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DocShuttle/Bytescribe user experience

Posted By: Casey on 2005-10-04
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Does anyone have experience using DocShuttle by Bytescribe?  I am considering this for an application where an account has 5 doctors that want to dictate on digital portables & I have 5 transcriptionists working out of their home.  How is it to setup & use?  Does it work?  Is the company available when there are problems?  I would appreciate any insight on this company & software.

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Might try DocShuttle by Bytescribe...

This software will do what you what.  I use it and it sures makes life easier for me!! See link. 


Is anyone familiar with DocShuttle or Bytescribe?


Is the program user friendly?  Reliable? 

DocShuttle Dictator (Bytescribe) is what you are looking for. nm
I'm confused...have you installed Bytescribe/Docshuttle more than 3x?
If so, how did you manage this?
Bytescribe offers a 14-day trial (DocShuttle).
I just found out you can only install Bytescribe Docshuttle 3 times!

I had no idea of this and apparently this is in the fine print of the license agreement (shame on me for not reading it!)  So I have DocShuttle Client at $99 and DocShuttle Admin at $299.  I have to reformat my hard drive this weekend so I will be on my third and last install.  I really do not want to have to purchase this all over again because that is a huge chunk of change.

Does anyone know of any other software that I might be able to use when the time comes?  I want to start my research early because I can't get myself into a bind if you know what I mean. 


does anyone know about a 3-limit install on DocShuttle, Wavplayer and other Bytescribe products? sm
they told me after three installs, even if I buy a new computer, I have to buy the program all over again, at $100 a pop. Has anyone else ever been told this? Sounds like a rip off to me.
if you purchase bytescribe/docshuttle, you can actually upload the completed work back on there. nm
The Orator dictation system offered by Bytescribe also works with DocShuttle. I use it as well as th

I thought the price was reasonable. You can export the files into DocShuttle so that the docs can still use the electronic signature feature. I have one facility that uses the system this way.  One doc uses the olympus DS-2300 and the other two use my call-in system.


I am not sure but I think Bytescribe and Expresscribe are similar. I have Bytescribe with a 9-pin
serial port for my foot pedal.  My foot pedal has worked fine with several different programs and proprietary software too, sometimes I have had to reselect/reset in in the proprietary programs, but it alwasy works fine.  You can ask the Bytescribe people though, and tell them what kind of foot pedal you have and they will make sure you get the correct version so it will work.  As for PlayAll it will not work if you have Bytescribe on your computer, at least this is what I have been told my 1 of my employers.  I was given a copy of the PlayAll but I can't get it to work, it will open up and I just right down the info I need from it for my records and blank notes, just won't "play" supposedly because I have Bytescribe.  I am not taking it off to see or not though. You need to find out what kind of wav files they are though because if the ExpressScribe will play them, then there is really no reason for you to buy Bytescribe too. --Good Luck.
Start>Control Panel>User Accounts>Turn User Account Control OFF
Experience on top, current experience first. Education second. Leave out ALL fluff.
Recruiters don't need your life story. They need to know if you can do the job. If you want, put your current employer, then state "I have 20 years in the profession doing....." Keep it simple; keep it clean. If you want to go into more detail, do it during the interview. A HUGE red flag is to see that you've worked for 10 different companies, for months at a time. I know that someone who has worked for the same company for 2 years or more is going to have some degree of loyalty and will work through issues rather than cut and run.
Yes, I used DocShuttle and the
Bytescribe WavPlayer together and had no problems.
Need help with DocShuttle.  It keeps freezing up on me.  Any help would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks.
Does anyone know if Express Scribe can be used to play DocShuttle client?  Thanks!
Has anyone used DocShuttle or

eShuttle?  How about Gear Player/Dictate?  Was it easy to set up/use?  Were there any problems?  I had been planning to use Express Dictate until I saw the post from yesterday where someone had problems with it.  I am also curious about WebChartMD and Voice Scribe/Doc, but their sites do not show prices.  If anyone has used either of these I would be interested in hearing about them as well. 

TIA!  Any information would be very much appreciated.

