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I agree, very excellent free program. sm

Posted By: Kathleen on 2007-11-07
In Reply to: Download Ccleaner. It will clean out your unnecessary files. - CAROL

You could also run your *disc Cleanup* program to delete files, etc. Also go to My Computer, Internet Options, and Delete. Delete files, cookies, and internet history. That all helps! good luck.

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Yes, if you want a free program...
I use FTP Surfer. Go to www.ftpsurfer.com. Once you get that downloaded, I can help you set up your profile, etc. It is actually really easy. Don't feel embarassed!! Glad to help.
Free FTP transfer program. sm
FTP commander 8.0 is free.

Is gearplayer a free program?

I have never used gear player before and was told that I would need to use the gearplayer software and a comparable footpedal to type files.  I am used to express scribe which is free and using my infinity foot pedal. Is gear player a free program like scribe or am I going to have to pay for it?

Get Hijack, it is a free program
There is a free program called Belarc you
can download.  It will tell you processor speed, RAM, hard drive, sound card - every little thing about your computer.  I used it with Win98 and WinXP.  Google Belarc for website. 
downloading free word program
has anyone ever used open office to download word so a test can be taken?  I rent a computer from my company and I know I probably should not do this.  My question is would they know if this is being done?  Thank you.  
Can use a free program called Audacity.
I have only heard about this and have not found the need to do it myself yet, but heard it works great.

Here is a website someone passed to me:


If you Google "tapes to digital," there are a lot of sites that give directions.

Good luck.
Does anyone know of a free program that will completely remove Starware - nm
Love my Abacus too! Awesome free program! nm
i too use it daily for about 3-4 years; no problems. great program and best of all FREE!!!!! nm
MTStars free program is wonderful and puts out a professional invoice!!! nm
Try Switch program. Converts sound files. Can get free demo.
Excellent post. I totally agree.
Excellent, I agree...Your comment summoned it all up!...nm
Totally agree...The Life of David Gale is excellent!
I agree.... the A Beka program is great!!
Agree with poster... it takes 2-3 years from graduating from a program sm
to start to make any decent wage.  I personally love this job.  Where else can you get a job that requires no college degree that you can make 40,000-50,000 per year??? 
Yes, I agree. Free is a good price and Express Scribe will work just fine for you. (nm)
Abacus is not free. It is $20 but worth it. You can download a trial version free which does not h
I have used this for years and have compared to Sylvan, Word, and MP Count, etc. When you have it set to count every character, bold, shift, tab, etc. It is great and always higher than the others. Now if you are wanting gross lines like in Word then no it won't be as high because Word counts blanks lines and Abacus counts a line only if there is a character on it. There is also two places to check for it to count the Headers/Footers. If you have the FREE version then it must be the trial or a very old version so you don't have all the features and functions.
Free? As in, free trial? Otherwise, I don't think you'll find a spellcheck software that's
Check out the free demo of MTStars FlashType. It's free for 7 days.
Then, if you like it, you can purchase it for $59.95.  See link below.
I have never found a program shorthand does not work with, it works outside the program (I think tha
PRD is a DOS program. I don't think it work with Word, a Window's program.
It will count everything if you go in the settings and program it to. Good program!
Sylcount is an awesome and accurate counting program also. That will count everything if you "tell it to".
You can use Shorthand in ANY program, it works outside your program
I have never found a platform it did not work with and I have worked on several different versions of Meditech. Just start using it.
yes it is free....mine was free....why the exclamation?
There are free ones out there. I have been using a free one for 5 years. sm
Just have to research FTP server software.
free? We are not *free* - what planet R U on?

Free? Liberal?  You know nothing about me......I'm a 4th generation American so don't get up in my face......

We have a bad bad reputation today....and we do NOT HAVE 60 ALLIES/COUNTRIES BACKING US UP IN IRAQ....you better open up your eyes to the REAL stats.  Perhaps in 2003 we had 60 allies/countries backing us up....NAME 60 today.  I can name maybe 10 countries.......

You are terribly off-base.........even the soldiers have spoken up stating *unfortunately, this has become OUR vietnam* -

here's where you might think of beginning...iraqi veterans against the war......not a liberal website by any stretch of the imagination..


M-TEC has a Basic program (12 month) and a Premier program (18 month). To WAH, you should take the P
Shorthand works with every program, it works outside the program you use, does not interfere.
Excellent. Old dog here too. SM.
I agree.  I know these young moms mean well, trying to stay at home and learn this and there is no freaking way.  I think it would be hard for even one with adequate experience to do it with a newborn at home.
I hope to reach this point some day. How many hours per day do you work?


and I don't think the top was *disrespectful* as the other poster said - it is a well-known fact that our current prez cannot form, for the most part, a proper sentence....

and to the ones who don't believe the sentence problems - suggest y'all start watching the news and/or David Letterman's first 10 minutes nightly.....or go to youtube or any other the other free video sites and/or Google some *bushisms* as they have *fondly* became to be known as.....after 6-1/2 yrs in office.  LOL

I went to M-TEC. It is an excellent course (sm)

I have never heard of the other school, so I can't compare the two, but I have nothing but good things to say about M-TEC.  Once you graduate they have pages upon pages of companies that will hire you if you graduate with a good GPA, and that is key, as it is very hard to get a job as a newbie in this field, as many companies require 2 or more years of experience. M-TEC has a great reputation for turning out skilled graduates that many companies will waive their experience requirements.

