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Posted By: Amanda on 2009-01-17
In Reply to:

Someone please help me.  I have a virus obviously that is blocking all access to the internet.  Even when I try to pull up my email, it says that is has a problem and it wants me to buy stuff - obviously, my boyfriend did not know that you never click anything when you get those messages and now I have serious trouble.  It appears as though it is a windows product (which I am sure it is not).  Can somebody give me someway, somehow to get it gone? 

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My virus protection keeps catching emails with the blackmail.F virus. That
has been going around for a few days and different variants of that are popping up. Don't know if it is related as I have not had time to research it. Watch out for that one too.
I had one too and a virus

I went to a really great website that took care of my spyware.  I also went to SBC and downloaded their security program that has a virus scan included.  I no longer have the Spyware or the virus.

If the other website that was posted does not work, try geekstogo.com

I hope this helps!


Could be a virus. I would run your virus
scanner.  This is what happened to me - I got mail from my brother and it went to everyone in my address book AND everyone in their address book, and so on, and so on.  Horrible virus. 
I had the same thing happen about 2 weeks ago. I downloaded the latest version of Ad-Aware (lavasoft.com) and it removed it.
No virus
Just copy the links to your address bar so that it will route you to the download site. sorry that was all i got. There are NO virus in these files i tested them and they work. You don't need to register to stedmans so you don't have to pay them anything. Anyway, they are a big help for me i hope they will be to you too!
AVG virus
I had the exact same thing with AVG they are a rip off. I finally found a program that is a free program that will get rid of the virus. It is Trojan Remover 6.7.5 if you do a search for it I think it is like trj675.com or something like that. It worked when I did the same thing with the tech and 200 bucks and no luck they said I would have to reformat my drive...
Re: Virus Program
My computer tech also advised against Norton. He said he personally uses AVG and has not had any problems. Their website is

I've got the AVG free edition and have had no problems. I got it after Norton froze up my Word program. It didn't release until I removed it from my computer. I don't know anything to tell you about Panda, but most techies know a good program when they see one, so it probably is better than Norton.
virus program
AVG is what I use, recommended by computer tech at www.worldstart.com or Avast is good, and both of them are free, as is Spybot Search and Destroy, does a good job for spyware. World Start has a forum where you can ask any computer questions, and their people have always been very helpful. Hope this helps you.
AVG anti-virus...
and also Microsoft's own Anti-Spyware are good. www.microsoft.com (downloads) and Google in AVG and go to their site...
maybe all they had was virus attachments, which

leaving the blank e-mails?

Don't know, really.  Just throwing that out there.  

Anyone know if there is a stomach virus going around right now.
stomach virus
Live in New England and it is rampant. All 5 grandkids and their parents have been passing it around. My little granddaughter calls it "the throw ups" but it's more than that. Patiently waiting - hope it "skips" me and I don't get it from the kids. I have had stomach cramps but no other symptoms "yet."
Anyone here about the Windows XP virus out right now?? nm
virus protection
There is a company who is connected with Norton, Symantic (spelling ?) that has Eanthology/stop sign. Look it up on the web. This costs less than $7 a month (I have 3 computers on this). You download from the web, has a firewall, pop, the whole 9 yards. I have a VIP subscription and they have been on the phone with me for an hour before fixing my computer. I would recommend them to anyone. You can also find them by putting in Stop-sign computer protection service. Let me know if you need additional info
How about the different virus checkers that
Someone posted something about a virus
Virus threats ?
If you have a strong virus protection (..plus) and a firewall, it will give you 'virus' threats, even if you try to access your newly installed programs. You have to modify your firewall options.
That's why they are supposed to have virus
That Postcard Virus
warning has been going around for a few years now.
is that a joke. thanks for the virus
i went to you link and it has a virus.  thanks
What do you mean? It's not a joke and it has no virus either.
I had no problem with it.
virus software
Me too, I switched over to Norton's as well.  I agree with you.
virus software
I hope that is not true. My son works for our police department and they use AVG free, in fact that is where I heard about it. I have had Norton - so slow and also others in the past.
best virus protector
I do not know about the best, but I use Trend and love it. It is so much faster than Norton. I always hated it and had it several times until I discovered Trend. Hope this helps.
Probably a virus/spyware
I had this happen a couple of years ago and it was pretty disconcerting. I think I ended up running my virus scan, my Ad-Aware...I am trying to remember, but I think the thing that replaced Google ended up being a program that I had to go into my Add/Remove programs and remove it. It was a pain in the butt and kinda scary knowing that something had a hold of my computer and God only knew what was going to be damaged/hijacked. I don't know how tech-comfortable you are, but if you've got any tech-savvy friends, it might be worth summoning them over to find where this may have taken root.
Beware of computer virus.

