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Has anyone asked to be transferred out to an office that MIGHT be open for awhile. Is there anyone

Posted By: MQMT on 2005-09-15
In Reply to: NO WORK AGAIN - amherstMT

in Amherst that is willing to get this situation taken care of or is that a lost cause.

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Just DQS from my office was transferred and the rest are getting on DQS before the office closes.
I dont know about your accounts there but my office was transferred there and since then all the
accounts and people in my office have their accounts running out. It took a few weeks after being transferred there but finally they got all of them because they want that 1 hour TAT on accounts there and that is what they are trying to do. So I dont think it is a few isolated accounts. My office had tons of accounts that went up there on DQS and we are all in the same boat.
Just got transferred to the Amherst office and am wondering what to expect from that transfer.

Can anyone tell me anything about how they operate that office. Do you have work in your regular accounts without hundreds of backups or what is the situation.


I typed both Rad and Clinic, just asked to be put on when a Rad account came open.
Open office
I am saying the same thing as I need to set up my laptop.  Someone told me that Open Office is compatible with Microsoft Word products - can switch documents between the programs.  I have gotten as far as installing it, but have not figured out anything further as of yet.  If you check this out and find it works for you - tell me how you did it!!   It has everything in it like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Database - so hopefully it will work out to save us all some money - it is a free program.
Word vs. Open Office
I have an even better idea than spending money on Word. I'm doing this myself. Log on to: www.openoffice.org and read about it, then download it and start using it. I love it! It's absolutely free. No risk of marketers getting your email address and bombarding you with junk mail. I learned about it through our I.T. Dept. It works exactly like Word! You can even use the spreadsheet and other features, but all I really use is the word processing part. Check it out and let everybody know what you think. I'm very happy I learned about it. :)
Try Open Office - see inside
It's free and works the same as MS Word.

I have an Open Office package that came free
It's legit.  I bought a refurbished hard drive so that I could run XP as opposed to buying a new computer, and Open Office came loaded.  I just don't think it's Microsoft.  I don't use it because I use Microsoft Office 2003, but Open Office works very similar to Word and Excel by Microsoft.
I know quite a few people that use Open Office and are happy with it.
I thought it was free (donations accepted, of course), but perhaps that has changed.
We didnt know it would be like this until we got transferred. I only got transferred within the past
4 weeks. I already have my resume out and have talked to another company. It was okay until the accounts and offices get closed and we ended up at Amherst. I am sure a lot of us are leaving.
My office has a sliding glass door that I keep open, but it helps me
I have asked numerous times if people like the Amherst office but seems no one ever offers their
opinion about that office. Just transferred there and I am sure many other MTs on here work out of that office.
You can't just open the attachment. You need to save it to a file and then open SM
your wave player and load it. 
i got transferred too
it is crazy, never ran out of work until they moved us to amherst, they OVERLOAD bad....labor day wkend was a joke working for them, email on sunday they are desperate for ppl to work, by monday, no work

I Was Transferred
My office did close. My account was transferred to unfamililar territory and I have found this office to be far superior to the one I worked with before. Just 1 example: I was given a backup account when my main account volume was low. I did well with this account, but did not care for it. After several days, I tried my main account but kept getting the message that all requested dictation had been transcribed. After a few more days I got suspicious and dialed in using another MT ID number. There it was! Work available! It turns out that the woman in charge of my account had "blocked" me from getting into it so I was forced to the do the backup account. It seemed that another MT had quit and that left this account short of MTs. Instead of being honest with me and asking me to help out until they hired another MT, she just blocked me from getting in. So as you can see, it was not all that great with this office. When it closed, I felt bad for those who lost their jobs that worked in that office, but I also felt that I could trust the new office to not do that to me again. I was right. They were all shocked and very disappointed that an employee of MQ would pull such a stunt. I have been with this office for several months now and have been treated no less than wonderful. I am sure there are other good companies out there to work for, but for me, I am staying put. However, if you leave in good standing, MQ always welcomes you back, so you are right--what do you have to lose? I tried it, and if you need to test newer waters, I say go for it.
LOL I don't know. I do know they transferred their corporate
helpdesk back to the U.S. because it comprises 90% of their sales. I think it was 90%. The home users have to put up with the offshores tech support. I bought a Dell, too, because I figured I could do my own tech support without buying anything extra or calling them. Shoot, $300 for a computer and printer. They had to have lost money on that deal, right? I don't know if that was right or wrong of me if I'm against offshoring, but I really needed a new computer.

Anyway, you might try Dell's online knowledge base to search for the answers to your issues. Do you think you'd be able to fix it yourself with detailed instructions? What kind of problem are you having? Maybe I can help.
I transferred my glossary, etc to a new
computer.  I found out how to do it by Googling "copying Expander to new computer" or something like that.  I'm sorry I cannot tell you exactly what it says as they are printed at home and I'm on the road.  This works for your dictionary as well.
Has anyone had 8mm or Super 8 film transferred to DVD?

Seems to me it would be a great X-mas gift.  I found one of my brother (now 55+) when he advanced from cub scouts to boy scouts.

I tried to check out a couple of websites, but it's all Greek to me.

