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Wait until we get a lower base rate and incentive and no work for incentive.Should prove interesting

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-09-15
In Reply to: Yes I am - MQ FT

because everyone will probably have a lower base rate than now. As I say, should prove interesting.

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Next they will reduce the base pay we get just wait and give us incentive tiers which will be almost
impossible to make. Great fun. This company sucks big time. I have never been so sick of jumping around in accounts to make lines and then expected to have no blanks and maintain 98% quality. What A--holes they are. I can hardly stand to even talk to those people anymore. They are nothing but BS like MQ tells them to be.
1000 lines / 1.5 = 667 X incentive pay scale rate?

Ok, I inquired about a job and this is what they told me.  Does this make sense to you all?  What are they trying to say they pay for QA work? 

We have an incentive pay plan ranging from 0.07 cents to 10 cents per line. 
Our editing accounts are converted into typed lines.  If you edit 1000 lines,
it is divided by 1.5 to  get 667 typed lines and then paid on the incentive pay scale.


Have you forgotten we have not gotten the new pay plan yet which will lower the base rate I am sure
and be incentive tiered according to production which is next to impossible on so many accounts anymore. This is only the beginning of the pay decrease.
No, there's no pay incentive ... but there may be other incentive worth considering.

I'd give anything to have the radiation oncology department of a hospital I used to work at .. the reports were lovely 3 page affairs that, while not conforming to a "normal" conformed to a standard template that made the 3 pages fly by .. the dictator was a tediously slow (but clear) talking earnest young doctor .. and a small handful of his reports  could rack up 500 lines with little agitation. ... a few sighs, but...

I think in the current state of the business, it is worth tackling a speciality or two ... OP's first, of course, but then whatever presents itself.


The two benefits will be seen in hiring and in work being available when the other easier stuff is all gone. Oncology patients generally are older and have more history to be documented, etc.  While a great ER account is a truly wonderful thing ... when that's all gone, having some long winded, backedup accounts are a god-send, imho.


good luck.

The midsize national I work for has a nice tiered incentive plan sm
for employees, not sure about the ICs.  In order not to qualify for one of the incentives, you'd have to transcribe at LESS than 150 LPH.  Pretty easy to make bonus each pay period.  The faster you are, the bigger the bonus.
I work four 8 hr shifts, home based for hospital.. hourly plus incentive.
i've always had a problem with what they refer to as incentives! never logical and as you so precisely put it, INCREDIBLY CHEAP!!
What incentive does she have to tell?
Just curious.  Afterall, they may never know.
I call that incentive honesty. What do you call it?
What will we make if we do 2,100 lines per day?
plus incentive....
incentive pay
I would like to know how icentives usually work. If your base rate was .10 per line up to 10,000 lines per pay period, your incentive was .15 above 10,000 and you typed 15,000 lines, would you be paid .15 for all 15,000 lines or just .15 for the 5,000 lines over the minimum and .10 for the first 10,000?
Same here no incentive when working in house. You got done what you got done. The only time I have really heard of an incentive is working as an IC at home and that is by the line.
because of incentive pay
You start producing more line that is more per hour and they can slow you down to keep you from getting those extra lines. Every time I would get to my line count up, the slower it was to get the same type of work done. I even complained that it was too slow and I wanted another account and he said "I can set your speed up a little. We turn it down to keep from crashing the system." I worked third shift so how many are there working third?
I just was hired with the new SE pay/incentive!!!!!

I must say I am very happy and I think other SE's will be, as well!!

I hired in at 9 cpl and can earn up to 2 cpl in incentive on every line I type!  I'm excited!  I can hardly wait to get started!!  Though I am only obligated to do 6000 lines in a payperiod, if I type 16,000 lines in the payperiod I get my extra 2 cpl and that makes for $1760 just for that!  I think that is pretty good.

My training is next week and I hope to be able to reach that with my first check!!

If all would please be calm, I'm sure that the new SE pay/incentive plan will soon get out there!!!  You'll be very pleased! 

actually - I was told what my pay would be, as well as the incentive - sm
it was a little bit of a decision for me to make. But I based it on a few things, one being the time spent on the phone with the recruiter, questions asked and answered, etc. I'm happy with the choice I made.

