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Great program called "Switch" can convert sound files into

Posted By: any other kind of sound file. Simple to use, nm on 2007-02-15
In Reply to: Need Company that Turns Telephone Dictation into WAV/DSS Files - Dave


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Program "Switch" can change wav or dss files
Try Switch. I can convert sound files. I love it. It has


Download a program called Switch and convert the file. nmx
Conversion program for digital sound files - sm

A long time ago I saw a listing regarding a program that would convert sound files, ex. dss to wav; etc.  I need to convert a .dvf file to .wav.  Any ideas?

Try Switch program. Converts sound files. Can get free demo.
Express Scribe is GREAT for downloading sound files for testing for different companies!

Express Scribe Transcription Playback Software

This software works as a transcriber that downloads into your computer and allows you to receive files and use your footpedal.  I have used it a lot when applying for jobs and testing, especially because I can then use my footpedal and not my keyboard to advance the sound files.  This is a free download too, so use it if you have to.  I highly recommend it.....

This is the link for the site to download it for free -



How can I convert files???
I received some test files that are ofc. format.  I have Olympus player.  I also have Switch and can convert files over, but there is no ofc. format to convert from.  Is there some way to do this with another program.  My pedal for Olympus is not playing the file in ofc. format.  Thanks for your help.
USB port. Is there a way to convert the files?

I just do them as they come in.  I must have 20 different ways to download audio files on my computer, but I don't know how to convert audio files from one program to another

Heck, I have to ask my 11-year-old to get the DVD player to work.

Getting ooooold I guess.  I'm like my parents who used to put a piece of black electrical tape over the flashing clock on the VCR because they didn't know how to reset it until the 7-year-old granddaughter came over and fixed it for them.


I use Switch to convert the files. sm
I prefer using my player, so I convert them to .wav.   You can download a free trial fom http://www.nch.com.au/switch/index.html   I think to purchase is around $12.
I use Switch from NCH to convert dss files to
Shorthand is good too, you can convert your PRD files to
not the NCH program to convert

I meant to convert from inside the Olympus Transcription Module. You can right click on the file and click 'convert to .wav' for individual files, or for every file all the time, under Tools_- Options_- Download, my version (probably an old one, 2.5.0) has an option to convert to .wav as the file is downloaded. Again, let me know if this works (of if you even try it; you may find something easier).
Sometimes it helps to convert the sound file - sm
I notice that when I play straight DSS files my Bytescribe will not restart at the beginning after I reach the end, but rewind 2 seconds or so and keep replaying the end; but if I convert them to .wav files (which I do by "opening" them with another .wav player called "PowerPlayer"--downloaded the free trial and just use it for this) then I do not have this problem, it will just restart at the beginning after I reach the end. So that may be affecting it, or a setting is off, or there is corruption of the file or player maybe. Lots of possibilities.
You CAN use IT with that program OR you can maybe convert your IT glossaries sm
into an autocorrect format and load that into your Exttext autocorrect.

I use both AC and IT simultaneous and that works much better than just EXTtext.

Looking for a machine or something that will convert micro tapes to wave files
Any suggestions?

Thank you!
D/l trial of Switch. Can convert sound file to
Switch program can convert DSS to other types of
Found the original post about the Olympus WS110 - do I need olympus software to convert the files?


Sound files
I thought it was just me but my group sometimes uses hand held recorders and you are so right--it may be a simple word but it just doesn't always come through clear and I feel like a fool leaving a blank when I've done this job for 30+ years. The comment about a tin can is SO appropriate! I use Express Scribe and MOST of the time the dictation is fairly clear--although (guess I'm old fashioned) you can't beat the clarity of a Dictaphone tape player. It is always clear as a bell and I really HATE to sell mine; however, no one seems to use the tapes much anymore. Such is progress--even if it isn't really better at all!
Sound files wanted
Does anyone have any sound files they could share, good and bad quality, that I could let someone listen to so they can see what they're getting into if they decide to do MT?  I'd let her listen to mine, but we save nothing; as soon as the job is typed, the sound file is gone.   Any websites that have practice type files?   Thanks for any suggestions.
I use a program called TraxTime....
I believe there is a free download online. This has been extremely valuable for me in keeping QA time.
Many states have the same program, called
Angel Food Ministries. 
I use a program called The Abacus.
I gave up on all that and now use a program called
Question about digital sound files

Hi everyone,

I am totally new to medical transcription and have a question. In doing transcription digitally, what are the most common sound file formats? I am about to take a test (both written & verbal) for a company and they sent me my test files as .wav files. The files are hard to understand at best  (the guy sounds like he's talking into a tin can ) and I am wondering why they didn't send them to me in a clearer form such as MP3. I am about to ask this same question to the person sending me the test but I thought I'd ask it here too. Is the .wav format the most common form of sound file for MT's? And if so, what's the best program to listen to these files in? I have Windows Media player, Real Player and WinAmp on my computer. Are there programs that MT's use to better hear these files? I hate to sound like a total dummy here but I'm new to this and when I went to school several years ago for MT, we only did tapes--not digital! If anyone can give me some info here, I'd really appreciate it!



