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You sound paranoid .."they are trying to take our supplements away". lol nm

Posted By: Geesh on 2005-07-12
In Reply to: Have you heard of Codex? They are trying to take our - supplements away.


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    You can go to BioLife website and read that I think, and no you do not sound paranoid! nm
    I keep the minimum amount of cash in the bank. I may sound paranoid but I fully

    there to be locked up.  The banks are scampering around if you notice.  They have written notices that they can raise your interest rate to 28% or more for just about no reason on the credit cards.  I think they have let way too much money borrowed out be on the books, and now the little man is having to pay either with money, or his financial credit. 

    If you read about GOLD, gold is selling for a lot, all over the world, even in this supposed stable time.  That's a sign they say that things aren't as steady as the powers that be want you to believe.

    "they" are MTs, MTSOs, and the AMA. If you can do better for cheaper..go for it..let us know w

    Should be "They handle"! Sorry, it is time for bed.
    that should read "they ended up sending all the work"
    I HATE making mistakes...."they" and "probably"!!!....nm

    I think part of it is the nature of the job, basically sitting in one position for hours staring at a computer screen, typing our rear ends off, etc. etc. can definitely contribute to feeling fatigued!  If at all possible I feel it is important to get up and take little mini breaks even if it is just a quick walk outside or whatever at least once an hour. That is why I can only do MT work on a part-time basis, I'm just too hyper to be chained to a desk for that many hours!

    I try to work out at the gym at least every other day and it actually does help with my energy levels. Regarding supplements, I take a good multi, another for hair, skin and nails, alpha lipoic acid/L-carnitine combo, and just started an HGH dietary supplements to supposedly improve physical performance, help with sleep, improve function of pituitary (my main reason for trying it as I had surgery in this area a few years back). Just started it last night so we shall see!  Also, I am soon to be 44 and am going to look into these BHRTs I keep hearing about!

    Does anyone take vitamins or OTC supplements?
    I am out and going to the store to get more and wondered if anyone else takes them and if they seem to help or it's a placebo thing going on.  What brands do you trust if you do take them.
    That is why I mentioned the supplements...
    If you are healthy, from the inside, I think it shows on the outside...

    One of my favorite female performing artists is Emmy-Lou Harris:  She is also stunning, for her age.  She is a natural beauty, who when she was quite young was a beauty queen, but I have noticed the last few years she is doing what I see a lot of older women do, just as you mentioned, dressing a little too 'hip', too much makeup. 

    A lot of her appeal was her no makeup look, long straight hair, and jeans, in my opinion.  With her gray hair now she is even more drop-dead stunning, only I wish she would not dress so 'loudly' - not that she is anywhere NEAR what you are talking about - haha...

    Ick - I know exactly what you mean with some of these women...  classic 'change of life' symptoms... 

    In all fairness, though, the advertising market knows just how to do this to women - and they are merciless with 'telling' women how to look, and changing the style every week so they can make huge mounds of money...

    Another 'trend' I see more and more is older women with much younger guys...  Yikes, for me, I am terrified already of losing a man to someone younger, imagine he is in his 30s (his prime), she in her 50-60s (menopause, hair brittle, spots on your body, tired, mood swings, etc etc - no need to go there, smile) and he is surrounded by these 18-20-somethings who are completely aggressive and thrill-seeking (with aspirations of being strippers and prostitutes from how they look)...ya think???  Are these relationships solid?  I imagine a few are based on real emotional/love, but...what a trip!

    I take energy supplements as well

    I started taking them to help me lose weight, but I do find that my production increases when I take them.  But I end up having a hard time sleeping at night.  I also get headaches on the weekends when I don't take them and I'm extremely fatigued without them.  If you thought you were tired before you tried the energy drink, wait till you stop it.  It'll take about a week to get back to normal.  I think the other poster is right - try to get a walk in.  You also might want to try shorter shifts - that's what I'm trying now.  Work an hour or 2 and take an hour break.  It may take longer to get your work in but it's not as mentally exhausting.  This job is mentally exhausting.  Most people don't realize that.

    I use a vitamin and nutritional supplements

    Mine started to get really bad a couple years ago, and since then i'm keeping it at bay, though sometimes I slack off. 

