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Does anyone eat out a lot. I don't like to cook but am bored with the same old fast food.

Posted By: Tired of my own cooking. on 2005-08-08
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Got any places not too expensive where I can get food to go.  To go is the key.  Bored with McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King, delivery pizza.  (Boston Market?)


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Okay I'm Really Bored. If you could only have one food and one person on desert island, what and
who would it be?  No fair family members.  We want a famous person and one food item to picnic forever on this island.
Outsourcing Fast Food - It's True!!!

"McDonald's may outsource drive-thru orders - Fast-food chain looking into remote call centers to improve service"

That is the title of the MSNBC story.  Here is a link so you can check it out yourself. 


Very sad state of affairs - but true!!!!

The only "easy in" jobs are in fast food.
If you want a job in MT, you're going to have to work at it. That means doing what it takes to get an education that will enable you to get a worthwhile job, then going out and getting it.
Anywhere I see an error it bugs me. I've seen the fast food
signs, grocery store signs frequently with spelling errors.  I have even called a fast food store and told them about an error.  It also bugs me when I watch the news and they'll put the name of a person or a place as a caption and they obviously spell it wrong.   Not only am I an MT, but I homeschool my children, so I think spelling errors bug me more.   Before I took my DS out of school the kids were having a contest about guessing the weight of a pumpkin and they made posters and spelled it "pumkin."  I brought it to the attention of the principal as I noticed it on the day I was pulling my son out of school and she took down all the posters.   I don't proof posts here and I'm sure I make spelling errors or use the wrong "they're/their/there", but I really try to be conscious of my spelling. 
can you start out at $11.50/hour at a fast food place?
I worked fast food in high school,
mostly the drive-thru, and one morning when my alarm went off I sat up in bed and sat in bed and said "May I help you?"
Prob is then you may get all fast fast fast talkers...not a fair way nm
Food stamps, WIC, food banks, churches, family...
There are many answers to that problem.

No one has the right to steal and writing a dishonorable check is stealing. It is called "theft of property".

My tax dollars support government programs to prevent people from going hungry and to provide for women, infants, and children. I make donations to food banks and churches, etc., for those who just need help as well.
Food for the staff and doctors, if you can afford it. Food is always a big hit in a doctor's off

One of the biggest perks I can remember when I worked in a doctor's office was when the drug reps or orthopedic equipment reps would cater lunch for the whole office just so they could meet with the docs.  The whole office would get so jazzed at the idea of free lunch.

If you can't afford to cater lunch, then I would do something like a muffin basket and bagels always go over well.  But food is your best bet.

Really???? I miss 'burgh food. Philly food is okay, but it
The food is resturant quality food and very good
depends how fast the MT is......No one would want to pay me by the hour because I'm fast.
how fast you can type, has little to do with how fast you can transcribe
Let's face it, we can only type as fast as the doctors dictate... worse, we can only type as fast as we can *understand* the doctors.  Given someone who slurs or has a heavy accent, someone who clears his throat constantly or shuffles through the paper, given an unfamiliar account or work type, or an area we don't have much experience in and have to look up words, etc., any and all of these things combine to make typing speed not really relative at all.  I personally type 110, but not when I'm transcribing.  I tell most folks who ask, if you type 65-75 wpm, you're solidly in the ballpark for doing medical transcription.
Anything I don't have to cook! (nm)
Help!  I need a few words of encouragement.  I feel as if I've been working 4 hours and it's only been 1-3/4!!!   What can I do to psych myself out to get in my time? 
I'm too hot to be bored!
Really bored...
Broasted chicken and John Grisham. He's intelligent and a great storyteller, so I would be well fed and never bored on an island - perfect existence.
anybody BORED??
I am having a really tough time lately with being totally bored with what I am doing.  Too many ESL doctors that put me to sleep or frustrate me beyond belief.  Too much time with "no work available" and too much stuff in some reports that my line count takes a big hit b/c I'm spending tons of time looking things up...  Anybody else feeling bored, burnt out, or whatever this is??  How did you snap out of it?  I need to start making serious money at this, but can't seem to get there no matter what I do and so much of it is completely out of my control. 
anybody BORED?
Do you have any of the computer programs made for Medical Transcription, such as medical dictionary, medical spellchecker, smarttype, etc. Since I have gotten the above and a few others,I spend less time looking up information and more time typing and some things as easy as a search engine (google.com) may be helpful. Good luck.
Anyone get bored?

