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Depends on how you send your sm

Posted By: It depends on 2007-05-30
In Reply to: I was told I would dial directly into the system/Will I need to get dial up internet service? - Libby

finished files back. In the "olden days" when I started about 10 years ago, I needed 2 phone lines. One for the C-phone, and one for the modem, to send back finished reports.

These days, if you have internet connection, that is the way you will send back finished reports. You will receive the voice files as people indicated already, by dialing into a phone number. Of course, while you are receiving files and transcribing, that phone line will be tied up, so you might want a second phone line anyway.

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send one
I definately without a doubt would send one.  Just to let them know that you look forward to working with them, etc., etc. 
98.8% but that I send 30% to QA...sm
and THIS was while I started a HUGE new account/hospital and I was on FULL QA/QC at the time......so yeah, EVERYTHING on that 3rd account was going to QA/QC for a couple of months (thousands of dictators there). 
I cannot send more than 5% to QA or...
They decrease my cpl rate!  It does not matter that my quality is above 98.5-99% always.  And spelling names phonetically is NOT an option. 
What does it mean when you send

of a VERY difficult dictator... yet you get no QA back... I left at least 7-8 blanks and have not gotten any corrections back from QA (which is the usual process) for me to look over and listen back over report. Does it mean that they don't know either? I notice this happens to me quite a bit when I get something difficult and am anxious to get QA back to see what I can learn.

I could send my boy over LOL sm
but I don't know where you live. Seriously, though, they may just be garters, harmless. I would let nature takes its course and they will go away on their own. Or, scoop them up in a bucket with a broom or hoe and take them somewhere where they will be safe. I just removed a blue racer from his sunny spot in the yard last week. I got him in a bucket and put him on the other side of the hill. He can tan over there.
Send them my way too, would you?

Although I live on a canal and it may not be as uptown as living on a river or a lake,it's still waterfront and I do a lot of fishing as well so I'd be interested in seeing them too.

Thanks, Cathy, a/k/a Catfish Cathy


Send it
Good letter!!!  If you are not joking I would send the sucker. 
send it to everyone but ...
I say everyone send it to Glenn Beck at me@Glennbeck.com - that is his email. I do not agree with a lot of what he says, but this is a topic I know he would pick up - just have to get past the editors - if they get enough e-mails, and let them know it came from the MTs on MTStars with numerous MTs who feel the same, they can do their own research and get it on. One voice is not enough, ALL of the MTs and ALL MT companies who call themselves American must stop dealing with off shore companies and off shore individuals and these morons who do conferences like this - and not for nothing - Hilton too - how dare they take money for a conference regarding this topic be held.
dog poo in the mail?

A big box. Don't be stingy.

not so much, no, I only send more to QA
and then my line count drops drastically, from 1300 to 1400 lines/day to 700 to 1000. It is not getting better but worse, my paycheck from week to week is taking a nose dive.

Thanks but I like to be compensated for what I do in money, not just by being liked or something because I will do difficult reports. Where is the compensation in that? I get absolutely nothing for it except more shut-off notices.
Hey, then... why don't we just send THEM all

If that is what they want, send it to them.
They are paying your bills.

I would let them know about security levels though.
Could you send me a pm so I can
contact her later on, maybe down the line?
Not so, the more you SEND to QA the sm
more you are targeted.  If I don't see your work constantly, I don't think about you at all.
And to top it off, I send a THANK YOU not to the
only normal, nice and friendly MT that was gracious enough to answer my question.

A thank-you note?????
This must be suspicious.

Especially to 'curious.'

If they can send a man to the moon...
Why can't they invent something to stop cherry picking once and for all??? ARGH. I'm having an annoying day myself - must be Hurricane Katrina....
Maybe I will send it back.
Yes, maybe that's what I will do!! Tell them that they might need it more than me when all the lawsuits are over.
Please send me an E-mail :)
I would love to have contact with others that work for Greenlight.

My addy is sandi@glis.net

Thanks so much.
I wish my company would send me anything.
I have worked for a lot and never received zip
Question: How can someone send me SM

a large file (more than 20 MB) over the internet?  They tried to send the file, but their e-mail server wouldn't allow them to send a file this big.  He is probably going to have to burn it to a disk and mail it out to me, but I was wondering if there is a way around this.



