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Dial-up is my only option too

Posted By: Dial-up only on 2006-11-14
In Reply to: Dial up is my only option - need more speed

I'm in the same boat but I refused to go onto DQS/DEP after a disastrous experience trying to move over in 2004 - using dial-up. Some MTs have been able to make it work, I was not. It was a production nightmare. I was told by techs very clearly that DQS/DEP is not designed for dial-up and requires broad band (high speed) to be efficient. The company is keeping some dial-up accounts for those of us who this is our only option. I posted this before not long ago - there are plenty of accounts that ARE going to DEP/DQS and that is company goal (to have all accounts on DEP) but there are accounts being kept for dial-up only MTs. Check with your supervisor. My current dial-up account is moving over to DEP next month. I will have to transfer to another office in order to go to another dial-up account (that will NOT be moving over to DEP). I don't know the office because... I have a PS who does not respond to emails and phone calls, so I'm working on that aspect... Good luck.

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Dial up is my only option

Believe me, if I could get cable or DSL I would.  There is a rumor that a wireless internet tower will be going up in a few months.  I have also considered satelite.  I will just have to see how my companies platform works with dial up and then I will probably get satelite or the wireless because it will be cheaper, but it won't be here for another few months if it is approved by the county. 



I was told I would dial directly into the system/Will I need to get dial up internet service?

SBC has an option ...
called Call Trace. You pay for it only when you activate it. When an offending call comes in, you hang up and then dial a keycode. That runs a trace. It is a legal trace and you can obtain the information from SBC who will send it to the authorities. You have to acknowledge that you will press charges if there is enough evidence.

At the least, I would drop that cell phone number immediately and notify your carrier of the harassment.
P.S. We all would probably say neither, but it isn't an option. ;-)
possible other option
I live in Michigan and also live in the sticks.  I thought I had exhausted all possibilities until someone told me you can get a (sorry I do not know the technical name) card for your lap top that has an internal antena.  You get them through Sprint, Cigular, and I think a couple of others have it.  I have Nextel cell phone but cannot get good service unless I go down my driveway to the road (then it is not that great either).  Sprint (nextel and sprint are not merged completely yet) is running a deal where you can get this card for free for 14 days to see if it works.  The sales person told me you would still have high speed internet even if you could not get good phone service.  You then would pay a monthly fee for unlimited access no matter where you go with your lap top.  I am ordering today, and if it works, I will try a home net work to get my other PC on board (which I am also told you can get an external card like above for a PC also).  If anyone out there already has this or knows more about it-PLEASE tell me.  Dial-up jobs are getting fewer and farther between.
first option b, then if still not
happy go higher up than manager, if that's an option, and if it's not, go the the bbb
There may be another option

All I have ever had available to me is dial-up where I have lived over the years. However, I personally have no problem working on Emdat's InScribe platform. It may take a minute or two for the first job to download but then I always have two waiting and when I upload one job another one downloads, so there is always dictation waiting for me.  However, I have a laptop now and I have noted with having more RAM (double what my PC has), everything works faster!

Also, my laptop came with the new ExpressCard slot and I plan to get that. It works basically like a cell phone and in my area unlimited Internet for it will be $79.99/month but well worth it to me if things are a little faster AND I can use my laptop in a lot of places that I travel (particularly in the summer camping), IF a signal/connection is available to me. I hope to be trying this out within the next month or so, as soon as the ExpressCards arrive at Verizon or Sprint.

If a laptop is a possibility for you, then that may be your way around dial-up. My satellite is not reliable enough and plus too costly I feel for Internet. Of course, you have to make sure that the laptop card will work with the platform the company uses that you work for/plan to work for. Emdat told me it would with their platform.

Of course, I first have to see what type of signal I get at home with the ExpressCard! :) We get "all the bars" on our personal cell phones (and actually have a tower within walking distance of our house out in the boonies-lol) so I don't think it should be a problem.

HTH some. :)

No that is not an option...sm
They told us if we fixed it up just to sell it then we would have to split it 50/50 with my husband's sister - even though she would not be putting any money or any effort into it anyhow. A few people have looked at this house when they were trying to sell it for $5k - yes just $5k - but noone would buy it. It is horrible shape. When we told his dad yesterday, before the fight between ourselves, that we were not taking it - his snide remark was "That's just more money in my pocket." You cannot win with his parents involved. I know they are his parents and I respect that and try to hold my tongue. Eventually his parents will lead to our divorce and that is what saddens me the most.
Another option...

Wristies work well, too.  They're just fleece gloves with the fingers cut out, so they don't offer a lot of support, but they sure keep your hands/wrists warm.  I got mine from plowandhearth.com.

there is another option

When I sold my house...I went with a flat fee company.  I paid a flat fee for them to list my house on the MLS, put up a sign and give me a lock box, help me price the house right, and go over any offers.......

The flat fee was considerably less then what a commission would have been.  She was a licensed agent with a lot of knowledge. 