Lately it is getting harder and harder for me to stay awake while transcribing - have done this for 20+ years and now have to take caffeine pills (even after getting 7-8 hours sleep)  Do the same account every day, same work type (which I know I should consider as lucky), same long reports every day, very monotonous, nothing challenging  and having a really hard time.  If I complain the office staff will put be on discharges which will be even more boring.  Used to get a mixture of short and long reports, now very seldom get anything short and am so bored - get up every hour and walk around 10 minutes or so - any ideas on pepping myself up?

Bored, bored, bored...
I hear you on the boredom front!

I think we are all victims of spring. New season, we want changes, we get restless, there's more daylight, and who wants to sit in front of a monitor 8 hrs/day typing the same repetative droning voices hours upon hours?

The only thing that seems to be a temporary fix for me is to blow off the work for 30 minutes and get outside for a walk. Take the phone off the hook and just go. You can't be productive when you get in a slump and sometimes doing something physical is the answer. Walk fast, swing your arms, head up, deep breaths and think about what you're going to plant in the garden, or what color you want to paint a room in your house, or maybe a new hair style.

I think this time of year we thrive on change, yet this job is not conducive to that so we have to create change elsewhere.

Wow. Now it has come down to me spewing this mystic inner-self stuff. See what being cooped up does to a person?
re: being bored
Hi there!
I have only been typing for about a year and a half so far but I just wanted to say that I do disability psych evals and they are always different to listen to. So if you want something different to do, try finding a company that does psych evals! I also have to walk for about 20 minutes a day just to get my blood pumping to my brain and hands which get sore too!

God bless!
Jan Setzer
Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored....
:0 [yawn]
I'm bored too
Just interviewed for a QA position because favorite part of my job now is looking up unfamiliar words. But don't get paid for that. QA would be hourly salary and at least I would be challenged again.

So, I've decided that medical transcription is something I just can no longer do.  I've been doing it for 16 years but I'm so bored, it's pretty near driving me crazy.  Can't concentrate... vacuuming the house is more interesting that transcribing at this point.  I took a week off not too long ago.  That week went by far too quickly.  Then I took 3 days off this weekend.  So, here I am fresh from a good break, and am sitting here wanting to do anything other than transcribe. 

I have no idea what other type of work I could do.  All I know is transcribing feels pretty similar to getting smacked by a baseball bat!  Painful all the same, minus the bruises!


Don't worry about it. I used to cook like that, too.
I'd be so tired from working all the time that it was Hamburger Helper, fish sticks, or chicken nuggets. Our grocery bill used to be cheap, too. Hubby and I trade off cooking now. Honestly, we're trying to eat healthier to lose weight. It's a "hobby" that has helped bring us together more in our marriage. We find new recipes on the Internet all the time. Gotta have variety somewhere.... LOL
I love to cook but
it isn't a lot of fun cooking for just 2.  We eat out a lot and more and more places are offering carry out, such as Applebee's.  Also check out your meat counter at the grocery.  They have more and more stuff already prepared so all you have to do is heat it up.  Like get a meat loaf, some already prepared mashed 'taters, open a can of green beans or whatever and have some already prepared salad and presto, you have a "home cooked" meal.  Well, maybe not exactly home cooked but as good as most restaurant food and a lot cheaper.  We also like hamburger and tuna helpers.  shhhhh don't tell my grown up kids that.
Whatever DH decides to cook here.
You have time to cook?
Not me. I work full time and have two small kids at home all day so it is impossible.  I wish I had time to cook though.  I just stock my freezer with frozen foods, and on some days my DH will pick up something on his way home from work.
What else do you like to cook in your crockpot?
I love a roast in the crockpot but what else is really good?
Dairy is the best, but I'm not a cook, so
I'm not sure if sour cream or plain yogurt would work in a soup. Another idea would be to sweeten it. You could experiment with small bowls of it. If it were too salty, it would be potatoes that would help.
Oh my ... you have it rough. I don't think I even know how to cook without onions! sm
For my meatloaf, I use salsa too, plus hamburger, hot Jimmy Dean sausage, breadcrumbs, & egg.  Heck, this is making me hungry for meatloaf now!  :-)
My kinda cook! I can sure relate! nm
I find that if I don't buy things to cook with...
Going to be hot in the South. Too hot to cook. We're having


When I first started it did, but now I am bored. nm
off today and bored...

