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I have a feeling that will be the exact same solution for me to quit smoking! I'm really sorry fo

Posted By: waiting for catalyst on 2005-12-13
In Reply to: I've found the answer and how to declutter. - decluttering queen

what you're going through with this, and do admire your funny response and post today. At least you will get to enjoy the benefits of your uncluttered house, which is the same state mine is in and drives me crazy, but just have to look the other way most of the time.

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quit smoking tip
peppermints helped me a great deal...especially candy canes because I could hold them as a substitution....went back to the garbage during a nasy viscious divorce & now can't afford nor want to smoke anymore so I'll be joining you!  don't want to look or smell like this anymore
Well, I quit smoking but now I'm fat

It has been about two months since my last cig.  But dang, I am porky now.  At 47, this is NOT a good time to put on extra weight.  I know i should go for walks, eat carrots and drink water.  I guess the motivation isn't there. 

It is hard to believe I gained 20 lb in two months but my oh my I have.  You should see my face!  Chipmunk cheeks.  and my clothes, even the baggy ones, don't fit any longer.  I bought a new outfit last month and it doesn't fit any more. 



I know what you mean, I quit smoking
joined a fitness center and was very diligent about going every day. But, the scale has went up anyway. I am pretty much at a loss as to what to do. I do not want to start smoking again, I feel much better since I quit.

Congratulations to you.
I quit smoking

No point to this message; just thought of it and am congratulating myself. 

Yes I have used it to quit smoking!! sm
Five months now without a cigarette; however, the nausea was very bad for me. I only took the Chantix for 1 month and had to stop. I couldn't take the nausea any longer. I even tried Zantac with it and still nauseous most of the time.

Anyhow, I quit June 12, 2007 and still without a cigarette. It really does work. The nausea and weird dreams were my side effects. My sleep pattern was broken up for the month with the dreams. I smoked 1-1/2 packs a day for 20 years, started when I was 16. Now with the help of Chantix am smoke free.

I tried all the other forms such as the patch, gum, etc and nothing really worked like this did. I have no withdrawal symptoms or mood changes whatsoever. I did seem to laugh a lot and sometimes inappropriately while on Chantix; however, since I stopped taking it, I am back to normal.

Good luck with whatever you decide. I am now worried about gaining more weight and taking the weight off that I gained over the past few months since I quit. Being nauseous, I found myself eating pretzels all the time to try and settle my stomach, very fattening.
It won't take cancer to quit smoking. Try
ASTHMA, a common problem for smokers. When you can't breathe when there is a strange odor around such as perfume, you won't get near a cigarette because if you do, you won't be able to breathe. You will cough, and choke and gasp for air and feel air hunger when you sit down. It is not a fun way to live, and I absolutely LOVED my cigarettes, a real hard core addict to nicotine.
Husband and I both quit smoking on same day
We tried separately in the past alone and he quit for 6 months and then went back to smoking. I even smoked with the patch on and almost had a heart attack, not a good thing at all. We both want to quit and we hope that we will be able to do this. I think I have some patches left in a drawer around the house and they worked for my husband. I have been smoking for 40 years and he the same amount of time. I will go to the Stop Smoking Center. We figure we could save ourselves 70.00 a week or more but not smoking and that is one of the reasons to stop. Thanks for your encouraging words. You and your husband should be proud, my doctor told me it is like kicking a cocaine habit, which is sooo addictive and I agree. I smoke most believe it or not at my desk. My husband is going to repaint my office and put up wallpaper, one wall is yellow from the smoke, grosses me out and my kids. Thanks again.
Well, I quit smoking last year when I became pregnant
and it was relatively easy for me to quit because I had a good reason. I know what you mean about taking smoke breaks. What I do is after about an hour, I give a friend a call and talk for about 5 minutes. It is nice to catch up and also takes your mind off the cigarette.
Me, too. I quit smoking in October 2005.
Time to lose weight, although we had tons of food out yesterday.
Chantix - Anyone use it to quit smoking? I am most concerned sm
about the nausea.  I have been hearing it is pretty bad for at least 1/3 of the people who have used it.  I have a generally touchy stomach as it is.  Please post your comments here or by email
I quit once for 3 years, but then started again. (Quit cold turkey when I did)

