomy is not a bad thing, not in today's world, but I want you to know that there are tons of options for you and I hope you take advantage of the best ones for you, God forbid, you every need that kind of help. You may E-mail me but I won't "practice medicine without a license," I just want to share my experience and strength with you and urge you to get tested soon!
I know what you mean, I lost my dad to lung cancer....sm
about 9 months ago and then my 12-day-old grandson passed away the day after my father passed away. It seemed like for the next month or so every day I typed at least two terminal cancer patients and several sick children. It is hard not to get emotionally attached sometimes.
she just learned she has breast cancer
did you think about that?
Can you get cancer from chronic mouth

I have a wisdom tooth that is coming in. I do NOT do well w/ dentists/anesthesia, etc...well a few months back i had an appointment to have this removed.  long story short even though the dentist knew I was freaked out about the local anesthesia he took so long to do the extraction my mouth was no longer numb when the hygenist tested my gum area.  I freaked out, left crying and vowed to never go back to him.  Well now that the tooth is slowly coming in more and more i have an ulcer that seems to be getting bigger from where i am more or less chewing the inside of my mouth. 

It doesn't really hurt or bother me that much, i would much rather deal with the ulcer than have another panic attack/heart racing event from the local at the dentist's office.  My concern is this:  Can you develop cancer from a chronic mouth ulcer? My aunt died of oral (tongue) cancer last year so i'm paranoid about it.


Any info you can give is welcom.  Thanks!

American Cancer Ctr of America
I never mentioned that I had cervical cancer
No, I made it a point not to mention that I had cervical cancer for just that reason. I had strong issues against the whole Gardasil thing long before my daugther's doctor brought it up. When I left the room for the rest of the exam, apparently the doctor was trying to talk my daughter (still a minor) into the injection. Even if she had changed her mind, I still have the final say. She has the same feelings as I do --she hears the bad side effects ect on the news/reads it on-line. I just think it should be illegal, if it isn't already for any doctor to do that. Yes, I am stressed out. I have been working like a dog for two weeks straight without any days off, but I do not like when doctors go behind my back on issues my minor childern cannot decide upon. I have been reading info on Gardasil for months now, most of it not promising. They even haulted production for a time because of side effects and sales have gone down 16% because people are starting to see the negative results. Some doctors are even coming forward and saying that it should not be mandatory. I think it should not even be on the market. Class action lawsuits are forming as I type this.
Believe it or not, nonsmokers get lung cancer too. It's genetic NM
Here's a different perspective on what really caused lung cancer.
Might try MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. NM
Tumor/Cancer Registrar question

Hi All .... I've been an MT for 13 years, but was interested in obtaining info about a cancer/tumor registrar position.

Can anyone tell me what they know about the position.  I've been looking online, and I see I need a coding course, certification, etc.  How can I get more info about getting started?  Where do I start - a coding course only?  Could I obtain an entry level position?  I've been in the medical records field for a long time - is my MT experience a foot in the door ?

What about salary?  Someone told me it pays better than what an MT would make.  Is this true?  

Any info would be a blessing!  Thanks a heap ...



Also sending prayers your way. Both my parents are cancer
survivors and hopefully your best friend will be also.

My mother has been in remission for seven years and my Dad a little over one year.
When my mother had cancer, hospice provided me
The hospital may also be a source of information on where you can get forms.  The POA is an actual legal document.  You could try to 'google' for free forms.  You may want to think about a general POA so you can handle her finances, also, in case she becomes totally incapacitated.  It makes a big difference in handling her affairs - without those papers, it makes it a lot harder to handle her affairs for her, including paying her bills and making decisions.  Don't wait - get it done now just in case things get worse.  Good luck and best wishes. 
It's Laetrile and it was supposedly used for cancer treatment
When my doctor told me I had bladder cancer

he told me it was caused directly by smoking.  He told me I would have to quit immediately.  I continued to sneak and smoke for the next two weeks while undergoing an extensive workup including multiple office visits, x-rays, 3 cystoscopies (1 in the office, 2 in the hospital), blood work, MRIs, CTs, bone scan,.....

I had an in-patient cysto on a Monday, and my oncologic urologist told me I had 4 bladder tumors that needed to be removed, but he wanted me smoke free for two complete weeks due to the extensive nature of the surgery.  I was discharged on a Tuesday morning and puffed my very last cig on the way home.  The next two weeks were spent crying...out of fear of what was going to happen to me as well as desperately wanting a cigarette and knowing I couldn't have one.  Following surgery (removal of entire bladder and lymph nodes, a complete hysterectomy, removal of most of my terminal ileum, and creation of a neobladder) I spent 1-1/2 weeks in the hospital and was too busy praying that I would die (morphine barely touched the excruciating, never-ending pain...) to even think about wanting a cigarette.  Today (18 months later) I am smoke free.  Every once in a while I'll think I'd like to have a cigarette, but then I remember all the terrible pain I had; I remember hearing my husband and daughter crying as they stood at my bedside; I remember the fear that gripped me; I remember hearing my doctor say if I smoke again I have a 70% chance of developing mets to liver, lung, or bone over the next five years.  By not smoking, I've given myself a $120 a month raise ($4 a pack x 30 days).

