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Does anyone know where I can find a Zeky D rocking horse - I have looked everywhere on internet nm

Posted By: I want a new one. on 2005-11-15
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Well, I looked & looked but did not find it. Maybe tomorrow!
Thank you! I looked him up on the internet, and ... SM
I'm pretty far away from either of his offices, but if he's very good and would help me, it would be worth it.  Thanks again.  :)
I looked in my manual but could find nothing-sm
to mute the ringer; however on the bottom-underside- of the phone there is a volume control that can be lowered.
So where would I get one? I've looked everywhere and can't find it.nm
You could use your internet search engines to find
"grand rapids, MI, jobs" and get lots of hits. I'd also check monsterjobs.com for your area, and your state Dept. of Labor should also have a site where you could find jobs in your area. If you are unsure about the search engines, try google.com. It's a great tool for finding anything you could possibly want. God bless.
How do you find which version of Internet Explorer??
I can't find this information on my computer.. Where do I find it?  THANKS!
You go, Tinks! You'll have to let us know so we can find it on the internet and see it.

I feel exactly the same as y'all.  I think we could start by sending letters not  e-mails to our respective state legislators.  And it would certainly not be a bad idea to send a letter to the presidential candidates.  I bet Hillary would do something about it.  Anyways I hope she would.  My SIL is Indian.  He was down here last weekend and told me he received an e-mail encouraging him to get into MT for only $450!  he's a bus driver.  Scam, scam, scam.  He also told me that Indians are all crooks, and those are his words.  he told me many stories of people stealing, bribes being expected, etc., even from the law and customs officials and the post office, on and on.  So there ya go.  Some may think our info is safe over there, I think not. 

I have thought about contating our local TV/newspaper for the same reason -- to expose the dirty little secret at the big hospital here in town.

Complacency and fear of rocking the boat is a big

having a horse under me.
You have a big horse, you say?
Internet based transcription - need advice on how to go internet
Can anyone offer any help/advice on how go about becoming internet based from a call in system, or how to keep the call in system for the docs and put transcriptionists on the internet?  Not sure where to start to get information on how to go about doing this. Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.
I am sorry, as long as I have done this and am in the business, I seriously doubt with 99% accuracy that someone can do 1200 lines or even 600 without some serious help from "giving" lines.  Do not let anyone fool you out there that is just starting out or even have been around awhile.  Unless you see proof on how it is done, see it with your own eyes, try it out yourself, do not believe the outrageous.  There is also a way I have seen MT's make lots of lines that one cannot see unless they are being QA'd, it is called "padding' and yes I am sure someone then can do 1200 lines an hour, but how much is actually dictation.  Padding is a good way to get fired from a company if caught.
Since when is being an MT working like a horse???
we don't do manual labor, geeze
Ahh, that's a horse of a different color then.
I would make it clear if you type it, they pay for it unless they can give you specifics about which patients have already been typed.
The right horse is helpful. While they all spook
The horse does line dancing
Was really cute-- does all the steps that the people do.
Oh Becky, get off your high horse.
Your holier-than-thou posts get really old. Can you say 'uptight'?
Straight from the horse's mouth . . .

Snagged this straight from the Escription site.  Hope it helps.

We have had success configuring both the Belkin USB/Serial Adaptor and the Dynex USB PDA/Serial Adaptor to work properly with a serial Foot Pedal and EditScript MT. Other adaptors may also work using this setup, however we cannot guarantee that they will.

  1. To set up the Belkin USB/Serial Adaptor:
  2. Install the USB/Serial adaptor per the instructions included with the device.
  3. After installation, open the Windows Device Manager:

    1. Right-Click on My Computer, choose Properties.
    2. From the Hardware tab, cick Device Manager.
    3. In the Device Manager window, click the + sign next to Ports (COM & LPT). You should see the USB/Serial Adaptor listed there with a COM port next to it.
    4. Right click on the Adaptor and choose Properties.
    5. From the Port Settings tab, click Advanced.
    6. From the COM Port Number drop-down, set the device to COM6. (Any COM device higher than COM4 should also work; be sure to remember what you set this to.)
    7. Click OK to close the Advanced window, then OK to close the Properties window.

