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Forgot to include this

Posted By: Mary on 2006-03-06
In Reply to: Ever had sciatica? - Lisa

There is nifty piece of portable equipment called the Lynx Portable Back Stretcher. It is sold by the same company that makes/sells Teeter Hang Ups (an inversion table). The Lynx is amazing. It helps to open up disk spaces.

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I forgot to include that in my post here.
I have already written my letter & in the beginning of it there is a brief outline & I included that & then I go on to talk about stuff in detail & I mention that in it as well. I hope you guys join me in doing this & can get some letters to me. I feel we can make a bigger impact if we all stick together & by sending a packet of a bunch of letters maybe our voices will be heard & something be done.
I forgot to include my hint of sarcasm phrase! nm
If they don't include spaces, don't do it.
You'll be making less money for more headache than you are now. I'd stick with what you've got and work on building your skills. Is there any way you could try both for a while to see which one you like better?
This thread does not include the other 90% of us

who struggle with bad dictators to make $300 a week.

It never hurts to include her even if she
doesn't come.  It is about not having regrets.  If you know that you always made an effort ...then in the end you will have peace about it.
Meant to include this one too
From: Add to Address Book
Date: 2006/03/14 Tue PM 04:04:51 EST
Subject: IT trouble

I have been having a problem with IT whereby when I enter a short such as "Fln" and then choose "Flonase", the expansion produced in the document comes out
"Flnase", although it is not misspelled in the glossary. This also happens
with phrase entries, though in neither case does it happen every time (i.e.
sometimes when I enter "Fln" and choose "Flonase", that is what is produced in
the document). Usually it seems that it loses a letter that I skip in entering
a short, as above, but an example of one that happened today a little
differently was when I entered "Aqa" and then chose "Answers questions
appropriately", the expansion produced came out "Aswers questions
appropriately", which I believe is the first time I have had it just drop the
letter and not have what I had typed as the next letter in place (i.e. would
have come out something like "Aqswers questions appropriately", since I had
actually typed the letter q).

Kristen suggested that I e-mail the custom glossary that I am currently using,
which is attached to this e-mail and titled "XXXX2", and I mentioned to her
also that I have created several glossaries for the various doctors for whom I
transcribe, and that the problem will happen when using any of them. I am
using Word 2000 and Windows XP. My telephone number is (XXX) XXX-XXXX, and I
appreciate any help you can offer.

Thank you,
Kim Xxxxxx

I would include....see inside

Specialties, Methods of receiving/returning the finished product.  Think about why you are in the field, and focus on those qualities, for example, if you really take pride in your work, then say so.  Think about your resume and focus on your experience.  I hope this is helpful!  Wish ya' luck!!! 

what does waiver include?
Just yesterday I asked at my doctor's office if when we sign the waiver giving "third parties" access to our medical records as needed to provide for our health care, would that also involve the transcription company of their choice.  No one had an answer for me, as they do their notes by hand.  BUT, they said they'd like to know and that that aspect of it had never occured to them.  They suggested I contact their main office and inform them of the dangers of offshoring if they decide to do it.  I intend to.  No way I'm signing my own records over to offshore when I'm trying to hold them here in the US!!!   Maybe they'd care; maybe not.  But at least I will have made an effort to inform them. 
Wow!! Did that include postage? nm
Does the class action include the DEP
platform? Somewhere, don't remember where now, I thought I read the class action was about the old platform MedRite and was for a certain range of years. Is there info out there that the class action pertains to DEP also?
No kidding. That would seem to include some pretty
You will want to include information regarding the platform you are on, etc.
It depends on what you include in that figure.
where you live, how many in your family and what you get for your money.
Rehab medicine will include PT, OT, sm
speech therapy, etc.
DocShuttle is 99, but that does not include waveplayer. sm
I just purchased DocShuttle and then had to purchase the Docshuttle waveplayer because it does not include the waveplayer, that is a separate purchase.
Yes, definitely include your templates in your counts. nm
I would and I have. Include verification of the error. sm
I would suggest being very matter-of-fact about it, keep all emotion out of it, even you're really annoyed inside.
I think it should be changed to the basic 5, and include ERs (sm)

A lot of hospitals have their med rec dept MTs (or MTSO) do ERs, as well.  Those reports are usually sort of a combination H&P, OP (minor procedures) and/or DS--more detailed than clinic SOAPs. 

meant to include ebonics is used and accepted
in this town. The schools are 95% segregated in the town. Very old southern roots. They do not care for change. Teaching children to speak properly is considered taking away from their "heritage". Why we moved here? Not really sure. People are very nice though. You are in the minority if you can speak, write, or read properly. Also, it is 100 miles or so SW of Columbus, GA, 30 miles or so NE of Albany
I SO agree and some of the reasons this has happened include:
May I commend the poster for a very well-thought-out and thorough outline of the current state of affairs. You did an excellent job. Do not apologize for the length. It was necessary to be complete in your thoughts. You speak for all of the MTs in this regard.

It got me wondering about the following points:

1) Medical transcription company owners permitted the hospitals and doctors to dictate to them what they would be paid, instead of honoring the fee schedule of the MT owners and professionals. Are physicians told what they can charge per hour? No. They charge what they require. So do plumbers, housekeepers, etc. Years and years ago, the trend began where the transcription companies decided to accept what the hospitals would pay.

2) Hospitals and others have disrespected the medical transcription field. Someone allowed this to happen. Who would that be?