Right, they can't depress the brake properly if they have cancer! nm
I heard you get lung cancer by eating animals.
Hoax about plastics/cancer and freezing water.........
http://www.hoax-slayer.com/issue49.html#one :)
I typed so many stomach cancer reports that I swore I had it.
I mentioned my stomach pain to the doctor while I was in for a checkup.  It turned out to be a hiatal hernia!  I've learned to trust my instincts.  If it hurts, there's a reason and it's not all in my mind.
Yep, a visit to a cancer ward makes just about any day-to-day problem seem
Has anyone noticed lately that there has been a lot of people diagnosed with breast cancer?
or is it just my imagination?
Maybe you local Cancer Society unit would have suggestions? nm
Reference books/sites for breast cancer (sm)
I just started with a breast cancer surgeon.  I am wondering if anyone can recommend some good reference material for this.  Thanks.
If an attorney knew his client had cancer, would he keep his mouth shut? SM......
You are a professional. Regardless of the patient's name, you are to keep everything confidential.  The only reason I would say for you to give it to someone else is if you can't keep your mouth shut, but having already heard the name, the damage is already done.  Don't make a big deal out of it.  The first thing you should have learned in MT training was EVERYTHING IS CONFIDENTIAL, PERIOD, so what's the big deal?
I made a whole $12K this year, granted when my daughter got cancer in March - sm
my income took a big hit as I went "on leave" from my FT job, and cut back on my PT job drastically. I did not get back to working a more normal schedule until October. I now work 2 PT jobs. So had I not had a 6 month hit in the pocket book I expect I would have made over $20K this year, not a fortune. My goal for 2006 is $24K, and as I am going to try my best to "work smart", I should be able to acheive that, staying disciplined is the key, of which I am sorely lacking. I am lucky that I don't have to live on this though, I'd be starving. As it is I have to play catch up on a lot of bills since I lost 6+ months of income, not fun.
neat web site 'chemo angels'. Help cancer patients
Dana Reeves lost her battle to lung cancer.
Please keep their son, Will, in your hearts and prayers as he has had to endure so much loss in the last couple of years.
Really - calm down. My MRI had me having lung cancer with metastases to lymph nodes sm
guess what - they were inflammatory active lymph nodes and not cancer at all. I am 40 years old, healthy, and was in shock when I got my MRI report. It really does depend on how experienced the radiologist is that is reading your study. Some really "over-read" studies, especially the new docs.

Needless to say, I went through all those emotions thinking "oh my gosh, I'm gonna die in a few months and leave my kids and my husband behind." This went on for 2 weeks until I had to have a medistinoscopy. I only had that done for my own peace of mind. I have 3 specialist radiologist look at my films and all said, it was probably just reactive inflammatory lymph nodes, but after hearing the "cancer" the first time - I just wanted them biopsied to know for sure so I can sleep at night.

Everything turned out fine - just as you will see - yours will probably turn out fine.

Many, and I mean many films are "over-read"!

Look on the brighter side of things - at least the Impression didn't say "metastatic lung cancer or liver cancer." Just slightly top-normal size liver and probably 99% of the American population are walking around with the same "normal" finding.

I agree with the poster below. My friend died of lung cancer
last year, and the doctors had him drinking Ensure.

Sorry to hear about your friend. I know how tough that can be.
My daughter's 1 year cancer checkup was good on Tuesday -sm
so I am very happy. She is just past 1 year off chemo (08-17-05). She is on 3-month checkups (has been for the past year) and all looks well so that is always cause for much happiness around here!
A good friend died of cancer that I suspected years before
because of a test he had and he had asked me to get a copy of, which I did, but not being "qualified", it said possible metastasis, I just told him I couldn't get it for some reason, and to talk to his doctor. His doctor, for some strange reason said it was "normal". I then asked him to get a copy of it himself, but he didn't. My husband told him to go to another doctor. It took several years, but he eventually was diagnosed with cancer after having a seizure, (it had spread to his brain) and he died a few months later.

The bottom line is, we're really not qualified to diagnose or advise people. I do feel terrible guilt for it, (you should've seen me at the funeral) but there's nothing we can do. If a doctor doesn't diagnose something properly, even if WE KNOW, there's still nothing we can do about it. We don't have the capacity to treat them and nobody is going to listen to us.
Try big cancer websites like for Sloan-Kettering in NYC or John Hopkins University, maybe www.onco