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Get Hijack, it is a free program

Posted By: justme on 2009-01-18
In Reply to: VIRUS!!!! - Amanda


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Sorry, Hijack This, it is free and solved my problem when I was hijacked
Yes, if you want a free program...
I use FTP Surfer. Go to www.ftpsurfer.com. Once you get that downloaded, I can help you set up your profile, etc. It is actually really easy. Don't feel embarassed!! Glad to help.
Free FTP transfer program. sm
FTP commander 8.0 is free.

Is gearplayer a free program?

I have never used gear player before and was told that I would need to use the gearplayer software and a comparable footpedal to type files.  I am used to express scribe which is free and using my infinity foot pedal. Is gear player a free program like scribe or am I going to have to pay for it?

There is a free program called Belarc you
can download.  It will tell you processor speed, RAM, hard drive, sound card - every little thing about your computer.  I used it with Win98 and WinXP.  Google Belarc for website. 
downloading free word program
has anyone ever used open office to download word so a test can be taken?  I rent a computer from my company and I know I probably should not do this.  My question is would they know if this is being done?  Thank you.  
I agree, very excellent free program. sm
You could also run your *disc Cleanup* program to delete files, etc. Also go to My Computer, Internet Options, and Delete. Delete files, cookies, and internet history. That all helps! good luck.
Can use a free program called Audacity.
I have only heard about this and have not found the need to do it myself yet, but heard it works great.

Here is a website someone passed to me:


If you Google "tapes to digital," there are a lot of sites that give directions.

Good luck.
Does anyone know of a free program that will completely remove Starware - nm
Love my Abacus too! Awesome free program! nm
i too use it daily for about 3-4 years; no problems. great program and best of all FREE!!!!! nm
MTStars free program is wonderful and puts out a professional invoice!!! nm
Try Switch program. Converts sound files. Can get free demo.
Anyone use Hijack This?
Any good?
It tried to hijack me today. sm
I clicked on a link while doing some research and a little box came up that said it was scanning my computer. click OK. well, that was my only choice so I had to. Then another box came up that said i needed to download the antivirus 2009 software to fix the problem it found. click OK to download or cancel to let it finish doing the scan. Only choices. Every time I clicked cancel, another popup came up that said the scan found problems. endless loop. So they are basically trying to trick you into downloading it or wearing you down and getting you to download it out of sheer exhaustion. I could not click on anything else either -- other tabs in teh browser or closing the browser were blocked out.

I ended up going to Task Manager (Vista) and closing out Firefox altogether and starting over.

Phew! No infection!
Sorry to hijack this thread, but is that Nick Nolte on your profile picture? sm

If so, he's looking kinda rough!  JMO, of course.

Abacus is not free. It is $20 but worth it. You can download a trial version free which does not h
I have used this for years and have compared to Sylvan, Word, and MP Count, etc. When you have it set to count every character, bold, shift, tab, etc. It is great and always higher than the others. Now if you are wanting gross lines like in Word then no it won't be as high because Word counts blanks lines and Abacus counts a line only if there is a character on it. There is also two places to check for it to count the Headers/Footers. If you have the FREE version then it must be the trial or a very old version so you don't have all the features and functions.
Free? As in, free trial? Otherwise, I don't think you'll find a spellcheck software that's
Check out the free demo of MTStars FlashType. It's free for 7 days.
Then, if you like it, you can purchase it for $59.95.  See link below.
I have never found a program shorthand does not work with, it works outside the program (I think tha
PRD is a DOS program. I don't think it work with Word, a Window's program.
It will count everything if you go in the settings and program it to. Good program!
Sylcount is an awesome and accurate counting program also. That will count everything if you "tell it to".
Spyware hijack? Have you run spyware/virus
You can use Shorthand in ANY program, it works outside your program
I have never found a platform it did not work with and I have worked on several different versions of Meditech. Just start using it.
yes it is free....mine was free....why the exclamation?
There are free ones out there. I have been using a free one for 5 years. sm
Just have to research FTP server software.
free? We are not *free* - what planet R U on?

Free? Liberal?  You know nothing about me......I'm a 4th generation American so don't get up in my face......

We have a bad bad reputation today....and we do NOT HAVE 60 ALLIES/COUNTRIES BACKING US UP IN IRAQ....you better open up your eyes to the REAL stats.  Perhaps in 2003 we had 60 allies/countries backing us up....NAME 60 today.  I can name maybe 10 countries.......

You are terribly off-base.........even the soldiers have spoken up stating *unfortunately, this has become OUR vietnam* -

here's where you might think of beginning...iraqi veterans against the war......not a liberal website by any stretch of the imagination..


M-TEC has a Basic program (12 month) and a Premier program (18 month). To WAH, you should take the P
Shorthand works with every program, it works outside the program you use, does not interfere.
PRD is a DOS program, so you just
copy the entire folder to a floppy or CD.  It does not need to be installed like windows programs. 
What program are you using?
Value of SUM program...What would you pay???>>>

I asked this on the equipment board, but I think maybe I'll get a better response here, so I hope its okay to post it here, too.

Does anyone know what the SUM CDs are worth?  There are some on ebay.  The beginning one is 2005, and usually they are the older ones on ebay.  I looked on the HPI website, but they come with books and are VERY expensive.

