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Does anyone own the ECS Deluxe Over Head USB Headset...

Posted By: MTHubie on 2007-11-29
In Reply to:

from Executive Communications? I looked at this website on a whim after it was discussed below and found this headset and it sounds great. Just wondered if anyone else has them.

They have a USB plug instead of the standard headset plug and are supposed to have the soundcard and volume control built in. And they are a decent price.

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Glimmer deluxe stereo PC headset

Just got mine today from transcriptiongear.com.  FABULOUS sound quality! 

Check them out. 

And they're PINK!

Any info on converting a dictaphone 2-prong headset adaptor? I need to find a noise cancelling head

If anyone knows where I can find this, please let me know.  thanks

I have a deluxe Aerobed on top of
my box spring. I am one of the 40+% of users who sleep on them every night. Add some nice high thread count sheet and you won't go wrong.
Where do you buy Dictaphone Deluxe headphones with the straight plug? Are they worth the $69? nm
Ooops, sorry. My last post said "head head." I meant "her head." Sorry.

Need help with headset
My headphones are louder on one side than the other. I have tried different headphones, so I know it has to be the computer. Any ideas on how to change that? TIA!
actually it could be the headset as I have had this
happen before.  If the wiring in the headset gets messed up for some reason it can cause this.   Have you tried more than 1 headset? 
Hello, For excellent sound quality I would suggest the SPUSB headset which can be found on our website at www.tvps.com.
also....about the headset
I quit playing CDs on my computer because it was such a hassle to swap out the headset for the computer speakers. I had to pull the computer away from the wall and bend and stretch as far as I could and then use a flashlight to find the hole to change change them. Plus, I had very little slack in the headset because my hard drive sits on the floor. I solved 2 problems at once: I went to Radio Shack and bought an 6-foot extender for 7 bucks. One end fits into the back of the computer, and the headset attaches to the other end. Now I can even leave my headset on when I stand up at my desk to reach the very top shelf to reach some of my more obselete references. In addition, I just swap the headset cord for the speaker cord to play CDs. Makes me a happy camper for sure!


Please help... need to know where to buy a new headset as I lost the paperwork for this pair.. my ears are killing me!!!!  Help!!!

I have tried so many, and I think the absolute best headset is made by Lanier Healthcare.  They have been purchased by Medquist, and you can either go online or call 1-866-542-7253 to order one.  The clarity is wonderful and they are very comfortable.
Headset for MT
I have tried a few different brands, but out of all of them my Koss DC/10 is the best. Good quality sound, light and easy on my ears for comfort.
OM headset
Thanks for the help. I had tried transcriptiongear.com but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. If I can't get that particular one from OM I'll call customer support at transcriptiongear and talk to them. Thanks again!
Do you use an 'adapter' to connect your footpedal to the modem port? Sometimes this minimizes the volume.

You might try to install to install a soundblaster

Did you try transcriptiongear.com

or Google lanier headsets


Headset adapter
I have a stethoscope style Dictaphone headset with a dual-prong plug in.  I no longer need to use my C-phone, but love my headset, so I am looking for an adapter to make the dual-prong a standard single-prong plug in.  Dictaphone of course does not sell such a thing.  Does anyone have one and if so, where did you get it from?  Thanks!! :)
Looking to replace my headset.
I'd like to hear what everyone prefers for these.  I've tried all kinds but am not sure what I think are the "best."  I want good sound quality whether it's from my computer or C-phone and will be using them for both (unless I should have 2 different kinds).  At any rate, I'm curious what you all use or what you think are the absolute best.  Thanks.
Lanier Headset

Does anyone know where I can get a good price on a Lanier Stethoscope style headset (metal) - LX-10-35???   I have found these for $70, but maybe you might know of a better deal.   THANKS....

Usually when you plug in the headset
that automatically send the sound to the headphones instead of the speaker. This could be a DAC with a problem unless someone else knows a secret that I don't. Try a different headset and see if the results are the same.
Best place to buy headset

dictaphone headset
First hit top row keys, left(program), left again (keys), then select the key you wish to use from whatever is available.