I quit two months ago. I tried to quit for over a year, but I just had to be ready.
I tried the patch, NRT gum, Zyban, everything. One morning, I woke up and just quit cold turkey. There are some good online support groups out there that can help you when you're ready.
And I have seen a new ad in the magazine Advance that has a sign on bonus for SE's, maybe just better pay, let's think positive!!
Another day of not smoking



I am on day 9 of no smoking. I am
Birthday is next month and I have a goal to make it to my birthday and then will extend my goal from there. So far, so good. Hopefully continues.

Congratulations to you.
I would like some of what you both are smoking, please.
I would try smoking
That is good info.  Thank you so much ... am disappointed because he does not really want to quit ... I will never understand how someone can claim to know how awful the health-related issues are to smoking, and yet somehow "justify" in their heads that the enjoyment they receive from smoking totally overrides any potential "risk" they may have "down the road" from their smoking ... for me, it just does not compute.  Oh well.  I will never, ever give up on giving him encouragement and pointing out all his precious cigarettes deleterious effects.  Wouldn't be able to go to sleep at night, if I didn't.  Thanks again. 
Not offended...You just keep smoking that


Quitting Smoking
I have been smoke-free for 14 years and actually didn't want to quit but had to have major surgery and couldn't smoke in the hospital so I really had to quit before. I got the Habitrol (3 stage) patches which were Rx then and one other "trick". A stranger said what helped her was to chew on those Twizzlers black licorice sticks. She said that the residue left a residue not unlike the tar from cigarettes. I smoked 3 packs per day and even got up at night and smoked for over 20 years and no one was more surprised then me that I actually quit. My husband still smokes but not around me or in the house or my car.

I know it's tough. Good luck to you!
Quitting Smoking...sm
Hello, I'm an exsmoker who smoked for 25+ years, and I've been a nonsmoker now for 12 years. The only way I could do it was cold turkey, but my hint was I kept an unopened pack of cigs in my purse, and when the cravings came (which they did, something awful for about 3-5 days), I would look at that pack and tell myself that I got this far (8 hours, or 12 hours, or 24 hours) without opening it, and I could go on. I threw the pack out after about 2 weeks, and never looked back. The smell now actually makes me sick. I must admit that I still have a craving after a meal once in a blue moon, but it soon passes. Please hang in there. You CAN do this!!! Good luck. I wish losing weight was even half as easy as quitting smoking was...and that wasn't easy at all. Take care of yourself.
do you not know the dangers of smoking?????
Just kidding, i too am a smoker.  Hate it soooo much but at the same time i look so forward to that smoke on the drive home from class.  I have smoked in my house, I try not to  because of the smell, but if i'm stressed emotionally, i turned to my good friend 'the pack'...my new method of quitting this time...POPCORN!!!  I will buy bags of it and when I get the urge to smoke, i will chow down.  It could work because its hand to mouth motion, a bit self destructive and i also look forward to eating it.  good luck to me!!!  Target has the best popcorn too, very salty.
Can anyone explain smoking hx to me?

I just typed this:

"The patient has an approximate two to three history of smoking two to three cigars per week."

I also have never understood that, for example, "25 pack year history".

Anyone want to enlighten me??

Another fella smoking on O2.
  Duhhhhhhh!  Nearly burned off his face.  Ouch!   Think he'll do it again?  Ummm...yep!
Smoking lines there! Wow!! I can't even
The only evil I find about smoking is. . .

How darn hard it is to quit.  I have tried everything.  Patches, gum, Wellbutrin, Zyban, cold turkey, etc.

Don't buy them by the pack anymore.  We (my husband and I) roll our own.  Buy a can of tobacco and have a little machine and thought that would deter us, but noooooooooo. $8 a week compared to over $8 a DAY.