That's where I stay when I go. You will never be bored
and then go to the Ocean's Club. They have some condos you can rent that are part of Atlantis too that are quite nice and they are within walking distance and you get to use all the amenities. That is where I would say to go.
That is bored and you are the trolls--nm
I have been an MT for over 10 years now and I am so bored.
I can't stand being on the phone with anybody because I get so tired of hearing people talk all the time. I get irritated easily and my family is starting to notice it. My friends are upset with me because I don't call them as often as I should. The housework is definitely slacking. I even had to get a babysitter to watch my 9-month-old baby for me because it was too hard working late nights and then staying up all day, getting only minimal naps in before my 7-year-old came home from school. What is the point of working from home for very little and not being able to take care of my own family? I am interested in doing some billing. Do you think you can email me some information on how to go about this? I did some billing before and I enjoyed it, although it was working in a clinic. I am thinking about taking the tests but it's been so long since I've done anything else.
So bored I could scream

I thought working from home would give me more "flexibility" to be with my family; little did I know that I actually have less time with my family now than I would at a job in town. 

To take time off, it must be scheduled months in advance.  An emergency has to be cleared in advance.  I'm so bored that I'm eating to keep myself focused and awake at night.  I would cut back, but I don't earn enough to go part time.  It is harder and harder to force myself to go to work, and harder and harder to stay focused, particularly when I have a bad dictator which is more often than not.  

I think I'm so burned out I'm crispy around the edges.

Does anyone else get sick and tired of doing the same work, same doctors, same everything day in and day out?  I am bored to death with this job!  I like the job just not the same stuff.  I think I need a change!!!! 

Dear FastMT,

I really like you and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND AND EMPATHIZE WITH YOUR BOREDOM!!  I have too many years (23) of medical transcription under my belt. I had 96 college credits in the academic curriculum, which is very interesting.  I am really an academic person.  I received an A average in high school in an academic curriculum and won a college scholarship based on my first 1-1/2 years of college (academic curriculum). 

I sense that you, like me, have a higher level of intelligence and require much more engrossing and stimulating work than what medical transcription provides you.  After the first several years, the whole challenge wears off, and then of course there is the distrust of exactly what these doctors are doing to their patients in the form of harm. 

I would like to discuss this with you, because I sense I have the answer for you in the form of a career change.  Would you please email me at my email address, which is:  dove003@comcast.net?  Please do email me, since I really think could have the answer for you!! 

THIS IS NOT SOME GIMMICK AND I DO NOT REPRESENT SOME COMPANY.  I only want to help you out.  Please email me.  Thanks.');>



I got bored w/ it too, that's why I'm working my way up
Once you get in the door you can apply for different positions with enough experience. When working for a national, this field isn't limited to JUST transcription!
The VR is what bored me to death..sm
I would actually get to the point where I could feel my head nodding...80% of what I got was VR....I was beginning to feel retarded.  The only straight transcription that was sent to me were the worst dictators, cause the company knew I would do it, take my time, research, relisten, etc.  I've always felt more alive transcribing than editing.   Cat
Hi Memaw- you know, it's not as hard to cook for a veggie as you might think, unless
she is particularly fussy. There are so many good vegetarian cookbooks that any creative vegetable side dish could be made into a mean main dish for a vegetarian.
I cook mine low - about 225 or 250, for about 10 minutes per pound
Was bored, now happy in-house

I was bored and sleepy working at home doing acute care.  I always found short reports a better rhythm for me.  Nothing makes me sleepier than seeing an 18-minute report come up (usually STAT).  Ugh.  My production went so low I was let go, which was a blessing.  I was out of work for 4 months and prepared to go back to school for something more active like nursing, but found a temporary position doing radiology for an in-house outpatient facility.  I liked it so much I came on as an employee.  I like the short reports, the contact with radiologists and techs, and having so much control over the referrer's database and quality.  The radiologists remark they have never seen such good quality as mine.  It is total satisfaction for me. 

My son, who is 14, most definitely YES! He is constantly whining to me about being bored, but...
my daughter is starting Kindergarten this year and she is my baby and my last and I am going to be a blubbering fool probably the entire first week of school!
So? Are you just bored that you can comment so cruelly?
Next time cook it in the oven wrapped in foil. sm

This recipe is from pre-crockpot era.

Double wrap the roast in foil.  Poke holes in the foil with a fork and put the roast with the poked holes side down on the broiler pan.  Bake at 350 according to the size of the roast per pound.  Very yummy and very easy. Pan drippings make the best gravy.