3) I do not see this sad state of affairs of this profession to be the fault of the working MTs at all.

4) Hospitals and clinics should be prohibited from sending work out of the country.

5) Medical transcription companies need to unite and charge an appropriate fee for their services, and likewise pass that increase on to the professional MTs performing the services.

I really think there needs to be a radical revolution of change.

What do you think?
which is the most common that you use when flagging? do you include the time track?

I would include the why you're leaving part. They'll probably ask
It was very unprofessional for the dictating physician to include that statement.
I have never come across such a thing myself, but I wouldn't hesitate to type it.
I wasn't, honey. I'm not the OP. My point is she didn't include context
to tell which catheter out of 17 pages it might be, and most medical books don't cross-reference to other medical books.
MQ part-time benefits do NOT include medical/dental. Nm
i agree -- lines counts are correct and include expanders per my checks.
Nope! I only stress over things worth stressing over, which doesn't include turkey & taters!
Whoops...I forgot - cranberry sauce, too. My husband would kill me if I forgot the cranberry sauce!
Gross lines include all lines containing
printable characters, so a full line and a line with one word on it are charged equally. Straight lines are basically the same as gross lines, but with this method of counting the blank lines are counted as well (again, equally). I have only had one company pay this way, and they are a middle man. I would think the charge would be about the same as for gross lines, and that not too many offices will want their lines counted this way (the one I worked on was probably inherited from someone who had counted the lines that way, so just continued).
what link? You failed to include link

And I forgot to add!

Forgot to say
you also need to know the animals that you broker. I grew up on a farm so I broker mostly farm animals but have done dogs, cats, birds, etc.  You'd be surprised at the "pets" I've been asked to locate, some I had to get on the net and do a crash study.
Forgot to tell you I'm in
no text
and I forgot to add, of course, the
I forgot to add...
Today is his son Sean's 30th birthday as well.
forgot to add....
and also made my face look like a bandit.
I forgot
For anxiety you can minimize the stress if possible or learn to better manage it. I have insurance so I am on medication and just started counseling this time around as I am dealing with a lot right now. Do research if you think that may be it and try to help yourself by teaching yourself stress relievers or taking time for yourself to help until you can get insurance or doctor opinion.
Forgot to say something - so you think somebody somewhere Sm
owes you free music?
forgot to add

I forgot the most important thing.  Learn to recognize what is important, what can wait, and what cannot.  Dirty dishes, can wait.  Laundry, can way.  Cleaning house, can wait - unfortunately it will be there when you get done doing life.  Doing life - those are the things that you only get one shot at.  Got to the football game even if you have to stay up until 2 a.m. to get your work done.  Go to the partk on a pretty day even if your house is a disaster area.  Play in the rain with your children even if you want them to stay clean.  They will not remember how many times you washed their clothes or mopped the floor; they will remember looking and seeing your face as they slide down the slide; they will be able to tell other people how many times you have played outside with them.  When we do life, we pass a legacy on that nothing can break.  When we do house work, if just has to be done again. 

I hope this encourages you.  Remember, you will not always get it right, but as long as you learn to say "I'm sorry" and do not quit, you will always be a hero to your children.  I know.  My 2 kids are now in college and I can see the results. 

If you need someone to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, I am willing.

forgot to add....

this is used if you have ShortHand as your expander....use "yo" as your keyword and then type the above entry in the "text to type box"

Forgot a few - sm
Alt+S = Stops audio
Alt+W = Plays current word
Alt+shift+W = plays next word

Alt+F2 = Decreases audio playback speed 5% each time key combo is pressed.

Ctrl+F2 - Increased audio playback 5%.

You can probably get these appendices at Dictaphone Corp website. If not, let me know if you need more help. I have the Correction Editor Manual and a list of all of the Quick Keys.
Forgot that one! (sm)
I never watched it when it was on but I got hooked on the reruns. How many years was that show on? It seems like I hadn't seen enough when they were showing reruns of the reruns I had already seen. That is a good one.
Oh, more I forgot!
I loved Sisters. And remember Once and Again. I loved that!
Forgot one!!!...
Sooner or Later with Rex Smith and Denise Miller from 1978 or 1979.  Please tell me I am not the only one who remembers this movie.  All the big hair (guys and girls!), short, short jogging shorts with knee high socks (on the guys!) and the jeans so tight it is a wonder they could sit down!  Love that movie!
I forgot about that sm
I vaguely remember that movie. I loved Rex Smith. Had my hair cut like his. Soooo cute.
Oh no -- forgot one
forgot to add with 2 different......sm

oh well, you don't live in that county any longer.....I've known plenty of folks who do this coast-to-coast....

jes' sayin'....lol

I forgot to add (sm)
The version I have does have dosages. I would not buy the book, just the CD. I hardly ever crack open a book anymore as it takes literally seconds to hunt for a drug or word in the CD versions. Save your money there :)I did a search on the internet and you guys are referring to the same program I am so I'm not sure why yours isn't working for you like mine is working for me, unless it's the version that is causing the problems?
Forgot . . .
The new girls in our office got their jobs because the school called and asked if they could extern for six weeks - they did not get paid. Then we hired them.
I forgot to add I need one
that I can download instead of wait in the mail for it to arrive. 
Oh, I forgot to say something else...
I did contact CityAudio by email and they sent a reply saying that they would be happy to call me in regards to their product.  Sounds good.  Thanks again MT!