Hit keys in this order: pound key (#); star key (*); 1; and 1.

Then hit the multiplication key (x) on the right, then the stop key at the bottom. I hope these instructions are clear enough.

I have never replaced my headset -

When I worked in someone else's office, rarely but occasionally a headset would/might break.  However, since being at home doing same work 10 years, I have never had to replace my headset (the one that came with a transcriber years ago); however, I have had to replace several transcribers over the MANY, MANY years and think I'm on my 3rd one now......finally got a Lanier (they are the best in my opinion for transcriber machines).

You would use the code *11 for the headset
Koss DC-10 Headset
Do any of you use the Koss DC-10 headset?  How is it?  I need to replace my headset and I want to invest in a good new one.  Can you tell me . . . are the ear inserts foam or a plastic-type material?  It is difficult to tell by the picture on the web-site I have looked at.   I perfer the plastic insert to foam.  :-) I think they last much longer and seem to block out the outside noise.  Your opinions please! Thanks!!!!!!!!!
New to WAV files. How do I use a headset..sm
and still be able to use my speakers?  I can hook a headset up to the back of my computer but it means disconnecting the speaker wire that goes to my speakers.  Is there some kind of splitter or connector or certain type headset or something I can use? 
I have an extension i bought at radio shack and plug/unplug speakers/headset - makes it easier than getting to the rear of the computer. I've never seen a splitter - it would make sense!
Headset - what do you wear?
I just can't seem to find anything that I really like.  I want good sound quality (of course), not bulky, comfortable.  What do you like?
headset question
I hope this does not sound dumb, but does anyone know if there are headsets now that block out the background noise coming from the recording of the dictator?  I know there is BOS that takes care of surrounding noise of our environment but was wondering about the other.  Thank you. 
C-Phone Headset

Try re-programming it using one of the black buttons above the number pad.  I do not use the speaker/mute button for my headset but programmed it using the first black button at the top of the row on the left-hand side.  Try that and it should work without disconnecting you every time.  Hope that makes sense



Hit the program key at the top then keys, then pick the key you want then the code is #*11 then hit the select key and then stop key....good luck, I had this problem as well and do every now and then when I unplug my equipment.

stethoscope headset
I've purchased them on ebay from Universal Audio Visual, Inc., out of East Orleans, MA, and have been very happy with the price, quality and speedy service.
dictaphone headset help
i usually work online with everything.  i'm filling in using a c-phone for a friend.  i can't get the headset to work.  it's just speaker phone and nothing else.  seems like i remember having to program my old one.  anyone know?
I need headset sound help....SM

The older I get the worse my hearing.  I think it's all the years with headset jammed into my ears.   I am working on an account with very low volume and techs cannot do anything about it.

Does anyone use headset with in-line volume control and does it work?  I found a set on ebay - $30.00 plus shipping.  But hate to order unless it works.  Help!!

Spectra Headset
Anyone use the Spectra Headset with the USB connection.  Ratings?
Good headset
Need to invest in a headset that blocks out noise in the room around me. Am using one of the "Lanier" type headsets, which has always served me well, but find that I can't seem to hear well enough on the the account I am on (particularly with some docs). There isn't that much noise around me, but I had seen some posts somewhere about a better quality, heavy-duty one. Can anybody point me in a direction?
Headset volume

I don't know what version you have, but with mine I do this with my "mumblers"...

In Express Scribe:

Go to File, then Special Audio Processes, and then Extra Volume Boost.

It will load and only takes a few seconds.  I think you may have to do that for each file or you may have to do it again if you close out Express Scribe; haven't figured that out yet.

Hope this helps.... 

headset question

I guess we're all going through the same thing.  I also asked the same question with a couple of responses.  Is there really a good headset out there that will sound somewhat decent with my speakers ?  This is just nuts, it sounds like my docs are dictating in the bottom of a tin can.


