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Posted By: Brenda on 2007-05-12
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Anybody out there work from home for a hospital, not a service,  as an employee using Dictaphone ExText, transnet and speech?  I'd like to ask  a few questions.  Thanks.

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It IS ExText, Word is simply the word proccessor used. ExText is marketed
by Dictaphone with Transnet and ESP is the expansion software incorporated into it. I used this platform when I worked for the hospital. I believe Wordclient is the speech recognition portion of this platform.

Does anyone like extext?  Any information on Extext would be helpful!  Does anyone like the word Expander better than shorthand?


I like Extext a lot and use it with Shorthand also. I didn't even know there was an Expander in Extext until a couple weeks after I started the job. So much for training! No, I don't work for Amphion.

Is anyone familiar with this program?  I have been offered part time and she asked me if i had a dictaphone, and then said we use extext where it goes directly into the hospital.   Help!! 

Texas - sunny and 78 degrees!

I HATE ExText. There is NO foundation to build from. You have to start from scratch. I have Smartype which I currently am unable to use with a company I just signed up with, and I'm about ready to quit as ExText is the WORST word Expander I have ever seen. There are NO preloaded words or abbrevs. like there are in SmarType, so starting with the word "a" ... you have to create ALL of your shortcuts off the top of your head. Again, if I'm wrong about ExText, I hope someone will set me right, but for now, I detest it. Sorry; maybe some people like it, but if they do, ask them if they have ever used SmarType or some other Word Expander program.
Thanks for everyone's input... I do use ShortHand now, and am glad i can continue to use it.   Now I KNOW i'm going to take the account! 
Has anyone ever had EXText and VPN

installed on their home computer and discovered that Control T or Control X won't work in Word any more?

If so, does anyone know how to fix it?  I really need help here and can't get it from anyone. 

i use extext
to stop expanding, i.e. if I just want PT, I've just created new "expansions". I create PTx for PT, MRSAx for MRSA, etc. It's much quicker.

I work on ExText, and have previously work on DQS;

Yes, it has a spellchecker (mine does anyway) and expander.  As compared to DQS, they are comparable...not really much difference that I can say right off the top of my head. For me, the program really doesn't seem to make a huge difference, it's more the dictators that seem to make the most difference, as well as the company you work for.  My company happens to be great! Loads of work, plenty of incentive, and nice nice supervisors and QA. I love it!!!

I am so glad I could help. I have been using EXT for about 5 years now and I did the same thing with the Control/T when I first started using it!! Its a great program. I wouldn't use anything else.
I agree with poster below and am wondering the same thing - why are you using Ctrl T??? That ends your documement you are working on.
You cannot access voice unless the company has given you listening rights, which is usually not available on the MT side .. only QA.
I mean exText nm
I had made macros to enlarge my view to 145% (Alt-B) while I type, and then another macro to shrink it down to 100% (Alt-S) before I send document.  All of a sudden, these macros will not work!  They have been working for months.  ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Ours is set up so that you have to search for the correct patient and correct encounter number. Hit select and that patient's name should come up on the demographics screen. When you open the document, the name should be changed to the correct one.

If the correct patient is not in your system, you have to create a new encounter.

Ellen S.

I checked my manual-nothing about deleting, but you can edit them: CTL R, select normal, then ALT T, edit, and CTL N to close. Hope this helps.
I use ExText and I can use my autocorrects etc... from MS Word. They have their own Expander in the program but I used my MS Word as I already had them all saved there. I didn't find it a hard program to learn at all. Hope this helps.

I use ExText.  Easy program to learn.  Great for searching for previous documents, etc.  It has its own Expander but you don't have to use it.  It is built-in, so if you leave the company you lose everything in it.  It supports the other expander programs just fine.  You can also make normals and save them in ExText in a different mode than in their expander.  There has been some talk here of low line counts with it (which I tend to agree with) and you may want to research that a bit, but they say it is the company you work for that programs how the lines/characters are counted and not the fault of ExText. 

Good luck to you!