  4. Close the Device Manager
  5. Now open EditScript and log in.
  6. Once you have logged in, click on the Options button in the EditScript toolbar:
  7. From the Foot Pedal tab, change the CommPort setting to COM6 (or whichever port it was set to above).
  8. Click OK to close the Options dialog.

Your Foot Pedal should now work properly through the Serial/USB adaptor.

door in preparation for getting a different horse
Oh, get off your high horse. Have YOU ever done the truly horrible ESLs?? nm
Any horse lovers out there who would care to email me. I have
a problem with a skin infection on an Arab.  Need some advice or chat websites.  Thanks.
Come to think of it, I had 1 that was worse, cleaning horse manure
Cleaning horse stall out, 20 a day. I used to have to take it over to a manurer spread that was in a riding arena that was down lower than where I was, I'd open the door and dump the wheel barrow. One time the spread was almost full and I lost me foot and fell in, about broke my leg. My kids were little then and ran to the other side of the barn and LAUGHED!!!! I came up out of there and said "You better not be laughing at me!!" Oh I was hurt and mad!! What a job!
Trojan Horse - tried to enter my computer while I was on here

This is what Norton said it was


Norton Internet Worm Protection has detected and blocked an intrusion attempt.

Security - Default Block Gatecrasher Trojan Horse.


Easier said than done, but you keep beating a dead horse.

As an IC, I have tried many times to find skilled, qualified people to help me. If I had a dime for every time that didn't work out, I could retire. The fact is, I DO take my laptop on vacations--much to the dismay of my family--but that's the only way the work can and will get done IN A QUALITY MANNER.

Unfortunately, American workers are pricing themselves out of the market with both their hourly wage demands, vacation/sick time, insurance benefits, etc., and the work is going to the lowest bidder. 

Sounds like a load of horse puckey.
The ONLY way I can see that, and I highly doubt it, is if her docs have mostly standard exams that give her a HUGE boost in lines.

On eScription I did a group of cancer docs who really had pretty standard exams so I could EDIT 1000 lph easily but noooo way could I straight type 600 lph.
Good for you but I hope you get off your high horse
i agree with your post -- however, you just don't seem to get it -- CIRCUMSTANCES happen -- my s/o and I had something happen last month to where he had to renew a license for his work -- had it renewed and on PAPER, however, his company said they wanted the "hard plastic copy" he has to carry a gun to work and the state and federal government took their sweet time -- he got laid off, applied for unemployment, got a couple of checks for a WHOPPING $275 a week!!! -- Finally, last week got a call from his employer "even though you legally can't carry a gun right now, we have a position" -- this week the PROPER paperwork came in, he got rehired, but LOST ALL his senority. I hope you are wonderful and yes, we DO live within our means, we use ATM cards etc and I balance my checkbook but who the heck are YOU to judge!!!!
If you want to work on the internet from home, take an internet course
But only from Andrews School or M-TEC. Many companies will waive the 2-years' experience requirement and will test and hire you if you go to either of those schools. Do NOT bother with At Home Professions, Penn Foster, US Career Institute, or ESPECIALLY Trans-Am, which is also known as Trans-SCAM and is a total ripoff. You will have a VERY difficult time getting hired without experience unless you choose Andrews School or M-TEC. Yes, they cost more, but that's because they are excellent training programs, not "correspondence courses."
I hate to use mare's urine - think of the poor horse! but
it's the only thing that works for me. I have tried the *natural* stuff and ended up with either a bad tummy ache or nothing at all. It's the night sweats that I can't handle. Every night waking up drenched, unable to sleep. The doc convinced me it was a quality of life issue and basically, I wasn't having any, so I'm back on the very lowest dose. I hate it because of the horses and it doesn't cut out the hot flashes completely, but it helps.