I was responsible for showing the house.  Getting the inspection and some other miscellaneous paperwork and an agent usually does. 

I think there is a national chain called Help-U-Sell (too expensive for me), but there are sometimes local small companies that do this as well. 


Option 2
I don't want to go back to hourly.
Another option would be to

receipt to the practice getting your money back faster than writing it off at the end of the year, but I just figure that ink and paper are part of my expenses.  That is a small price to pay as opposed to what you'd spend to look for a new account.

Furthermore, if this office is looking to slash, it may get worse for this IC in that she may lose the account regardless as the practice could go paperless with an online company for probably half of the cost they pay her.

Another option
You could look into Ameriplan's discount health and/or dental plans.

I'm an IC with no insurance and use the dental plus plan (which includes vision, Rx and chiropractic). I pay $14.95 a month for the plan and save $84 a month on my two monthly prescriptions.

Some people prefer insurance to discount plans, and it's up to the individual and their preferences on whether or not a discount health plan would work for them.

Depending on the plan, the monthly cost ranges from $14.95 a month to $59.95 a month. With these plans, you save up to 80% on all dental and medical fees.

You can get an idea of what providers are in your area and their fees by going to:

If you want more info, here's a website:

Again, it's a discount plan and not insurance, and some people would prefer actual insurance, but I'm personally happy with them because the monthly cost is cheap and I get what I need. You can email me if you want more info (I'm an MT but also a rep for Ameriplan on the side) :)

Well she has been given that option...sm
but has heard that they run out of work a lot at Spheris and offshore most of the good work. Someone she knows works there and is going broke. This person who works at Spheris said one day she only got to work 2 hours and she is supposed to be full time. My friend has the problem that she makes $46,000 a year, and her budget is set to that amount. If she doesn't make that she said she can't pay her bills. She doesn't think she can make close to $50,000 at Spheris. There aren't many places you can make that kind of money.
Thanks. Vonage may be my only option around
You have provided that option already. (SM)
When you posted, you filled in your e-mail address in the e-mail field. It activates a Reply By E-Mail option for those who want to e-mail you. Your e-mail address will not be revealed even when they e-mail you. If you reply to the e-mails you receive, then your e-mail address will be revealed by your own reply.

Onesuite is an option with MDI? - sm
I used it when I started working for them, but didn't know I would continue using it?
DNS gives you the option of attaching it to the

word processor you are using; however, in your case, if you are working through a network (I'm assuming it is a stripped version of Word?), it may not attach due to restrictions placed on it by your company.  I may be wrong, you could try it.  I would plan on spending 16 hours of training per physician to get it up to a point that would benefit you.  Yes, that is a huge investment on your part.  I'm not trying to be negative but if you are a slow typist, how computer saavy are you?  Unless you really know how operating systems work, you could end up being very frustrated.  Also you would need to train DNS to recognize all the medical terminology in your spell check unless you buy their terminology module (which is very limited).

IMHO, you would be better off getting an abbreviation system as the learning curve is much less and it would be more portable if you changed jobs.  If you are a slow typist, an abbreviation/expansion program is invaluable to improving your line count.  I have used Dragon on my own computer when I did not work through someone's platform and it really worked well for me but I had help from BG and a very good computer skills knowledge base.


Possible Option for Acne
I always see the commercial for Proactiv solution on television, maybe you may want to give that a try. The commercial was originally hosted by Vanessa Williams.

Offshoring is still an option

I am working in an offshore MT company and our US client is happy with the result of our transcription work. To those against offshoring, do not be greedy. Have the heart to share! ... PLEASE check your spelling, it's "REQUEST" not "REQUIST."

Save as option
I do not use Word, but is there a save as option? From there it may give you options as to what type of file to save as. I think if you choose something like a text file, it may get rid of formatting, but not sure.
Do you have an option on your computer
of restoring back to a certain date? I used to use this all the time. You choose a date back when you know the file was working and it restores your system to that point.

A very low cost option without having to
spend a lot of money on hand held units is EZ-Voice.  We offer a toll free call in solution for 9 cents per minute REGARDLESS of how many or how few minutes you need per month.  We also offer FTP server space.  Click on the link below to learn more...
This is actually the option of the employer. Some
want the name in there and it is there responsibility to redact the report should information need to be released. It is not our responsibility as a Transcriptionist to make this determination. Always check with the "boss" for clarification on this.
Okay, thanks, really need a slider option here
QA position better option?

I know this was discussed to some degree recenty, but I can't seem to find the posts now.

For someone having trouble making line counts, is a QA position a better option?

What is the pay like, and are there any quotas?  What all (typically) comes with this type of position?  It would seem that it might be very stressful as far as all the blanks left due to horrible dictators and such.

Due to various circumstances, my MT position is very stressful and nonlucrative right now.  I really need a mental and financial break of some sort before I crack, and a QA position might be an option.

Information and advice greatly appreciated!  


