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Does anyone else hate VR?

Posted By: mt on 2009-06-04
In Reply to:

We get paid less for VR but it seems like I do the dictations faster if I just type them myself. 

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Love psych notes. HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE,
HATE ER notes.
I hate DocQSribe, I hate DocQScribe, I hate DocQScrbe, I hate DocQScribe, I hate DocQSribe.
Love cardiology, hate podiatry. Hate discharges, but
I hate those but I hate trauma notes on children even more sm
I used to work for a large hospital that saw a lot of children for various horrible things.

The very last one I did was a 12yo boy who had hung himself while his mother was at work. She thought he was in school. The doctor cried, I cried (as I usually did) and I just couldn't handle that anymore. That was the longest report I swear. Short in lines but the length was almost an hour. The doc didn't pause the machine, she cried, horrible gut wrenching sobs, and I did too, right along with her.
I don't hate AAMT at all, ks. I don't hate
their book. In fact, I love the BOS2. It is not a regular grammar book at all - there are hundreds of issues in it that are point specific to MTing and medical field. I have dozens of regular grammar books, too, for other purposes, and they are not similar at all. I purchased the BOS2 when out job interviewing for a few months. Every single employer wanted me to have my own company, and they all tested off of it. Several used it in their daily work, and I have found it priceless over all. I think its even on sale now, but $89 is not a lot for a professional tool that we should use if required, or if a newbie. MTs who don't like to buy books are not very wise in the big picture. Its like shooting yourself in the foot.
I HATE it when that happens nm
I really hate that
for you.  Had you gotten past that experience I believe you would have found it to be a place where you would have really been happy. Doesn't sound at all like their techs.  Could be it was just a bad day for both of you.  Unfortunately that happens sometimes.   Hope you find a company you're happy with soon.
Don't you just hate it when .....sm
a dictator blobbers a word/phrase and the client claims something like "if you just listened to this 40 times in various speeds, very quiet conditions and through 2 different phone systems or  PCs you should have been able to figure this out."   Of course we all want to rebut with "and if your dictator wouldn't talk with his mouth full of his Wendy's hamburger while driving down the interstate with the convertible top open, and on a speaker phone we could hear him/her the first time without a problem!"
I don't hate MQ, but---
I don't like the decrease in my lines since starting on DQS either. It is not what it was promised to be. I am working a lot longer and harder now and I still cannot get the lines I used to on Medrite. I also wish they would be better about giving raises to those of us who are faithful employees and are always there for THEM. I have also been with them for over 8 years.
no thanks, hate CNN too......LOL..nm
hate it

I hate when that happens...
you have my sympathies!
I hate that
I mean if they really want to talk to me why be as inconsiderate as to keep me waiting and take up my important time sitting there listening to nothing. I wait and wait so I can say for them not to call again. Sometimes they take forever to get the real live being on the line. Why would I buy something from someone who saw me as so unimportant as to keep me waiting like that.
Yep, I really like my job - it's the pay I hate :)

Happy  Day!!

I really hate that!
I remember, back in the old days, we used our common sense when dealing with numbers.  We'd say "an 80-year-old man who has had cancer for five years, having undergone 12 radiation treatments."  Anything under the number 10 would be spelled out, except for lists, etc.; those would be in numbers.  Whose idea was it to change the rules of proper English, punctuation, and grammar?  (Change is hard for me, I admit.)
I would hate it and have already had a job like that - sm
though they did not call you to ask why a report took "too" long in their eyes, but they monitored you closely. I did not like the feeling of "big brother watching". Tell management to try typing the report and see how long it takes them....sometimes 5 minute reports can take 30 minutes. I average 14-15 minutes an hour, so it would have probably taken me 20 minutes; 30 it is was a hard ESL or I had to look a lot of stuff up (which I have to do depending on which doctor I have, i.e. addresses, which slows me down tremendously). If it's a good job I'd go for it, and as you already know the doctors you should have no problem. You can always quit if you don't like it.
Does he hate you now for it?
Hate to say it...
But you may be going about it with the wrong attitude. Think about it as a lifestyle change, not a "diet", and you may have better success. And yes, keep the exercising up, that's a great plus no matter what!
Hate it!
When my youngest was 5 or so, the time changed at this time of year, I told him to go to bed (it was still quite light outside). He said, NO, It's not dark yet, I don't have to! I said yes you do the time changed. He said "Well, put it back!" I said I can't I didn't make that change. He said, "Well call the governor and make him fix it!"