Anyway, does anyone have an idea of what they are worth without any extra books?  I want to bid on them, but don't know how much.  They are at $9.99 each now.  There is a beginning one, an advanced one and a surgery one.  Shoot.  I want them, but don't want to pay too much, you know? 

Thanks for any input. 

SUM Program
First, realize if you are able to study independently. The SUM cd's that are on ebay now are the new 2005 editions. You will be able to find the additional books you need on eBay over a few weeks. My advice to you is 1) go to the HPI/SUM website and print out the Student Syllabus and assignments for beginning and surgical (this will give you all of your assignments and a list of what supplies you will need, 2) email the eBay seller and make sure she is including the password codes to "unlock" the cds (Without these, they are useless to you.), then bid what they are worth to you. I have seen them go from $10 to well over $100. I sold a one myself (and not the new edition) for $125. Since I now have everything I need, I will pass on a little hint for buying cheap on eBay. Look for the packages, purchase them, take out what you need, then relist the rest. I now have a second computer (used but fine), desk (nice and new), all the reference books needed for the SUM Program, every Stedman's book that I could ever want (the latest editions), flash cards from Career Step (which come in handy), the extra AAMT cd's that M-Tec uses along with macros and every possible item I could ever want. In the end, not only did it cost me nothing, but I actually came out ahead in the end.

So, if you have the time, this is an excellent way to purchase training materials. Good luck and happy shopping.

DQS program

Hello out there - Starting position who has DQS program.

I find it to be very poor.  (In fact those who know the Meditech program - I prefer Meditech over DQS anyday)     

I have a lot of issues with the program; however, will just ask two questions, please.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.

1.  Does anyone have advice as to the quality of dictation.  I am not referring to the physicians quality, but the inability of the DQS program to have more than 4 selections for speed, which are terrible.

Is it me or is this par for the program?  1-2 speed hash marks are draggy, 3-4 is distorted.  There is not a happy medium for clear dictation but at a rate you can type quickly and accurately.

2.  Also minutes - never measured my work in minutes how many minutes a day approximately to produce 1500 lines a day ??

35+ years transcription experience - this is the worst program ever.  Hey that is just my opinion, I could be wrong (5000 lb gorilla).



DQS program
Thank you so much for your information. You have hit the nail right on the head.

I too did the same as you. It seems almost impossible to get more than 700 lines. I am so confused as I usually average 200+ lines/hour on all other typing plateforms I have ever used. (Even Meditech)

Your reponse has really helped realize the program frustration is not completely my fault.

THANK YOU - God Bless
What program are you using?
Top gray keys - press left key (program), press again and it will say keys, choose which black button you want for the headset and press it, type #*11, hit the select (X) key, hit the black button you chose again and the hit the top right gray key (no). If you hit the black button you chose, it should light up, indicating the headset is working.
See Clearly Program. Has anyone every tried this?
If so, did it work?
I believe you would need a program also.
I don't know of any free ones that could be used with a pedal but I certainly could be wrong.  Some companies have you test within their platform and it might work there.  Good luck!
? on sum program
Sorry not sure which board to put this ? on but I have sum program with 12 tapes side a and b, machine and answer key and have no idea of what kind of a price to put on this.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thank you.
don't know what program UR using but I NEVER

My reports, especially with ESL, come in better than they (the ESL dictators) can actually dictate.  I have to do editing, sure, but it's mostly punctuation, or wrong word(s), setting up paragraphs, doing some headings - it's very rapid for me (used to edit in a previous setting but not medical) but, yes, it is less $, so you work smarter, not harder, in this biz.... I'm much faster on VR than straight transcribing and wish I had more VR.....

is that the program that is - sm
specific to futurenet? 
IT program
is it easy to download? have you had a problem with it like the other post?  thank you so much!
In what program?
You don't say what the program is.
Line counts can vary for several reasons and it's not fair for you to blame MS Word or the line-counting program for the discrepancy.

You need to check with the MTSO about the EXACT settings they're using. For example, are you counting for formatting such as Bold or Caps? Maybe they're not. Are you counting for tabs and they're not? Headers/Footers? There are any number of reasons for the difference so until you check with the appropriate source (the MTSO) about their settings, you won't know.
RE: Program
I use Transcription Gear and
have no problems.
So, you were able to use this program from
I was going to try it for an account that I have where I transcribe from progress notes.  A lot of these patients are established and the med list stays the same.  I currently save my documents by date of service, but I am wondering if it would be worth my while to build a patient database even if just for this account.    My fear was having to recreate the Word documents in a separate program.
There is a way to program, but I can't get

it to work.  What I do is take the phone off and stick it in my desk drawer and the headphones work fine and no speaker phone.  If you do get the speakerphone hit stop and it will go away. 


You don't say what program you are using, but if I
need to make a change that isn't offered I just cancel out, I'm at the spot I need to change, I change it, and then I run spellcheck again. 
Tell me a little more about this program
Is it something you do from home?  How long does it last?  What does it entail?  Or perhaps a website you can direct me to.
try this program
Hi there!

I went onto a site and somehow got some goofy bad stuff I downloaded Windows Defender and ran scan it got rid of it and it has not been back since!

Seriously if you don't have it already download it and let it run on you system for good! It is free and it will help greatly! You need to go to the Windows home site click on downloads it should be in a list of suggested/recommended downloads. Trust me it helped me, my dad and my friend when we have had issues once you have Windows Defender on your system it will act as mote does to a castle so to speak. Let me know how it turns out for you! MT from SD