I got this email from a friend today and thought I would share it with you all.

*Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent, and the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash, and you will not be able to fix it!!!

This e-mail is being distributed through countries around the globe, but mainly in theUS and Israel.

Don't be inconsiderate; send this warning to whomever you know.

Confirmed at: http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/osama.asp

Origins: There are few headlines that would grab the attention of more computer users around the world than Osama bin Laden Captured, and that's exactly what whoever created this lure was counting on to snare unsuspecting victims who use Microsoft platforms.

Osama bin Laden Captured isn't a virus in itself; it's the text of a message that includes a link to a file called EXPLOIT.EXE. When a message recipient clicks on this link to view what he thinks are pictures of Osama bin Laden's capture, he can end up downloading an executable Trojan known as Backdoor-AZU, BKDR_LARSLP.A, Download. Trojan, TrojanProxy.Win32.Small.b,or Win32.Slarp.

Clicking the embedded link in the Osama bin Laden Captured message auto-executes a file called EXPLOIT.EXE, which exploits a known security hole to download the Trojan.

According to McAfee Security:   The Trojan opens a random port on the victim's machine. It sends the Port information to a webpage at IP address The Trojan listens on the open port for instructions and redirects traffic to other IP addresses.

Spammers and hackers can take advantage of compromised systems by using the infected computer as a middleman, allowing them to pass information through it and remain anonymous.*


Virus after downloading DQS from website
Has anyone lately downloaded DQS from their website?
I down loaded two computers (PC and laptop). Both were
infected from a virus found in the WEBCORRECT.exe file.

Anyone else encounter this problem? My virus program isolated the virus and then I deleted the file. I forgot to write
down the virus, something like Trojan Backhorse? Not really sure.
It meant I had an infection - that's it! Could have been a virus or something sm
Can you believe that! CA of lungs to a virus.

I tend to have enlarged or swollen lymph nodes throughout my body periodically, even in places I can't feel them. The slightest cold or sinus infection will make them inflamed and swollen and enlarged. My white count has never been elevated enough to worry about.

Subject: Big virus coming, confirmed by McAfee and Norton and Snopes

Subj: Big virus coming, confirmed by McAfee and Norton and

Big virus coming, confirmed by McAfee and Norton and Snopes


Hi All, I checked with Norton Anti-Virus, and they are gearing
up for this virus!

I checked Snopes (URL above:), and it is for real!!

Get this E-mail message sent around to your contacts ASAP.


You should be alert during the next few days. Do not open any
message with an attachment entitled 'POSTCARD,' regardless of who sent
it to you. It is a virus which opens A POSTCARD IMAGE, which 'burns' the
whole hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from
someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list. &nb sp;This
is the reason why you need to send this e-mail to all your contacts It
is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and
open it.

If you receive a mail called' POSTCARD,' even though sent to you
by a friend, do not open it! Shut down your computer immediately.

This is the worst virus announced by CNN. It has been classified
by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever. This virus was
discovered by McAfee yesterday, and there is no repair yet for this kind
of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc,
where the vital information is kept.