We do keep trying so there is hope that someday, hopefully within the next 6 months, we can say see ya!  Yeah right.


risks uf using smoking marijuana
besides the social implications there are many researched medical reasons not to. Just a few:
http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/evidence99/marijuana/Health_1.html thats just one web site. There are plenty more
Furthermore, smoking pot dries up you mucous membranes promoting cavities and tooth decay, does cause respiratory ailments and I sure as hell don't want to meet someone driving whose judgement has been impaired with pot any more than I want to meet someone whose judgement has been impaired by alcohol. Please substantiate your claim that it is LESS harmful than alcohol
Whatever happened to all of y'all who were quitting smoking?
How's that going? 
he has been smoking on and off 1 pack of cigarettes for 5 years.
should be good for him.
Has anyone here (or anyone you know) had luck with Wellbutrin for smoking cessation? nm
I held both of my parents as they died from complications of smoking.
I told my children they were free to smoke after they did the same. There's not one smoker among my extensive circle of friends and associates, thank goodness.
Do NOT quit MT yet! & dont quit looking.Try her
In 1990, when I started as a MR clerk, SMOKING was allowed in Med Records...
can you imagine, and with all the charts laying around...it is so comical now to think of it...

That lasted until about 1992 I think...

That is not all that long ago really, to go from electric typewriters to smoking being practically outlawed...

they say MT will change more in the next few years, than it has in the last 100>>>>!
Friends tried hypnosis for smoking. It lasted for about 2 weeks then wore off. nm
I live in Florida and have Adelphia cable which is lightening fast, WHEN it's working.  I was losing connection while working at least two or three times a month, which you obviously know, can be a nightmare, especially when it's down for hours at a time.  I have the solution.  I got BellSouth Fast Access DSL as a backup.  It works through my telephone line.  It costs me about $50 a month, but it is soooo worth it.  Now when my cable goes down, I just swith over to DSL and I'm back to work in a snap ! 
I have the solution..
Lets all move to India and only work for companies THERE that offshore!!!
a solution
There is probably a quicker way, but here is how I do it:
1. Go to google.com, highlight, right click and copy everything in the address bar. Minimize explorer.
2. Right click on desktop and select new > shortcut. A window will open. Paste (control-V)the Google info in the "location of the item" field, click next, name it, click on finish.
3. You will then have a new icon on your desktop which is clickable to google. Drag that icon down onto the toolbar next to the start button.
There is a solution that they don't tell you about. SBC/ATT have
a business plan that is called Complete Business Solution that is unlimited local, local toll and long distance. It is $59.99 in my area for this and they switched my residential line to a business line for $12. This is less than I was paying for my residential line and there is no limit on the unlimited calls, length, etc as long as you are not a telemarketing center. My boss (who has been slammed here too often for me to say her name without causing flames) researched this and let me know because I got the .19 per minute letter from SBC. No problems since and it was over a year ago!
Possible solution?
Okay, ethics is questionable here, but at times you need to fight fire with fire. At one MTSO all of the formats were templated. They charged the client, but didn't pay us. So...Many MTs would delete the template as soon as it popped in and put in a matching one of their own. They got the lines, the client got the template, and no one was ever the wiser (so far).

Would something like that work for you? It might be dodgy, but if they are going to play this game you could conceivably play right back. I know I'm going to get flamed, but MTSOs are looking for every opportunity to take food out of the mouths of our children, and at some point we need to say NO.
Got a solution...Buy a new/used one from me;) s/m
I have a couple of extras I'm getting ready to list on Ebay. Would you like to make me an offer? Just send me an email. Thanks.
Here's one solution

Send all the ESL dictations over there!  It seems really wrong to me that I'm sitting here typing ESL for residents with heavy Indian accents and they're sitting over there typing american doctors, and we're all struggling to understand!  Seems like everyone would be happier if those docs could dictate in their native language, those overseas MTs could type it in that same language, and then they could run it through translation software to come up with a report in English.  I know a lot of american patients don't wamt a doctor treat them that they can barely understand, and I often wonder why so many ESL folks want to practice here, dictate here and have americans type the dictation!  Why don't they sent THAT work oversease, and quit driving the rest of us nuts!

