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Female Elmer Fudd dictates! (sm)

Posted By: tnmt on 2007-06-12
In Reply to:

"She has a known history of uterine leio, leiomy, ly, leio, leiom, la...ugh...uterine, um, fibroids."

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Sounds like Elmer Fudd
can't think of one female who dictates well, IMHO.

for GU exam on a female, if doc dictates Normal BUS what does this stand for?

worst have been female, however, BEST have been female also.nm
I actually have 1 MD (pvt) who dictates...sm
and I hear him going #1 and flushing the toilet!!!  I hate that and I hate them dictating in their offices with the music on!!!  This same MD will dictate an op report (3-4 pages long) performed in the office, but dictated while he is walking to his vehicle, driving HOME!  I hear all the traffic.....that's got to be THE WORST (along with the music in the offices).
HELP Dr dictates.....
"This patient with a history of AIDS status post Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia,"  Please help with punctuation before and after status post.  My mind is blank.
Client dictates which way, but I have
NEVER in 20 years seen it with the first letter of each word capped, so Low back pain would be correct, unless otherwise dictated by client/BOS. 
If a doc dictates CHF, do you type s/m

CHF or expand into congestive heart failure; and for any other shortened word, do you expand.  The guidelines for my company state type what is dictated and only expand things in the diagnosis section.  Well, someone I know who works for the company said that they just always expand regardless.  That doesn't seem right to me.  I was just curious as to what anyone else does.


Resident dictates at end of report...

"Note to transcriptionist...thank you for your time, thank you for your service, and have a great day."


WOW, that doesn't happen often, and when it does, it sure feels nice to know we are considered colleagues and not just a typewriter on the other end of the telephone line!

Or making $36 ph on acct that only dictates 1/2
Yup, same as Diana ... if the work dictates (sm)
I work until it's done even if it's weekends. Technically I don't "have" to since my contracts state M-F but I don't mind the weekends if I don't have huge plans and there's a lot of work to be done.
My DD is a social worker and says that she dictates directly into VR
and the report is on her desk when she gets back to the office. She said everyone in her department loves it!
Question: doc dictates "pt is generally p***ed off."

I'm half tempted to type it just that way....Would you?

RE: Question: doc dictates "pt is generally p***ed off."
Yes, if physician said it, transcribe it exactly as dictated. What is the question concerning "pissed off", if I get the *** correct?
ESL doing rectal exam dictates "I did a rectalization"

I have a doc who dictates the entire address, but not the zip code. SM
or the referring physician (throughout a three state area), and says, "Dr. Smith" and then gives the address. I still have to go online to find the doctors first name. Very annoying.
You are supposed to transcribe exactly as the doctor dictates. sm
However, every "verbatim" account I have done, we are allowed to correct the doctor's spelling mistakes, especially with something like a drug. However, you must be sure of your drug. If there are two that are close, it is safer to use the doctor's spelling and use quotes or whatever the account allows.

Many of them will also allow you to correct a glaring grammar mistake, such as using "is" for "are," etc. If you're not sure, ask the account manager.
If the doctor dictates it, you transcribe it, in quotes, as this
is what the patient said.
My company dictates 2/10 to 3/10. Note no dash.nm
PA dictates patient drinks "a gallon" of liquor a day.
I hear people drinking a pint or 1/5 a day, but a GALLON.  The guy is only 45. 
Wouldn't it depend how fast/slow dr dictates,
The ones that I hate are where the doctor dictates a full line or paragraph,
and says, "No, wait, go back, change that."  Then you have to delete everything you already typed and retype the new dictation.  Some of these newer doctors do that to nearly every sentence.  By the time you finish the report, you've typed and erased half the report.  Do we get paid for that?  NO.  I don't get it.  We still have to pay for doctor visits if they misdiagnose us, then we have to pay for the subsequent visit to fix what they didn't diagnose the first time.  We should get paid by them for typing what they said, erasing it and retyping what they meant to say.  They're getting our wallets coming and going.
..or when the doc dictates "prior report LOST by XXX Transcription Service...AGAIN." sm
I work for a national MT company, we do hospitals all over the country, I work from home. I have NO control over where the chart goes once I send it in, I'd bet the original chart was never dictated and hence never 'lost' by us....but in the case that it may have been, THEY HAVE THE PHONE NUMBER of the company to call them, they have specific contacts at the company for issues such as this...I CAN'T HELP YOU WITH THIS, especially when all they're doing is bitching at me on a voice file. Funny, it's always the same couple of docs complaining of lost dictations. Curious that it's JUST THEM. ;-)
Formatting of the document dictates the line count, not a different computer.
My favorite speciality is the office who dictates it and pays the highest line rate.
It's the money, honey, that matters to me.
I currently type for a doctor who dictates with a digital handheld and sends the files via e-mail fo
and wanted to be able to call me with his dictations.  What would be the best and cheapest way for me to go so that he can do his dictations without the handheld unit??  I don't want to invest in a lot because he does not forget very often.  This is the first time in three months.  Thanks for any suggestions you may have. 
common sense dictates you read the writing on the wall. technology has made you obsolete.
and the government has seen to it that american workers are no longer necessary and allows business to outsource many middle income jobs. 
36 YO Female

33 female


38 YO Female sm
Love it - been doing it since I was 17.
29-y/o Female MT

IC, working at home for 9+ years.  Love it!

31 - female
62, since 1985
56- FEMALE - MT 25+ - nm
LOL! 31 and female!
and a lot of errands to run!
36 and female...

46, female. nm
21 female - just me
Female..hands down !

I swear, every account I've ever worked had one problem dictator.. always female !  One REFUSED to use macros, even on normals.. and she would always make sure she made every report unique, so that we couldn't sneak away with using a macro for her.  Another one spoke a hundred miles a minute.  I remember my first day with her.  She said something several times in her reports and I went crazy trying to figure it out.... lumbar spine ??  supine ??  Turns out she was saying "skip a line" !!  


That's why I use vg for the female part.


Who is better in the Medical Transcription? Men or women medical transcriptionists. I believe it has been a debate throughout decades who is better in this industry. Regardless of Race and regardless of Age. Let the battle begin... (hey its just for fun)

State your side: Age sex Location. No names Pls. and comments. Maybe Footonmyneck, SUN, Cheeseburger, Proud to be Indian, and the entire MT Stars gang can start it up. Its better than talking about outsourcing and MQ for a change.


47-year-old female
46-year-old female. nm.

41-year-old female
32yr old female
37-year-old female
45-year-old female
37-year-old female been an MT since I was 19. sm
When the hospital looked at my college courses they thought I would be a great fit for a part-time transcription job.

Had no clue what an MT was back then but they started me at $7.61 an hour which was a lot more than what all my friends were making back then.

With a lot of help from spellcheck, my trusty word books and a very patient old timer sitting next to me in the dept - it all worked out.
27-year-old Female
I'm a 27-year-old female MT (7 years) with a numb right wrist, but I love my job.  Started with Transcriptions Limited, then Medquist & Spheris, now thoroughly enjoying MT at a small but wonderful service.
44-year-old female.