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Complain about Toth to Better Business Bureau

Posted By: Powder on 2009-06-10
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By using this link:  http://pittsburgh.bbb.org/Find-Business-Reviews/

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Better Business Bureau BBB.ORG 39 hits of
Ameriplan with UNSATISFACTORY ratings.  Do more investigating before you waste your money on an MLM scam, and please don't tell me to check it out because I already did two years ago.
Not listed with Better Business Bureau?
I have been offered a really good position with a company, however they have no web site and are not listed with the BBB. Should I be suspicous? They are a small company, but shouldn't they be listed voluntarily or something?
Filed complaint with Better Business Bureau against MTSO
for nonpayment after 90 days. Requested payment multiple times to no avail. Nothing but empty promises. Has anyone ever been successful getting paid after going through the BBB?
Will filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and District Attorney do me any good if a sm
I live in a different state than her.  Also the amount is less than $100.  Thanks.
according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics . . .
"According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were a total of 97,810 medical transcriptionists working in the US in May 2003, the latest period for which data was available."

Go to myfico.com..they give you all 3 credit bureau sm
scores and they come within 1 to 2 points of your actual FICO score (what creditors look at).  I just bought a house and did months of researching credit scores, cleaning up credit, etc.  Another good site is creditboards.com.  They have everything!
Unfortunately it is legal..so yes it is business and they will continue with bad business practices

They did the same to me.  I quit without notice after not being paid for three months!  I was then told I wasn't going to be paid because I didn't give them notice.  Yeah right . .. bust my buttock for two more weeks wihtout seeing any money for that either.  I have filed several complaints with officials.  We need to keep doing this to shut them down once and for all.  I cannot believe this still goes on!  Unreal!  

I live in the same state as Toth.  I have spoken to attorneys.  We need to keep flooding officials with our complaints!  They owe me over $1,000.00 for almost 4 years now!  Think how much money that is with interest piling up daily.  I sure could use my money. 

On their web site, they say they will beat any competitor's price....I guess that's because they can afford to if they never pay their transcriptionists.
Is there any way possible to get money out of these people?  Who could we report them to?  They MUST be shut down!!!
It's such a shame that this is happening. Did you contact a lawyer?
I too have been scammed by Toth, they owe me alot of money, I would really like a bunch of us to go together and get our money,  It is so hard to get a job in this field and it really stinks that this company does this to us.
Hello! Thank you for your support. My hope is that every MT that was ever wronged by these people contacts me and isn't afraid to push for justice.

Yes, it would certainly be nice for him to have to do jail time.
Good for you!! Someone should have put them out of business long ago!! If anything, I think there should be MORE posts to warn people about this scam!! I don't understand why anyone would object to that. As an old timer who got sucked into his game when the husband took over the business, I totally support your efforts!

As long as more MTs that have been affected are getting back to me because they have not seen the previous posts, I'm not giving it a rest.  Not everybody has seen all of the posts, and as of this weekend, I'm still getting more new responses. 


Thanks so much for your support. My point as well, if you don't want to read it, then don't. You would be surprised at the number of MTs that come across my postings on a weekly basis, that had no idea that there is something we are trying to accomplish here.
Thanks so much for your support. I was one of the lucky ones who got out in time, as he took over the business.

I got great satisfaction when I had heard they lost their biggest account to another service.
Don't go to Toth
Please do not work for Toth transcription. They are a scam. You will work for them for 2-4 month's and then finally realize that they are not going to pay you for any of the work that you have done, So please stay away from them. You can check this site for more information on this husband and wife scam team.
TOTH - no way!!!
I worked for them as did many of my friends.  Never got paid and they are nasty to boot.  Not sure how they can still be in business but they are a nightmare.  A number of folks have tried to take legal steps towards them but they are a slippery group of people. 
If you have to ask what Toth is, then you are among those of us blessed to never have worked for them. Look in the archives for the many complaints.
I don't know if anyone has thought of this, but if Toth is not paying, the MT can file suit not only against Toth but also against the clinic or office that they did the transcription for. If a few MTs would do this, maybe they would be put out of business because word gets around those clinics when something like this happens.
Info on Toth

Has anyone heard of Toth Transcription? Pay, personalities, etc?


