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Express Scribe is GREAT for downloading sound files for testing for different companies!

Posted By: Use it if you have to. on 2006-08-21
In Reply to: Does Express Scribe work like GearPlayer?.....thanks :) - Flo

Express Scribe Transcription Playback Software

This software works as a transcriber that downloads into your computer and allows you to receive files and use your footpedal.  I have used it a lot when applying for jobs and testing, especially because I can then use my footpedal and not my keyboard to advance the sound files.  This is a free download too, so use it if you have to.  I highly recommend it.....

This is the link for the site to download it for free -



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Need Testing Help - Downloading Voice Files
I am taking a transcription test and I have downloaded the voice files on my desktop. I am trying to drag them into Express Scribe but it isn't working. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks!
Express Scribe and wav files

I have always received my dictation thru Wav files.  However I needed to download Express Scribe for one file and this became my default file.  How can i change it so when i get e-mails with my work it wil automatically go to Wav file format


dss files and Express Scribe
I am starting a new job on Tuesday using ES and dss files, this doesn't sound too encouraging to me. This is my first job with online companies, 13 years as MT but still using micros, although that is changing too.
Express Scribe plays .dss files for me. (nm)
Express Scribe should pay wma files (see insider)
Do you have the latest version of Express Scribe (4.08)? The "Windows Media" mentioned below is what WMA files are.

"Windows version supports wav, ... compressed wav (including PCM, uLaw, ALaw, ADPCM, CELP, SBC, Windows Media, ... and more."

If for some reason you can't get it to work, they have an audio converter that has a free trial here:

I use Express Scribe and .dvf files are listed sm

as files that can be played -- just have to check the box.


Good luck! 



Anyone have any Express Scribe practice files? (sm)

My employer is switching from using a call-in system, for which I use my Dictaphone, to using digital files and Express Scribe. I would like to practice using the Express Scribe software and my new pedal and such, but I can't seem to find any practice files. (I figured that with some of the crazy stuff I see on Ebay, I could find about anything online, but I've been unlucky so far searching for practice Express Scribe files!)

Does anyone know where I could find some Express Scribe compatible wav files?  I admit to not knowing much about how this works... I'm pretty much a Dictaphone girl. That's why I'd like to do some practice.  The files wouldn't have to be medical, of course... just anything where someone is talking and I could type along and use my pedal and just get the hang of opening the files and such.

Any help would be met with much adulation and beaucoup gratitude! 

Delete the files in express scribe, not the CD.
Open express scribe and click on the file that you want to play or click on the file that you want to delete.
Transferring Express Scribe files
I would like to work from my laptop sometimes, but I am not sure how to transfer the audio files I downloaded from WinSCP already from my PC to the laptop. All I need to do is transfer the audio files. I know how to transfer files that are finished in Word back to my PC. Any help would be appreciated.

How do I set Express Scribe as my default for wav files??

Express Scribe will not play .sri files......anyone else
Sound quality is 10x better than Express Scribe...sm
The settings are not as complicated either.

There are no preloaded files. You download your own files. I transcribed actual voice files using the trial version.
Express Scribe and receiving the voice files...

I have been using Express Scribe to transcribe notes from voice files that are sent to my AOL mailbox.  I was told that AOL mailboxes will only allow smaller sized voice files and that they will not accept larger files.  Does anyone have information regarding this matter?  Is there a better server I should change to so I can receive the larger voice files?


I was also wondering if I should instead use one of those MT platforms where the docís email to that specific platform and the MT picks them up there.  For the life of me, I cannot recall the name of that site.  If anyone knows of the site, can you please let me know. 


All advice appreciated, thank you.    


Need Help receiving encrypted files through Express Scribe!

Is there anyone out there who could tell me how I could listen to encrypted files in my Express Scribe which I receive through email???  I am able to receive and listen to them just fine when not encrypted, but cannot figure out how to set ES up to use a password.  When I click on the voice file in my inbox, it now takes me to ES, but displays an ERROR box stating  - unable to open DSS file, this means the file might not be a true DSS file or the file is corrupt.