    I have two keyboards I use, one for each hand, and I rest my hands on arm rests from an ergonomic chair I invested in last year.  Keeps my hands neutral. 

    The vitamin regimen I use is fish oil, or omega 3 to keep my joints nice and hydrated, magnesium for a natural muscle relaxant, and B6, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. 

    I also do yoga, which releases tension in my neck that causes a lot of the stress on my wrists, and do the carpal tunnel stretches.  I only do the soaks when i'm in severe pain.  I also wear splints every night and they have been a God send.  I used to wake up just about every morning not feeling one of my hands, it just felt like a piece of steak hanging off my wrist, very weird feeling.  I also get regular massages. 

    When they are real bad I also use Icy Hot and take Soma and Ibuprofen.  I also get more pain when I try to do something else, like paint or write.  Hope this helps.

    anyone have success with herbal supplements?
    I suffer extreme anxiety, but I order meds on line, Xanax, Soma, Buspar, so far Soma works somewhat, Buspar makes it worse, and Xanax is my dream pill along with Ativan.  My online carrier stopped distributing the Xanax (probably lawsuits) and Ativan, so only Soma, which barely smooths out the edges.  I only take these things when needed, cut them into fours usually and can go days without, but sometimes my anxiety attacks me like a monster and I cannot function.  Lately i've been feeling depressed too and thought of St. John's Wort, bought it a couple weeks ago, but from what i'm reading on the net, i'm completely scared to use it!  All these warnings out there, I just don't want to drop dead.  Does anyone have success with herbs? Complications?  I do not take anymore antianxiety drugs, except for Soma on occasion.  So there would not be any interractions, but the idea of taking an herbal supplement makes me nervous, but I want to feel better.  Also I heard Kava Kava is an anti-anxiety herb as well.  Anyone out there on these?  TIA.
    but remember that the "natural" supplements are not...sm

    tested as to potency or strength or even ingredients. 400 mg of melatonin from one company or even bottle to bottle is not necessarily the same. And there is no FDA oversight, so could be other things cut into the mixture, which could be a lot "harsher" than "drugs."  Testorone is a natural substance that your body produces naturally but it would not necessarily be a benefit to have more of that! Benadryl in fact is an antihistamine which is actually just as "natural" a solution as melatonin, being as it counteracts a natural substance that your body produces.. I know people don't think that way, but chemistry is chemistry. If you really want to go "natural" you could investigate sleep hygiene, darkened room, cognitive behavioral techniques and maybe lavender aromatherapy.  Not saying what you should do, just educating regarding that word "natural."

    Valerian root or melatonin supplements from the health food store might help. nm
    being paranoid about
    I totally agree. I am always checking, double, triple checking things and worrying about commas and hyphens, account specifics and my line count shows it
    No one was being PARANOID except the OP
    Someone inquired if she were in India, no accusation, just a question. Someone else posted to ask if Curious had a problem with the OP being in India, to which Curious said not at all. Then a couple of other posters pointed out this is a board for AMERICAN MTs ONLY.

    I'm failing to see where anyone except the OP is paranoid (or just defensive, which is probably more accurate since she indeed does not type as the usual American MT, at least not to my eyes).

    I normally agree with your posts, Robin, by this time I'm failing to see why you are accusing other posters of being paranoid when the only one who has expressed ANY paranoia or accused others of being paranoid, etc., is the OP.

    I think maybe you need to re-read the thread again. Even the one where she refers to you as being smart is oddly written.

    Nope, I don't smell any paranoia here, just perhaps someone who detected an odd syntax, asked a question, and the OP blasted off into orbit.
    I'm starting to get paranoid....
    I've been with Medquist only a short time and have a good experience so far.  After reading some of these posts, though, I am becoming paranoid that things are not so good.  Someone please fill me in on what is going on.  I received the letter a couple of weeks ago from the CEO and just assumed it was a hand full of people involved with this lawsuit.  Now what is up???
    off subject -am I being paranoid
    I have some genealogy information on my computer and my grandfather had a very unusual first name and middle name-  today when I was going through my junk mail there was junk from someone with that  same name-  just kind of stopped me in my tracks I didn't open it ---but is that a coincidence  How does that happen - I should have better Spyware I guess  .  maybe Im just paranoid
    Becoming paranoid about work and QA

