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Does anyone know where I can find samples of brochures for....SM

Posted By: Anon on 2006-01-23
In Reply to:

business proposals? I paid to be a member on another MT website, so I can find that information out, but no one has emailed me or responded to any of my posts regarding this question. I am trying to put together a brochure, so I can hand out to the local clinics in my area. I thought I saw a thread somewhere, but I can't remember if it was here or on the other MT website. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. 

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anyone know where to find samples of flyers to start your own business?
I want to make my own and would like to look at how a few are formatted.  Thx.
Are there any places on these boards that give samples of brochures for marketing for medical transcription? Thanks so much!
Thank you - brochures

Thank you for all your input, guilt is gone.  I know that I don't have a patent on my brochure or logo but it is mine and reflects me.   So it will stay here with me.  I felt that anyone that needed that much help would not be able to provide the necessary committment and knowledge to get and keep accounts but that was just me.   Like I have said I paid my dues for many years and now am reaping from my hard work and want to enjoy it without guilt.   Have a good weekend everyone.

I haven't seen any brochures, but if you
look at the Job Seekers board and go to some of the company websites you would probably see what you are asking for.
Brochures Reply
Thanks so much Debra. I would appreciate that you very much if you could send me a copy.  Gosh that is nice of you!

Do what the rest of us have done if you want to design your own, buy the paper, write out what you want to say about your service, find a logo, business name, figure out how to put the two together and design your brochure.  Or you can find a company that will design one for you when you supply all this information and pay them anywhere from $100 to $1000 depending on how fancy you want it to be.   I put a lot of sweat, blood and tears into mine and I have been asked several times for copies and samples and guess after somone in the area used parts of it in their brochure after I have shared it, I just don't share anymore.   If someone gets one through my mailings, that is different but I just don't mail off copies to others to "share" with due to the above fact.   But they aren't hard to do, just takes time.    And yes mine works as I have always signed on a new account when I do a mass mailing.  But again, it reflects me and my company as yours should reflect you.   Good luck, you can do it.  Just start and it comes to you.



Okay --everyone let me have it.  I don't feel I am better than anyone but several of you have asked for me to E-mail you my brochure/flyer/letter that I use when contacting doctors and I am having a hard time doing so.  It took me a long time to do the research, many hours/days and weeks designing my simple brochure that reflects me and my business and I guess I am scared that someone will scan it and just replace my name with yours and it took me a long time to do it.  So am I wrong?  I basically just have a logo, state what services I provide, price and what experience I have but it has worked for me.  I don't like ignoring those of you who have asked but I am having trouble sending it to you.  I have no problems offering any of you support, advice, tips on what I do but have trouble meeting this request and not thinking that any of you would simply duplicate it and guess it wouldn't be that big a deal  so am I really a horrible person?

No you are not a horrible person - and having owned my own Transcription Service for 15 yrs until my husband passed away 12 yrs ago....I WOULDN'T SHARE my hard work either!!

I think it is extremely kind of you to offer support, advice and tips. I can't fathom asking for another persons/business brochure, it is just not right and personally I think it shows lack of respect for you.

My two-cents...
That's good to know...do they help design brochures too?? nm
cold calling/flyers/brochures
I have gotten several accounts that have been with me for years but I do a random flyer/brochure and then let them contact me. If they do, after I go in, I go back with cookies and reel them in. Seriously has worked for three accounts that have been with me from 4 to 15 years. Good accounts too.
Business cards, flyers, brochures, intro letters (sm)

network, network, network, persistence and lots of luck.

Read The Independent Medical Transcriptionist by Donna Avila-Weil .... worth it's weight in gold!

MY samples

I am the poster accused of holding MY normals hostage.  Cleaned off the sample and just left in headings.  And this was a sample with a table in it and I omitted that even.  Then I sent the doc.  But again, all they had to do was make a copy of a done job and that would have been the end of it.  The only thing, I don't think this person was ever smart enough to figure that out.  lol.  

You need samples
of the work or offer to a do a trial for a week so you can get an idea of what a page contains and average it out.

I charge my NJ client $3/page but first did a one-week trial and gave my estimate based on that. They also claimed they had local transcriptionists willing to do it for $2. I did not drop my rate, and they went with me anyway. Just thought I'd share that to prove you can charge a higher rate and still get the account. ;D

samples, samples, samples. That is sm
the way she will learn what her dictators are saying. Surely they have some available to her?
Go to www.mtdaily.com. They have samples of a lot of reports done by transcriptionists. The job board, classifieds, and samples are free services.
report samples

Does anyone know of a web site with surgical report samples and EMG reports?  I've searched google for hours and can only find informartion ABOUT them, not actual reports....

Thanks for ANY help!

seeing samples like that just makes
you realize just how valued and appreciated you are by the nationals and AMMT who believe offshoring is good for the industry, doesn't it??? NOT!!
Can you ask your supervisor for samples of
the ESL doctors' other reports? This will help you can get a handle on what they say frequently.

You have a great attitude. Remember if you can transcribe ESLs, you can transcribe anything. Good luck!
Definitely agree with getting samples. Get
lots of them. They'll save you a lot of time.