AWESOME - does it work with sound files???
I love It thanks!
There is a free program called Belarc you
can download.  It will tell you processor speed, RAM, hard drive, sound card - every little thing about your computer.  I used it with Win98 and WinXP.  Google Belarc for website. 
Can use a free program called Audacity.
I have only heard about this and have not found the need to do it myself yet, but heard it works great.

Here is a website someone passed to me:


If you Google "tapes to digital," there are a lot of sites that give directions.

Good luck.
This only restores program files and does not ... sm
affect actual files like the normal.dot.
Absolute worst quality sound files in my
20 year career, the worst ESL dictators (and I currently do about 95% ESL), horrible management, system not user friendly, technical support a joke, .....   I wouldn't wish this company on my worst enemy.    Don't know anything about the other company, though several recent posts about them don't have anything good to say. 
IT - great program, great support system. nm
WW is a good sound program (sm)
that nearly anyone can follow because it involves "real food" and no restrictions. I don't know about you, but when I'm told I can only eat this or that and not to eat this or that, that's when I start to fail at a "diet."

I see someone else suggested Atkins, and from what I've seen of a lot of people on that, usually it's not a lifestyle choice. They lose weight but if they change their eating habits, pounds come back with a few friends. South Beach, from what I understand, is also along the way of Atkins but they do promote good carbs, I'm guessing whole wheat/grains as opposed to simple sugar grains.

If you are currently not overdoing it on calories and following a fairly healthy diet, I would suggest upping the amount of time you walk, plus making sure you are getting in plenty of water. I walk 5 miles per day, takes 60 minutes, and in my weight loss phase, I lost on average 2 pounds per week. Sometimes 2-1/2, but averaged per month about 8-10 pounds. Do you have an extra 30 minutes to add to your walking regimen? Also, I did light toning, which also helps burn more calories, even at rest.

I don't know what your budget is like, but you could probably drop that extra 20 simply by walking more.
I had a call-in sytem that used sound files (wasted money)
I spent several hundred dollars trying to clean up voice files, both with an expensive external sound card system and very expensive computer speakers with a pod for a headset. I finally ditched the system and purchased a call-in system accessed by a C-phone. Be weery of those sound files. The clear ones do go overseas while us Americans get the worst of the batch.
Program called Switch can change one type of file into another.
zip the entire program and all of it's files and email to yourself as an attachment at the new sm
computer, then open it from there. If you have trouble setting it up post again.
System Restore does not affect documents, only program files.
System restore does not affect documents, only program files.
You will not lose any documents you've created. Restore does nothing to the normal.dot or other templates.
to the poster with the "home typist" typwriter sound program....

...the program that makes typewriter sounds.  The typewriter sounds are cool, but how do you hear your dictator over the sound? I have turned the volume down, but still can't hear the dictator over the typewriter sounds. I was hoping this program would help increase my speed (rhythm).

A WAV pedal controls playback of voice files. You need a software program through which to play the

The term "WAV pedal" has become a generic term. The software that you use will determine the file type(s) that you are able to play on your computer. You use either a pedal or hot keys (Fkeys) to control that playback. As stated below, Express Scribe is one such software program and it is free. It can be found by clicking on the link below.

RE: Using stop -start program, but cnanot get true speech files to play - any one with any ides it w

would greatly appeciate any advice as to why the start stop program will place the vox files but not the true speech even Iafter I told to associat wiht true speech and so on... The time flickers like it wantt to open the file but it never opens....  THe the error comes up file is too smlal to be a valid sound file or missing file"  Actually the start stop will place the Regan Speech sample audio  that is a true speech file so I would think it could play true speech files

Called that great 800 dictate and the

guy who answered did not even know what I was talking about !!!!!

So where do I go now????

You sound like a great mom.
My 20-year-old son and I have had a similar discussion. I have told him that employers are now looking at MySpace and Facebook pages and if there's something on those that he wouldn't put in the church bulletin, they maybe he should take it off. What he does is his business and he is wise to keep it that way.
Wow, that really does sound great, and you'd
still have an interesting job where you could put your medical knowledge to use! A friend of mine is checking into becoming an EKG tech, which sounds pretty good too.
There's a great company called Plantogen out of New Zealand.
I think the sound quality is not that great.
eScription does sound like a great
company from what I've read. But I believe it is also a very young company and has only about 100 employees, so unless I'm wrong about that, I don't understand how they could buy a behemoth company and fix it.
Great Program
I don't us MPWord, but a lot of the MTs in my group do and love it. I use MPLite and I love it! I don't use MPW simply because I bought Smartype before I found MPW. Vann Joe is absolutely the best to work with also, excellent customer service!!!
yaay! Isn't that a great program? sm
I know what you mean re: PRD vs. IT. AW is indeed impressive (and long overdue), well worth the money. Did you check out the forum on their site? This program can do a lot once you learn the scripting. I'm only scratching the surface myself... but yes, a real timesaver.

Well, hey, glad someone around here has good news and glad I could help!
GearPlayer 4 plays .sri files. That the latest version, and it is great! nm
I agree.... the A Beka program is great!!
Shorthand is great short cut program,
I wish you the best.