She was going to send it after the first of the year to
everyong who emailed her by a certain time that day.  She had originally said to the first 10 but then had more people than that asking, so she changed it to a set time.
If you would like a "thank you" send one to them
I have always sent a thank you even if they don't go with my service.  I have also taken in cookies along with a note.  That is just me and it has gotten me accounts that treat me the same -- with mututal respect and appreciation.  I never treat my accounts so cold as only "providing a service" and that is what I have emphasized in my brochures, flyers, etc   Must be doing something right as they have come to me and stayed with me from 5 to 20 years.  Have not had to go out and get a new account for the past 6 years.  They have also stuck by me through a horrible divorce, illness and getting behind and not treated me as "just a service" that can be replaced.  So I say, yes -- treat them as you would like them to treat you. 
You have no obligation to send something
you've worked hard to create to some stranger just because you are asked to do so. You don't need to waste your time creating anything else to send to appease them, either. If you feel you must respond, simply decline politely. You do not need to offer an explanation beyond, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I cannot do that." They may try to make you feel guilty. Don't let them. You owe them nothing. Just ignore them. You were able to create your shortcuts, dictionary entries, or whatever else you've done to make your work easier. There is no reason others cannot do the same for themselves. They are way out of line to try to get you to hand over your hard work so they can avoid expending any effort. Just tell them "No".
How to send a resume
I see a lot of posts on people upset because they send in resumes and never get a reply. Here are some tips.

1. Make sure your name and address are on the document. I will not repond to "partygirl27" as the only name on the email or document.
2. If the ad says you must have X number of years experience and you do not, don't apply. There are reasons we post you need a certain amount of years. Received a resume yesterday where the person just graduated this month.
3. In your "objective" area, try to put something better than "I hope to do gooder."
4. Be a little more specific about the types of documents you have transcribed and the types of dictators. It doesn't help me much when you say, "I typed reports."
5. Working near a hospital or medical instrument doesn't count as experience. Example: "I packed up surgical equipment for shipment."
6. Spellcheck your document! If I see one that says, "I am a very accurate typier", I am not going to respond.
7. Set yourself up an email just for your job or job hunting. There are numerous free ones out there. I received a resume first thing this morning from "Baby_Got_Back." Good for Baby, but it's the brain we are interested in.

I kid you not folks, some of these just make you want to bang your head on something!
what did national send to IRS
What to send to Iraq

When a package arrives of this nature it is shared with everyone.

Snacks are always welcomed and a microwave is accessable to them.

Don't forget things like babypowder, toothpaste, Q-tips, soap on a rope, lip balm, gum, taffy, licorice, Werthers.

Once i sent the individual containers of applesause and it arrived safely.  Books are well recieved too.

If it were me, I'd send a letter to all MTs sm
with a new policy whereby if any work was not returned within TAT, that work would be assigned to another MT, who will be the only one getting paid for that work.

The work has to keep moving.
Send a letter
Send a very nice letter to the head of the Human Resources and Medical Records Dept and tell them what you are looking for and if they use a service ask them if they would get back to you either via fax, mail or E-mail (include a self stamped envelope) so that you could contact that service.  It is hard for me to believe that all the hospitals in Colorodo use services -- guess Oregon is very slow as our hospitals in the Portland area only use for overflow and still employ large staffs and some at home.   But if they use a service it could be one of the larger ones and if you go with that service does not mean you will get that hospital account.  Where are you located if you are calling long distance to work at the hospital and yet are willing go go in-house?  Just curious.  Also see if there is a local chapter of AAMT's in the city you want to work and see if you can network through them.  Good luck.   Patti
Geesh, send me some gas please...
We're still paying $2.69 around here in Idaho, at least in my town.
JAM Please send me the e-mail help too
I recently switched to Word from WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS and I'm looking for all help to do as much on the keyboard and as little mouse as possible. I would be grateful for the delete sentence help or any other hints you might care to share. And thanks for helping.
Send him proof