A really good option...sm

if you can afford it ~ and I know it can get expensive ~ is have the massage first and then an adjustment.  I used to work in a chiropractor's office and she has a massage therapist right in the office and lots of people would see the massage therapist first and then have their adjustment.  I did that, too, a few times and it really makes the adjustment easier because the muscles are all relaxes.   

I see my chiropractor every 2 weeks since I started working full time.  I feel so much better after an adjustment.  And she is a Palmer graduate as well. 

Nope. We were given the option of
telling the court how we felt, but there is nothing anyone can do about it now.
On our platform, you have the option of
whether to accept the edited version or not. If you choose not to accept the recognition document and edit it, you can transcribe it from scratch and are paid the straight transcription line rate for those lines.

What platform will you be working on? Maybe it is the same way.
Thanks, but unfortunately this individual has no other option.
She uses wireless high-speed now for internet and her company has told her that their new platform won't work with that. She's "a little bit country", so has no cable or DSL service.
Me, too, but getting pregnant is no longer an option.
I wish I'd never started up again after 8 years without smoking.
No, it means you will have the option of offering it
to the next highest bidder if the original high bidder does not pay. Usually you will just leave it there until item is paid for and shipped. It's really just in case the first deal doesn't go through.
Nicer option inside sm
Why make the cashier feel awkward for simply trying to be nice?

Mother's Day doesn't have to be about being a mom. It can also be about YOUR mom. Accept the cheer to have a nice day and HAVE a nice day!
If you can't get it, leave a blank. You always have that option. sm

If the MT cannot understand the dictator, they always have the option of sending it upward for clarification.  They are doctors, not English language specialists.  I know you would like them to be, but that is not the way it is.  We listen, we transcribe, and if we don't get it, we send it upward for clarification. 

It isn't easy, no one said it was.  But I hate to see people complaining about foreign doctors all the time.  They give excellent care, and a lot of us can understand them.  It is a knack.  If you don't have it, then send it to your QA.

CTRL + spacebar is the other option
I have relase 8.7 and you can prevent a keyword from being replaced by pressing Esc or Ctrl+Space. So if you did not want RA to be replaced with rheumatoid arthrits, you would type RA and press CTRL + spacebar, and it does not expand. It works for me.
It's my only option for the future or I'm out completely
I'm waiting for the right conditions (a connection that will work with their programs) and I am going back to a hospital. All in my metro area have their MTs working from home and I've found that the two big ones do not allow offshoring; in fact, find it repulsive. I was impressed. I can't wait to get steady income, real vacations, sick time, insurance, rotating weekends off, realistic expectations by medical professionals who know transcription and to be treated with respect again!

You know what? I did just recently change that option
that must be it. Previously, it was set to not check capitalized words and I changed it for the same reason you did. Thanks. Guess I'll just have to live with the annoyance.
Lock toolbar is not an option I am given? Any
Tool bar in Word. I do not see the option to
Do you have a system restore option
on your computer where you can set it to how it was working on a past date?
Another option would be to use an electronic notebook sm
Like Microsoft OneNote or Little Red Notebook (is this still available?). It's so much faster to cut and paste with the keyboard rather than stop what you're doing to write it down!

Plus after typing so much for so long, my handwriting is practically illegible at this point!
May have to grin and bear it. Another option . .
Keep documentation for a while. It's a good CYA move if/when they use it against you in QA audits.

As you noted, you are aware a lot of us have been there. Personally, I think commas are the most subjective points of punctuation. Maybe it depends on the QA's mood or the phase of the moon! ;)

Agree. Choosing option C.
I have done VR and transcription and I make a lot more money doing transcription. If it comes down to only VR jobs available, that is when I leave the industry. I refuse to work for the rates these companies are offering for VR. My time would be better spent elsewhere.
They give you the option to try it for FREE
That would not be an option. We only control posting of companies
that outsource offshore by removing those posts.  Whether a job ad is in-house or home-based would be too cumbersome of a task to differentiate as not all job ad posters indicate what type of position they are posting.
I do option B whether it is bad service or exceptionally good
You need to tick the formatted option just above your entry. nm
Split play/stop key option
Without the pedal you can hit one F key to start and stop, so with the pedal you go to the options and split the play/stop key and that should help solve the problem.
Macros are found under the Tools option.

However, for what you describe, you would be better off using a text expander. Auto correct is limited and macros are overkill for the task.

"Do you think the option to Open With would work?
Right mouse click on a WP5.1 file and choose Open with from the pop-up menu. If Word is available, this may help to make it easier to open them using Word, although I still doubt it will search each document's content. Sorry.
Does your program have an option to put in a backspace in your expander?
I use ShortHand for Windows, and if this is what you use, you can put {@KEY BkSp} at the end of it and it will automatically backspace as part of the shortcut.

Same thing applies for bolding, etc. If you look in the help section, you should be able to find out if you can do this.

If you work in Microsoft word, you could record a macro instead of putting it into the autocorrect section.

Good luck!