It's definitely not an easy course, but it prepares you very well for the extremely challenging career of medical transcription.  I have heard that Andrews School is good too but maybe a bit more expensive.

I would recommend checking out the schools' websites if you haven't already to get more info.  M-Tec has a great message board that should answer many of your questions.  Let me know if you have any more questions and good luck in your choice!

p.s. I saw your other post asking if you think it's worth it to get into this field, and only you can answer that, but for me it was.  I paid a relatively small amount of money to go to school, I don't have to pay for gas to and from work, "fancy" work clothes, daycare for my children, and I work the hours I choose in my own home as an independent contractor and therefore have lots of freedom in my day to day life, which has always been a dream of mine.

On the other hand, I am pretty new to the field and find the job really challenging sometimes, and it is extremely difficult for me to get my work done with my 2 kids around, but each month it gets a little easier, and as it gets easier I am slowly making more money too.  

Excellent!! Thank you very much! nm
both are excellent, but........
I did M-Tec and think Andrews is just as good as far as the grads going to work. It's been 7-8 years but at that time, you had three choices on the length of your program.
I have Raynaud's, so this would be perfect for me. Arthritis sufferers would also benefit. The ad suggests it might also be beneficial to those with carpal tunnel. I have a theory that one reason so many guys can type so fast is that they have better blood flow to their hands. In my current job I work outside. I don't spend much time on the computer, but if I was one whose computer was outside, I'd definitely get this product. Those of you with hot hands can't possibly understand, but there is no need to ridicule it at all. I have known about the heated keyboard for a while, but I think Transcription Gear just added it to their offerings. Good for them, I say.

I have sent similar letters and encourage every U.S. MT to contact their elected representatives, demanding they support this bill and do all they can to protect the American worker.

Great letter -- Thanks for posting it.
that's great info!
And it exactly illustrates my problem with the pay rate for speech editing. It's knowledge-based. I apply my brain to each and every line on the screen. I should not be paid based on production.

Where did this silly pay system start? Which large company first introduced speech and the half-rate pay scale? Apparently, they set the standard.

I recently picked up a pamphlet from my old college, and I see they are offering a certificate program in therapeutic horticulture, therapy through gardening. It sounds so interesting. I'd love to do something like that, but it sounds like the sort of thing that won't have a lot of job openings in this economy.
Excellent! sm
Thanks soo much, this was great. How can I get other tests, other than April 2008 to Sept 2008?
Excellent tip!
All my years of transcribing and I never knew that!  Thanks!!!!
EXCELLENT Post!!  Have you considered writing to TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, etc.??
Excellent advice!
Thanks for the excellent post!
Thanks so much for posting. Believe it or not, your post made me feel good. I am new, and am lucky enough to have mostly good dictators and only a few really bad ones. (But the account with the SKIPPING-TAPE-THING GOING ON IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!) Anyway, I know QA can understand about the skipping tape thing. I proofread every single report (so you know I am not making much money), but I rarely hear from QA, so I must be doing something right. It is just nice to finally hear from someone from QA on this board and to know they appreciate a job well done. I have e-mailed QA back, thanking them for the help, but lately have not, thinking that I might be annoying them - taking time away from their work, but now I know that e-mail might be appreciated instead. Now...we will probably get some slams from people having a bad day, but I thank you for writing. You should post more often, and we all would LOVE to hear some of the funnier "bloopers"
Excellent company
You have to be kidding.  They are the greatest company and I have worked here 3 years.  They used to have bad management but the management now is great and very supportive.  Looks like someone that is a poor loser to me
I have a friend that is an excellent MT and she -
dances one or two nights a week in the fall. It's not for me, but hey, it works for her!
This would be an excellent reason to
fill out an Employee Complaint Form on QNet.

The letter announcing the upcoming program did, in fact, state that you will be contacted personally to "...discuss the new Rewards Plan and to answer your questions."

If the person you talked to was not able to discuss and/or answer questions on the changes, but instead now we are to wait until the proposed package arrives with a phone number for us to call if we have questions ... that is certainly not what had been promised.

When I receive my phone call, if they are not able to discuss nor answer questions, I am most definitely filling out a complaint form. I will also be writing Adele Barbato myself and possibly placing a phone call to that office.

We will see what happens, I suppose.