The drug companies are too worried about men not being able to keep a hard on to explore the comfort of women. This research crap they are always handing us is just that, crap. They are looking for the big bucks. period.
Pat Day retires from horse racing -- It is a sad day for race fans everywhere! We wish him the best
in his retirement, although I hear he's going to stay busy behind the scenes with the chaplaincy program at the horse tracks.  We're gonna miss him here in Ky--
Straight from the horse's mouth - WFB Website see inside

It sounds like you will be receiving a letter soon.  Read the link:


A beautiful peacock that my girlfriend has on her horse rescue ranch!!
The former head of FEMA was a horse trainer-He is an idiot no matter what-nm
Majority of texans "ain't ne'er" seen a horse, they just act like the backside of one

Yes they are greedy and hire the cheapest they can get by with.  They are the ones who took over what used to be transcription companies owned by women.  They saw a chance to make some easy money and that is the bottom line.  They checked us all out, moved in like vultures and offered our clients free equipment, discounted work for a year, and then it has turned into this mess that we see now with offshoring, bickering, low wages, and on and on.  Now they are overcharging the clients that were unfortunate enough to fall for the line of garbage when theyear switched over to the "bigger techno MTSO" who really were unprepared, as far as I am concerned, for what they took on.  Look where we are now, offshoring, and on and on and on.  Sigh. 

Another thing I would like to see is QA departments policing themselves.  I pulled out 22 binders filled with templates, samples, etc. from 10 different sources and guess what I found?  Mistakes by the boatload.  These are samples that were sent out to MTs by QA departments to "go by" - how hilarious. These were companies with great reputations and some are currently in business using the same templates, the same samples, etc.   The temples were to be used "verbatim" and the MT is to insert any changers by the dictator, but all else was to be left.  One had cc as cc's (gasp) and wrong tenses (gasp), 7.0 instead of 7, and on and on.  Some were horrendous and beyond belief and were handed out by QA departments. 

One client that I do business with has five QA people and none of them agree with the other.  They all have their own "style" as they put it.  So, it just depends on who is on if they pull your report for a once-over or you have a blank.  Then,, the politics goes like this:  They all want the MTs to send the QAs you got from other QA people to THEM (the QA person who did not QA that report).  That is like QA doing QA on QA.  Sounds like maybe extra careful?   No, they then send it to their supervisor trying to get the other QA persons fired.  Nice colleague interaction going there, right? 

I only go by BOS almost completely if the work is hospital because of the audits that go on with JCAH or whatever they call themselves these days.  Then, sometimes the doctors don't agree with JCAH and want it their own way, which may not be the way some QA wants it.  The bottom line is I tell them from the outset that I do it the right way, the way the one who signs the document wants it.  That is the bottom line.  If the hospital complaints I refer them back to the dictator.  When I have one of those I put comments on the page for my future reference and that of QA.  I only violate the dictators wishes when he or she wants me to transcribe against HIPAA regulations (like the patient's name, address, and phone number, etc.)  I then comment that the information was dictated, but not transcribable due to HIPAA regulations. 


Horse & buggy obsolete, would love to have saved them - gone and can't fight it!
Josie (aussie), Traveler & Lovie Dovie (cats), horse
is ScoobyDo. Traveler was found as a teeny kitten, lost on a rural road by daughter who was jogging. Lovie made a forlorn sound when i was driving down street and i got out to see if she was hurt. She crawled right up onto my shoulder and snuggled under my chin (still prefers that). She was very young, starving and pregnant. I tried to find another home (at the time already had 2 cats), but so glad that didn't work out...Scoo was already named... :)
go to chat room on web site and find out. i'm working but if you find out, let me know.
creepy dude.
I find most of my abbreviations here. Scroll all the way down until you find the abbreviation box.
I don't think he looked
like a drug addict. It is just a look. I loved his singing and cannot get that song "Trees" out of my head. He did not look too disappointed when he did not get selected, perhaps cuz he knew he is creating his own success on his own.
I have looked.
If you're offended, don't read it. It's great that your job is going so well. Mine isn't. They overhired yet again. We're all either out of work or bouncing from one account to another. Why should I lose my house and have my kids go without Christmas because their management is too ignorant to properly staff? I would be making more money at Burger King because I'm not even getting minimum wage now. Don't even tell me it's because I'm not a good MT. I got 100% on my last QA, I do ESLs, I do acute and clinic. Ah, but that's what it's like around here. Any time someone is down, people kick them down further by blaming the victim of bad management. I am worth at least 3x minimum wage and then some, but how am I supposed to quit my job 10 days before Christmas?
We looked into it
I am at a small company and we looked into the Fusion Voice, but they wanted something like $18,000 to start us off.  For a small company, no way!  They wanted us to start off with everything new.  We already were using DVI, but they wouldn't or didn't want to, just license the software for us to use on the DVI system.  I also tried to find people that had it, but it does not seem to be a popular system as compared to others.  Why I don't know.  Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
I just looked under the bed....not there! nm
I looked into it a little bit...(sm)
And while I think it is probably legit, they are mostly surveys that either get your name into some type of sweepstakes, or you would have to do an awful lot of them to make any money. I could be wrong, so if anyone else out there is making decent money off these, please correct me...