Snopes lists all the names could come in.

anti-virus programs
AVG free was recommended to me by 3 friends of mine who work in the IT field and by the IT dept at both of companies I work for.

I run it, AdAware and Pest Patrol on a weekly basis.
AVG free virus scan
Just received e-mail of new virus

Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008 11:54:53 AM

With Christmas fast approaching . . . . . . . . . . .watch out for this...    be alert..

Please read the following. It applies to FedEx and UPS


The newest virus circulating is the UPS Delivery Failure. You will receive an email from UPS Packet Service along with a packet number.  NOTE: The word packet is mis-spelled on this line. It will say that they were unable to deliver a package sent to you on such and such a date. It then asks you to print out the invoice copy attached.


Pass this warning on to all your PC operators at work and home. This virus has caused Millions of dollars in damage in the past few  days.

Snopes confirms that it is real:



Goodbye virus...finally...

My computer picked up a virus about a week or so ago.  I tried removing it myself,  didn't work, contacted my Spyware support and they sent me instructions on what to do, didn't work,  it kept coming back.  So, I took a chance today and did the online virus/spyware removal tool with McCafee.  You pay online first ... $60 to $90 dollars (I think it was $60 for what I had done) and then they connect to your computer run their virus removal software and voila...no virus.  It took about an hour+.  After watching what all they do, I know I never could have removed it myself no matter what software I had.   I used McCaffee, but I would imagine all of the virus companies have the same online deal.  Definitely easier than hauling the computer in somewhere and, worst of all, being without it for a day or two.  By the way, I had a "bunch" of spyware/viruses, not just one.   They left me with the page of tips below if anyone wants to look at them.  I was glad to know about the first tip...instead of using the "X" to close the pop-up ads to download something, they suggest a  better way to close it.  Anyway, it feels good to have a "clean" computer again.

Home computer security Tips

Pop-up Advertising Alert

Don't click on pop-ups!

Pop-up windows are frequently the product of Spyware, and clicking on those windows may install Spyware software on your computer. To close the pop-up window, we recommend right-clicking the popup from your Windows taskbar, (which might just be listed as Internet Explorer), and choosing Close or End Task. Please note, this will end your Internet Explorer session.

Program Alert Dialog Boxes

Close unexpected dialog boxes!

Be wary of unexpected dialog boxes asking whether you want to run a particular program or perform another type of task. Avoid any kind of response to such Dialog Boxes. The best ways to bypass are

1. Right click the item on Taskbar and select 'Close'

2. Open Task Manager and End the respective Process

Alert on Free Downloadable Software

Don’t download programs from an unknown source!

Many websites offer customized toolbars, free utilities, or other features that appeal to users. You should never download a program from a site you don't trust, as you may be exposing your computer to security risks.

Alert on Email Links

Don't click links that offer free anti-spyware or anti-virus software!

These links may be malicious and actually install the Spyware or Virus they claim to eliminate.

Alert on Email Attachments

Never open attachments from an unverified source, even if you know the sender!

Be wary of unsolicited attachments, even from people you know. May viruses can "spoof" the return address, making it appear as though the message came from a trusted source. If possible, verify the legitimacy with the person who sent it before you open the attachment. This includes email messages that appear to be from your software vendor or ISP, which claim to contain patches or anti-virus software. ISPs and software vendors do not commonly send patches or software in email messages.

20 ways you can protect yourself

1. Be sure to set up your operating system and web browser software properly, and update them regularly.

2. Back up important files to CD or external hard drive.

3. Use strong passwords and authentication technology to help protect your personal information.

4. Do not disable your anti-virus program if another program requests you to do so.

5. Be sure the signatures in your anti-virus software are current.

6. Install and use a firewall program, and never disable the firewall. Doing so may allow Trojans to be downloaded and installed on your system.

7. Use McAfee SiteAdvisor for safe browsing.

8. Avoid making online purchases on public computers.

9. Do not click advertisements on web pages. Take utmost precaution when clicking on free offers on the Internet.

10. Consider changing web browsers. Because of its popularity, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is a frequent target for hackers seeking to exploit the browser’s security vulnerabilities.

