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Do you have any clue what they are up to. It is obvious they are up to something.

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-09-15
In Reply to: Never happened to me before - AMHERSTMT

I just hope everyone is calling Corporate.

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Clue to you
Get a clue, get educated.........9/1I HAD NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH IRAQ OR SADDAM..Where is Bin Laden??  Where are the masterminds of 9/11??  Nothing to do with 9/11..If you believe that, oh geez..read a newspaper or two..
I have no clue
Oh, we have a clue!
We have a clue that you are in management at an MTSO. Naturally, you would not want us complaining about low wages, now, would you - more money in your pocket.

Go back in your closet now. No one wants to hear from you!
Or else because they don't have a clue
Please go away until you get a clue and can
carry on an intelligent discussion.
you know I don't have a clue who sm
the heck you are and I really don't care. But, I never have had a post that I said anyone was a plant, management, lying or anything else.

I don't know even how this got started except there is another poster obviously that I am mistaken for. I don't care if you do VR, MT, scrub toilets or are a Walmart greeter. Grow up, get a life adn stop ripping me apart. You have me mistaken for somebody else. I am a MT (as you supposedly are) who just found a decent job and wanted to let folks know there are jobs out there and I get ripped apart by somebody telling me things I said that I did not say and has me mixed up with somebody else.

Good God grow the heck UP!!!!!!!!!!! If I were management I wouldn't hire someone with your attitude. GEEZE!
I haven't a clue...
Maybe Casper the Friendly Ghost?
Really have no clue, but did you install the new RAM - sm
in the first slot? The larger memory strip has to go in the first slot, and the smaller RAM/DIMM whatever you have goes in the next slot. Is that possibly the problem?
No clue really but perhaps on the boards...sm
Equipment or Technical boards here at mtstars might help you better than I cannot.  I only know that one of my monitors has a very small screen and I cannot see a lot of what I'm supposed to see on that screen.
I haven't a clue
So give us a clue HE-man!!
yup, but this doc wouldn't have a clue about that...sm
I'm almost positive he's using a VR software or something else. 
JLG RULES to those who have a clue

I am amazed and not surprised at how many children we have out here who apparently have not cut it with JLG and now have to bad mouth one of the finest companies there is and I know it! I have had many of my former MT's come to work here -they are making wonderful pay....but perhaps that is because they work?! They aren't sitting on the message boards crying the blues because they didn't listen, couldn't follow simple rules, and probably lied about the length of experience as an MT so they were FIRED!! JLG is one of the finest companies there is. The work flow staff and owners are the finest I have every had the pleasure to work for and I have been in this industry as a CMT and now QA for 22 years.   They pay ridiculously HIGH and you have to have knowledge to make it with them. Stop saying things that aren't true THEY DO NOT run CREDIT CHECKS> FOOL THAT YOU ARE... if you cant cut it as an MT why understand this...JLG asks for a social security# simply to make sure that you belong to that SS# and that you are not an illegal alien working with someone else's SS#, also to ensure that you do not have any delinquent tax liens with IRS because by law they can not employ you as an IC and not pay uncle Sam because if you have not paid taxes before , well that says it all right there. So don't run your toilet when you don't know what you are talking about. What would they care about your light bill, phone bill or any bills on your credit report. That makes no sense but neither does anything negative I have read about JLG. So do yourself a favor, stop trying to work for a top notch company until you build your resume. Perhaps go to an accredited school and learn to be an MT and stop taking mail order courses that get you know where but broke and without a job to pay the student loan back. Anyone wanting to be an MT at JLG should be honored to get hired and also we have more work and more accounts and more new accounts that we can not staff fast enough to keep up. Perhaps you didn't have enough work because you are one lousy MT because that's usually why you don't get work. I wish everyone working here now could here this nonsense but we are too busy to do what you do all day which is make up fairy tales. Apply with JLG. Do yourself the favor don't listen to people that are just disgruntled because they couldn't make the grade. And contrary to MS Opinion....QA knows about everything at JLG. We have to baby sit and grade all the work that MT's do incase they fib about the experience and we have to make sure it is all spell checked and dot their Is and Cross their T's. So QA knows everything from how much work is waiting to be typed, how much has come in and how much will be there the next week. Get off it and get real. Perhaps McDonald's is hiring. Because I make so much money I am buying myself a new 40 thousand dollar vehicle in 3 weeks and let me say this I made just that in the past 6 months. Sorry it didn't work out Now get over it and if you don't like other peoples opinions STAY OFF THE BOARD Back to  my life. Sorry you couldn't have one too.  By the way I wont be back I do have work to do! I just had to come see for myself at the clown like stuff written about our wonderful company.