Yes, I looked at those :)
I am going to apply to TRS and Webmedx tonight, as well as put my resume up on the board. I have a friend at those places and she recommended them to me. TY!!
Just looked...
...at their website...sounds very interesting!  What has your experience been with them?  How much do they charge you for advances?
I looked over it
mainly I was wondering if there were any other programs that could do it (for cheaper :O))

I reckon I'll have to save my pennies! :)
I have looked into this, but . .

In my part of the country: 

The training is 2 years.  You must pass with 95% accuracy these tests:   225 wpm 2-voice testimony, 200 wpm jury charge and 180 wpm literary.  Must do 40 hours of actual writing time during internship and submit 40 pages of transcript and a written narrative to get your degree. 

Also, you must invest in your own stenography equipment, $2,000+ (could go quite a bit higher depending on equipment).

Then you must do 2 years with a legal group. 

Then you can apply for a courthouse job after that (that's how my courthouse in a decently large city does it).

Then after you do 2 years of courthouse experience, the closed captioning company will take your application for consideration of hiring and "transitioning."  

Closed capitioning for live capitioning (news, sports, etc.) I am pretty sure those people can work at home. 

But if you want to do movies, etc., that is done in house.  At least in my neck of the woods this is how they do it and what I was told by someone at the company over the phone. 

I doubt that you can go straight into closed captioning from school--I am pretty sure that they want you to have pretty much courtroom experience and be pretty well versed with the steno machine. 

If you can make it, it seems like a pretty lucrative career.  I looked into it many years ago and went into med transcription instead.  Could kick myself now. 

Have had a couple friends who were court reporters, the machine seems it would take quite a while to master with any efficiency.  You know, it reminds me of the alpha-hand I took many many years ago.  But again, you would have to practice, practice, practice, and really enjoy what you are working towards. 

I just interviewed last week with a court reporting school and then with the local college to check out their court reporting course.  The court reporting school said as long as you get up to the 225 per minute speed, you can finish a little early, about 18 months. But not so with my local college, you must do the entire 2 years and classes only start once a year. 

Interestingly, I was told there is an 80% drop-out rate.  It is pretty tough going. 

I changed my mind about going this route, wasn't interested in the courthouse work, wanted to go straight to closed capitioning, but it sounds as though that is not possible.  I don't have 6 years to spend for school and experience.  

Then I have been reading on the internet that they are starting to get rid of the court reporters in a couple states and replacement them with the audio/video recorders that the courthouses already have in place.  So that doesn't sound to good to me.  Not sure how accurate that method would be for record keeping, but we all know with offshoring has done to the quality/accuracy of medical reports. 

Still thinking of what I should do instead now.   

Good luck to you.  Again, this is in my neck of the woods, could be different where you are.   

I looked into doing this myself - sm
I have decided againist it for a number of reasons.  First, I would be repeating a lot of subjects I already took for MT 10 years ago.  Second, the pay around where I live is about HALF of what I currently make as an MT.  Third, and the real decider for me, is that after I complete MA school I would be qualified as an MT, which is exactly what I am trying to get away from - argh!!  Nah, this is not for me. 
Hugs to you! I looked everywhere.
Never looked at that way, but maybe that's just why it works for me.