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Don't forget the so ever "critical" ....sm

Posted By: Me on 2005-08-14
In Reply to: AAMT is a Joke. - firelight

omission of apostrophe's now.  According to them it's no longer Alzheimer's disease but Alzheimer disease.   Sounds stupid as crap and makes it look like we're a bunch of idiots to type things this way. 

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Probably "critical stop" or "exclamation". nm
Don't forget to ask...

What types of accounts you will have and whether you will have backups if your primary runs out of work. Do they pay for spaces and use of expansions or normals? Are hours flexible if you need it? Is there any charge for equipment? software? Is tech support available all the time? How soon do the bennies such as health insurance kick in? How often do you get paid and when can you expect your first paycheck? Do they give pay raises, incentives or anything else that can increase your income? What kind of training will you get until you are comfortable with the accounts? Are there a lot of ESLs? 

Whether they answer any questions honestly or not you will find out when you get started. Probably best to run the company name on MTStars and see what you get. Good luck!   

Will never forget
Yep, and don't forget 100% QA! LOL. Seriously, I
yes, that's what I always do, but don't forget
Frozen ham has a tendency to taste saltier, so when you use it, you probably won't need to add any salt.
and don't forget
Don't forget that before white out and all the other things, we had to use a razor blade to remove errors from ALL of the copies. I worked for a VA Hospital and everything had about 6 or 7 copies. Cut many a finger in those days, but learned how to be accurate really fast.
Forget about them and those like them and
live your life, period. I wish I could post a saying I got from Mother Theresa the other day but it does something like this:
People will hate you. Do good anyway. It was never about them, it's only about you and God. Something along those lines. And only half of these posts are nuts.
I'm sorry, but how can someone just forget...
Valentine's Day? That's like forgetting it's Christmas.  It's all over the TV, in the stores, everywhere you go, there was something about Valentine's Day.  I don't buy the "forgetting" thing at all...unless he lives under a rock or in a cave, he didn't forget...
Better to forget IC at 6 to 8 CPL
After you pay your taxes, it averages only 4 to 6 CPL.  I would rather be an employee.  Never will go IC again.
And let's not forget..............nm

Don't forget sm
you'll probably be typing headers and a bunch of junk. Not for me, but if you do it, make sure you'll get paid for it.
don't forget a
It really helps if you can have someone who is just in charge of the money. They could sit at a table and concentrate on just taking in the money. You can get really distracted when buyers want to ask you about merchandise. So much fun at the end of the day adding it all up and treating yourself to a yummy lunch!
just like me to forget something..
also must pay local tax and Soc Sec tax of 15%.  Yuck!
yes, and don't forget
Oh and don't forget...

the one I came across that took it to the bathroom with him and it was still running!!!  GROSS!!!!!!! 

Forget it. You do not need it.
don't forget to look at
overstock.com when purchasing! I've found a couple of books there cheap, and the shipping is usually cheap, too. They do have the CD version for $42 and change right now with $1.40 shipping.
Sometimes they forget
My friend is a speech pathologist. She told me that before she met me, she never used to think of the transcriptionist. She hated dictating, but she had to do it. So she used to dictate as fast as possible just to get it over with, not thinking that someone had to figure out what she was saying. But now she makes an effort to be understood and actually acknowledges MT and will say good day and thank you.
Don't forget.....
Work is not guaranteed, no pay for downtime (or rarely), must know all specialties, be around when work is there - not necessarily what you agreed to, work over or get no work, be availabe via phone, messagers and email, oh and be an Office and Word expert cause we aren't providing any help with that...Plus, lunch is at your desk...I bet starbucks even gives you a lunch break without whining about it.
Don't forget to consider your
chair height and whether your hands are too high compared to your elbows.

Don't forget
Things like benefits, paid holidays, vacation and sick pay. Those all add to your per line rate as an employee, and you should be compensated appropriately to offset these things as an IC.
Forget it
You won't get a vacation unless you can find another IC or two who can fill in for you. Also, you will need to schedule around your doctors' vacations - at this point in my life, I don't want to work around the clock anymore and I wouldn't do it, but if you're up for it, you go girl.

Should be FORGET actually, sorry! nm
Don't forget also that
the SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING !!! Run to your underground shelter ASAP !
Don't forget this cutie!
so true and don't forget

my head hurts from the whinnnnnney voice and her total clueless-ness of what

an MT does.

don't forget the shoe


Don't forget Poophead...