Prior to this I had been emailing my resume to companies and waiting, email some more, wait some more. Then I posted my resume and I had emails and phone calls within a two week period. I couldn't believe it! The exact opposite worked! Go figure.

Anyways, it's just my 2 cents
Incentive plan?... sm
Curious how common it is to have an incentive plan at your company.  Does it make a difference if you are an employee, SC, etc.?  Currently, employee at 7.5 cpl with benefits (vacation, holiday, health insurance, etc.).  No incentive plan.  I have almost 20 years experience.  Minimum requirement is 1200 lines per day, full time.  Thanks for any info! 
I wouldn't do it without incentive
I make $30/hour now on lines
When I was in house there was no incentive.
You got done what you got done. No reward for pushing to get extra done.
Production incentive

The last hospital I worked at paid an hourly wage, no incentive, and had a minimum line requirement per day of 1200. 

The problem with this scenario is that there is no incentive to produce more - thus the term * incentive *.  If work became backed up, we were offered overtime.

When I worked in-house for a service, we had a line per day requirement of 1200 and anything over 1200 lines per day was paid at 6 cents per line.

The incentive should be for ALL lines sm
transcribed, not just the ones over 1100.  That is cheapskate bonus.
Oh, joy, yet another incentive weekend. . .
and there's not even any work in my BOB.  Why, oh, why, are all the people that run everything are the ones with no common sense?!
There is little or no incentive to learn and use
all these shortcuts, when one knows that the cpl will maximum be 4 cents.
$19 an hour and incentive too?
Sounds like what I used to make before I got outsourced 4 years ago. My pay has never been as much since -- it's been about $10,000 a year less and going down. I never have been able to do twice as much editing as typing, but they cut your pay in half. I am really tired of MTSOs getting all the money and cutting our pay. There are very few hospitals in this area that have not outsourced.
the worst incentive I got offered
Yes, yes... some incentive is better than none offered (to anyone who is ready to say, "At least you get one!"), but the worst incentive I was ever offered was when I worked for HealthScribe years back and they offered a 1/4 cent on lines typed for a certain day.  Doing 1000 lines, that worked out to $2.50 tagged onto my regular rate.  That wasn't even worth thinking about let alone spoiling my weekend for.
Incentive by minutes with Cerner
Hi -
The hospital I work for went with Cerner a year or so ago. Their software is so bad, our required minutes were lowered to 80 minutes/8hr. Incentive starts at 91.3 min/8hr.
What would you make in incentive doing 1200 lpd?

With MQ's new plan in January:   $0 incentive on 1200 lines/day.

Spheris:  1200 lines a day = $24 a week incentive.

What about where YOU work?!!


Sure takes any incentive out of trying to do a good job.
That is what happens when you put people in charge that have no experience other than raising a couple of loud mouthed brats that always make sure they scream when supervisor calls you.
Because of my competitive nature, I would use it as incentive to
produce more and make more money.

I always like to know where I fall compared to other MTs - am I in the middle of the pack, on the bottom or on top. If I am not on top, than I would do my best to get there. That is just my nature. I strive to be the best that I can be, although sometimes we all fall short. No biggy!! Just do your best and produce what you physically can, and that will have to be enough for that particular day.

Just use the daily information as an incentive for yourself!

Good luck to you.
My inhouse incentive experience
When I worked inhouse, our incentive was calculated quarterly. Our incentive was based on minutes of dictation transcribed, not lines.

We had a minimum number of minutes to average daily. Depending on how much we passed that minimum (on the quarterly average), we were assigned an hourly incentive to be paid for all regular hours worked for the next quarter.

Example: If my 1st quarter average production put me at 180 minutes of dictaiton, then I would receive an extra $8.50 an hour (in addition to my regular hourly wage) for all regular hours worked for the 2nd quarter. If I took paid time off, had a holiday off, or had overtime, it was not paid for those hours. Only for regular hours. So, if I worked my regular 40 hours weekly, I received an extra $340 a week in incentive.