sounds like Toth
transcription...husband and wife team. I almost got sucked into working for them but got tipped off about the no pay problems. If it is Toth, you may never get your money unless you take legal action.
Maybe, but if it's Toth the contract
they have has so many loopholes in it, they probably have their behinds covered. I suspect they pounce on new graduates who are so ready to be hired that they sign the contract without reading all of it. They rush you to sign everything and fax it to them so they can supply you with an account immediately upon receipt of the contract. I also suspect that they use so called "assessment tests" as actual work for real clients. I had 8 transcripts to complete on the pretense of assessment tests. They took me about 6 hours to complete, mind you, I was fresh out of school and I checked over each one with a fine tooth comb before submitting them. I think this is the way they operate, from one new graduate to the next without having to pay for the work. I'm so glad I didn't sign the contract.
Another Toth Sucker

After reading about Toth in the archives, I needed to put in my two cents worth.  I have worked for them for the past six months and every month I had to ask and beg for my check.  Well, this time it is a month late, and I was told (every time) that it was lost in the mail.  Last night I told them that I wouldn't work for them anymore until I saw the check.  The reply back to me was very nasty and rude and basically told me to quit my whining and the only way I would get money would be if I turned in my two week's notice.  If not, the money owed me would be cancelled.


My advice to anyone:   DO NOT WORK FOR TOTH TRANSCRIPTION!!!!!

I am trying to compile an email list of anyone that has had nonpayment issues, or otherwise with Toth Transcription.  I will speak with you more over email if you'd like, but please email me so I know how many people this has happened to.  I plan on doing whatever it takes to get this to stop.  Thank you.
Toth Transcription

I have to admit that not often do I completely discount everything that I read, but this time I had a difficult time believing that a company who wants to stay in business would actually refuse to pay people.  So I have to admit that - yes - I did send in a resume.  I have been working in the MT field for over 30 years so I felt fairly safe in knowing what I was talking about.  First I got an email saying to call this guy and then when I did, he said he didn't send it, his wife did.  Great communication between the two.  Then, he proceeds to start putting down and degrading everyone from MTs to QAs to hospitals (he only does clinics) and was as rude and ignorant as anyone I have ever seen and I have seen a few.

Then, as if this wasn't bad enough so far, he actually does only offer 5 cents a line!  I told him that I felt that was an insult and that anyone with as many years experience as I have or even anyone working as an IC who has to pay their own way in everything, would never work for that kind of ridiculous pay, and then said goodbye.  Believe it or not - this jerk called me back and left the nastiest voicemail!!!  This guy shouldn't be allowed to own a dog let alone a company. 

If he has not paid you and you are due money for your work, call the Better Business Bureau, the Labor Bureau and if you are in the same state, I would contact the police and file a report for theft of services.  If they say it is a civil matter, then head to court and sue him for every penny he owes you - with interest!  People like him give service owners a horrible name.  Good luck to all who work there, have worked there and if you are thinking of working there - run away!

Toth part 2
So believe it or not - now this lunatic is sending insulting emails complete with 2-year-old name calling. Did anyone ever tell him that harassment is against the law because if not, someone should let him know that his thievery certainly is. I guess anyone call themselves a "business owner".
Toth Transcription?
Hey, Just started working for Toth Transcription because I just finished MT school. I decided to look them up and all I have seen are bad things on here. It has me worried now....I don't know what I should do, I really need the experience to get in with any other good compaines...any advice?
MUST READ: STAY AWAY FROM TOTH. In brief, whether you give them 2 weeks notice, or 1 day's notice, you will not be paid. (Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong on that point.) They realize you need the work, but they are not worried about YOU. They bring in the cash, and donít give you a second thought. They hire newbies and any unsuspecting MT that is desperate for a job, or just out of school. They reel you in, give you work, collect the money, and live their lives. You won't be paid.

This is the sad truth about these 2 ($%&@. Take if from somebody who knows them personally and who worked for them years ago. I never kept my mouth shut, which is why I did get paid. Other MTs at that time told me their paychecks bounced, or ďThey were in the mail or got lost in the mailĒ. Sound familiar???

This is the wife's business, but the husband ran it into the ground. He is rude, condescending, threatening in his manner and tone, and does not know the first thing about running a legitimate business. He was years ago and is to this day one of the nastiest, but dumbest men I have ever met in my entire life. He couldnít hold down a real job, so he took advantage of his wifeís situation, and took over.

Trust me. Tell anybody you know "DO NOT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE".

Next, MTStars.com was highjacked. Do not go to this site to look for work, unless you check out the companies on there thoroughly before applying. Some of the companies posting on there are probably not even aware of what happened to the site.

Recommended sites: MTStars.net; again, thatís (.net) NOT .com. Also, MTDaily.com is a good one.

