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Where do you buy Dictaphone Deluxe headphones with the straight plug? Are they worth the $69? nm

Posted By: katydid on 2006-10-12
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Need Straight Talk Dictaphone 7120

Seeking used Straight Talk Dictaphone 7120 transcribers to sell at local flea market. Can buy immediately. (cash paid if locally in Virginia). Please contact C. Johnson.


HELP PLEASE...is there a way a remote Transcriptionist can skip jobs on this system?

I will be out of town for a few days and there will be two people covering the account and one has to do one group, the other another group.  Since the docs all dictate from same source for diferent accounts, this has not been a problem till now.

how can one girl skip the people SHE is not to transcribe??

help quikly please

Anyone uyse a Dictaphone Straight Talk #7120?

I bought this brand new but it has an annoying quiet buzz. Also, how is the tone on yours? Mine sounds muffled. Is there any way to clear it up? I have the tone slider at the top of the "+" sign. Is there another way to up the tone so it is more clear?

My doc tried to test it today and he said all it did was beep at him. He did use an author ID. Do you ever have problems with it constantly beeping?

Of course, the "manual" doesn't give a lot of info.

I own the older model that used tapes and never had a problem with it. I beginning to hate this one and I've only had it since Monday.

I hate dictaphone headphones and what I did about it

I bought an adaptor from Transcription Gear to convert a dictaphone plug to a regular 1/8th inch plug.  Cost about $10.  Then I got a Y adaptor from Radio Shack, you can plug 2 headphones into it.  I bought 2 identical headphones from Walmart (Sony MDR-V150, retail about $18 apiece).  I plugged both headphones into the Y adaptor.  Of course, because it's Dictaphone, only one side of each headphones worked.  But I fixed that.  I pulled the working ear muff side out of one head phone.  I pulled the nonworking ear muff piece out of the other head phone.  I put both working sides together, making a headphone with sound in each ear.  I then cut the wires to the nonworking ear pieces, and used twisty wires (from loaves of bread) to fasten the 2 cords together.

Lo and bold, stereo dictaphone headphonees that work in a C-phone.  Take that Dictaphone, you piece of crap company, having extorted money from transcriptionists for years.  $89 for Dictaphone headphones, and they only play through one ear, what a crock.

Dictaphone Digital Dictation Straight Talk System 7120 user manual

I had posted earlier about a manual for the Straight Talk System 7120.  If anyone has a manual, please let me know.  Apparently someone responded but now I can't find the original posted message.  Thanks!

You plug it into an outlet, plug in the phone cord, hook up the
footpedal and the headset and it works. 
Plug adapter into serial port, plug foot pedal into adapter,
plug adapter into USB port.  
I have a deluxe Aerobed on top of
my box spring. I am one of the 40+% of users who sleep on them every night. Add some nice high thread count sheet and you won't go wrong.
Does anyone own the ECS Deluxe Over Head USB Headset...

from Executive Communications? I looked at this website on a whim after it was discussed below and found this headset and it sounds great. Just wondered if anyone else has them.

They have a USB plug instead of the standard headset plug and are supposed to have the soundcard and volume control built in. And they are a decent price.

Glimmer deluxe stereo PC headset

Just got mine today from transcriptiongear.com.  FABULOUS sound quality! 

Check them out. 

And they're PINK!

Lanier is a type of dictaphone, but when speaking of a C-phone, it's meant as the Dictaphone Con
Radio Shack...easy, cheap.
speaker plug-in
I have a Dell and I had to invest in a set of Labtec speakers where you can plug the headphones directly into the speaker. I had already tried everything else and I just couldn't get enough volume out any other way. The speakers are available through TranscriptionGear.com, I believe and were quite reasonable.
I don't know what the Koss Plug is, but for myself I just
The kind with the small, hard ends that fit into your ear, not the big, round, padded ends with the foam on them. They're under $20. They don't hurt at all, and I find the sound quality to be fine--but I've not had a lot of experience with other, higher quality earplugs.
Usually when you plug in the headset
that automatically send the sound to the headphones instead of the speaker. This could be a DAC with a problem unless someone else knows a secret that I don't. Try a different headset and see if the results are the same.
Do wi-fi places let you plug your lap top into


No, there is no where on my speakers to plug into so I must ..sm
plug the headset directly into the back of the computer..on the floor..hard to access. Then I have to unplug the headset and plug up the speakers when I want to use them so not quite an ideal set-up!
I just plug into my computer, but I use

Audio Advantage by Turtle Beach.  It supposedly bypasses your sound card and the dictation is a little bit clearer. 

I had one account that provided computer and they sent me speakers,but there was such a hum/static with using the speakers that I couldn't use them.   Others with the same company complained about the hum/static too. 

