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We do use dx for diagnosis, and all the short cuts expanders

Posted By: allow us to. It's cool I suppose on 2006-01-25
In Reply to: Okthennomorespaces - Space


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Short cuts

Ctrl U - underline

Ctrl A - blocks all

Ctrl S - saves

Ctrl X - deletes

Ctrl C- copies

Ctrl V - pastes

. . . and my favorite Ctrl Z - brings back something you accidental delete.

I hardly ever use my mouse as it breaks my rhythm and slows me down.  If I think of anymore I will send them your way.  Did you know that if you hold down your Ctrl key and use the arrows you can move around a document that way?




I've lost my short-cuts...could I have hit a key on my keyboard?  Thanks!! 
DQS short-cuts to Word 2003? HELP!

Does anyone know how to do this.  I have been searching and searching for info and cannot find anything.  Please help!   Thanks.

Ummm--read her post again, please--it don't say *keyboard* short cuts..it says *word* shortcuts
Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
Depends on the file format of the Short Cuts file.
ShortHand comes with a utility file that can import various formats. You can get that file with the trial download of SH.
I used Short Keys, not Short hand for Bayscribe, it worked fine.
Ditto, short ERs or short OPs....short anything! sm
And I especially don't like long OPs, they are the most boring for me, and the doctors pause a lot cause they have to think more. I just want to be done with it! Next!!! ; )
I am so sorry for your diagnosis...
I am reading your post with tears in my eyes. That so hit home with me. I don't want to have my kids growing up thinking our house is "normal" as messy as it is. God bless you and I will pray for you. I'm going to make some changes in my life today.
LOL!!! How about this diagnosis... sm

 And I quote - "History of injury of the poisoning at specified place."  I always have to correct this guy's grammar and tense, but what the heck do you do with something like this?!  I typed it as is and sent it on! 

Yes, I did go to the ER and my diagnosis was:

Complicated migraine.  And I am all better now.


Can I get some opinions before I make an appt with a doctor?  Have been having mild fleeting pains in my llq, probably about a week and a half, sometimes midabdomen, the last couple days it has slowly moved upward, now kind of in my chest but still just a mild dull ache - possibly pulled a muscle?  Don't think it is anything serious but is getting more prominent, any ideas?  Thanks.
So sorry about your diagnosis. sm
Why do you think she spread it around?  Concentrate on your diagnosis, treatment, and healing.
So sorry for your diagnosis..sm
you must be beside yourself. My sympathies!

as for the coworker, I can only comment that you had asked her to let you know, which she did. Perhaps she left off the part about the breast cancer because she did not want to be the one to tell you or let you know that. She wanted your doctor to do that. I really don't think she was doing anything wrong...other than maybe every body knows now. you know how that goes.

secondly, and I have said this before, transcription has HIPAA laws, which are a good thing, but because of a situation just like this one, I truly believe that if a Transcriptionist happens to know the patient involved, she should be able to respectfully decline to do that person's transcription. Just as in choosing a jury for a trial...if the prospective juror knows the person on trial, he should not have to be placed on that case. It would save an awful lot of this type of thing from happening, and everybody being *all up in your business*. Personally, if I received a dictation from someone I knew, I would not even want to do it. What is in those files is none of my business.

that is just my thought though.

I wish you all the best on your recovery. May the Lord hold your hand through it all!
Long short forms vs short short forms


A long short form is usually easier to remember. So I would definitely assign the short forms as suggested by Kelli:

In most Expander programs you would opt for a short short form as you have to type the whole short form before you can expand.
In Instant Text you don't have to type the whole short form: you type the first two letters of your long short form and then you can type any of the following letters.
So in this case you would type smcth for the first one, smcta, and you may also type smhead, smabd

This is possible when you use the Instant Text marker key to expand. If you use the space bar to expand, you may be better off assigning the initials as suggested in the second response, as you would not be able to "jump ahead".


Recent diagnosis of MS

Hang in there!  You can overcome a chronic illness and empower yourself.  It ain't easy, but doable.  Been that way for 12 years now.

Just make sure you file the disability with a disability attorney. SS is very well known for denying claims usually twice, then court before they grant it.  This waste many many months and tires us that are already tired, out.  You need all your energy to fight the disease, not for your rights to supplemental income you've paid for all these years. 