Don't forget the tax deductions
Pleae keep all your receipts for hearing-aids/batteries, etc. and check with your tax preparer at year's end or before. I would think this would be deductible but worth asking about.
Forget about it. Some people only come here

to criticize others because they have nothing in their real lives to feel good about.  If they have to go around telling us what we do "wrong" and how perfect they are, they have some serious self esteem issues there.  Nice judgmental personality types, too.

There's a big difference between an occasional alcoholic beverage and a full-blown substance abuse problem.  Unfortunately, public schools teach kids that their parents are "doing drugs" if we imbibe at all.  DH and I like an occasional cold Corona with lime to wash down spicy food.  Now, our kid thinks we're going to be arrested or die from "doing drugs".

Life isn't black or white, all or nothing, good or bad.  There are a lot of gray areas out there.  Some people on the boards need to learn that they aren't perfect enough to pass judgment on the rest of us.  There's only ONE person who's fit to do that.

Okay, bye! Don't forget to take your meds on the way out!
The level of anger and frustration is actually quite sad.
Oh and before I forget, I am so glad I did not
listen to you all and panic and take him to the hospital.  There was no reason for it as, come to find out, angioedema is NOT lifethreatening (very rarely is it) and only when there is difficulty breathing.  Talk about a bunch of panic-ridden posters!!  WOW!!!
set hours forget about it
not with kids
um because they forget to change the nm to
a simple forgetful error - no need to *vent* about it.....we all do the best we can.....  
I think I could forgive..but not forget.

If either him or I cheated, the trust is gone in the marriage.  I think I would forgive him (not right away) as he is the father of my kids and I will always have a relationship with him whether married or not, but I I think at that point, the marriage would be over.  That's what marriage is to me, loyalty to each other.  I would say he feels the same way.  I can forgive anyone, it's just my nature, but I don't forget.

Don't forget you are also describing
yourself if you are an MT, which I am sure you are.
forget it - i found it
Forget it -- I remembered!
Will never forget when I was an MT newbie
had worked about 2 weeks and got a 20-minute report by an ESL med student who stammered through the full note, then said "again" and started over THREE times!  I nearly cried. 
Don't forget it's 2008 sm
The rest is up to whoever writes your paycheck. Happy New Year!
And don't forget to encrypt! nm
yes, and not to forget tired...we all know what
this business and its pressures do to us. For that reason alone, you'd think this would be the ONE place people understood and cut some slack.

I type it and forget it
I have typed things for friends and relatives. We're in a small town and I work for a local doctor; it is bound to happen. There is no one to hand it off to (unless the doc wanted to type it himself). I'm it, so I type it and keep my mouth shut and forget the content. In fact, I couldn't tell you what was in the report a week later a bit more than I could fly.

I don't know the legality of it for a company, but as the other posters have said, if the reports are transcribed accurately and kept confidential by the MT, I don't see that there would be any problem.
Don't forget nonmedical
Here are a few of mine, leaning toward radiology, which is my specialty...

ti = there is (this is a HUGE timesaver for me)
ew = elsewhere
unf = unfortunately
adab = as described above
ao = although
ath = at this time
atpo = at this point
bosi = both sides
risi = right side
lesi = left side
ris = right-sided
les = left-sided
rhs = right hand side
lhs = left hand side
otw = otherwise

Most of mine developed organically, with easy-to-remember shortcuts at first and then using whatever wasn't used after a few years! I review the list every once in a while because there are some that I've forgotten I have.

