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Come 2 Ohio...

Posted By: MQ2005 on 2005-09-15
In Reply to: NO WORK AGAIN - amherstMT

Where the livin' is easy and the work is bountiful...

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So much for Ohio.
Ohio MQ is closing in December. Another one bites the dust...
Ohio MQ.... how do you know?
Where did you get this info?
To MQ Titanic, that is big statement you have made that will affect a ton of people, so unless you have a statement forthcoming ASAP to back that up, we are all going to have to assume you are full of icebergs.  Please either prove or lose.
No shortage in SW Ohio...reg is 3.09 as of Weds eve.

If there is any chance that you can transfer and get out of the xxx hole that they call Amherst MQ, go to the Ohio office, plenty of work and you are treated with respect--stay away from Foxboro and Amherst--nothing but misery

I can not say enough about the people at the Ohio MQ office--they are the best

They are closing in December. Period.
Yes, Ohio here
We do not judge them all by a few as one poster does.


 I am just curious as I don't see many people from Ohio. Whereabouts are you? I am in Cleveland.  Do you have a lot of accounts? I keep pretty busy and mine are pretty diversified with one ESL which took me about two months to finally understand.  I was lucky they kept me along. 

Just wanted to say Hi to a fellow Buckeye!


If you look up Ohio's bad (sm)

check laws, they apparently allow for the greater of $200 or 3x the check's face amount in liquidation fees.  I'm thinking though, that with the amount of these checks, you are outside the small claims situation.  You would then go to the next level in the court.  Maybe you can call the Ohio Court in the county/town she lives in and ask what one might do in this situation?  Maybe you can even check with your own state's court and see what their recommendation is.  I think the amount of the checks is going to be key here.  Fraud? Criminal?  This is a LOT of money here. 

I think your willingness to keep on working and not push the matter has also played a piece in her obvious oblivion to this?  Might be work $100 to have a lawyer write her a strongly worded letter - might just get her attention?


Ohio MTs

I just saw ****of Cleveland Plain Dealer (newspaper) on C-SPAN.  She is a journalist who cares about people losing their jobs in the state of Ohio.  After hearing her on C-SPAN, I believe if MTs from Ohio would contact her about all of our issues regarding offshoring of our jobs, unfair pay for VR, our personal information going overseas, etc., she just might be the person to take up the issue.  She fights for the working man/woman.  She is a wonderful person.  She even said she would be glad to hear from people by telephone.  I think if enough MTs from Ohio contact her, she might help us all.  Her phone number at the Cleveland Plain Dealer is ****.  I couldn't verify email address from the web site but did find www.cleveland.com/schultz/ (I haven't tried this yet).  She is also a Pulitzer Prize Winner for her excellence in journalism.  I'll be contacting her.  I hope others do as well.

****Phone numbers are not to be posted nor other private information.****


Ohio office
If you mean the Columbus office, not good. Ran out of work repeatedly even though had backup accounts. Was told to assure work, could switch to evenings and weekends, so I quit.
Eek! 72 here in Ohio, and that's a concession
to trying to save a little money! Ideally, I like it 68 year-round. That's what I love about working from home: I can control my environment. At my last "regular" job in a bank op center, there were these 2 girls who always had the thermostat set to 80 in the office and I would sweat my rear end off, not to mention the fact that I had a very physical job to begin with. Yuck. I don't miss that at all.
One of the Ohio offices
I'd rather not say which. Been there years.... it's gotten worse, not better!
I want to say it was the Ohio office but I can't
promise. That was back at the beginning of the year and I didn't take the job. I talked to people at 2 different offices.
Do you mean the office in Columbus??? They can't close it, it is run too well!!!!
OHIO MQ Closing
Please tell me that they are not being transferred to Amherst???
Sounds like TCI in Ohio. sm
You have to kill yourself to get $400 a week working for them.
not from Ohio - I live in NYC - definitely no where near CIG - sm
Coney Island Girl

She must live in a great part of Coney Island - the wealthy part of Coney Island with the rose colored windows in everybody's house. :)