I agree it's very "user friendly' and I am quite technically challenged so for me to say this, it really is!  I have only used a couple other platforms but this is definitely my favorite - very easy to use.  
Another Fan of EXText

I use it now and I love it.  I started out on eScription/EditScript and that was a breeze.  I was afraid EXText would be difficult, but it's very user-friendly and easy to adapt.  I don't care for the ESP, but EXText works great with my Instant Text.

One of my favorite features is the search.  If you don't know a doctor's name but can get the first 3-4 letters, you can type those letters and a ? and the search will give you a list.

All of a sudden my sentences are indenting.  I probably hit something I didn't mean to but how do I get the report be flush left again?  
don't use EXText but...
I have seen this happen before in word when revising some hospital bilaws. They were typed in an outline format and if you tried to add back in it would type straight through the right margin. What is the Alt command you are using? Agree with previous poster, it may be in your company template. Are you starting in the header by any chance?
I used to work at Dictaphone and used speech. Now I work from home as a subcontractor for Nuance (they bought Dictaphone recently) for a hospital. I have not used speech since becoming a subcontractor but am hoping it is coming along soon. I can try to answer your questions. E-mail away if you like.
extext esp help please!!!

Hi,  New to this!!!!

Other than ctrl, ctrl, is there an easier way to use the ESP on Extext?  If I highlight what can I do after that to do it faster? 

Also, if I'm creating one....how do I set it up???  ....example..... {bold on}HISTORY AND PHYSICAL: 


Depending on the day, I have had problems with extext disconnecting in the middle of a report, dump file errors etc.  If I were being paid by the hour or paid for downtime it would not be a big deal.  However, yesterday I had to reboot my computer 3 times (wasted like 45 minutes... that I was not getting paid for).  I have Verizon DSL..  When it works, it's fine...  I think it's slow to open and retrieve reports, but like I say, it is the down time that's the problem.  I have an older Dell 2002 computer, so maybe that's it...  Anyway, I am not crazy about Extext.
EXText help
I can't get my Auto Text in Word to function properly, the box that needs checked "correct as you type" always ends up unchecked all by itself and I have to re-check it to get it to work.  I have started from scratch creating ESP files, but I like some of the aspects of the Auto Text in Word.  Does anyone know how to fix this if it has happened to you?  Thanks in advance.
I've only used ExText for about a month, but I like it a lot. I can easily transcribe 1200 lines/65 characters. I am not working on their speech program so I cannot comment on that.
We currently have the ExText at the hospital where I work.  I can easily get more than 1200+++ lines a day.  But, and this is a BIG BUT.  We are currently using their speech recognition program, Nuance.  I have been working with this for 1 1/2 months and currently get 600 lines in an 8-hr day.   I am doing nothing but draft text right at the moment.  Hopefully, my line count will go up when we type what comes up, speech or no speech.  It is very frustrating.  The system doesn't seem to be working properly and there is "too much" editing on our part.  Think something is wrong with it.   Good thing we get paid by the hour!
Did you remember to click the save box? I would change the settings and then forget to click the box to save it.
Yes the company I work for, Alphamed Solutions. They are hiring right now too. I don't do VR just straight transcription but I have heard they have VR accounts.
How do you like ExText?
A pain, easy, pedal types...any info appreciated.
I have used it before...and I liked it....
I have to say I don't care for it. It is a pain to me. When putting in demographics it is very slow. Alot of searching and cut and paste for doctors name. Other MTs on my same account say it is the same with them - very slow. But that is just my opinion. It may be different for other people with different accounts.
If ExText is interfaced correctly with the hospital's patient database, it works quickly with no searching for patient's, etc. The doctor can scan the face sheet and it blows in all the demographics for you.
I simply highlight the text I want to copy, shift + delete, move to where I want the text to come in, ctl + v. What I wanted to copy is gone from the original place and inserted where I want it. Make sense?  