I still laugh over that, but I agree wholeheartedly LOL.
And don't you just hate it when they tell you to sm
schedule your doctor appointments for off work hours? Heck, I go 70 miles 4 times a year to see 2 physicians and not always on the same day. No way I can schedule these for "off work time". They are both booked solid for as long as 6 months in advance, so I have to take whatever I can get.
OT, but, does anyone hate sex?
I just HATE it when sm
my husband cuts the grass under my window when I am working.  Granted, it is only about 20 minutes he is out there but it really peeves me. Oh well, I'll keep quiet about it. Otherwise, I'll have to do it myself. Really though, I am grateful I have him. It's just that sometimes....... 
Don't you hate it when ...
the doc dictates a mile-a-minute, but then answers his cell phone in the middle of the dictation and speaks completely and absolutely clearly and at a normal rate of speed!!!!!!!

I Hate it.
It takes me so much longer to do a report.  When I get "standard" reports, my productivity is great, but my VR or "edited" reports suck.  Mostly because I hate doing it.  I've been looking for a place that doesn't use it because it's really killing my paychecks.
I hate when that happens. Sorry for you. nm
What I really hate . . . .

A company contacted me last week about a job.  I replied and said I would like to test.  I was supposed to test today.  I was supposed to E-mail the lady today about testing which I did early this a.m.  I sat here all darn day long and I have heard nothing.  I blew off my day off from my part-time gig to sit here and wait around for a test that never happened.  These companies want work back in perfect form ASAP yet they cannot keep an appointment/promise!  Ugh!

What I really hate . . .
I was hoping I was alone. I'm so sorry this has happened to you.
Hate to pay for something I can do
Guess I am cheap.  But to me paying hundreds of dollars that can go into my pocket and especially since you are not bringing in any money if you don't have accounts to have someone do what I can do -- I just can't do it.  Guess that is why I cannot pay someone to clean my house.  Anyway I guess I also love the challenge of obtaining a new account.  But good luck.  
I HATE that.
I had to do that for one company I worked for and it was such a pain in the butt. I did ask for higher pay to offset the time it took. I also had a spread sheet set up to make it a little faster.
UGH..I hate it too!!! sm
I have a doctor (who does all voice recognition) who spells out ANYTHING with hypo or hyper. Drives me nuts having to correct it!
"The patient has hyper h-y-p e-r tension" He does it about 10 times in each report!!
I love QA but I have not been attacked yet.  I hope I don't.  I try very hard not to nick pick and everything I change I send the reference to where and why I did.  Takes time.  I am afraid my numbers are not as good as other QA.  I hated MT in this company.  QA was awful to me.  I am hoping I can make a difference now.  Keep your figures crossed.  I did not know this site existed, not sure if I like it. I think I am better going forward and trying to keep positive until I get burned.....story of my life.  Oh well.  I think it is funny we all run around and try to be perfect when there is no such thing.  haha.  Take care. 
I hate doing VR!!! sm
Switched companies six months ago to do VR rather than straight typing because I thought I would like it - WRONG! I am making anywhere from $150 to $300 less a month.  Am I just bad at doing VR or are there other people who have been in the same boat as me?
Dpn't you hate it when .....

some docs say "year 2000", etc. instead of just 2000?  Like the 21st century just started yesterday?

Patient's name is repeated many, many times in one report?   If it's not verbatim, I just put "the patient" to save my sanity.




I hate my new job, too.
I just don't know what to do. My back, neck and shoulders are all kinked up on me from stress and putting in long hours. The platform is lame. The account isn't difficult but it's not a money maker either. I can't even get my Expander stats beyond 20% because the doctors just ramble on and backtrack constantly. It's so difficult to get motivated. As with every other job, the MT supervisor keeps pushing me to take on more work because they're backed up. I don't want extra work, especially since it's not OT or bonus if you work extra. All I've managed to do is alienate my family again because I'm always working. I can't even make enough money to pay for Christmas presents. I'm pretty much stuck.
Oh I hate that!
I get that all the time and it makes me nuts! I keep having to tell people that typing isn't all there is to it. If you don't know medical terminology, drug names, etc., you will never make it! One of my friends keeps asking me to get her son's girlfriend a job as an MT just because she can type fast, but she has no experience or training in anything related to the medical field! It makes me want to scraem!
I hate to say it, I really do, but a man would never put up with this.
I fully understand that they probably would get rid of her for some cheaper way of doing things if she refuses. But women are "afraid to say something for fear" of being replaced. They know we have hungry babies to feed and they know they can bully us.
I hate ATT too!

