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oy vay, not someone else

Posted By: Snow Buny on 2005-08-15
In Reply to: Let's see...American Medical Association vs. the AAMT Book of Style.. - Duh?

who believes that the world of medicine can't live without the "real MT." "Give me liberty or give me the AAMT!!!" (riding through the street on horseback with a latern)

I don't know how many years you have in this business, but I've got nearly 27 (ouch, it hurts to say that!). I've gone the round of hospital employee to statutory employee (for a service) to IC (for a service) to MTSO, and back again. I've done all specialties and covered everything from letters to acute care to radiology to autopsies. Lots of ESLs to boot - I'm the one my boss asks to do the ones that others won't. And I have not worked exclusively in or for one state. I even was a member of the AAMT back in the early 1980s and got my certification in April 1989 (long since expired). So, you might say I've been around the MT fence a few times. IOW, I've got a lot of experience and I've seen/heard a lot. --- 

Is my work good? Well, according to the written references I've accumulated over the years, I have a lot of satisfied clients. Isn't that the true gauge of one's skills? Customer satisfaction?

Do I understand what I'm transcribing? Uh, *yeah* ... or I would not still be doing this and earning the kind of money that I do. And I didn't go to a school, either. I was grandfathered for this line of work. That was not unusual back in 1978.

Am I as good as anyone else here? Yeah, I think I am. --- But, am I at as much a risk to lose my livelihood to some getting paid 2-3 cpl, living in a foreign country? You betcha.

And whether someone getting paid types "plantar flexion" or "plantarflexion" won't mean didly squat to JCAH, to the attending/consulting physicians, or even to the hospital staff who has to provide quality care to the patient who has the condition. "To space or not to space, that is the question." If you think otherwise ...

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