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For you married folks, how did you meet? sm

Posted By: Happy camper on 2005-11-22
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Through friends/family?  At school?  Met each other at the grocery store when you reached for the same loaf of bread at the same time?    Through an internet dating site?  




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Question for you married (current/former) folks...sm
How did you survive the anxiousness of getting to the big wedding day?   We're not nervous about anything going wrong - just having a hard time waiting for the days to pass until our wedding and anticipating the reaction of the attendees over the surprises we have in store for them (good ones that make our wedding truly unique, and no one knows what we have planned!).   
I was married at 21, been happily married for 18 years now.
Have 2 teens, 16 and 13. Love my soul mate!
Certainly you should have to meet your
But as the MTSO it is not your business to know what I am doing with my time unless I am not meeting the deadline.  I have a deadline to meet with all of my clients, but I certainly do not report to my clients my daily goings on in my life as it is none of their business.  As an independent contractor, the MTSO cannot set my hours.  Punching a time clock is for employees not independent contractors. 
How many here would like to meet?

Let's start with a few southern places and see how many would actually meet in spring next year:

1)  Memphis, Tennessee

2)  St. Louis, Missouri

3)  Kansas City, Missouri

4)  Atlanta, Georgia

5)  Dallas, Texas

Anyone interested in getting a group in for 2-3 days in any of those places next spring?


It might help if several of you set up a day and time and meet there.
How do you meet the buyer?
Do you have to let strangers in your house? I'd be afraid they'd be looking around to case the joint.
She still has to meet TAT and recording

not a good idea.  What if that report is recorded off and the hospital/office needs access to it right away?  If she is off somewhere with it on a tape, that could be a huge problem.

IC doesn't mean you can do whatever you want to do!  And if recording makes the sound quality such that you cannot produce an accurate report, then I would think that would be unacceptable. 

Curious - just to meet?
Dallas, TX
I would meet in Dallas also.
Here! Good to meet you. That guy was
something else, but did give me a chance to learn ops at an hourly pay, so I have him to thank. That was a long time ago, and far far away! Memories! Hi to all my friends who worked in the room with no lights, and the money tree with the bugs. LOL.
Overhire as long as one meet TAT
Meet me here Saturday night.
I would love to chat.  I'll be working Saturday evening if you want to check back then.
I too have struggled to meet quota since (sm)
starting DQS, but nothing has been said to me about it.  But if they do ask why, you better believe me, I will give them more than an ear full! I hate working and feeling like if I don't meet production, I'm gonna lose my job or something.  This job is already stressful enough between the bad dictators and feeling like I'm getting my lines ripped off since DQS, I mean come on, they need to give us a break!
Howdy, nice to meet another PJ.
I love psych, but the work is hard to find as many facilities keep that one for in-house only due to all the extra precautions that need to be taken regarding psych info. If you land an account, you guard it with your life!
So Nice To Have A Place To Meet Again!
I wish the MT help desk would come to this board to answer questions, etc.  I hate talking on the phone, being put on hold, being transferred from one person to another, getting called back when I'm changing a dirty diaper,  etc.
This is excited to hear so many on and starting out with this diet.  I am starting a thread on the diet board so we can keep track of progress!!!  This will be great support!!!
I think she should meet him in public place..nm
If you meet the criteria for an IC, they are right. If you do not, they are just calling you that
pleased to meet you, hope

you guessed my name  . . .



Hi all,

There is a group of us planning to meet in the chat room at 7:00 EST tonight.  All are welcome.  

Agree with you. As long as you meet TAT, you
Have 3 years to meet all the CE requirements.