Yesterday, I posted this on the wrong board, but did receive some response anyway and thanks!  Still now working though. Someone told me that I needed to get the User Id # from the clinic's software program they are using.  The person I subcontract for thought that the User Id from her Olympus DSS software would work, but I am not so sure since the files originally come from the clinic. 

I would rather not have to purchase the Olympus program if not necessary.  I would think there would be some way to receive these encrypted files with their password.  I have also tried to leave the User ID area blank or enter 0, but this does not work either. Keep getting the ERROR message as above.   

The files are coming from a dss program called Olympus if that matters.  Any insight would be greaaaatly appreciated!!!

Yes, it should. As I recall, Express Scribe plays .dss files..sm
and that's what Olympus files usually are, but you can double check because some Olympus players also use .WMA files, I believe. Express Scribe plays nearly any file, but it should list on download website what all it will play.
I have no problem with the sound quality using Express Scribe.
There is a new version of ES available for download and you can improve files with their special audio processes. Bytescribe wave player is expensive (compared to free with Express Scribe) and ES is more versatile, IMO, having used both. ES will play a wide variety of file types, including .dss.
Does anyone know how to make Express Scribe default player for .wav files? TIA.....nm
Advice regarding Express Scribe and FTP sites for voice files...

I have a new client that would like to use his PDA and send me the voice files through email.  I am confused to what programs I need to acquire in order for this procedure to be HIPPA compliant and also to work smoothly. Will Express Scribe work for the voice files and transciption?  I will also need an FTP site, correct?  What reasonable and user friendly FTP sites do you recommend? 


Thank you for any and all advice!     

Sounds like their sound card is not compatible with express scribe. (nm)
Express Scribe is very easy. Files download, you will see them, click on one and it starts when you
press your pedal.  That simple.
if you determined you do have a sound card, uninstall express scribe and reinstall. sm
i have had some computer issues recently and it seemed there were some quirks with downloading it. i had to reinstall to get mine functioning although i wasn't getting the exact same response as you, but issues. i would also update your drivers if you do have a sound card before buying another one. right click my computer icon, hit properties, hardware tab, device manager, look under sound, video, and game controllers and you will see a sound card there if you have one. also notice if there are any yellow triangles or anything as those signal a conflict. email me if you need to.
Express Scribe users would be great too (nm)
I got it to work with Express Scribe! Works great!
Express scribe is FREE and works great!
Great program called "Switch" can convert sound files into
Download Express Scribe, it's free, when you download the voice files you will listen to....
them in Express Scribe and you can set your footpedal up. I forget where the downloaded files go, can't remember if you can put them where you want them but I would have to search for them to download to Express Scribe - maybe someone else can tell you how. It is much better than what you are doing.
You need something to play the files like free download of Express Scribe. Need to play with your
Most companies do no use their only files (HIPAA). They use files provided by other companies, serv
If you can get through the test files, then the sound quality on the actual company files is better. And, the dictation is never as bad as the test files, plus you have QA to help with hard blanks.
Downloading Editscript files
After you log in, it takes a while for several reports to load. When you get your first screen, you hit Alt U to get the first report. Hope this works for you.
Downloading DSS files from TASP

I will need to download and play DSS files from a TASP system.   My boss says I will need to purchase a player and program from Olympus to do this.  Others have said I can use Bytescribe or Express Scribe with my USB pedal.  My question is, if that's the case, how easy will it be to transfer from a TASP and play them on one of these players.  My boss is making it out to be an impossible task.   She said others have tried other programs and other foot pedals with either partial success or no success.   Any help would be appreciated.   The pedal package is $300 and who can afford that?  Not I!  Thanks and happy typing! 

You can only have one Outlook Express open and downloading emails at a time. If have both the SM

laptop and the PC trying to download email for the same address, you are going to have one downloading some and the other downloading whatever comes in after the first computer downloads, make sense?  That's why you are only getting part of your email on one and part on the other.  You have two different machines trying to download the same emails.