Your children will also receive dependent benefits until they reach 18, so again, get an experienced dis. atty.  Hang in there

Also, see what diagnosis code
they used to bill.  Might have been billed as a screening and that's sometimes a no-no as far as getting things paid.  Obviously, you can't lie, but see if she had any symptoms at all that might justify the test.  
sorry for your diagnosis..congratulate you on..sm
your wanting to raise your boys to be good housekeepers. I wish my husband's mother had taught him so many things..just simple little things about the house..like closing cabinet doors. No, truly I understand your thinking and even though I have not been diagnosed with cancer, I think about all the crap I've got stuck out in the shed that I need to get rid of so nobody else has to come along and get rid of all that crap for me. It's a lot to deal with for people who are grieving anyway.
Good luck and just said a prayer for you.
ADHD diagnosis
When our son was having trouble in school, we brought him to an expert in the field of ADHD, and after hours of testing he made the diagnosis, and, then after that got an IEP at the school. Every state is different in their different programs, but they all have to provide help for children with special needs. Our son was at a college at another state, they had his IEP and went there for two years, came back home and is at another local college and they told him he never should have had a full load of classes and he is given extra time for testing, etc. The school system should have a special needs department, like they do here in my state and you can contact them about extra help for autism, learning disabilities, etc. It makes a big difference in getting the kids all the help they need to succeed and not fail in any of the schools. Also, I believe the Americans with Disabilities web site can help also.
Very sorry to hear of your diagnosis...sm..

Like the other poster said, think positive and go forward from here with what you need to do. 

1.  You asked her to let you know if she typed the report so she did so that's not a violation.  It could be a violation if it wasn't emailed through an encrypted email program but I wouldn't make a stink out of that.

2.  She should know the rules and should know it's a major violation to blab to the department so if she has any brains in her head, she'll keep her piehole closed.  I wouldn't worry about it right now or jump to conclusions, but if you do later hear that others in the department know, I would report your suspicions to her supervisor. 

Are there any steps you can take at this point to keep it under lock and key so no one else finds can read your report in that department?

Beyond that, I wouldn't worry about it and would focus on licking this temporary setback.  I wouldn't worry about what's going through her head and why she isn't contacting you anymore.  She sounds flakey.  Focus on you and your family.

My sympathy as well on your diagnosis

But as a radiology MT you know that the treatment for breast cancer has advanced considerably and many women go on to live long, healthy lives after breast cancer treatment. So focus on the positive for the now.

As far as your coworker, I understand the desire to know the results of your tests, but yes, she should have told you to ask your doctor for the results instead of sending them to you.  Then, if she gave the results to anyone else, the HIPAA violation would be entirely on her part.  I don't know if you have spoken to her since she sent you the report, but it is possible that she was either caught sending the email or she talked to someone about it and was reprimanded for the HIPAA violation, therefore she is now afraid to talk to you at all because she does not want to risk getting fired. (Just one possible scenario.)

Your best course of action is just not to worry about the opinion of your coworkers. You have a job to do, and that is to concentrate on getting well.  Don't let this distract you.  Focus on what is important, and "don't sweat the small stuff".

Good luck!

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis
Unfortunately this happens when you have your tests done at the same facility where you are a patient.  I am also a product of feeling like "every knows".  It is not fair to you, but I feel in hindsight now I would never choose to go where I worked to have testing done unless I didn't mind that the people I worked with know of my personal health information.  It is a common thing in hospitals and physicians' offices for people to snoop and want to know your business and unfortunately, this isn't always a positive thing.  If you need other tests I would suggest trying another institution and also mention this to the physicians who care for you, but they may say the same thing - that you should NOT have asked a former coworker to let you know of your results.  Only the physicians have a right to that information and the right to relay that to you.  I fortunately did not have breast cancer, but my incident stemmed from having a mammogram.  My boss posed as a friend in the mammogram department the day I had the lumpectomy.  Yeah right, some "friend".  She was just being nosey and wanting to know when I would be returning to work because the typing was getting backed up.  Again in hindsight, I will never step foot in that hospital again for anything in regards to my health.  I go to a different hospital/radiology department from now on.    Good luck with your health and best wishes to a resolution to your anxiety.
proper diagnosis!!! for my exhusband too...LOL...sm
but it isn't really funny and I'm not really laughing.....it was him or my sanity, as I posted below, and my sanity won out but you have put the proper diagnosis on it because I've been saying for 20 years, he was/is a passive aggressive.....always pointing the finger, placing blame and never looking inside himself as maybe it's him who is/was the problem......(also a triple virgo male *LOL* sun, moon, rising-ascendant). 
Spelling out abbreviations in the diagnosis
when told specifically not to is not following instructions.
We got cuts when we went to VR.
And we got cuts when we went on DQS.
  Actually, I guess you can't say they gave us an actual pay cut, HOWEVER, you sure don't make the money you made on the old platform.  That also isn't true because you can make the same money - it just takes LOTS longer.  In my eyes, that is a pay cut.
MQ pay cuts
I'm rather new to this board, so forgive me if this has already been discussed. I work for MQ as a SE and received the "letter" but I know nothing about pay cuts. Have I missed something?
Yes, they do so many more cuts because...
they have to do them so fast to keep up the quota.  I reluctantly took my 2 kids there a couple weeks ago and yet again (it happened a couple years ago too), they could not even trim a child's hair.  I actually had to send my daughter back to the chair because there were long pieces of hair hanging down past the level of her hair.  My other daughter looked like she went 3 rounds with a weed whacker...  I had to pay more money to have it fixed at another place.  This was 2 different stylists, more than one event.  They are know in the stylist world as "chop shops"  I have gone cheap and I have paid more and I can definitely tell the difference. 
There need to be cuts