I have used this in the past. Had my doctor purchase and change over from tapes since he worked out of town and had satellite offices. I had absolutely no problems with it. Purchased an FTP site, loaded software and jumped right on it. Very easy to load, or technically just download from site, as long as you have a license.

We purchased the Dictator, Client and Administrator as well as the Olympus digital recorders. That was probably the hardest to do was get the doctor trained on the recorders. But, as far as the transcription program it worked great for me. This was about 8 years ago and the prices are still the same.
You might try DocShuttle...
They offer a complete "end-to-end" solution.  It is pretty reasonably priced.  Really good things have been said on these boards about it.  You can find it at Bytescribe.com.  Hope this helps!
I am looking for any input, good or bad, help or suggestions about Docshuttle.  I have recently purchased this program, after the trial period went fairly well with just a few bumps in the road.  The bumps all happened at the physicians' office.  On my side, the administrator and the Transcriptionist programs seem to work great.  Starting Friday, and now today, though, the upload and download counts don't seem to match on the MD's side.  They like to keep track of all their uploads numbers and make sure they match the downloads...though not sure how that works when I am sending things back in different bunches.  Anyway, this morning they downloaded all the new completed reports but when they went to print new reports there was one less to print than the download indicated.  When we compared notes, they were missing one in their document/done directories that should have been there. Same thing happened Friday, but then it was 3 reports.  I found them easy enough, but if they hadn't been keeping track, wouldn't have even known they were missing.  Does anyone else have this problem? Any solutions? I have call into support, but curious as to how others have made this program work for them...Thanks for any help.

I have had this happen occasionally. I have been using DocShuttle now for 4 years. I only have this problem with one office. It occurs when the recorders are docked in the afternoon around 5 o'clock. This office has a wireless setup and sometimes the connection is dropped, specially if it is a large upload (30+ files). My IT person says it has to do with the signal strength on their end and they need to secure it.  We compensate by having them upload in batches to make sure that all of the files come through. So far, this has been working. I am pretty sure (in my case) it is not a DocShuttle problem because none of my other offices have this problem.

Also, you may want to check the intervals that you are having them conect to the FTP site.  If they are connecting too frequently (every 10 minutes) they may be connecting when the administrator is updating or your server is refreshing/timing out. I seem to remember being cautioned about this by Bytescribe early on. This occasionally happends to me also, (same office).  This office likes to get out at 5 o'clock and often rushes to get out.   

I have never had the numbering problem. You may want to check the versions to make sure everyone is using the same version of DocShuttle. Whenever I set up a new office, I always have all of my transcriptionists and offices update their versions so we are all using the same version.

When you get through to support at Bytescribe, ask for Scott. He is excellent!

Hope this helps.


Can anyone please explain what this is?  Is it just another platform like Emdat or Escription?  Do companies usually provide it or is it something an individual MT has to purchase themselves? 


I don't like Docshuttle, but I did not have to pay

DocShuttle is an FTP file transfer program, which is pretty easy to use.  There are "glitches" with the software on occasion, but the company has made some positive changes over the years.  One nice thing about the software is that you get all of the updates for free.

DocShuttle System
How user friendly in the DocShuttle System?  Any info. would be appreciated.  How would you compare DocShuttle to DocQScribe or Webcorrect??
DocShuttle is just for connecting to FTP

It's a program for connecting to an FTP server to download voice files.  It's not a program that you transcribe in or anything.

DocShuttle does way more than just connect...sm

although you need to purchase all the components. DocShuttle Administrator will let you set up separate accounts for your dictators, and set privileges for which MT's work on which accounts and do they have QA privileges. Also allows you to upload templates to the FTP site for use by all transcribers. So you have to buy Administrator for sure. DocShuttle Client is for anyone who transcribes (including yourself), it lets you download files from the ftp site. When you click on the voice file, it brings up templates that you choose from. DocShuttle Dictator is for the docs. What I like about Dictator is you can set it to work with the Olympus recorder so that when the doc docks the recorder, it automatically imports to the Olympus program, and erases the file from the recorder. Then DocShuttle Dictator can be set up to automatically, say every 4 hours, import from the Olympus program and upload new files to the ftp site and download finished files. I have found that the front desk girls can sink your account by not being able to figure out how to upload or download files. I just did an install with DocShuttle and you should have seen the doc's eyes light up when he docked his recorder and it all went automatically. Also the files stay in the local box and get uploaded to the ftp site so there's always a copy at the doc's office for back up. It also marks the files with a coded number that includes the date, dictator, etc. And at the end of the month, you can run reports that will give you MSWord data such as characters or lines to you can do a line count without opening every single file. Files can be encrypted if you want.