I am with ATT also, and absolutely hate it.  My only other choice, though, is cable internet, which the cheapest package starts at $79 a month and I can't really afford that on top of everything else right now. 

I have had my phone service and internet service go out on a regular basis with ATT.  When I call, I can never get anyone who understands English...just says "yes, ma'am, I understand" to everything and anything I say, but the problem never gets fixed. : ( 

On top of that, I had asked a while ago if it was possible to have just DSL service through ATT, as I can get phone service elsewhere for a lot cheaper, but they told me no.  I now find out that they offer (and are even advertising) internet without having to have a land line!  UGH! 

I hate it...
I can't listen to a word and search the internet at the same time. I can't listen to a word and be on another screen at the same time. All it needs is a regular USB foot pedal, but even with the different settings, I have to keep pressing/releasing the footpedal with quick motions to get it to pause. ugh
I hate it too
You just can't adjust it very well at all. Can't adjust speed or volume enough to please me.
I don't hate my job but...
I will be so glad when I can retire.  I hate some of the changes that have taken place over the years in my profession for sure.  But all in all, I'm grateful to be able to stay home and work for a living.  I'm not getting any younger.  I feel like I'm working harder at this point than I ever have.  My salary has not changed in years though I manage fine on what I'm paid.  No, overall, I realize I have it pretty good.
I hate that, too...

Fortunately, our supervisor prints out weekly reports from ChartScript (i.e. rejected reports, self-assigned reports, etc.).  Each job has an audit trail that shows if the job came in regular sequence, or whether it was self-assigned (and by who) as well as if it was assigned to someone other than the person doing the assigning.

We really don't have a problem because everyone knows these reports are available for anyone who wants to look.

When working overtime, we also get to request a certain work type, but again, there are time constraints on certain work types, i.e. Op notes have to be transcribed within 6 hours of dictation, etc.) Otherwise, during OT hours, we can assign a group of work to ourselves. If someone chooses clinical summaries, though, they MUST take the oldest in the system first.

Me personally, I love doing cardiac procedures (not surgeries necessarily), but the caths and other interventions. They have a lot of macros 

I hate that
We have had that too. I did mention it. I work in a hospital with scheduled hours, so they had more control on what people were typing. If you are all at home and can work when you choose, I do not know if there is a lot they can do about it. Maybe a kind, well written note to your supervisor to let them know how you feel about it wouldn't hurt, but it has to stay professional and not crabby. There are always a few who have to ruin it for the masses. I thought most places where people worked at home "weighted" the work types and dictators, etc. Too bad yours do not already do that and each transcripitonist has to do a variety of work or they will be written up. Good luck with that!
I hate when the says -
The patient will start dialysis when the time is right. For some reason that bugs me to no end.
Ahh, donít hate
Sorry that we worked at a time when things were a little more roughing it but hey we got some really good salaries, not the peanuts most are offering now.
I hate

when they repeat the same thing over and over and over...when they gossip/joke with other people...when they back up and want to reword the whole report again and again and again...when they insist on misspelling something and insist that it be misspelled.

Don't hate!

Looks like I'm getting a pay cut!:( I so hate this! nm

Definitely HATE VR.
Oh yes, definitely HATE doing VR.  Did it for a company for a month and made NO MONEY.  Took twice as long as straight typing, putting in commas and correcting what the computer "heard".  When I took the job, the recruiter boasted that I could triple or quadruple my hourly lines by doing VR.  What a joke!!!   Quit that company super fast and since then when I interview with a company my first question is "Is there VR?"  If so, then I say thanks and continue looking.  Production is bad enough, but add VR to it and you might as well work at Dairy Queen.
the DEP -- i love it. Would hate to use anything else.