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Does anyone take vitamins or OTC supplements?

Posted By: Just curious on 2005-07-12
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I am out and going to the store to get more and wondered if anyone else takes them and if they seem to help or it's a placebo thing going on.  What brands do you trust if you do take them.

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I think part of it is the nature of the job, basically sitting in one position for hours staring at a computer screen, typing our rear ends off, etc. etc. can definitely contribute to feeling fatigued!  If at all possible I feel it is important to get up and take little mini breaks even if it is just a quick walk outside or whatever at least once an hour. That is why I can only do MT work on a part-time basis, I'm just too hyper to be chained to a desk for that many hours!

I try to work out at the gym at least every other day and it actually does help with my energy levels. Regarding supplements, I take a good multi, another for hair, skin and nails, alpha lipoic acid/L-carnitine combo, and just started an HGH dietary supplements to supposedly improve physical performance, help with sleep, improve function of pituitary (my main reason for trying it as I had surgery in this area a few years back). Just started it last night so we shall see!  Also, I am soon to be 44 and am going to look into these BHRTs I keep hearing about!

B vitamins
Thanks for the info...every little bit helps
Try herbal supplements along with a multivitamin and extra calcium. Ginseng and ginkgo biloba are both good for mental alertness. Also good stretching exercises and the old standby a cup of coffee.
That is why I mentioned the supplements...
If you are healthy, from the inside, I think it shows on the outside...

One of my favorite female performing artists is Emmy-Lou Harris:  She is also stunning, for her age.  She is a natural beauty, who when she was quite young was a beauty queen, but I have noticed the last few years she is doing what I see a lot of older women do, just as you mentioned, dressing a little too 'hip', too much makeup. 

A lot of her appeal was her no makeup look, long straight hair, and jeans, in my opinion.  With her gray hair now she is even more drop-dead stunning, only I wish she would not dress so 'loudly' - not that she is anywhere NEAR what you are talking about - haha...

Ick - I know exactly what you mean with some of these women...  classic 'change of life' symptoms... 

In all fairness, though, the advertising market knows just how to do this to women - and they are merciless with 'telling' women how to look, and changing the style every week so they can make huge mounds of money...

Another 'trend' I see more and more is older women with much younger guys...  Yikes, for me, I am terrified already of losing a man to someone younger, imagine he is in his 30s (his prime), she in her 50-60s (menopause, hair brittle, spots on your body, tired, mood swings, etc etc - no need to go there, smile) and he is surrounded by these 18-20-somethings who are completely aggressive and thrill-seeking (with aspirations of being strippers and prostitutes from how they look)...ya think???  Are these relationships solid?  I imagine a few are based on real emotional/love, but...what a trip!

I take energy supplements as well

I started taking them to help me lose weight, but I do find that my production increases when I take them.  But I end up having a hard time sleeping at night.  I also get headaches on the weekends when I don't take them and I'm extremely fatigued without them.  If you thought you were tired before you tried the energy drink, wait till you stop it.  It'll take about a week to get back to normal.  I think the other poster is right - try to get a walk in.  You also might want to try shorter shifts - that's what I'm trying now.  Work an hour or 2 and take an hour break.  It may take longer to get your work in but it's not as mentally exhausting.  This job is mentally exhausting.  Most people don't realize that.

I use a vitamin and nutritional supplements

Mine started to get really bad a couple years ago, and since then i'm keeping it at bay, though sometimes I slack off. 

I have two keyboards I use, one for each hand, and I rest my hands on arm rests from an ergonomic chair I invested in last year.  Keeps my hands neutral. 

The vitamin regimen I use is fish oil, or omega 3 to keep my joints nice and hydrated, magnesium for a natural muscle relaxant, and B6, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. 

I also do yoga, which releases tension in my neck that causes a lot of the stress on my wrists, and do the carpal tunnel stretches.  I only do the soaks when i'm in severe pain.  I also wear splints every night and they have been a God send.  I used to wake up just about every morning not feeling one of my hands, it just felt like a piece of steak hanging off my wrist, very weird feeling.  I also get regular massages. 

When they are real bad I also use Icy Hot and take Soma and Ibuprofen.  I also get more pain when I try to do something else, like paint or write.  Hope this helps.

anyone have success with herbal supplements?
I suffer extreme anxiety, but I order meds on line, Xanax, Soma, Buspar, so far Soma works somewhat, Buspar makes it worse, and Xanax is my dream pill along with Ativan.  My online carrier stopped distributing the Xanax (probably lawsuits) and Ativan, so only Soma, which barely smooths out the edges.  I only take these things when needed, cut them into fours usually and can go days without, but sometimes my anxiety attacks me like a monster and I cannot function.  Lately i've been feeling depressed too and thought of St. John's Wort, bought it a couple weeks ago, but from what i'm reading on the net, i'm completely scared to use it!  All these warnings out there, I just don't want to drop dead.  Does anyone have success with herbs? Complications?  I do not take anymore antianxiety drugs, except for Soma on occasion.  So there would not be any interractions, but the idea of taking an herbal supplement makes me nervous, but I want to feel better.  Also I heard Kava Kava is an anti-anxiety herb as well.  Anyone out there on these?  TIA.
but remember that the "natural" supplements are not...sm

tested as to potency or strength or even ingredients. 400 mg of melatonin from one company or even bottle to bottle is not necessarily the same. And there is no FDA oversight, so could be other things cut into the mixture, which could be a lot "harsher" than "drugs."  Testorone is a natural substance that your body produces naturally but it would not necessarily be a benefit to have more of that! Benadryl in fact is an antihistamine which is actually just as "natural" a solution as melatonin, being as it counteracts a natural substance that your body produces.. I know people don't think that way, but chemistry is chemistry. If you really want to go "natural" you could investigate sleep hygiene, darkened room, cognitive behavioral techniques and maybe lavender aromatherapy.  Not saying what you should do, just educating regarding that word "natural."

oil of olay vitamins
Has anyone tried the Oil of Olay vitamins packs (the ones with the multivitamins)?  I was wondering how the multivitamin tablet compared to regular multivitamins.  If it is comparable I would like to try them since they have the other skin supplements in the packs. 
You sound paranoid .."they are trying to take our supplements away". lol nm
Andrew Lessman vitamins are the best.

Carpal tunnel - know I saw post about vitamins...
or such that helped carpal tunnel without surgery or such.  I am really having problems with my right wrist and it is majorly affecting my production.  I do not want surgery or such, so was going to try vitamins or exercise first, any suggestions?  Thanks. 
Vitamins that make us mentally alert?
Which vitamin supplements can we take to make us more mentally alert as an MT?  Thanks
Can a male patient be taking prenatal vitamins??
I've never heard of this before and don't find anything initially on Google.
Valerian root or melatonin supplements from the health food store might help. nm
Some people swear by vitamins, calcium, low protein diet, Flexeril. (sm)
try a variety of things, cuz it could be so many things.
Carpet cleaner? Flea spray? Chemicals used inside his car? Restaurant food? New vitamins? Cold