    I would like to find a job that I do not  have to proof report 2-3 times as when audits roll around  QA dings for more grammar than actual medial terms.  I would just like to sit and type. I have done this for 29 years, and we all make mistakes, but it is just rediculous anymore.   This company I work for now is so picky about even the smallest thing such as hyphens, comas, colons, etc that a few of MTs on the same account are becoming so paranoid that we are wasting too much time on each report and IM each other that we are not getting anywhere.   I have lost my rhythm with jumping around so much for each WT.  I love to do Op reports and have asked twice and that is about as far as it gets.  I used to enjoy transcription, but not anymore.  If I could afford financially to quit I would.  I used to do over 1200 lines a day, but not anymore.  I feel like I am back in high school English class.  Those days are gone.  Jobs are hard to find anymore with the economy the way it is, but at least I have something coming in, but just not enough and I still am working two jobs.  Just getting tired, frustrated, aggravated, you name it.  Thanks for letting me vent. 

    And folks think I'm paranoid
    If someone is sitting in a corner at Starbucks or the library or whatever on a laptop working, I'm not sure I see what the problem is. If you're that stringent about things, do you jump from your chair and throw your body across the monitor if you feel a family member approaching your work area? If a person isn't doing their work on external speakers and does not have a 26 inch monitor facing the room at large, I do not see there to be any more of a 'security' risk than there is at home.
    I am american so someone is paranoid here. but sm
    I still cannot get the proper search.. doing what everyone says. Try it. Search for TTS the company and you will get nothing new even though a month ago I saw a bunch of recent stuff. Where does it go?
    Feeling paranoid but...
    Has anyone ever felt as though they are set at a certain amount or say a cap per hour... if though I get .09/65  seems I never ever can make more than 14 or 15 hr... even if it is the easiest reports... I hope I'm just being paranoid!!  Just wondering if anyone else has thought this.
    feeling paranoid...
    Yes - I have worked for MQ since 1999 and have always been able to get 13000+ lines in a 2-week pay period (except for illness/vacation). Since Dec 08 it has been a struggle to approach and pass the 12000-line minimum, and now since half my reports are ASR, my line count has plummeted. Am not sure if perhaps this is one way to weed out the number of employees meeting the requirements for full-time with benefits. Did wonder if there was something off with line counts, but ws never able to get a response to that question, either by email or by phone. At this rate, I am going to lose my benefits, and my line count as it is disqualified me from full-time employment. From 200+ lines/hour to barely 131/hour. I'm frustrated and worried.
    Boy, my husband is paranoid too but not to that extent - sm
    If I were you I just tell him I am coming and that is that. You miss him, the kids miss him, etc. I find it hard to believe he has a girlfriend on the side already (its only been 14 days). It could be he is just very tired and wants his 1 day to himself, granted I am sure he has unwind time at night. But he shouldn't be that selfish about his free time since he has a family to consider. Can you get one of those video cams for the computer and at least have the kids be able to see their dad that way since he is unwilling to drive 5 hours to come home every 2 weeks, or unwilling to let you "get in harm's way" by driving to see him? You have every right to be pissed, but as suggested wait until you calm down, then ask him WHY and that it has to be a credible reason, not because he thinks there is too much traffic in the area, or some such crap like that. As I said, it is probably because he is tired, being selfish about his time off and (here's the big one) probably enjoying being by himself for the first time in a long time. I actually take my kids up to my dad's about 3-4 x a year to give him some down time, granted I never get any except for a few hours here and there when he takes them to the movies or something, but at least it is something!
    I've encountered a strange situation and I don't know if I'm being paranoid or not.

    I worked at the same company for 17 years, left in 2003.  Since then, I've been job hopping.  The problem is, any company can tell you anything they want about how good they are.  You can't really find out the actual workings of a place until you work for them.  So, I get hired, no problem, work for 3-4 months, and if I'm not happy, I start looking again.  Since 2003, I've tried 5 different companies.  I'm looking again. 