This program is ideal if you have more than one MT working with you. If you are working alone, they just came out with an email program that would work for just an independent contractor working at home for a doc.

Scott and his crew have worked hard on making DS very user friendly, which as I said, is a must because of the front office ladies. Their support is excellent. Just get past the first lady because she usually doesn't know what she is talking about.

one more word - MAKE SURE you purchase the Dongle. You get unlimited installs with the dongle - otherwise three installs and they want you to buy another license. email me with any more questions - I've been using DS for a few years now and am very happy with it


You sure are a cheerleader for Docshuttle. Are you a rep?
I don't care really, just curious. I think Docshuttle is OK, but it is limited. TASPs are pretty much next generation, getting away from the whole FTP thing. Just my opinion
I use DocShuttle but not the call in
and I definitely would not pay for a call in TASP when the Internet does basically the same thing for free. You can either use DocShuttle Dictator to get his hand held recorded dictation up to your FTP site, or... if the front desk is savvy enough, use something like FTPsurfer which is a free FTP transfer program...you can email me if you have any more specific questions. I use both.
DocShuttle. Does it really cost $269 to get it?
Or am I looking at the wrong thing?  I'd love to apply for a position that needs this but cannot afford that big a bite in my finances.  Any help is appreciated!
DocShuttle Client
Does use DocShuttle Client?  Can I use Express Scribe or do I have to use the Wav player by Bytescribe?  I really like Express Scribe.  Does not matter either way, just wondering . . . . Thanks!
DocShuttle Client
Thanks!  Good to know!
DocShuttle question.....sm
Do you use the template feature of DS Client? If not, how do you send your reports back? I hate that DS automatically adds the voice file name to the document name. Thanks.
DocShuttle question.

OK, when a company says you have to have Docshuttle, what exactly is this?  Does this mean you have to buy the $200 or so bytescribe software?  Is it worth it?  Isn't that like paying to work for someone?  Sorry, I'm new to this and find this confusing.  I can understand needing a specific pedal or such, but why certain software to play files? 

Thank you for any advice/insight.

DocShuttle Software
I am a small service that uses DocShuttle. If you are a MT who comes to work for me you have the option of purchasing the software which is $99 without the dongle after you use the 14-day free trial version. This means you can see if you like the work and if it will fit your needs. There are other options that are made available to you when helping with using the DocShuttle software. The more experience you have on different platforms and the more software programs you are familiar with the more jobs you can command.....just a thought. I trust this helps you in some small way and that it does not come across as "snippy." It is not intended to be interpreted as such!
DocShuttle has it's problems too
There is no software that is going to be perfect....I don't suppose. Should you want more info, please email. CLAMT
DocShuttle Program

Does anyone know anything about a program called Doc Shuttle?  If so, good or bad?  Does it have a generous line count?  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks

DocShuttle and EMRs
I'm just trying to find out if anyone has used DocShuttle Word files to merge with clients EMRs?  If so, how does this work?  Who pays for the interface?  Who sets it up?  Thank you!
DocShuttle ease of use

I am looking for part time work and wonder what good and/or bad anybody has experienced with the DocShuttle Transcriptionist/Client software. I have an IN-BMG foot pedal. I don't want to put out money for software and not have it work with my pedal. Can I keep my macros and expanders, do I need a special adapter? My present pedal is in the 15-pin joystick port on my computer.

Any and all comments good or bad deeply appreciated.

DocShuttle Express help please!!
How do I import a voice file sent via e-mail in into Docshuttle and play with WavPlayer.  Have never used this and can't figure it out.  Thansk for any help at all.
Question for MTSO1 regarding docshuttle.