LOL Yeah, my Mom used to tell me that if I wanted to meet guys,
I had to go where the guys were. If you wanted to meet a jock or a guy who watches sports, go to a football game or something. Home Depot = handy guys. Library = smart guys. Grocery store produce department = desperate guys, especially when they ask you how you can tell the cantaloupe are ripe! I met my guy at a car show = motorhead guy. Sporting goods department = fishing/hunting widow.
Hope I don't meet this patient on the road...sm
"Her job involves a significant amount of ... in addition, working on a cell phone, typing and driving."  This could explain some of the drivers I've encountered recently, shew...
Pot, meet kettle. Your posts are all over the board. sm
...just because they are responding, and probably not even as vocal as you've been on here. That just reduces any point you were trying to make to shreds, sounding juvenile and defensive instead of engaging in reasonable debate -- but worst of all, acting like you are superior and somehow smarter than all the rest of us when most of us have known all about this big "news flash" of yours for years now. You say you wouldn't hate others for what they believe in, but when someone spoke up saying they like ASR, you insulted her by saying she must not have been a fast typist then. ASR isn't going away, no matter how many people quit MQ citing that as a reason. Many times, it's not even the MTSOs who sell doctors on ASR - there are companies out there courting the doctors, pumping them up with sales talk about how great it is and how much time/money they'll save. THOSE are the ones the rest of us are aiming at, and wisely so. Think about it, do you think the MTSOs like it when clients go to ASR and lower the rate they are paying the MTSO?? If the MTSO also sells the equipment, maybe. Otherwise, doubtful. It's new technology and MTs must adapt for now, as chances are good it will flame and then fizzle out. MANY, many doctors have already tried it years back, hated it, and returned to traditional dictation. As you've been told, this is NOT a new development so it's not that people don't care; they just aren't as urgently impressed by the rants since it's old news. It lurked on the horizon for a long time before it ever actually hit the shelves and a lot of us researched it prior to it actually being utilized.

Yes, there are plenty of issues that are pulling MTs everywhere down. Offshoring is one of them. Has been for years. ASR/VR is one of them. Has been for YEARS. Maybe this is news to you, but again, most of us have known about these things and been proactive about/against them for YEARS by not accepting lower rates and not offshoring or working for companies that do.

I will reiterate, though, that one of the biggest issues dragging MTs through the mud is something that is perfectly fixable - the BEHAVIOR of some MTs. Unprofessional, juvenile behavior is not considered a desirable quality in any employee. Lack of work ethic and false sense of entitlement are two more traits that are not desirable in an employee. Someone who has only been in the business for a few years but thinks they know more than MTs who worked on manual typewriters is yet another undesirable. MTSOs read this board all the time and take note of these things, and when certain names come up on resumes, they go immediately to the circular file, if you know the flavor of THAT Kool-Aid.
That is making ends meet, not meat by the way.
I'll meet your Sheesh x10 and raise ya a
Ever call people you meet online?


I feel a little weird calling someone that I met online.  Yet several people have left me their phone numbers to call them just to chat or some ask me to IM (instant message) them.  Are they too trusting?  Am I too mistrusting?  It just feels weird to me.  I am on my own.   No kids or anything.  Soon to be 45 years old.  So I guess maybe that comes across in my e-mails that I am lonely and they are just trying to be nice.  However, I would prefer just to leave a message on the message boards like this one or send an e-mail.  I guess I want to know if others are exchanging phone numbers over the internet and IMing people they meet over the internet?  The people I meet are usually people suffering from autoimmune disorders or people in chronic pain.  They are usually responding to a message I left.  I can't do anything about this condition so I try to focus on others and offer whatever words of encouragement I can over the internet to those suffering.




This is the way I look at it. I could work 4-5 hours and meet the 1890 they required for FT, but th
When they did that, it just made me care a whole lot less, so I try to get my 945 as a part-time person in my 4 hours. I know some of the reports I get are just horrible, but I can deal with them.
wish I knew where to go to meet, date and marry a man with a lot of money!!!
yes, and how does one meet their required quota with no work for hours on end?
One can only "make up" so much downtime!!
Do any companies give raises - if so, what criteria do you have to meet?
If you meet guideline, you are IC. Taxman has guidelines for what is IC in your state.
Apply for a business loan to meet payroll.

super told me to meet lines of 12000 or be dropped to SE
i thought there was only 2 types of employees; statutory or full time
Get samples. Proof your work. Have back up equipment. Meet TAT.
an overworked, underpaid, still expected to meet production go to person.