How to stop Toth and shut them down: First, start with law suits. Toth knows that nobody will sue them because your legal fees will more than likely exceed what Toth owes you. If you can find the means to do it, SUE THEM. If enough MTs that have fallen prey to Toth's unscrupulous business practices can come together on this, quite possibly they can be shut down.

There are honest, legitimate companies that will hire hardworking MTs. I know from experience.

I feel so bad for anybody that has worked for these people and not gotten paid. I will try to check posts as much as possible, but if you don't get a response from me, you may e-mail me at kahluasfight@yahoo.com.

Good luck, everybody!

Was it Toth Transcription?
Good luck if it was Toth. I've been waiting for my money for four long years now!
No, it wasnt Toth.
Thanks! Have a good day!
Toth Transcription
I too, although I'm ashamed to admit it, was a victim of Toth Transcription. I worked for that company(husband/wife team) a few years back and was taken for $4,600 and some change. How that much??? Itís the way he pays (or doesnít pay I should say). You submit a bill for the previous monthís work so if you quit he ends up owing you 2 months of work which is what happened in my situation. In brief, he sent me a check for my workÖ..I quit (for various reasons but from all other posts you pretty much get the picture of why)Öhe stopped payment on the check (sent me an email stating "good luck getting your money") and never paid me the last check that was owed to me. I did take him to court (in my town), got the judgment against him and was in the process of freezing his bank account when he decides to file bankruptcy. That was in 2005. Still havenít seen a penny and the bankruptcy is still active. Iím now very happily working for a local hospital and GETTING PAID!!! All I can say is please stay away from this company unless you want to work for free. They have done this to soooooo many people and they keep getting away with it. PLEASE TRUST ME!!!
Ditto on Toth.
Did you go to one of the top 2 schools? If so, have you tried the companies they suggested? If you did not go to one of those 2 schools, you might try local hospitals and doc offices. Go door to door, sell yourself. Good luck to you!
Toth Transcription
Has anyone ever notified the doctors that Toth transcribes for, to let them know that Toth Transcription is an unscrupulous company - gets paid by the doctors and never pays their transcriptionists?  I wonder if the physicians know what kind of company they are dealing with.  I have telephone numbers and email addresses, and I have half a mind to let them know all about the service that Toth provides.   
I am lost ... what is Toth please


I made my business your business by posting and...
I totally respect everyone's opinions. It is easier for others on the outside looking in. That's why I pushed the "post reply" button yesterday. I trust my fellow MTs and I know the more I read from you all, the more confident I am becoming. I just need that final push, not from him though. I also wanted to let you all know that the physical abuse while I was pregnant was documented by my doctor and the hospital. I only wish I had known then that it is a felony to abuse a pregnant woman. I also photographed my face from a couple of weeks ago and told several people in my circle. I had such high hopes for us. Now...not so much. I'm not saying that I won't try to get him to church, but I realize that God can only do so much for someone who isn't listening. j
Business is business. Internet forums are
Which way do you want it. You complain that he did nothing and you complain when he does something.
We can all sit here and complain.....sm

"OR" we can do something about it.  I voiced my opinion to the editor of Advance.  Web Address below.  They really need a wake-up call, and I think together, we have the power to do it.


$40,000+ any you complain? About what

If some of you want to complain
Why the hell don't you get out of the MT field? All of the new people are trying to get help and encouragement here. I am sure all they need to hear is all of this nonsense. Others like me come to head about MT news, MT companies, and stay up with the times, and maybe get some advise here and there, and then I have to skim through this crap. If you don't want to be put down, then stop putting the MT field down...okay? Pfft, and you think I am going to stay away just because you said too..HA! Get over yourself.

You need to voice your concerns and complaints to both the clinic and the Insurance company.  The clinic where I transcribed into EMR found that it was still easier to dictate than fill out all the information and some insurance companies did not like the "standardization" of reports.  But voice your opinion, it might not help but will make you feel better.  I basically told the doctor once, please look at me as you are not treating the computer screen nor is that paying the bill.   Once patients do this and they have to do the charts after seeing the patient, it could change things around.  Also write to your state boards or anyone that listens.   


Why we complain!

Let me explain why I and some others have complained in the past:

1.  I've been doing this for 25+ years and I am making much less now than I did before AAMT and I am still producing the same amount of lines!

2.  I've spent more time (learning in an ever changing field) and more money  purchasing new hardware, software, books and the "ever changing" BOS from our friends at the AAMT for which I will never be recompensed adequately.

