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Getting through it ....

Posted By: Sara on 2005-12-13
In Reply to: I do have a crockpot in my Goodwill box. I've ended up with 3 of them somehow. - OP

I knit and crochet both, but I found that my concentration just fizzled fast (probably being on morphine to control pain helped LOL).

I was waiting to lose my hair (my Mom did when she went through chemo) and had selected a wig, well sorta', I wanted a butt-long electric blue one (hey, being colorful oughtta be fun right?). After 3 weeks I asked my chemo-doc when it would happen. He said do you WANT to lose it? I said not particularly but I want to be prepared. He said my mix of drugs wouldn't cause hair loss ..... which really surprised people when I went back to work with my long thick hair still LOL.

And the offer still stands, just in case :)

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