    This is the weird part:  I always seem to get responses because I have extensive experience.  This time, I applied 4 places, got 3 responses, one of which I immediately ruled out after searching them on the company forum, so I applied and tested with the other 2.  Passed both tests, they were both "very interested" and passed me on to the next step.  Talked with the next person in line, received e/m from one "will call you by such-and-such a date."  The other, message on my answering machine, called them back, person was busy and would return my call.  Then.... nothing!  From either one.  It has been one week and no contact from them.  So I'm wondering if there is a blacklist of MTs.  You think it's possible ... names of MTs who have had more than a couple jobs in recent history and left after a few months?  I just really don't know what to think. 

    One of the companies that I was really interested in, I even wrote to the last person I had spoken with and asked them to let me know if I was still being considered or not, because I had other offers to consider and needed to make a decision.  Nothing.  What do you think?

    If this isn't the case, this is all extremely rude!  Don't you think?




    You are one paranoid woman (?), rather obsessing over cherrypicking.

    Her post had not the slightest to do with cherrypicking, you have egg on your face, and you SHOULD apologize. Though I doubt you will, as you get to hide behind your anonymity.

    wife OMs are always trouble -- jealous, paranoid
    poor hubbie lol

    I am so paranoid of being replaced with a lower wage employee.
    I'm paranoid by nature, I guess. :) I agree that not all of the services out there are bad. SM

    I've just not had much luck with any service and the one I spoke about above was the worst.  That was early in my career and I felt like I was pretty close friends with the supervisor and then to be treated the way I was treated, really just hurt.  Ever since then, I've distanced myself in my work life.  Business is business.

    I will say, though, that I am a loyal person.  If I'm treated fairly, I will give 110%.  I think that's what happening these days in the MT world.  MTs aren't getting treated very fair and there are just bad feelings everywhere.  You're constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.  If a job offer is too good to be true, then it probable is too good to be true.  And now everyone is playing cover your behind and making sure contracts cover everything.  I just think MTs need to play hardball like the big companies.  If you are working as an IC, you should have a ready made contract for whatever service you contract with.  Why should you be the only one signing rights away?

    I've also had the opportunity to read the contract between a big service and one of their hospital clients.  The line rate that this particular service charged was mind boggling.  I don't feel bad about stealing accounts away from services like that.

    Has anyone disconnected the internal sound card and replace with another sound card?

    I am having problems with my sound on one of my computers.  Several different ExText program have been on it so I don't think it is the program and the sound is just now as clear as on my other computer.  Has anyone switched (disconnected the internal sound care and replaced) to a new sound card?  Did it make a difference. 

    Everyone on this board is so knowledgeable, I really appreciate you.  You have helped me many times. 

    You do sound FAT, but you don't sound RICh.
    Go live in Iraq or something.
    For CURIOUS: You are not curious, you are paranoid and a sociopath
    Are you referring to the sentence

    'And HOW to you put a marker?'

    where I typed a 't' instead of a 'd'?

    It was just a TYPO!

    I am an American MT!

    It is so pitiful how PARANOID SOME American MTs have become, ESPECIALLY THE OLD ONES, fearing for their jobs and being afraid of getting the boot.

    Trying to be 'expert linguists,' sniffing out various dialects, detecting some Indian hints, whereas they most probably live in rural areas or in cities with a population of 1,000 inhabitants.

    So sad, so sad, what has become of the MTing profession?

    Now, CURIOUS, start nitpicking my post.

    it does sound like a lot of
    racil feelings are coming out in this thread...and that is a shame.
    I know! You all sound like me
    We might have to start our own MT group --the morning, noon, and night MTs or something like that.:)

    I know your time is scarce so won't hold you. Just have to come here to give my ears a break from the dictation but back to work I go...
    you sound like a 2 and 3 yr old
    playing house
    It does sound bad, but I think

    We have these things going on all the time around us, but we just hear more about them now. And it seems since I have been watching Nancy Grace that there are many more unsolved murders and teens missing.

    This may sound very odd...
    but have you tried rubbing heated Castor Oil on your sore joints?

    I know. It sounds strange. My mother has severe arthritis and she read that "somewhere" and tried it and now she swears by it.