Need help with USB plug, no audio
Just tried a new USB headset and now no audio at all. Did what I was asked to do but noticed under control panel it is not acknowleding the USB, saying SoundMax digital and cannot get the USB to show and also under sounds it says no sounds. I have unplugged several tiems, rebooted several times and have no clue as to how to get sound now. TIA.
anyone who needs to plug in an extra USB
You can go to Walgreen's and buy a Hub for $10.00 apx and then plug it into the computer.  However, if it doesn't work at first, unplug it and then plug it back in.  This only works for the mouse, keyboard and foot pedal, not the printer plug.  The printer plug must be plugged in directly into the computer.
I only have 1 plug in on my new computer
I need 2 of those, 1 for the monitor, 1 for the foot pedal. I got splitter tonight and both ends are female, need male and female to handle what I need. I have Infinity foot pedal that I use for voice recognition. Does that make any more sense?
Sometimes they are setup so no place available to plug in. You
should probably get a new battery. 
Can you just plug the headset into the speakers?
If you could possibly get new speakers with plug-in...
Do you mean the power plug in adapter? nm
Isn't USB one type of plug for the footpedal?
When I was getting set up, I remember it was important my computer could take the right plug for the footpedal. It wasn't the flat USB (?) type, but the phone plug type, so my computer had to have openings shaped for a phone jack type.

But I'm still not sure if DLS is okay to use or not. Sorry!
I plug my headset directly...

...into the computer in the jack that you plug speakers into.

You might need to bypass the USB hub and plug directly in. sm
I have had this problem with other USB devices.  I just switch around until I find one that will work in hub.  I don't use EMDAT so don't know if that's the problem.  Maybe someone else can shed some light on this. 
I plug my keyboard into the laptop. nm
Same here. I just pack my keyboard and plug it in.
There is no way I could be productive on a standard laptop keyboard.
Here is what I did....my foot pedal has a 15-pin plug. sm
My foot pedal is an IN-BMG. On my old tower, I plugged it into the "joy stick" port on my tower. That is the only place you have to put it if you have a 15-pin pedal. Then, when I got a new computer, it has 2 USB in front and 4 in back, I took my pedal to Radio Shack and got an adapter. The pins on my pedal go into the holes in the adapter, and the other end goes into one of my USB ports on the front of my tower. I have not had a bit of trouble with it since I have been at home and that has been 5 years.
Use mine for work sometimes, but plug in my Goldtouch sm
keyboard and "real" mouse.   Obviously, too cumbersome for just "play" at a coffee house or something, but when I travel, I do pack the "good stuff" with me 
Unplug shut down plug in and reboot!
I just meant when you plug speakers into the computer
and then the headphones into the speakers. When I plugged headphones directly into the computer the sound was never loud enough for me.
If they have a 3.5mm plug, you can get an adapter to go to 2-prong C-phone.
Try this plug-in for Windows Media Player. sm
It looks like the .dvf file is a Sony recorder file. You don't say why the file needs to be converted to .dss and I'm not even sure that you can because .dss is proprietary to Olympus. Maybe this plug-in will be of some help to you. Let us know.
You can get a combo wireless AND plug in router sm
Linksys makes one and even Walmart has them. I would not go wireless for MT because it is too slow. If you have, say, a wireless laptop that you want to sit on the couch and play with or take to the bedroom or whatever, having a dual router is convenient. You still want to MT on a plug in Ethernet cord.

They are very easy to set up. Linksys has instructions and I have never had a problem. You don't really need to tell you cable company, they aren't going to know or care. Your modem has a set speed and having a router will not increase that speed. Routers make a kind of virtual partition of cable signals. If you have a 112 modem like we can get where I live, you'll find yourself very slowed down. I go up 2 notches and have a 512 speed cable modem and when my kids are here and they all plug into the router to play games over the internet, I can still MT because the signal is pretty fast (well okay until they piggyback another router and hook up 8 computers for a LAN party).
Thanks. I purchased a three way plug last night and it appears to be working and yes for the-sm
poster above it does have a filter on it but the way it plugs in I needed the extra plug so I could still be connected to the computer for my fax to work.  Thanks again for the help. 
Plug foot pedal into laptop. Or use hot keys.
Have wireless network, just plug my foot pedal into my
laptop.  Many companies say they are internet-based, but that may mean that you can download and then get off-line to work, or it may mean that you have to be on-line and type live into their system.  I have found very few companies these days where you can download and then work off-line. 
When you plug in the peripheral, the laptop keyboard still works so you
Ladies!! My c-phone headset plug is not working!
I don't know what happened.  One minute it was working fine and the next day whenever I insert the headset I get no sound.  The footpedal works fine so it is not the power plug..only the headset and I also cannot get the speakerphone to work or I would use it this way.  It's one of the C-phones that have no display...I'm so upset.  I purchased it off of E-bay about 2 weeks ago for $150.  Any ideas of what I can do?  How to get the speakerphone to work.  Thank you!
The plug is for the monitor, pedal wouldn't work there. NM
Plug a WAP into the router and make sure your computer has a wireless card
I've never used USB phones, but I do plug my jack into the tower for clearer sound rather
if a new headset doesn't help, plug directly into CPU and avoid speakers and see if that helps.
I use an external sound card and my ear phones plug into that on my Dell. I find this so much bette
of the computer and #2 because there is a volume switch in the sound card (Soundblaster about $50).
Straight up!!!!! LOL nm
Okay, let me get this straight.
So, Meredith, Star and now Eliabeth are all leaving? And you think Joy's going to put up with Rosie??!? Highly unlikely. Wow, I guess that's the end of the View as we know it. What a shame!
You got that right, straight and
pretty wordy reports. Just not showing up for a few seconds but also audio is jerking along, word....wor....d… word…wor…d
I have my facts straight.
Comments by people on message boards don't matter.  It's the BBB complaints and lawsuits that back up my facts.  Of course, people are going to say good things about a product or service in order to sell, sell, sell.  It's called damage control.