Best headset is a USB. No noise but the

Bose Headset
I remember someone talking about getting these headsets.  Did you get them?  Did you like them for transcription?  I'm hoping to get them for Christmas, but would like to know if they are worth it.
Lanier headset

I used to use a headset by Lanier that was white and had tiny white round things that fit very nicely in my ears.  They recently broke and I cannot find them for sale anywhere.  I have tried all the others available and they all hurt my ears.  There are black ones out there that look just like these and they hurt because the black circular knobs that go in your ears are just a tad bit larger than these white Lanier.  Any suggestions as to where I can find these, or are they no longer available.  Strangely enough, I had the original box laying around for years until just prior to them breaking..... I threw it out.  ROTFLMAO.......  Go figure...

Lanier headset
The only things I can think of is to either just type some of what you are looking for on Google or go to ebay. I have a lot of luck with ebay finding things I needed and never thought I would find them. Good luck.
Noise-reducing headset
I know that a lot of people have recommended the Radio Shack/Koss headsets.  I was wondering if these same headsets also block out a lot of external noise (like one's husband hammering in the next room, etc.)?  Could really use a pair that changes mono to stereo but, more importantly, has the noise reduction.  Thanks for any and all help.
Can you just plug the headset into the speakers?
C-phone headset question
Thanks so much!  With your post and the help of others we did figure out that I needed a phone splitter.  I plugged the splitter into the internet modem, dial out with a land line phone until I get a connection, pick up the C-phone, place the call on hold, and then hang up the land line and I'm in.  My next question is "How do you get your headset to work without the line being disconnected"?  I've already programmed my headset as #*11, as per the C-phone manual.  But when I select speaker/mute and press the program key for my headset the call is disconnected.  I guess I asking for the sequence of steps after my call is connected in order to get the headset to work without the call being disconnected.  Thanks!
C-phone - How do I get the headset to work?

Hi all!

My question is "When my C-phone call is connected what is the sequence of buttons that are pushed (in what order?) so that connecting my headset doesn't drop the call?"  I have a program button set up as #*11, as per the manual for my headset.  However, when my call is connected and I press speaker/mute and then the headset program key, or when I press the headset program key first, either way, my call gets disconnected.  Any thoughts of what I may be doing wrong?  Thanks so much!

was it suppose to come with a headset, how do you work without it.
I bought a new headset today but
it is stero? and only works on one side.  Isn't there an adaptor I can buy from Radio Shack which will make it work in both sides?  Anyone know.
Anyone know where to buy the stethoscope type headset?
I have used stethoscope type headset for a long time and need a new one, do you know anywhere I can find these to buy?
Dictaphone headset adapter
Dictation Warehouse has an adapter for the Dictaphone double-pronged headset wire.  I bought one not too long ago. 
c-phone headset programming

I got this on 06/01/07 from MT Stars - here it is for you to program

Make sure the Dictaphone is plugged in and also into the wall phone jack.

Notice the display screen at the top of the Dictaphone, 3 gray buttons under the display.

Press the left gray button under the word PRGM.

The display will now read



Press the gray button below the word KEYS.

The display will now read SELECT PROGRAM KEY.  At this point push one of the 16 black keys below the display on the telephone keypad.  If you are programming your headset for example, select any one of the 16 black keys that you want.  Press that black key. 

The display will now say ENTER NUMBER.  For headsets programming #*11 (that is, the POUND key, the STAR key and then the number 11)

Now press the MULTIPLY KEY to the right of the telephone keypad.  This key says SELECT on top of it and has an X multiply function on it.

Press the STOP key to exit programming function.  The STOP key is located second from the right on the top row of the keys on the bottom of the C-phone.

Hope this helps.  I printed this out and this has been so useful, especially when unplugging the C-phone during electrical storms for a period of time and you lose the programming.








I plug my headset directly...

...into the computer in the jack that you plug speakers into.