What's wrong with someone receiving medicaid paying a copayment?  I hear grumbling over this all the time, but you sure see some of them in the grocery store buying an expensive 24 pack of beer, yet they want to complain over paying a 10.00 copay?  Medicaid was designed to be temporary assistance, not a way of life.  I have no problem with helping lower income, but not handouts. I have neighbors in their 20s, healthy as horses, who don't even try to work.  They have 4 children with them, the husband has 2 by other women, and they collect 700 a month in stamps plus 300 in cash because she claims he doesn't live there.  They do NOTHING, nada

As for Medicare, I believe if retirees make over a certain income they should not be eligible at all.  I read that even retired movie stars worth millions of dollars get full medicare benefits.


I used to work for Kodak and as most everybody knows they went through years of layoffs and always around this time of year.  The reasoning for it was that the department heads had to have their budgets in for the following year and so you had to cut everyone before the new year started.  It sucks but that is they way corporate America works.



Thanks to both of you...verbatim account. Has to be as dictated unless in diagnosis.

I am on XANAX. I did not think my clinical diagnosis would be on report.
When given this diagnosis, the first thing you want to know is how far it has spread. It can mean life or death. My doctor was OOT for two more days and I was panicking. I needed to know if it was abnormal so I could begin thinking of what the future held. I am not thinking RATIONALLY!!!!!
MQ pay cuts, My Two Cents
When MQ first bought up the smaller co. I was with, all of the accounts were still intact. I was pleased when my office (Baltimore now, but at that time, still in the Herndon area) offered up increased pay differential for an extremely difficult account.. hallelujah, I thought... and thought that all the worries I had about the Big Bad MT Company eating up the small company I was with were maybe unwarranted. I jumped on this opportunity to actually get paid for doing more difficult work - but was told by my supervisor, well, you already make too much money per line (actually, per 1,000 characters at the time). She of course welcomed me to the account at regular pay - I passed!

Add in that I have not had a pay raise since this same time frame (7 years) ... not exactly a direct pay cut, I guess, and add in the seemingly unprovable decreased pay over the last 7 years... well, that's my 2 Cents. None of it makes sense.
Possible pay cuts, my experience so far
I have been with MQ since 1998 and have 20 years experience as an MT, editor, and MT instructor. I currently make 10 cents per line and in past yrs have been told I am at the top of various tiers also, so not eligible for raise (for life??) bonuses (some, not all), etc. I too received the letter mentioned above, the one about rewarding "YOU for your skill and performance."

I am still on INET, though attempted without success to move to DQS (only have dial-up available where I live, and the ADT searches and other processes were a nightmare without some sort of high-speed internet). In the process of almost going to DQS, my pay conversion remained the same, 10 cents per line. Though this may sound higher than others are making, I have been making the same thing for 8 years now - but yes, compared to what I see on this board that other MQ-ers are making who have same experience or more, I am grateful and surprised. The company I was with that MQ bought out gave us decent raises, and I had just received one before MQ acquired us, and it carried over, thankfully. Little did I know it would be my last raise for that many years.

Anyway, I eventually will have to go to DQS even on dial-up, pay an arm and a leg for satellite, or quit and go to a new company - all options, woohoo, involve pay cuts. I can't even imagine an additional pay cut for ASR, as this makes no sense to me. ASR is an AID, no different than Expander programs (do we get paid less for other things that make us more productive??!) We should get paid for whatever characters/lines we modify on an ASR report and get paid the same as we would for doing straight MT work. Maybe this has already been said here, sorry if repeat!

So, I am wondering what they will knock my pay down to when I finally get over to DQS and get put on the ASR reports... I'm not sure I will accept this pay cut either.