I think you have no clue, here. Just what are you talking about? LOL
Poster was talking about the context of that sentence made by the person complaining about how others speak and then goes on to say "People have a poor grasp on the English language *anymore*" which is totally poor English. I think it's a riot!

I also hate when people say she use to instead of she *used* to. Ugh, we could go on here all day. lol

Spoken like someone who has no clue.

I have a bright idea for you. Go find your own accounts and charge them the rate that you feel you're so worthy of. I'm sure that if you get some takers at the rate you're asking, you won't have to worry about having too much work to do yourself so you won't have to worry about paying another MT the rate you're asking for.

darn right, have no clue!

"Have no clue" is an understatement!!!  Not being nasty here -- just stating a fact.  I know an MTSO who says when she tries to call physician's offices and gets the manager and explains that she is calling requesting to speak with the person in charge about doing their transcription for them, most often the answer she gets is "What's transcription?"  She swears they hire personnel based on a certain part of their anatomy and it's not the brain.

Then, if she's lucky enough to get through to the physician in charge, he is not willing to pay a decent fee.  She has apologized to me for not paying me more but told me that on some accounts they are only making 1/4 of a cent after expenses (including MT pay).  She said they have to bid low to get the work.  She hates marketing now. 

You obviously have no clue about correct use
You really donít have a clue and would be in over your head.
From what you have "pixked" up...you still don't have a clue.
GEt a clue I was being sarcastic, duh

And of course, I'm the "little" Hispanic girl - dumbass!

Some people just don't have a clue
I can't believe you would name an account publicly. Some of us still work there and like these accounts.

We don't want to lose our accounts.

You donít have a clue as to what this job entails
Your last sentence is just loco. You donít know how this works, probably have not had 1 bit of work relating to this field and I agree with the 30_ and fed up. This is not a job for women who "just want to work from home to be with their children", crappy reason to do anyway. Your last sentence really says it all, better than relying on the government to do this job. You have to first know what you are doing which you donít and secondly yes transcriptionists are held to a high standard (donít think you have that to start) and no one cleans up your work but looks like you would be a great place to start if they did.
Might be obvious but who is SE?
maybe you need a man because of your obvious

That's obvious-we all used to be something

but we don't make posts with our former titles. Get over it..

its you and its very obvious
Well then its obvious that you don't have much
faith in your children nor your parenting skills if you have not taught them how to make decisions for themselves. 
It is obvious
they don't care. It is not only cardiac docs either.
Thank you, Dr. Obvious...

Doctor dictates:

"The patient takes Doxepin for insomnia.  He has been taking 25 mg four of them at time, but I am prescribing 100 mg tablets which is the same."

This just made me giggle...

OK, now it's obvious to me...
could be wrong, but it seems that they are paying you ONLY after they get paid. That means you are at the mercy of the accounts payable department of the hospital... I never work for an MTSO when MY payment is tied to THEIR payment from their clients.
This may be obvious, but...

 I am pretty sure that she was referring to the manner in which her very unsupportive post was worded, i.e. "a REAL transcriptionist".  How in the world is that helping someone who is coming here for a little bit of help and, dare a person aspire for, a kind word...  anyway, just mho. 

Let's take a moment to put ourselves in her shoes instead of trying to think of a way to boost our own ego.  Perhaps the place in which she worked had a different style, a different format.  I even have done some recent work for a hospital who wants all of their references to the spinal disks spelled disc (even though this is specifically a no-no with AAMT).  I'm not an expert, but if there were a helpful thing that I could think of to say, it would be to buy of borrow a current AAMT Book of Style (3rd Edition) and make sure that you are all up on your format and style.  Anyway, good luck!!

It is so obvious

that some of these docs do not have the first idea what they are going to say when they dial in.  They have not bothered to organize their thoughts or mentally outline what they intend to dictate.  They just 'wing it,' go back and add, delete whole paragraphs, then maybe say virtually the same thing as the deleted section somewhere else.  I've learned never to delete but to cut sections just in case they get pasted back in someplace else.