Can anyone tell me what companies use the Dictaphone EXText platform?  TIA
more than one EXText
Okay, I was told about 2 years ago that you could only have ONE EXText on your computer - I am needing to work with 2 different clients using EXtext and had been using my laptop but I want to use my regular PC. Can you pls email me for clarification mariamaz@embarqmail.com Thanks
You can use the same EXText, but have different....sm
servers set in your VPN entry portal. I work for 2 different companies who use EXText, just use "Host Selector" to change from account to account so that EXText can upgrade to the appropriate client.
I used Extext but not the others - sm
so I guess that is of no help to you. It screwed up my one computer quite a bit, and it is still up on my tool bar in Word, though I removed the program from my computer(s), but no longer having it lock up and crash anymore. From what I remember there was a lot you had to do before you even got to typing the report with Extext....the log in was a hassle, a VPN, etc. Can you work in Word seperately and copy/paste in to make it easier to use your expander? That is what I do now with my current platform. Good luck.
Help with ExText

My AutoCorrect seems to be disabled.  I looked up some of the words that are in it and tried them out and nothing happens.  Am I not seeing something?  I do have ESP word expander, but I can't see if there is a conflict.  I tried pausing the ESP but it didn't help.  Anybody have any ideas?


How many of you who work with ExText can make a living?  This is my second job using ExText and I'm very upset at how it counts lines.  I've worked several hours today, not all day, but several hours and I made....are you ready???....$12.35.  That's absurd.  I can't make a living like this. 

Do you just have to work twice as hard with less than half the pay?  The line count on MSWord is significantly higher than what it is for the same document on ExText and I'm not sure how to make this work.

Was told that with this platform, there would be a conflict with any other platforms on my computer.  I currently have a proprietary platform from one company, and wanted to do p/t work for another company where ExText is their platform.  They told me there would be a problem having other software and/or WAV players on my computer and I would have to remove them.  I already removed Editscript and now they want me to remove this proprietary platform.  Any comments/ideas/thoughts would be appreciated
I think it's Dictaphone ExText
Someone on here said that once. Check the archives.
EXText and Smartype (sm)

I have a few questions and would like to be able to e-mail with someone who may be able to help.  I'm using EXText and Smartype.  The smartline will not allow me to see what is underneath the text, such as headings within the document.  I have to keep hitting the ESC key to turn ST off so I can see where I am at in the document to be able to type under the heading. 

Another issue I have is that my document is running off the page and not wrapping around.  In Word under VIEW, if I select Web Layout, it's a nice view and everything is on the page; however, when I do anything else, like Ctrl J to get back to the demographic screen in EXText, it jumps back and I have to start all over again.  Any help would truly be appreciated.  I hope that I have made my questions clear for someone to understand them.  Thanks for any help. 

i hate Extext, i hate Extext, i hate ExText ANd...sm
I hate DocQScribe when I did use it.
Dictaphone EXText

Anyone out there know Dictaphone EXText?  You need two phone lines, this is a dial-up account with a toll-free number.  E-Mail me and I can give you all the details. Great paying account.



ChartNet to EXText
Has anyone moved from Chartnet to EXText lately? If so, were you able to move your expansions to EXText?
Love ExText

I ahve been using ExText for two years now and really like it. I love the expander, having used SH in my previous job. I have a couple of small dislikes about the system, but overall I find it very user-friendly and easy to use.



Shorthand to ExText

Is there a way to copy Shorthand to ExText?


What is your opinion on Extext?

I'm considering a position where I would work with Dictaphone Extext which I've never used before.  This would be with Word for XP or Word 2000 or 2002.  Is this a good program to work with?  Or is it a big headache?  NEED TO KNOW!! 


Use another expander with Extext

I can use ShortHand or Instant Text with Extext. I do NOT use the ESP expander. Too bulky to use.

Your best best is to try one of the above shortcut programs. Instant Text can import your SmartType file into the program. You may have to do a little editing, but at least all your shortcuts would be there.

I'm not sure if Shorthand can do that but I'm sure it can. I know it imports AutoCorrect and a few others.