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Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.

Posted By: sm on 2009-02-15
In Reply to: Short Cut for Windows - CathyC

ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.

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Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
What is the file format - wav, dss, etc.
What program are you using to try to load? 
Does anybody use DS2 file format?
One of my offices just switched to the Olympus DS2 file format (without checking with or giving me any notice!) so I need to get a player since I use Express Scribe and that does not handle the DS2 format. Anybody using this file format yet? What software are you using for transcription?
DS2 File Format
You can use the DSS File Converter to convert the DS2 file to a .wav file and then use Express Scribe to transcribe the file. DSS File Converter is available at http://www.pcdictate.com/DSS_File_Converter_p/dssconverter.htm
TrueSpeech Wav File Format

I already have the foot pedal, but I am trying to get some software that will play the TrueSpeech Wav file format.  I have a serial port connection for my foot pedal.  I have an old version of Playall Extra, but it will not play the sound files.

If anyone knows of a software that will play this file format, would you kindly let me know?  I really appreciate your time and help.  Thank you !  David

If I recall, there used to be a Short Form Schedule C you could file sm
if you grossed less than $2500.
Rename your normal.dot file to something else then restart Word. It will create a new file.
I think it is the same type of file, so rename it and replace your autocorrect file with your DQS us
Help..I lost my word file. How can I retreive a file that has been changed? sm

I was working on a large file and had saved it in Word. I then went back to work on the file and hit a key that made the page go blank.  When I went to close the document it asked me to save any changes on the document. I answered yes, and now when I click on that document it is all blank! Shouldnt the previous info saved be there, even if the current stuff is not? Please help me!! Thank you

...with your user.aco file. Save your autocorrect file to somewhere else. nm
You can save the SH file in a text file and import to IT that way. sm
You may have to do some cleanup in the SH text file, but it sure would be faster than re-entering them all manually.
File taxes under the name on file w Social Security....
Name on W2 doesn't have to match, but your tax return has to match SS records. They don't want your marriage license or anything else. Did that for 13 years as instructed by IRS. Didn't have to change it with SS until state changed rules requiring drivers license to match SS records. Still use my maiden name in some limited circumstances.
Short cuts

Ctrl U - underline

Ctrl A - blocks all

Ctrl S - saves

Ctrl X - deletes

Ctrl C- copies

Ctrl V - pastes

. . . and my favorite Ctrl Z - brings back something you accidental delete.

I hardly ever use my mouse as it breaks my rhythm and slows me down.  If I think of anymore I will send them your way.  Did you know that if you hold down your Ctrl key and use the arrows you can move around a document that way?




I've lost my short-cuts...could I have hit a key on my keyboard?  Thanks!! 
an .exe file is not a voice file
I'm no techie, but it sounds like they might've sent the wrong file by mistake. Or could it be a program you need for testing/working for them that they sent? What is the name of the file (if it is something you can say here)?
We do use dx for diagnosis, and all the short cuts expanders
DQS short-cuts to Word 2003? HELP!

Does anyone know how to do this.  I have been searching and searching for info and cannot find anything.  Please help!   Thanks.

Ummm--read her post again, please--it don't say *keyboard* short cuts..it says *word* shortcuts
It depends on WP format,
Spellcheck is no longer available for WP5.1. 
depends but usually short
If I have a short attention span that day, short reports keep me awake.  If they're long, I tend to lose focus and get tired.
In short, yes . . . but it really depends on a few things
like the going rate in your area. Where I live, it averages about 12 cpl, but that is on a gross line rather than a character counted line. As another poster mentioned, it will also depend on what services/equipment you are providing other than typing. If they want their rate to be based on a 65-character line and they want pick-ups and printing/delivery services, then I would suggest even 14 or 15 cpl.
Maybe they are going to file
a Chapter 11 (I think that's the number) where they do a corporate restructuring.  I'm hardly an expert on bankruptcy law and stuff, but, if I'm not mistaken, some of the airlines have filed bankruptcy, are still flying, and trying to get back on top of things.  Businesses do it all the time.  Of course, it would help with MQ if those fat cats at the top would stop giving themselves million dollar bonuses.  Not saying that would put them in the black, but it would be a little easier to hear when they send memos out saying MQ is losing money. 
Bad DSS file
Why do doctors think we are miracle workers? Or better yet, mindreaders? A bad connection is a bad connection. Unless you have some miracle machine like on CSI, etc. (haha), there's nothing here that can be done. Doctor's loss as he will not re-dictate it, but sadly enough - you're the one who takes the blame. You horrible transcriptionist, you. :-) Good luck.
This is the help file you need.
They each have their own file SM

I like the idea about the macro, but am not sure how to do it as there are headers and footers on the original template.  


BOS pdf file?

Does anyone have the BOS pdf file they could spare a copy of?  I just need to print out a couple of pages.  I used to have it but have no idea what i did with it... I think I lost it when my hard drive crashed. TIA!