11. Use care when downloading and installing programs.

12. Be careful when downloading additional codecs to play videos or music.

13. Do not click links received through instant messenger programs.

14. Disable the option to automatically download email attachments.

15. Scan all attachments for viruses before opening them.

16. Turn off the preview pane in your email client to avoid script vulnerabilities.

17. Never respond to spam. Delete unwanted messages, and use a spam filter. Replying to or unsubscribing from spam confirms the validity of your e-mail address.

18. Stay away from peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing services. By their nature, many file-sharing services turn your PC into a server, which anyone using the P2P service can access.

19. Be careful playing interactive games. In order for you to play an interactive game on the Internet, your computer must be identified by a remote server. Once identified, your computer can be targeted by hackers and others.

20. Set specific guidelines for Internet use by children. Create system accounts with limited privileges to prevent installing malicious applications when surfing.

Virus software recommendations
I am getting ready to go to EditScript Version 8 and am currently using McAfee software.  It does not seem that it has the ability to exclude certain directories and subdirectories from scanning.  Is there a better anti-virus program out there to use?  Thanks.     
It sounds like you got some type of virus or.sm
some type of malware/trojan.  happened to me and I fixed it, with a LOT of headache by starting my computer in safe mode.
That's used to treat fungus. Chickenpox is a virus, but thank you anyway!

Do you think we will have pandemic due to avian virus? What is your opinion?(nm)


Not as long as the virus does not mutate. At this time, there is no
case in which this virus has been passed from human to human, only from bird to human.   Should the virus mutate so it can be passed from person to person, we may have a problem. 
Freight train flu or virus or plague?
I saw a post about this yesterday right before I collapsed with pain.  This was a GI illness, about 24 hours.  One minute I was eating a bowl of cereal and planning my day and the next minute, I was writhing in pain.  You all take care of yourselves out there.
AVG anti-virus is great and free!
This link takes you to a BK virus page?
Nothing about macros there. Maybe didn't clear your clipboard?
It also reduces threat of a virus infecting
I dont think so that this has heavy virus site
Again,i've used these programs and checked them and they are virus free. To confirm this, try your best antivirus and scan all files. I use Avira latest virus scan and it detected none. For those of us who can't afford to buy the original stedmans, this is a good alternative. If you have the money, buy the software! If you have them and want to share, share them by all means!
no virus but im sure you get trogans that are not detected by antivirus
Nothing is free. There is always a catch.
Best Virus Software I have found & Free
Product information
Customer portal: http://www.free-av.com/contact
Internet: http://www.free-av.com

What is the best anti-virus program for Vista?
As you know if you have Vista, it has a pretty good security system built right in, the Windows firewall and Defender antispyware.  Is it necessary to go with a antivirus program with this system?  Have never had good luck with them.  Years back my computer crashed and it slowed it way down and actually brought more bad on board than did any good.  What is a good one that is cheap or free and uses very little system reserves?  I know this is kind of a technical question but any feedback would be appreciated.   
I refuse to go to Imail...I've gotten a virus from there and so have many other people. nm
DO NOT open/download "mail_body.zip" if it is emailed to you! This is a VIRUS! - nm
Can anyone recommend a good virus/security protection?

I currently use a program called PC cillin.  I have used Norton, and with both I still managed to get "worms" on my computer. Also, my internet service is with AOL.



First I'd reboot and if that didn't work run a virus scan. nm
wrong. the virus protection and anti-spyware
are only as good as the updates and are NOT 100% all the time. NO program is 100%. Hackers are finding new ways to compromise computers every single day and no program can protect from all of them. The longer you are up and running, the more chance of being invaded. don't fool yourself into thinking antivirus and antispyware are fool proof, because they are not. You have to think smart and protect yourself too, by shutting down when not in use and allowing new updates to take effect. duh.