The more references the better, but don't forget -
the Internet is one of your fastest and easiest references, as long as you're pretty good at weeding out the incorrect information from the correct.
Earphones - yes. If you have a portable CD player or MP3 player, you should be able to plug the pin for those right into your computer. Headphones will probably have better quality than earbuds, though. Still, you can get them fairly cheaply just about anywhere. You might be able to buy the Word 2003 online for a lot less than in a store. Try Amazon.com, eBay, etc. If a friend has it, you might be able to borrow their Word '03 disk and load it onto your PC for free.
Finally, be sure to proofread your test work carefully - several times. If you have the time, play back the audio as you do it.
Familiarize yourself with the Book of Style, since so many employers seem to think it's right up there with the Bible. (Ha ha - I don't! But I still had to unlearn some of what I learned at my on-site job, and learn the ways of the Holy Book of MT, in order to make fewer 'mistakes'. Still, style is one thing, but accuracy of information is what' really the most important.
Check to see if the test software has a way to speed up or slow down the dictation. I couldn't with mine, and it was way too fast for my comfort level. I could've finished the test a lot faster if I could've slowed down the dictation.
You won't have to do any fancy word processing on a test, mainly just spell the words right, so switching from WP to Word shouldn't be an issue. I've used both at work, and actually prefer Word.
Above all, relax and pretend it's just another day at work. I find I tend to transcribe a lot better when I'm not tense - so eliminate distractions, background noise, etc. And, have some coffee and/or CHOCOLATE handy to keep you happy! ;D

Good luck with your test!
And don't forget to BACK UP!!

Back up, back up, back up.  Don't forget your Expander vocabulary file.  My system crashed twice last month.  No problem, I thought.  I'll just pull out my laptop and work on that.  D'oh!!!  I didn't have my expander vocabulary file backed up.  I had the software on the laptop, but not all of my custom shortcuts.  I remembered to back up most of my iTunes, pictures, etc. but didn't even think about the most important file ever.  That was one lesson learned the hard way that I will never forget again.


And don't forget Dr. "What the **** did he just say?!?!" nm

Okay, Here it is. Use this or your own. Don't forget to share.
Dear President Obama:

How's the new job?  Keeping busy?  Financial security?  I'll bet.  Are the American people keeping the mortgage on the White House up to date?  Great.  Kids have everything they need?  Wonderful.  The American dream.

Me?  I lost another job to offshoring - AGAIN!  It's funny, I can't seem to find any concrete figures on just how many U.S. jobs are offshored.  There are only estimations by different agencies and economists.  The Population Reference Bureau stated in October 2008 that it was nearly impossible to get an accurate scale and scope on this, but they estimated about 30 million U.S. jobs are offshored and increasing as I write this.  Nothing about the tax implications.  Does the government know?  See what you can find out.  I imagine definite figures are a difficult task since the companies do not seem to want to fess up about just what percentage they are offshoring.  You stated you were going to eliminate big tax cuts on these companies doing the offshoring.  When did you say that was going to happen?  Mr. President, I don't think they care.  Just this last quarter they have increased the offshoring significantly due to that very fact.  Is there a Plan B, because jobs are leaving the U.S. faster than you can create them.  Did you take that into account in your stimulus package?

Now about we the people and that stimulus package.  I read that these big banks who received stimulus payments of about $150 million actually requested 20,000 new visas for foreign workers (up one-third).  That is not going to happen, is it?  With our own money?  See what you can find out.  We the people have always stimulated the economy, worked hard, and paid taxes.  You know, the American dream.  Now our jobs are being given to foreign workers who do none of those things.  What gives?  What impact does the loss of tax dollars and funding toward social security have on this country?  No one seems to know.  See what you can find out about that too.  I believe the number of jobs lost to offshoring is more or less the equivalent of the population in 3 entire states!  These figures must be astonishing.  If that is not a drain on the system, then the people in line for unemployment income certainly is.  The stimulus money is not going to trickle down to us.  You see what they are doing with it.  The best stimulus package you could give we the people is to save our jobs NOW so we can return to stimulating the economy.  We can not spend what we do not have, right?  Wouldn't this go a long way toward economic recovery?    See what you can find out.

While you are checking on these astonishing figures, let me give you mine.  The pretty simple fact is that my unemployment income is only going to be 50% of what I was making and only for a period of about 6 months.  Now you know companies are not hiring, right?  That would mean that in approximately 3 months something in my budget is going to have to be cut; food, health insurance, heat, the mortgage.  Which would you choose?  

We the people look forward to hearing from you on how we can just simply get back to work.  No bonuses thank you, just our jobs.  You know, the American dream.  

Jobless in the USA

P.S.  Mr. President, I know this was way before your time but no one ever told me.  Did bin Laden win back in 2001?  See what you can find out about that too.

And don't forget interesting!
That's why I love them, except for the occasional run of URI or UTI reports, they're usually varied and interesting and encompass all aspects of care. I could do them 24/7 and never get tired of them!