I cant believe it. I was just transferred to Amherst and said how much help they needed this weekend
and guess what. NO WORK. Are these people playing games up there with us and our livelihood. I am getting thoroughly disgusted and I think we should talk to corporate about this. There is no sense to this anymore. There is someone up there that must hate MTs and enjoys doing this. They have to be nuts. Is there someone up there we can talk to beyond these idiots that monitor the accounts.
Yes, live on W Coast and my acct transferred
over to Amherst. 
Ooops, transferred the 25 years old to your age at the time.
You'd need to ask the tech if your abbrns. in ESP could be transferred should you ever leave
You purchase the plans which allow so much data to be transferred.
I paid for the $59.99 monthly package, which is a lot of data usuage and have used programs such as Dictaphone ExText and Escription on the road. It seems like someone told me you'd have to pretty much be on it nonstop to use up all the data allowance but you can check it out here..http://b2b.vzw.com/broadband/bbapccard.html
I have been in the same boat since being transferred to Amherst. I have contacted New Jersey and
spoken with one of THOSE WOMEN and have gotten very little response other than oh we will see what we can do and things continue to just go on the way they were. I think it will take a lot of people calling Human Resources and emailing those 2 women or getting transferred or quitting that will change things MAYBE. Are many people quitting up there in Amherst. I know since my office has been transferred they are quitting now.
How do I get it ST to open when escription is open?

My goodness, there are MQ offices crying for help. Gets transferred out of Amherst to Ohio or one of
the other offices. I will do that if they run me out of work at Amherst. I dont plan to stick around long if that happens.
me too - once in awhile
But I really like this board much better.
We had them for awhile - sm

It was a high-deductible ($5,000) "emergency" policy that never did pay out a dime on any of our claims - after one trip to the emergency room to the tune of $1,200 we decided that was not the best form of health insurance for our family.  We are now with Humana with a more realistic $1,000 deductible. 

this has been around for awhile - sm
A lot of states will not allow this. New York is one of them. Some of the ones I work on require me to save all tapes in case there is a descrepancy in what was transcribed and what was said.
i did that awhile
but one machine belonged to the company and i didn't want that conflict, so i had the tech install DQS on my personal machine for the 2nd company; he was able to copy my Expanders which helped tremendously. Of note however, i would have never thought it possible, but when i finally went with a company that had a different platform, they were STILL able to convert my DQS expanders to their own...so don't feel locked into one company because of time invested in expanders!
I would keep the IC job for awhile
I would keep the IC job for awhile, because who knows for sure how this "highly respected national" will work out? You could find you hate some aspect of it.
Oh believe me I'm gone, but there were - for awhile - sm
other good things about the company. In the last couple of months, however, there are some things that have happened that now make every little thing a PIA and I'm done. I just want my money without having to wait out till the next paycheck, especially since I will be quitting on the spot. You don't have to berate me - I've been doing that to myself all along! But, with the way the MT field is these days, a job is a job and it was consistent without work slowdown or stoppage.
Yes, once in awhile
I somehow get it into OVR. Thank goodness I know what has happened. And thank God for ctrl+z, because I have accidentally deleted stuff I needed many times! (You can use CTRL+Y to take it away again too!)

Looks like I am using all the quick keys you do ... any others used out there? Thanks!
Been away for awhile but VR-MT
said it all. I also average over $20+ an hour. I really love it because as the above stated, the ESLs are picked up easily and I donít have to strain my ears because VR gets most of what they are saying.
here's what we did -takes awhile, but
if you have a video camera, tape every car that stops at his place and any transactions you might see (you do not have to be outside to do this - through a crack in the curtains/blinds works) take the tape to the cops - they will handle it. Or maybe they already have him set up on a sting....or are on the take. Where do you live city/state-wise?
He laid down for awhile, but he just did not seem sm

He laid down for awhile, but he just did not seem to be able to navigate or walk because of the dizziness

HELP PLEASE !!!  I can never get this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I was on PeaceHealth for awhile SM

For the most part, it was a very easy account.  There were a few dictators from you know where (like anywhere).  Just ask for several samples from each of those docs.  If you call the people working in the evenings, they were always very helpful when I needed a sample and would fax it on over.  The QA ladies are really great and very helpful, so do not by shy about asking them questions.  They know those few dictators are horrible and know most people have a terrible time with them.  I think you'll like the account.  If you go to the PeaceHealth website that have a really great physician directory.

Good luck to you!


It's been awhile, but can the help file or
associated paperwork with the softwork help with basic and more complicated questions? I seem to remember that their customer support was pretty good, too.
I get one every once in awhile that sounds as if

he has a mouth full of thumb tacks.  If that isn't bad enough, his grammar is horrid.  He says "patient doesn't have no swelling."


It's be awhile since using my C-phone,
I think there is a memory chip that wears out after awhile. I had a C-phone but I had to reprogram every time I unplugged it and I think this is what I was told. Hope this helps....
I have been with them awhile now and they are great...

 but have no idea what they have to offer newbies...just have patience and stay strong, you will find the right fit.



It takes awhile...
When I was facing foreclosure it took them over a year to send the vacate letter...I filed for bankruptcy and the bankruptcy was long over before I got the letter.
I am a midwife and i was attempting to deliver a baby, face presentation, and transferred to hopsita
was working with doc to try to reposition the baby without the face but wasn't successful and ended up with c-section. happy b-day to her!!!
Have most people had good luck with their MQ office closing and moving to the regional office. Have
things gotten better or worse for you.
Yes, I lost mine. I upgraded the Office 2000 package to Office 2003. sm
I have over 2000 autocorrect entries and lost them all as well as my supplemental dictionary for my Stedman's spellcheck. Lots of grief!

Maybe you will be lucky and not lose anything. Good luck to you.
Might be able to rent one from an office supply or office machine repair shop
I gave a tin of toffee for each office and a Lia Sophia necklace to each office manager. ~nm~
I gave a tin of toffee for each office and a Lia Sophia necklace to each office manager. ~nm~
My favorite, but I'm stealing this one from awhile ago
You do so many ESL's you can carry on a conversation with clerks at any 7-11
Thanks...I hadn't been hurting for awhile since the
Hat's off to you too!!! It's nice to be recognized every once in awhile!
You're right. All of us deserve more recognition and MORE PAY! Thanks for the nice post, and I hope you are having a great MT Week as well.