I was just wondering what part of docshuttle is free?  I went to their web site and their fee is .20/minute (under 1,000 minutes of dictation) for the use of a 1-800 number for dictating, and then there are also start-up costs for each dictator, transcriptionist, and transcription administrator.  Isn't this the same as a TASP?

I don't mean to be rude or sarcastic, but just need clarification on the "free" part of this service. 

Even with all the start-up fees and per minute charge, is this a better option than owning your own digital dictation system where you pay for the equipment and phone lines?  I am looking into the Bytescribe Orator Pro, but am still researching my options.

TIA for your response!!

DocShuttle - yea, I know, you're all sick of me saying it but
it is the best when it comes to working with clients who are not savvy with FTP sites, etc. You can configure it with the Olympus recorders so it is ALL done automatically. Dock the recorder, and it will take the files, erase the old ones, import to DocShuttle, post to the ftp site, take off finished work from ftp site and bring back to doc. All automatically. Also DocShuttle will allow you to set parameters so that each account can only access their own folders. It has reports that will give you the line counts of all the transcription done in a month. It tracks reports and assigns names. It shows status of account, if it is being worked on or ready for QA. Now you might not need this if you are working with a single offfice. In that case I think I might just use something like FTPSurfer to send files back and forth. Email me if you want. We can talk over some different options depending on your needs.
Anyone else get told to buy DocShuttle Client, that you had a job, and sm
as soon as you buy the stupid program, you never hear from her again? 
DocShuttle is 99, but that does not include waveplayer. sm
I just purchased DocShuttle and then had to purchase the Docshuttle waveplayer because it does not include the waveplayer, that is a separate purchase.
No..that is for the whole suite of DocShuttle programs
You just want to get the DocShuttle Client program. It is $99 but that only allows you to install it 3 times, I believe. Whether you are re-installing it on the same computer after a crash, or 3 different computers or whatever...it's 3 times only and that's it. The best deal, and what I have, it the DocShuttle Client with Dongle. That is $115, but it comes with a little dongle thingie (that sounds a little funny -smile-) that you plug into a USB port. It allows you to install the program an unlimited number of times...well worth the $16 extra. Plus, if you buy the $99 version and then need the dongle later, they won't sell it to you separately and will make you buy the whole thing over again.

So, look for DocShuttle Client with Dongle...$115...and that's all you need.
DocShuttle Client OOPs
I meant to say does any MT here use DocShuttle client?  Getting over a terrible flu bug and my brain is not working yet. Forgive me.
didya notice that FAQ isn't on the Docshuttle or WavPlayer faq?
only under their general faq. I feel like they're hiding it to rip off people who don't comb the entire site to get the dongle.
For Sale: DocShuttle Client and WayPlayer
I have DocShuttle Client and bytescribe WavPlayer - both for $75. Anyone interested?
Consider DocShuttle for ease of use combined with simpleFTP.
You literally only have to dock the recorder in DocShuttle and the rest is done automatically, import from recorder, export into DocShuttle program, upload to FTP site, download new stuff. Can also mark for stats, keep Docs separate on same ftp site with administrator assignments to job types, etc. Otherwise, I just use FTPsurger to drag and drop files to my simple FTP site.

There has been a B I G change in bytescribe.  It seems to be all about money now, and no longer about good customer service/relationship.  I bought a call in system 4-5 years ago.  I no longer take the yearly service contract and had a question to ask.  I did not want anyone to FIX it, just answer a couple of questions.  I was told that to speak to a tech would be 75.00 (I guess an hour) and that they would call me back between 1 and 5 that day.  Not like this at first. 

They at one time, told me about the 3 limit install on the wav software, however as of yet I have not had to pay, as I have bought more than 10 of them.



No, it's right from Bytescribe (sm)

Go here


And from that page click on DocShuttle on the left.  It will bring up different versions and you'll see there is DocShuttle Client for $99and DocShuttle Client with Dongle for $115.  You have to buy it with the dongle right from the beginning.  If you don't and just buy it without and run out of installs, they won't let you just buy the dongle.  You have to buy the whole thing all over again.  We all know that with computer failures and backup computers and new computers, etc., we definitely need more than 3 installs so I think for the small price difference it's worth it.