Now, incentive started low, at $1.00 an hour and worked up to $10 an hour.

Last time I worked inhouse with per-line incentives, we literally got a daily line count and had a tiered set up with lines/hour average daily.
Incentive Production Bonus
I have worked several in-house transcription jobs in my 20 plus years as a medical transcriptionist. I have been paid hourly for each one. I have never received a production bonus. In fact, I had never heard of such a thing until I started working for a national at home. I did get overtime at time and a half for working over 40 hours a week, which is more than a production bonus would ever be. Good luck with your project!
...maybe incentive pay like OT or payment for bonus
Perhaps, but there will also be no incentive to go into medicine for US docs, SM
when they get out of med school they have debt, will have to set up a practice, pay their staff, etc. What is the incentive if you can earn a limited income.

I say let the free market decide.
I get extra incentive from my 2 employers too.
That's just not true... I make 16/hr PLUS incentive, including
But isn't the increased incentive JUST on whatever is over 300 lines? Not applied to the first 3
Depends on incentive offered, benefits, and
I find it odd that no one knows what the MQ incentive plan is and wont for several months but
you have been hired on the new incentive plan. Somehow I am sorry but this whole thing just doesnt ring true. I just doesnt gel with what we were just told by email and snail mail by the CEO.
I worked for a local hospital that used the same formula for our incentive pay.
I called on that ad. They offered me $23.00 an hour with differential and incentive. AND
relocation fees, AND if you live in the metro area, you can work at home.  It sounds wonderful to me.  I don't know why they are looking for help with all that combined.  My husband just didn't want to relocate or I would have been there instantly. Besides, I love the area.
Depends on each company, but usually incentive pay is only on the additional lines. Ask to be sure.
working 3rd shift and weekends sometimes gives you bonus incentive pay. nm
I tell my family blank keys is good incentive for


Yes, I leave cable news on low, but since I get paid by the hour plus incentive,
One in Jonesboro, Arkansas, does. Paid by the hour with incentive based
They want minimum of 120 minutes/8 hours. After that is when you start earning that incentive.

Does your employer offer incentive for exceeding quality expectations?

On the flip side, does your employer have any kind of disciplinary (for lack of a better word) procedure in place for MTs who consistently fail QA reviews?

Finally, what do you think the consequences for constantly failing QA review should be?

Thank You!


I like what I have...Hourly PLUS incentive after a very easy to reach minimum line count.
We paid hourly with incentive for high production. So she's making money when she's just
sitting there.  I don't know if it is a habit or not because this is the first time I've really had to work with her for any length of time.  I usually only work a couple of hours a day with her when our shifts overlap.  I think I'm definitely going to ask the girl I'm filling in for what she thinks about her.
This is my base rate for surgeries sm
I have an incentive program, I can make more, but this is my base rate. I had this rate at another company where I did OPs for 4 yrs and I made really good money at it typing just outpatient surgical notes (6 hours a day, 1500-1700 lines a day average during that shift).

In point of fact, it is much easier to get normals set up for this situation than for OPs in a hospital because you have fewer doctors and fewer different procedures.
Thanks, Mardi. My base rate is .085, so the most I am paid . . .
is .095 a line, whether it be 16,000 or 20,000 lines per pay period. I try to get 1800-2000 lines a day, or 9000-10,000 lines a week. This is for employee status, 1st shift, acute care, with 15+ years' experience.

I have seen so many job listings only requiring 5000-6000 lines a week and a line rate of .07-.09, and figured my .095/line was about average. If I can do better than this, please let me know!!!

I just assumed the low line requirements were due to the fact that anything more than that was impossible, whether it be due to ESL dictators, complicated platform, or just the lack of work. I would love to know of any MTSOs that can provide enough work for my production level with a better line rate. Thanks again!!
Just got a letter in the mail from MQ stating that they will be paying 80% of our base rate for ASR.
So this is the start of the new pay plan the rest of which isnt out yet. We will lose 20% of our line rate for ASR starting October 1.