Gee, wish all these newyorkers would meet on the New York State board. It gets lonely up here.
I would suggest that several of you choose a time and day to meet in chat. That usually works
Don Pablo's happy hour from 6-8. Only night I get out with no kids and meet with friends. NM
Here I sat feeling so incredibly lonely. Wishing I could meet my soul mate
All the men I have ended up with sound like the guy you are with. Takes all the courage I have to pick up and leave them but staying with them destroys my sense of self esteem, my sense of humor, and dulls my passion for life.

Now, sitting here, quietly, sipping a capuccino, sitting in a robe, having no expectations (unrealistic) of me, not having the guy in my world stifling me or doing something out of this world to send my spiraling into my mind trying to figure out what he is thinking ...orrr the always present poor financial state that I always seemed to end up in when with a guy (my dad was alcoholic - had tendency to be with men who had character traits of addictive personality types)and all I can think of is life is passing me by cause I am not with a man.

There are worst things than being alone. Why do I forget this???

Follow your gut. Your kids will thank you. Children deserve a happy mom and you deserve to live the life you envision.

Was going to suggest that you wait to buy as I have a feeling some homes will end up in foreclosure as the interest rate increases and the monthly payments on ARMs and interest only loans increase, but if you have a small town that may not be the case.

Let us know how things go.
Why the stupid idiots called everyone to work on the holiday to make sure they meet their 1 hour TAT
I quit too after 10 years. Loved Healthscribe, can't make ends meet with Spheris. NM

I think this happens a lot. Usually, the folks
Some of you people are basketcases.
I wonder why there are so many folks
compose an email that is not riddled with misspelled and misused words? I get emails everyday from a workflow coordinator who leaves the letters 'ed' or 'd' off of almost every word that should have it...Example: "The work has -increse- in the last few days." -incomplete sentences, missisng commas, etc.

It's ridiculous. I have managers who send out poorly composed emails as well. Unbelievable!
You might want to try these folks
I don't know if you've found anything yet, but you might want to try a company called Transcription Matchmaker. They found me a job a year ago when all I had was dial up. They find out what your requirements/specialties are and then match you with a company that best fits you. I've now been with the same company they found for me 10 months ago and I am happy with my job. I hope they can help you.
So now we know, folks, why so many MTs - sm
never get so much as a response when they apply for the literally THOUSANDS of MT jobs we see online every single day.

YouTube is not only a fun and entertaining website, it is also proving to be an amazingly POWERFUL TOOL, and I think that power has only just begun to be tapped.

Now there is one way to get the word out about MT. If you have the capabilities to make YouTube video (or your kids do), the word about fraud, ID theft, & American job loss can be spread.
IC folks

Hey there all you Indepedent contractor folks.  Just want to take a quick poll and see if you are happy being independent.  I am thinking of the making the jump over from employee to IC.  Just want to see and get a quick glance and see if you are happy or not so happy with being IC. 



Welcome! I like seeing new folks here
it's great to get some fresh perspectives or see how MTs in the business are doing.
I took that psych test, stupid. I got an email stating basically I didnt meet their needs or somethi
like that, but I know it was because the stupid psyche exam.
You are so right. Our pay goes down from same folks who are charging us more when we

Right now McDonald's in our town starts employees at $8/hour and pays benefits and some school benefits.

I have worked 30 years in transcription and make less now than I did in 1985.  That's 20 years ago.  I know more and earn less.  In fact I am a fraction above poverty level.

If you don't think MQ is getting ready to take us all below poverty level right down there with Mexico City, just hide and watch.  Or rather, sit here and think you are with a "good" company.  I didn't, because they are making millions in profit off your hard work and not sharing a penny of it with you. 

In the old days an employer spread the wealth of the company with the employees who made it happen.  This group has never heard of the concept.