I did file by file BUT
My files were every note for the day of that particular doctor.  I would only divide it up by doctor and their date of service.  That should be good enough.  It is good for them to have for expensing, and if they do question something, the counts are right there in front of them.  If they want the detail it is there, if not they can decide.  If for some reason they tell you they don't need the details, get it in writing via e-mail or something. 
have pdf file for ...
0420, 0421 and 0424 email me I'll be glad to send it.
wav file - sm
I guess I am old school.  haha
.acl file
Add something to your Autocorrect. Search for .acl file and backup the one that has today's date/time (that would reflect the addition you made to Autocorrect). Depending on your operating system, I would make note of where that file is located.
Did you file at all???
If you filed and just mainly forgot to mail the check then they have been hounding you so imply send the check or let them take it out of your state return this year -- they will not touch your federal return.  If you did not file but prepared them, go back into Turbo and just print out and send it with your 2007 and and they will send you whatever is owed between the two, taking the 2006 out.  I would simply file both at the same time and pay with a check for 2006 and let the return come.  Remeber there will be interest and penalty.   Good luck.   
exe file
That is an executable file, like to install a program.  If you will click settings in express scribe, it shows you what files it will play.
EXE.File s/m
"Exe" file is not a voice file - it is a program file - and may be a virus. I would double check with the service if they sent the correct file.
Tell them they can't have it in one file.
They shouldn't be losing work that often. Put each pt in its own file.
How was the file sent to you?
I'm thinking that if it was e-mail, can't you say to "save as" or once you download it, "open with"?
I may (again) be showing my computer iliteracy, but I really want to help you!
Right out of the Help File in ES.

Set User's Decryption Key

Express Dictate, Pocket Dictate, DialDictate and WebDictate can encrypt the recordings prior to transmission to protect security and privacy. If this has been done, you must enter the same key in Express Scribe to decrypt the audio. The key is based on the user id of the sender (obtained when you register Express Dictate or DialDictate). If you have not yet registered, use the id 0.

All I had to do to get this information for you was hit the HELP key at the bottom of the screen. If your voice files were NOT encrypted using any of the above-mentioned methods, you will need to decrypt the file before importing it into ES.

File name?

I used to use Smartype and I know I have it installed on this computer but heck if I can find the patch file.   You don't happen to know the file name do you?


wav file
If the file is now on your computer, right click and depending on what you use, you might see an "open with" option, in which case click on that and see if the option "compressed zip folders" comes up. This should open it.
not sure I just know it is a file in my...
computer for DocQScribe word expander. Supervisor sent e-mail saying how to update this file but can't find.
If they use the same file
You can interchange if they use the same file, i.e. spf file. If they do both use spf, you can open up both programs and just drag your files over, very simple, takes seconds. If they don't have the same file, I wouldn't mess with it unless some IT person knows the protocol.
WAV file?
I have been asked to transcribe a speech for an area company.  How can it be recorded/saved to disk so that I can use my foot pedal to transcribe it?  I do have a WAV pedal from using Bayscribe in the past but I have no idea how to get it to function without Bayscribe.  I would appreciate any help.  Thanks!    
big file
Thanks. I will try that.
Definitely file an appeal
A lot of times if you file appeals, your insurance company will readjust and allow for "special circumstances". It is worth a try especially if you send in information documenting it being an emergency
Thank you all!!! I will file an appeal for sure. nm
Any way to clean up a BAD dss file??

Doctor dictated despite the fact that he had a tremendously BAD phone connection.  I can only hear a word every few sentences, the rest is loud humming and static.  I have a KOSS equalizer that didn't help at all.  Anyone know of a miracle program or something that might salvage this recording, as he doesn't want to re-dictate it?  THanks! 

How do you open up that .lex file to....sm
copy/paste it into MS Word?  When I try opening it, it asks what format do I want and every option I've tried hasn't worked. 
You can either go to File, New to create your own
dictionary; or you can go to File, Open to open one that you've downloaded. There are tons of free dictionaries out there, but it might be best to make your own with your own shortcut naming technique to be able to remember it better.
File anyway -- were you really an employee? (sm)

So many services classify their MTs as employees when they really aren't.  Look at the IRS site:  did you have control over how you did the work, use your own tools?  Did the client pay you directly or the MTSO?  Did you have input on when you were paid, or did the MTSO say I pay on such-and-such a schedule?  Were you able to subcontract your work to others?  Was the TAT based on the MTSO's convenience or the client's actual demands?

If you can make a good argument that you were actually working more like an employee, your state unemployment office may rule that you were, entitling you to unemployment. If the IRS agrees, the MTSO will have to pay part of your taxes, social security, etc.

The bar association in your state may offer referrals to attorneys who will provide a low-cost initial consultation.

If you need a few dollars in the interim, see if there is a plasma donation center near you.  Where I am, one can pick up $50/week, paid immediately.

Good luck.

It is the .acl file - please see link

How do you do dictation from a wav file?sm
How do you receive and send dictation on a wav file????  I know that may be a silly question, just wondering.  Thanks!
I believe if you file an extension you do not have to pay now - sm
that is the whole point of filing an extension....BUT they nail you with interest and penalties for the late filing. So you might want to figure out what you are in for before you do an extension, or make sure you file quickly after April 15 to lessen the interest charges.