On another note, I am glad for those of you who are getting paid so well by MQ, have great supervisors, have lots of work, and just love DQS - that is great, it truly is. But, it's simply not that way for a lot of the rest of us. I appreciate being able to speak of my true experience here on this board. So, thanks for listening.

MQ pay cuts, more info
I just got a call from Corporate and I asked them specifically if they were going to cut the charges to the client the same amount of the pay cuts to the employees and she said Yes, they are...............  I found that interesting  as long as it is indeed true.
She only cuts 3. By hand. That's all.
Last week I've been diagnosis with Multiple sclerosis and I did sm
go to file my disability and found out what I would get paid if approve, I am working 7  days a week, 24 hours a day off and on.  My husband is deceased and I have two kids to raise and one must do what they have to do.
ME versus MT, the pay cuts only apply to
those who do ASR (automated speech recognition), now being referred to by MQ at ME (Medical Editors). If you do not do ASR it would not apply, if you do you should receive a letter stating a 20% pay cut for same, or option to quit doing it at all and just do MT.
Inside gives a summary of cuts about to come
E-mail this page to a friend!

House Passes Budget Bill with Biggest Cuts in Medicaid, Medicare

Cuts $99.3 billion over 10 years - 27% from Medicaid, 23% from Medicare.

Feb. 1, 2006 It's done. The House has passed and sent to President Bush the budget reconciliation bill that was strongly opposed by most senior citizen advocacy groups and newspaper editorials due to the deep cuts it makes in Medicaid and Medicare. It was a very close vote 216 to 214. The bill cuts the budget by $38.8 billion over five years 50 percent of the cuts are in Medicaid and Medicare.

Related Stories

Final House Vote on Budget Bill Could Cut Billions from Senior Programs

Passage expected Wednesday to cut Medicare, Medicaid

Jan. 30, 2006 The Budget Reconciliation Bill, which many see as making drastic cuts in government programs for senior citizens Medicaid and Medicare, is expected to hit the House floor on Wednesday for a final vote, the day after the President's State of the Union address. As reported today by the Capitol Hill Watch at KaiserNet.org, the bill will reduce federal spending by $99.3 billion over 10 years, with half of that coming from these senior programs. The Congressional Budget Office analysis says premiums for Medicaid beneficiaries in the bill could cause 110,000 to lose coverage by 2015. Read more...

Senate Budget Chair Calls for More Cuts in Medicare

Republicans to recycle old failed issues in 2006

Jan. 26, 2006 The Republican chairman of the Senate Budget Committee is calling for more cuts in health care programs in fiscal 2007, which includes Medicare, according to The Daily Health Policy Report by KaiserNetwork.org, which cites CQ Today. The daily news summary says Republicans will also be targeting health care proposals this year, but most are proposals that have failed in the past. Read more...

Homecare Industry Rallying Support to Kill Reconciliation Act

Television Campaign to Stop Health Care Cuts for Seniors Launched by AFSCME

Vote on Budget Set for Feb. 1; Senior Groups Seek to Sway GOP Moderates

The House first passed the bill on Dec. 19, 2005, by a vote of 212-206. It went to the Senate, where it passed by only one vote 51-50. Due to procedural changes in the Senate, it had to go back to the House for this final vote. There was intensive lobbying by the senior citizen advocates and others since the Senate vote on Dec. 21, 2005, but they came only four votes closer.

The final vote was mostly along party lines, with Republicans supporting the bill and Democrats in opposition.

AARP CEO, Bill Novelli, quickly issued the following statement:

"Last night, in his State of the Union Address, the President said, "Keeping America competitive requires affordable health care. Our government has a responsibility to help provide health care for the poor and the elderly, and we are meeting that responsibility."

"Today the U.S. House of Representatives has turned a cold shoulder to that responsibility by further limiting eligibility for Medicaid, a program that serves the neediest -- the disabled, children, the poor and the elderly. It also approved a provision in its budget that will deny long-term care coverage to those who give money to charities, churches and family members in need.

"Working with our members, AARP will continue the fight to have this ill-conceived policy reversed."

The bill would save $99.3 billion over 10 years, with half of that coming from Medicaid and Medicare - 27% from Medicaid and 23% from Medicare.

There's also $1 billion in new spending to extend an income subsidy program for dairy farmers and a reprieve for physicians who had faced a 4 percent cut in Medicare fees, according to the Associated Press.