If you set both Outlook Express programs set up the exact same way on each computer, then both will work, but not at the same time.

Hope that makes sense.

Problems with testing/files

I recently applied to a company and ran into a really difficult problem.  When I was sent the files for testing, they were first in "DSS".  The dictators were two different ESL's, but the problem was not so much them as the quality of the sound.  The company must have gotten the same response from everyone, because they then decided to send them using "MP3".  (I am not at all versed in technical stuff, but my computer person helped me and he also told me the quality was really bad.)  There is no way I would want to work for a company with that kind of a problem right off the bat.

Can someone please tell me what I should be looking/asking for?  I have worked in Escription and could hear beautifully.  The same with Meditech.  (Both of these were through hospitals.)  Are these what are called a "platform"?  I would really like to know what I can or should put in a resume or letter-of-interest just to head off these disappointments.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Does anyone have any voice files they could share for testing purposes?

Any testing sites out there to access the files w/o logging in? Just
Something doesn't sound right, here. Testing centers
Express Scribe
I have been using it for almost 3 years. I have been very happy with it and not had any problems.
Express Scribe
On the voice files that you have in the program, just click on them and then there should be a button to click on that says Done. This should remove the files. Good luck!
Express scribe
Do you know if there is a hot key or Function key for building macros or speed type in Express scribe?
Express Scribe

Is there a setting in Express Scribe where when you let up on the pedal it rewinds?  Is it in options somewhere?



express scribe
I use express scribe for transcription.  I have been able to download files just fine with it for months, but now when I down load files it only gives me the option to save the file and does not load it into express scribe.  These are the same type files that always worked before.  Any ideas as to why or how to correct the problem?  Thanks in advance!
express scribe
Try deleting the express scribe and reinstalling it.
Express Scribe
Mine did exactly the same thing ONLY in reverse. I had to manually move it into Express Scribe from the voice files; then all of a sudden it started to load into Express Scribe immediately. I talked to the gal I was working with and she said this had happened to her also. Can't figure it out but it works OK now.
Express Scribe
Open Express Scribe,  one click on "settings", scroll down and click on "pedal and hot keys".  Foot Pedal Control:  Make sure "Use Foot Pedal Playback Control" is checked.  Make sure your port is "VEC Pedals USB.  Make sure the No. is "3-pedals".  Then click on "Foot Pedal Control Setup Wizard" and follow instructions exactly.  This is where I made my mistake.  I didn't follow the wizard's exact instructions.  Sounds complicated but absolutely is not.  Once you do this you should be good to go.
Express scribe
express scribe sm
I have used infinity just to test out express scribe itself after I loaded it. Does anyone actually use this program for their work? If so, where can I get some work in this program? Have it downloaded but have not used it yet. I believe it's supposed to be good for testing, etc. for different companies.
Try Express Scribe
software. You will likely also need the file VECUSB.exe in order for the software to recognize the pedal, but all of it is free, and it works with lots of different sound files.
Good luck!
Express Scribe
I find it works well with downloading directly from FTP. Have done it for about 2 years. Also MP count is really nice line counting software. It used to be free, but I think you have to pay to get it now. I still use the free version.
Express Scribe
It is almost the only program I ever use. I love it! It is very easy to use and it has never let me down. One of my part-time gigs requires me to use something else, otherwise it would be ES all the way! You will like it.
Express Scribe
I am starting a new job soon.  We'll be using Express Scribe, just wanted some opinions on it.  Like it, Love it, Hate it.....I wanna be prepared, so throw me some hoensty, THANKS
Express Scribe
The only time I had a problem with sound quality was when files were converted from C-phone to WAV. DSS and unconverted WAV files are clear/good as long as you have a good dictator. No player can make up for a poor quality doctor dictation.
You can do it with Express Scribe

It's a small pain, but you can use Express Scribe instead of the EditScript player and, therefore, use your USB foot pedal.  It's possible that way.  I did this for several months.