One guy in particular says things like:  'Put temperature was 98.3 degrees and say BP was 130/70 and write respirations were 18 and could you say weight was 225 pounds, and like, he was sort-of short of breath?' 

How  do you verbatim that?  Dude!  I'm not you pal and we're not having a conversation here.  Do you realize I'm supposed to be transcribing EVERY SINGLE WORD YOU SAY? 

Can you give us a clue? Initials?
Since that would be unique to each company, I don't know how anybody here would even have a clue.
Hey, RadGuy -- Could you clue me in on which Arby's it was so I will know not to go there, they h
enough trouble getting my order right as it is!  TIA.
I have no clue why my reply to you was deleted!
It was a friendly, I'm sorry you're going thru this, been there, done that post! This is beyond silly! Anyhooo, guess its not worth answering posts if they just get edited for no reason at all!  Maybe lots of others have answered you as well, but they disappear in a flash!
You have no clue who I am so you don't know my level of peacefulness.
Actually, I am a kind person and considered to be "peaceful".  Lennon was "in his time" back when drugs was the thing to do along with peace, love, no war, but it was ok to do every drug imagineable, participate in orgies, the sit ins, not wearing bras.  It was a change in time that young people of the time were going through.  It doesn't mean John Lennon was some sort of hero.
Because at age 18 I, like most people, had no clue what was the right thing to do
But I'm fixing that now. Better late than never.

Working towards master's degree, switched careers completely.
yes, Snow Bunny, I don't have a clue what
your point is.  Explain, please.
Wow, she doesn't have a CLUE what she's talking about.
The hospital I worked for provided plenty of feedback. We also had to perform at 98% or better on QA. They were always looking for new technology to help cut costs and increase production. Sure, we could have a tech guy come to our house to fix our computer, but none of us needed one.
Get a clue, jabu. The company name is in the
I doubt the doctor has a clue about sm
any of that stuff. It would be the person running the office, their tech support etc. etc, but never the doctor. But again if you lived in this country, you would know that.
sorry for your obvious hairball. nm
It was such an obvious question
I am sorry but it was such an obvious question at least to me and kind of reminded me of a Jeff Foxworthy song/routine.  They mail their payments to you where your business headquarters or your AP/AR is located.   It is like your car insurance you drive in California but your insurance headquarters are located in Arizona so where do you mail your check???   Or the MT's that work in a different state, where do you send those checks?  It just struck me ironic that someone who was thinking of doing what you are venturing out to do would have such a basic question to ask.  Struck me as a little weird.  And yes I have been an MTSO for 18+ years now.   Good luck to you and I hope your accounts follow you with your move and you are able to pick up more accounts wherever you move.  You might be the next big national and then you can come back and really let us have it.   Again, good luck.   Patti
It is SOOOOO obvious who you are
And it was so obvious last night who you were as you were posting with different names about what you were "eating". Please.

I am NOT starting flames. I was trying to let the OP know that not everyone on this site is mean and nasty. This place has really become a hole in the wall since you started frequenting the joint. Makes me wonder why I waste my time.

Obvious what 1 requirement is...
Obvioulsy one of the requirements of becoming an MT is rudeness and being quick to judge! I was just asking for suggestions and what being an MT entailed. In no way did I suggest that I had any idea about what MT requires of a person. Sheesh!
I know if someone posted on the engineering forums I am a part of I would be more than happy to give them suggestions on how to get started, different paths they could take, ect. Then again, I like to impart my experience so maybe I can help others learn from my mistakes so they don't have to make the same ones.

Obviously MTs work from home for a reason - seems that most of you don't work well with others!! Only 1 person actually took my post for what it was and told me their experience!! That's a real shame.
Obvious that law was written by men
Do they think that because we have breasts we can't drive correctly? OMG.

This is especially upsetting, seeing as most females who are getting permits are teenage years and breast cancer is not so common in that age range.

As an aside, a friend of mine had to go in for a mammogram a while back. Her insurance company refused to pay for it. Said it was not a necessary exam because she is "not old enough to need a mammogram". Her doc found a lump and wanted the test. Why is this not necessary?
Where do I get the trial version of Shorthand? Sorry! No clue!!! Thanks for
the help!
Nah.. again I say.. give up pretending to be a psychic. You do not have a clue.
I still cant see the categories on the side and I have no clue what happened.
No clue but try the emotion/depression board


Try this board as you may get more of a response from people who may know.