I do try very hard to keep on top of the transcription industry and where it is going in terms of money potential, demographics, politics, etc.
I am in Ohio too and in the files for over 7 years...contact me and I would be glad to help out as a mentor, etc...
could it be Ohio State? nm
Oh wait, what about Ohio State and the guy who
held all the people hostage and killed some? 
in Ohio, don't remember the city though and right
now the name of the company escapes me.  I do know that there is a company with the same name that advertises here, but they are in NJ I think. 
gas shortage/leaving for ohio in the am
Here in Brunswick stations closed at 6 pm and not open until Friday and can get only 5 gallons then. Trucker said Atlanta was getting $5 a gal and now Atlanta is completely out of gas. I am leaving for Ohio in the am and concerned if this shortage is just here or all the way up. Any info would be appreciated.
Small company in Ohio did that to me.
Had Indians working on something called Expresive. Wanted to pay me by the hour to put all my normals up on her FTP for the other MTs, then I got all the difficult OPs, asked to QA for 2 cpl, then stopped giving me acute care work & switched me to Rehab on a cumbersome Meditech program.
Where at in Ohio do you live...you sound not far from me! sm
I live in the boondocks of northeast Ohio too. Unfortunately I have found nothing else to get out here. I finally got Direcway last year and have loved it since!! My dial up was so slow I got nothing done all day. With Directway at least I can get work quick and get back to them quickly! Where do you live?
Does anybody work at Mt. Carmel in Ohio?
I am working at a Trinity Hospital that is going to E-scription.  I am told Mt. Carmel in Ohio has this program. I have a few questions and am hoping someone might be able to answer them.  The #1 question on my list is:  The hospital here told me you have about 175 employees.  Do you work for the hospital or for E-scription, or some other service?  Thanking you in advance, Tynker
MT jobs for a newbie in southeast Ohio

I am currently taking a MT course through PCDI.  I should be done by December 2005.  Does anyone know how of any jobs in southeast Ohio?  I heard PCDI is a big joke.  Is this true?

Any info is greatly appreciated.


re: MQ ohio office contact info

Worked there a few years back, think her name was Joanna, who did the training/hiring.  But I've heard of late (since they consolidated all Ohio offices) that there's a lot of new people.  Phone number is 888-899-5470.  HTH

Well, the closest thing to MQ utopia WAS Ohio...
But not much longer - in December they go *poof*...
Direcway #2/Transcribing in the boondocks of Ohio!

I should've explained the reason for my question in the first place.  I live in rural Ohio, really rural, and besides dial-up, which, by the way, worked okay until the cold weather hit, a little slow, but okay, and a lot less expensive than DWay.  The only option I had, that I could find anyway, was Direcway.  Have any other Ohio MTs found anything else out there that works?  I'm in northeastern Ohio, about an hour from Pittsburgh, PA. 

Direcway#2/Transcribing in the boondocks of Ohio
Hi, just wanted to mention that I recently moved back to IL and to a rural area. In order to work, I invested in a laptop with the wireless network car through Sprint. The techs at the companies that I work for feel it is a bit slow, but its the ONLY option that I have right now and also, for one company, in order to download reports to be able to work, I do have to use a dial-up connection. However, other than a bit of a lag, I really don't seem to have any problems with the wireless network card.

I also researched Verizon (who is the local carrier here) and their coverage only went to a certain area.

I might mention too, that the trial deal is ONLY if you are an existing Sprint customer and since they consider it a second phone line, you have to pay a $150 deposit up front, so its not enitrely "free" and I believe for unlimited service its around $50-60 a month. Hope this helps.
I am in Ohio, but have friends in MI and MO that charge 15/line.
You may need to check further.  You may undercutting yourself.
unusual for me too, worried too, not Amherst office nor Ohio

My goodness, there are MQ offices crying for help. Gets transferred out of Amherst to Ohio or one of
the other offices. I will do that if they run me out of work at Amherst. I dont plan to stick around long if that happens.
Allscribe in Suffield Ohio. No longer in business. Tammy was owner

Congratulations! Melanie P. of Ohio on winning the weekend warrior dinner!
Please email admin@mtstars.com with your choice of gift card and full mailing address and we will ship it out immediately!
Can someone from the Ohio MQ office give me a contact person and a phone number to call or an email
address. I am interesting in asking a few questions to someone there in hopes of possibly transferring but I need some info first before I go from one problem to the same one elsewhere.
Hudson High, Hudson Ohio