    Just trying to help.
    Ohh, I like the sound of that lol Tell me more.
    How do we find these hospitals?
    You can still have that sound!...sm
    You can download a free program and choose the sound you want your keys to make! They even have tap dance that my 11-year-old stepdaughter loves!
    I think it's a trial program, but I like the clickity click so much that I may purchase it. This was posted under the production category because it seems to make you type faster. It helps me with my rhythm I think.

    First, please don't think that I don't believe in helping others because I DO.  What I can't stand is for those you try to help to just take with no appreciation and then turn around and harm those in our community who try to help them.

    Just before Christmas while watching the news the top story was of an elderly man who worked doing custodial work at a local hotel.  He was severely beaten and left for dead one night by 4 young males just because he asked them to quit tearing down the hotel's Christmas decorations.  Now when I say left for dead, I mean left for dead.  This man is still in the hospital and is still unrecognizable.  His doctors have said that he will need countless surgeries to rebuild his face ENTIRELY and will need 50 or more screws to hold it together.  Last night it broke that 2 of them were in custody (turned in by family members) and they picked the other 2 up today.  What is do disturbing is at least 1 of the 4 males is a Hurricane Katrina evacuee that had come to our city for shelter and assistance.

    It is acts like this that make us weary about who we help and how we do it.  The beating of an elderly man is bad enough by itself but then to tell us it was someone who came to us for shelter and help responsible is just appauling.

    I apologize for any typos but it is late and I am tired.  I just needed to sound off before I try to sleep.

    They both sound better than
    any doctor I've heard. "Living my life like it's golden..." :)
    You sound exactly like me. My mom is
    pretty much a workaholic, self image totally tied into her accomplishments, and I vowed I wouldn't do that to my kids either. I'm torn often though as of course I've got other personal ambitions, having some of my mom in me I guess, but I just can't imagine not being there for my kids.

    That said, short of being some sort of consultant or having your own accounting business or something like that, I'm not sure what else a person could do to have this kind of flexibility.
    Oh, my! You sound like me!!! . . .

    I say it over and over again . . . VERIFY.  Do not transcribe what you THINK you hear.  If you don't know it with CERTAINTY, VERIFY it!!!!!

    I try to be tactful and kind, but when the same things are done day after day, it isn't easy to be "nice."  I know sometimes I am rather short and to the point, but when some don't learn and don't change anything It becomes very, very frustrating. 

    I could fill a book with the not-so-funny errors I see daily. 

    Thanks! It does sound like fun. nm
    You sound just like me, always know where everything is,
    am the only one who can find things even if others look, and certainly don't ask, just do it myself. :)
    How does this sound for QA?
    I'll only be doing QA on each person for 2 weeks.  They offered $5.00 per MT and then a $25 bonus when they graduate from having to pend items to me.  I'm also training and get $10 per person, which is fine with me because I can train 10 people at once.   Any feedback is appreciated!
    You don't sound old...
    saying everything I was thinking...thank you! It's a job, plain and simple...go, do your work, go home, and forget about it...Life's way too short to stress over this...God bless!
    Do you know that sound well?
    you sound like me
    my dog goes with me too, numerous places.  He is fun to have along and it all goes away until I come back to sit down and work again,but I feel a little relieved.  I always keep my eyes and ears open for other opportunities.
    Can you provide more info. on Sound Medical Transcription? Do they have a website and/or how to contact them? Are they flexible? Thanks!
    You sound like me...sm
    I have been an MT for a year now. I do clinic but I did acute care for a couple of months and then the account got real slow and they put me back on clinic. I liked clinic a lot better. It is a lot easier. But it is good for you to do acute care because you are getting a wide variety of experience. My acute care account had tons of dictators on it. The only thing to do is keep at it. Or you may want to find another job with easier dictators. I am not the fastest typer either. But the only thing to do is hang in there and everyone says you will get faster and faster and you will learn more and more of the words you are having to look up. I do the clinic and only have 3 dictators and they are really good dictators. That is what I was offered and I have been doing that same clinic a year now. I really like it. But right now even on clinic I only do 100 or a little more than 100 an hour of lines. My friend told me she started out slow but she said you will keep picking up the speed.