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Compound modifiers

Posted By: SM on 2006-11-04
In Reply to:

For some reason i am having a hard time with these.  Does anyone have an easy way to remember quickly?



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Hyphens are used because 32-year-old and 11-pound are compound modifiers. SM

A compound modifier is two or more words that act as a single modifier for a noun.

For example:

32-year-old male

11-pound weight loss

22-gauge needle

1-cm mass


Compound adjectives...sm

Use a hyphen to connect compound adjective.  Omit the hyphen if the compound adjective follows the noun.

What is a coined compound exactly?
Is alpha-2 a coined compound?
2003 compound bombings
That should be fine except for the hyphen (type 2 is not a compound modifier). nm