When this happens to me, I go to several reliable sources and make sure that (1) I *am* spelling it correctly and there are not any alternative correct spellings and (2) that I have a source any doctor would not be able to argue about. I then type a polite note to the doctor and send it along with my proof. In my note, I include the comment that if he has found it spelled another way in a reliable reference, I'd be glad if he would let me know what reference that was, for my own information.  Once, for the name of a medical device, I went to the manufacturer's web page and printed the page describing the device and showing the spelling.  Along with my polite note, I faxed the web page to the doc.  The next dictation I got from him, he was very nice and apologetic and thanked me for being thorough! The worst that has happened is that I didn't hear anything back from a doc, but that's fine, too.  In the unlikely event that the doc STILL wants it spelled incorrectly (which has never happened to me, but it's possible) I would have him put it in writing that he wants it spelled that way. 

Send them the links

As an MTSO, you should never give the "answer", but the way you found it, i.e., the links.  This way they will 1.  learn how to find it themselves and 2.  stop bothering you.  It does work, even though I must say that every day is a learning process in this field.

A co I used to work for would send me
hard copies of supposedly MY reports with errors. I would instantly know it wasn't my work, and would look at the MT ID # at the bottom of the report - NOPE, not mine. Naturally they were sending me the worst MT's reports, too, but I was fairly certain it was the person mailing them that was making the errors because my QA scores were very good.
Hey, I never said that an MT shouldn't send anything to QA at all. SM
I am a big believer in QA being utilized as one of the many resources available to MTs to help them do their jobs, but QA should be the LAST resource after exhausting all other resources.
Do you have addresses? I would send them a
this in court.  Others have done this and it works well.
Yet ANOTHER reason not to send
Please send to your Senators
Articles such as this need to be forwarded by the 1000's to our US senators.  I have just forwarded the article to both of mine.  I will wait for their reply and post that to the board.  If you don't know your senators - find out who they are and get their email address - it's on the internet - and then bombard them with this kind of stuff.  Let them know that you are serious about this growing problem.  Especially during an election year, they are most eager to hear and answer your questions.
winzip it, then send it.

So you NEVER send anything in with blanks, or
Can you walk on water, too?
Email me and I will send you one in .pdf
Why not just send it through, with the notation
Had to send on to my MT buddies!
Best laugh I've had in a while! Thanks!
I may be with the same... send an email...
Send me an email
And I may be able to help a little.  I'm working with a man who is branching off of his parent's MT service in Florida who has done the research, and is now working on finding the doctors interested in upgrading from tape to digital for their service.
If the doc said specifically send via (sm)
email, then address the email to him with ccs to other docs who are to receive a copy..
I'd probably first send her a written sm

formal demand for payment including any bank fee/charges.  In the event you need to take it further you will need that evidence that you attempted to collect.  I'd give her a specific time frame to submit the funds (i.e. 7 business days) via cash, money order or cashier's check. 

I'd send the demand certified mail/return receipt for your proof.  You can explore in the meantime the procedure for filing a complaint, etc., but that's not going to be a "quick" thing. 

did you send a letter first?
or just file in Small Claims Court. I live in a different state than her, but I believe I can file in my state because I did the work here.

I just happened to be checking my post right now when you posted reply. Weird!
If you "bought" one they should send
you updates every quarter or so.
Please send me your letters!

I have received only a few letters to the President about transcription.  I want to send a packet full of letters is my goal!  Now I know a few of my friends are still working on their letters.  I want to address outsourcing, voice recognition & offshoring with the President.  So please join me to help get our voices heard!  Email me & I'll give you my address so that you may get your letter in to me by the deadline of 1/28/09.



MTStars does not accept any responsibility for your privacy nor personal information in contacting any individual on this board. Sending your information to this person provides direct contact information to an unknown person. 

MTStars Team


why send them anything if they are going to foreclose?
If she has a chance of saving her home or if she wants to try, then she can save the money and pay it when they make a deal - but why give them more money if you are losing your home? They are not going to stop foreclosure over a partial payment.
We should all send this to the Associated Press too,
which would be published in newspapers across the whole country.