A major boost to opponents was an estimate issued by the Congressional Budget Office estimating that 45,000 Medicaid beneficiaries would lose their coverage in FY 2010 because of higher premiums in the bill. The CBO report also estimated 65,000 beneficiaries would lose coverage in FY 2015.

Children would account for 60% of the Medicaid beneficiaries who would lose coverage, according to the report.

The report also estimates that 13 million Medicaid beneficiaries would have new or higher copayments for services such as physician visits and hospital care. In addition, 13 million Medicaid beneficiaries would pay more for prescription drugs by 2010, and 20 million would pay more by 2015, the report states.

According to the report, "About 80% of the savings from higher cost-sharing would be due to decreased use of services." The report estimates that 1.3 million Medicaid beneficiaries would have to pay premiums and that 1.6 million would lose benefits, most likely for dental, vision and mental health services.

In addition, the report estimates that 15% of Medicaid long-term care beneficiaries would have their coverage delayed because of additional restrictions on asset transfers.

The asset transfer provisions in the bill would impose punitive new restrictions on the ability of the elderly to transfer assets before qualifying for Medicaid coverage of nursing home care. (Click here to read these provisions.)

That is true of ANY job. Cuts happen everywhere.
Companies do the same thing consumers do: Look for ways to get the most for less. It's actually a rather natural process.

Any job can change in its direction, its stability, etc., as our economic, technologic and global relationship status change constantly.

The only security anyone has is to be prepared with continuing education in more than 1 field, low debt load, high savings -- really living within your means, and keep good insurance.

Radiology MTs - Major cuts in outpatient

imaging by Congress - called the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.  Signed by Bush in December.  Over five years will amount to 20 Billion dollars cut from outpatient imaging payments for Medicare and medicaid patients.  This will have a ripple effect.  Private insurers soon will follow suit.  Posted the DRA but it was removed by Administrator.... This will have a detrimental effect on us all, as cuts will begin occurring in every aspect of radiology. 

Here is a comprehensive article.  Please do not remove this post for one day, Administrator.  This will impact MTs in radiology significantly.

imagingBiz.com - The Information Service of the Imaging Center Institute

This way works, too, but using the ;yo or ;py cuts down on hitting the spacebar
Cuts in medicare and medicaid are about to take place
I have mentioned this but it was always deleted as I think the monitor thought I was talking politics.

There will be a marked decline in coverage for services to medicare and medicaid patients and I believe to offset this, medical facilities are finding ways to cut costs.

The cuts will be significant. You could do a Google search for Deficit Reduction Act. Radiology will be most severely hit, especially stand alone facilities.
Acusis is giving workers 30% pay cuts?
Diagnosis of perimenopause versus adrenal fatigue? I'm getting very confused on where to turn
To me, my symptoms coincide exactly what to me seems to be perimenopause, but also seem to be some adrenal fatigue as well. Wouldn't adrenal fatigue be a natural result of the perimenopause hormonal fluctations, i.e., very lethargic and listless, insomnia, mood swings, energy swings, fuzzy brain? I'm getting conflicting advice and opinions and just don't know where to turn anymore. I just want this fixed, and didn't think it should be that hard. I went to this GYN my sister referred, but he seemed to me to be rather clueless and had me do some antithyroid antibody tests and put me on fish oil and folic acid! No hormone testing whatsoever. Then, I talked to a pharmacist locally who also deals with women on this same issue (my sister too), who has a Ph.D and consults with the MD. I took her test and she diagnosed me with severe adrenal fatigue, but again, I think this is probably just a result of the hormones messing up. Any advice? I don't want to do a lot of unnecessary testing that insurance doesn't cover, such as the saliva test. I'd appreciate any advice. I'm thinking to just go maybe just go my my PCP and get on an antidepressant or something.
Love the serrated bread knife! Cuts everything!! nm
Please back you info up. Pay cuts have not been announced. Have you received a letter? nm.


You should type them. I usually type them in parentheses following the diagnosis.
The short of it.....
When management sends you E-mails filled with typos, they are going to you, not to the client.  Since you aren't paying management, it doesn't matter if every word they type in their E-mails to you is spelled wrong.  See, management's paying you to transcribe error-free reports.  Understand now?
PRD short cut help

I have been using the PRD short cut program on an old DOS-based computer in WP51.  I have upgraded to Windows XP with WordPerfect X3 and wondered if there is anyway to use the PRD with this program.  I have had to use other short cut programs for Word on my XP computer but have recently had to move all my WordPerfect work to my new computer and need a short cut program for it as well.  I would sure love to be able to use the PRD.  Anyone with any helpful information would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much!

I do think it's too short but...
the company I work for only gives you 2 days. :(