3.  The industry has been stolen from IC's by large corporations who pay their CEO's etc. and squeeze the Transcriptionist for pennies (in order to pay those large salaries).

4.  I could go on and on, however, the last reason people complain here is not because we're "half-empty" types but because we do work at home and have no where else to speak with our peers and just "let our hair down".  This website is not only to be cheerleaders, it is to serve the needs of all transcriptionists, even when we need to complain.

I consider myself a "half-full" person.  I am grateful that I could work at home when my son was young.  I am grateful that I don't spend a lot on commuting, work clothes, etc.  However, I have had to pay for my own health insurance for years and I've taken quite a hit in the pocketbook.  If you were to work twenty-five years in a profession, have a great reputation, yet see your salary go down instead of up, you'd complain too! 

Lastly, not only rah-rah boosters are allowed to comment here.  Us "old-timers" KNOW how much we've lost due to our friends at AAMT and the corporate "Johns" that have taken over the industry.  So, yeah, we're allowed to b----!  If not here, where?


why I complain

I think it's an apples and oranges thing.  Liking your job for whatever reason and being paid a fair wage for said job are two different things.  Ideally, you want both. 

I complain because I feel we as MTs are being taken advantage of and are being toyed with by some companies who emphasize the perks of being able to work from home so we won't see the dirt under the rug of not being compensated equitably for said work. 

I complain because in all the other professions I can think of, those who invest time and/or money for higher education to do the job (be it in school or on the job) are rewarded for that effort monetarily and we are not, at least to a degree where we can make a living commensurate with the effort put forth to do the job well and on a par with others in similar circumstances--starting at the bottom and growing in the profession.  If it "takes years to learn to become proficient" then let's see that reflected in our paychecks.  Some of you have that but it doesn't seem to be the norm nor are there hopes for it to be for the rest of us as we move up the ranks.

I complain because the companies emphasize how very important the medical record is and then treat us as mere typists, comodities who aren't worth the effort of trying to retain in their employ and by such an attitude pretty much giving the impression they don't need us anymore.  Then they get into a fit when they get out of TAT and push us to work extra for mere pittance and either through intimidation or meaningless flattery try to get more blood from us.     

I complain because I see all the hoop-la (sp?) about the newest technology that will supposedly enhance patient care (such as the EMR which some physicians don't review for a month or more and faster TAT with offshoring to those for whom American English is not their primary language) at the expense of job loss of experienced MTs within their own field of medicine and at the cost of actual endangerment to patient care when it all comes down to money and TAT and meeting line requirements and quality comes last.  It's a weird feeling to be proud to be an MT and uncomfortable to be one at the same time.   

I complain because I am frustrated and angry at the current state of affairs and I don't know what I can do about it.  I would venture to say perhaps that is why there is so much "negativity" on this board and I think it is normal.  We're not idiots.

Why we complain!
Thank Dinosaur. You put this very eloquently and right on the money; or should I say lack of money?
You have nothing to complain about?!
Wow...for someone with nothing to complain about, you sure are doing a lot of it.
But then you donít complain if you cannot pay this or that
my gosh, want your cake and eat it too?? I have extra taken out on me intentionally BUT I do not worry about getting it back a day later, my world does not depend on a large return. I have my house payment paid up several months in advance, no problems in buying groceries nor in paying my bills. For someone to fret about losing their home or dah, dah, dah, dah, dah, then they have the problem, not the IRS.
how could you complain?

Take it from a former inhouse MT who used to get paid big bucks plus overtime, you ARE VERY FORTUNATE to have the job you do!  You could be like me now that our hospital decided to outsource, and be working for what comes out to less than minimum wage!  Don't complain and just keep cashing those paychecks! 

I don't know what everybody has to complain about. sm
Look around you. Is anybody really getting paid what they are worth anymore. My husband went to school and makes around 30/hr. THat used to be a good wage but now people around here can make that doing road construction with no education. So it is not just us. Everybody should just start working and stop complaining.

I have been only doing this for a year part time and I only make 6 cpl but I really have nothing to complain about because when I average out my hrs to my pay I make on average $10-12 and I have hardly any work expenses so I figure where can I go and work pt and make that much money and be at home with my kids??? Think about it.
Why would you complain
about being ACLS certified? You never know what might happen in your own family. My father had a massive heart attack years ago, when CPR was just coming into the picture. Unfortunately neither my brother nor I knew how to perform CPR at the time and we watched him die before help could get there. Do you know how many times I have said "If I had only known how"? I think everyone who has access to a class should take it.