For me, I'll listen to a word a couple of times and if I can't understand it, I leave a blank and finish out the rest of the report. Then, I go back to the blank and re-listen again and if I can't for the life of me figure out what the dictator is trying to say at all then I go ahead and leave the blank.

I use Google also. I'll type in the phrase after the blank or before the blank in case something comes up that looks familiar or sounds right.

And lastly, I also stop and walk away for a second from my PC just to clear my head and re-listen again and sometimes just doing that helps.

Good luck! If you can conquer those dreaded ESLs you can conquer anything.
Ask for samples of work...nm
You must get samples of their reports so you can see what they are saying. sm
Most ESLs say the same thing, in the same way, over and over.  If English is difficult for them, then they learn a way to say something, and always say it that way.  Good luck.
Ask for samples. It really helps to see what they are saying. sm
Most ESLs say the same things the same way, over and over.  You just need to see what they are saying.  Then you get it.
I believe MT Desk has samples.
Can't you get any samples from your doc? Eyes are
dictation samples
I sent you an email with some info.
Samples? It depends. sm
Sometimes you'll get a large set of sample reports for various physicians. Sometimes you have access to prior reports in the system (which, I have always felt, is a bit dangerous, as far too many times I've seen errors carried over from report to report on a difficult dictator simply because people pulled their samples/canned text from earlier reports that contained mistakes).

Usually, though, when starting out and you have no samples for a particular dictator you just do what you can with him/her then request a corrected copy (or sample) from QA ... that's what I have done, anyway, when I've come across a particularly challenging dictator.

Good luck.
MT Desk also has samples.
I'm afraid the deodorant samples were not a gag...
tho I wanted to gag after opening the box! Yes, that could be true about wanting others (strangers) around since our parents died - I suppose it IS easier emotionally, in a way. Its like being at an office party.
What aggravates me are normals and samples
full of obvious typos and stylistic issues that we MTs get dinged for. In fact, I remember having a normal op at one place that had a made-up instrument name in it. It kept coming up on the spell check. Took me months to finally find the proper name.

I've come to expect sloppy and/or poorly written emails from managers and admin staff otherwise.
terminology test samples
I have been searching and searching and searching google, etc. to find a written terminology test to hire two inhouse transcriptionists that I will be interviewing this week.  Everyone who comes in the door says they "know" transcription and they "have lots of experience" on their resume, but I find out they don't "know" transcription.  I need a test that is pretty broad, that is written, and that is FREE.  I can test them on digital physicians, but would really like you see how they handle a terminology test too.  Been on internet for two hours now to no avail.  Can someone help me?  I am only interviewing for inhouse positions (2), so don't everyone flood me with requests for jobs....only inhouse.....only in Southern Indiana.  Please?  Thanks for your help!!!
Thank you for the IC contract samples! Looks great. : )
I had an MTSO send samples

and had spelling errors....  And she is correcting my work?  Puleeze!!!  I have 20 years of experience as well and do just fine with my own account making a heck of a lot more than what an MTSO will pay, so it is no sweat off my back to dump the picky ones who are not even right themselves.  Their loss not mine! 

Ask you acct for samples to look at. And get the Dorland's
Can your employer furnish any samples? SM
They will be really hard to do asking online.

There are sites with operative report samples, that may provide some help. Just google.
Not sure if there are any of that on this, but you can check out. Seen some radiology samples in the

See link.



A nice site for ops and other samples

This one has quite a number of good samples and it loads quite quick too. See link below.

Here's another good resource for op samples

Lots of useful samples in there.


I found some on mtdaily.com/mt1/samples.html nm
I know you might be apprehensive to call the office and ask for samples, but (sm)
perhaps you could just call the OM and say you'd like to have a couple of past reports so you can make sure to keep the formatting consistent. I don't think they'd mind either way, but if you approach it as though you're actually doing them a favor (by attempting to "keep the formatting consistent"), then it might be easier for you to do.
I sell Avon, have the samples, and haven't even tried it yet!
Master of none! LOL!
Ortho progress note samples

Does anyone know where I could get samples of ortho progress notes?



Free dictation samples site
Can't assume samples are correct! Always proofread everything. nm
Softext MT CD of Operative Report Samples

Has anyone heard anything about this CD?  I found it on ebay.  It has over 1000 multispecialty operative sample reports.  It's called: Softext Medical Transcription CD of Report Samples.   eBay Listing: 180302333955. 

Sounds like it could be a really good reference.  Just wondering.


Get samples of the doc's work, if you can, and make each doc's op into a shortcut/abbrvn. The
Wow, just noticed a load of OR samples also...pretty neat.
Ask for samples, make some templates, and Go! You're blessed to have this
Does anyone know of a site that offers Free dictation samples? n/m
not sure about Neer procedure, but this is a great site for samples...

-----I have not personally checked all the reports here but the site seems reliable...

Did you try to Google Neer procedure/impingement, etc?
go to chat room on web site and find out. i'm working but if you find out, let me know.
creepy dude.
Get samples. Proof your work. Have back up equipment. Meet TAT.