My solution
Recently I changed my working schedule in that I work three-hour stretches. It has definitely made a difference in my productivity, as well as decreasing the total time per day I spend transcribing (I'm an IC).  This works for me, although the downside is that for anyone, three hours without a break is a long time to transcribe.  I would recommend working up to what would be the longest time you could tolerate.
Somewhat of a Solution

Actually, I was able to copy the whole contents of the document and paste it into a new document, and the marks disappeared. Just in case anyone was curious.
Here is a solution.
If you have access to the folder containing those files. Right click on that folder, go to properties ...

and set it Owner can 'read', 'write' and 'execute'. In Unix/FTP terms it's known as chmod 777 permission. Try googling chmod 777.

BTW, which FTP client you are using? CuteFTP? or WS_FTP?. Sometime, you need to set options within the FTP client program as well.

no solution here yet either

I have been at this for over 7 years now and still have not found a solution to this problem.  My situation is not nearly as bad as yours, but I have always said that my husband's mouth was connected to my pedal.  I press play and he starts talking LOL

Me too and solution

I use Escription as well and I think you're referring to something that reads ProcMon or something?  Well I disabled the darn thing and nobody said anything.  Didn't realize it was a monitoring tool but IMO unless you are going to provide me with a computer then you have no business montioring me especially without telling me. 

So here are some instructions.  Go to Control Panel.  Click on Administrative Tools.  Click on Services.  Find EditScript Process Monitor (assuming this is what the process is you have that I have).  Double click on it.  Under the General tab there is a drop down menu that says Startup type.  Choose Disabled. Click Apply then OK. 

Make sure this is the same exact thing you are seeing.  NEVER change any process that you do not know what it is.  This is something that is best left to someone in the IT field.  It so happens my husband was a Senior Network Engineer (he's since moved on to development) and these instructions come from him.  But be very careful as you could turn off something important!

RIGHT HERE is the solution sm
We could mount a campaign to make outsourcing of medical transcription illegal, or at the very least tax the crap out of it until it is not practical. Write your representatives, write to the political talk shows, write to Oprah, write to news magazine programs, write the New York Post. Get on the phone and talk to people who can make a difference!!!!

The end result? There are NOT enough highly qualified MTs to do the work that needs to be done. So, supply and demand will work FOR us. Benefits and wages will have to go up so that companies can attract the best, most productive MTs and keep them. Gone will be days when we work for such a pittance. We will be in demand.
Well, for both of you I have a solution

that is going to sound reeaally strange.  I got the suggestion from my chiropractor when I complained of sore lower back and sore hiney.  He suggested that I buy one of those large (about 24" round) inflatable pilates exercise balls and sit on that.  He had one in his physical therapy department and I gave it a test sit.  Felt pretty good.

STOP LAUGHING, I KNOW HOW WEIRD THIS IDEA SOUNDS and the visual image is a scream.  Yes, yes, I know.  You think that would be a totally unworkable situation and so did I.  But I was ready to try just about anything and this $20 idea seemed affordable, so I went for it.  The theory is that you learn to hold yourself straight by strengthening your core muscles instead of leaning against a chair back.  And the seat is very yielding under your butt.  I initially had a problem with my ball/chair rolling away every time I stood, but I solved that by getting a giant heavy plastic flower pot saucer to set the ball in.  Voila!  Looked weird, worked well.

Takes some getting used to, but I eventually did.  My back was more tired than ever for about a week, but my bum was in heaven.  Then I got the hang of it and it was great.  I sort of got away from the system when I broke my arm and the cast was throwing my balance way off so that I had trouble with my..uh... mount and dismount.  After tipping over a couple of times, I deflated the ball and stored it, rolled in a regular chair so I could one-handed hunt and peck for e-mails and internet.   

Been back transcribing for over a year, but never got back 'on the ball.' Now that I mention it, though, I think I'll reinflate that sucker and try it again.  I SAID QUIT LAUGHING, BOTH OF YOU!

best solution to this
Better Business Bureau, file complaint under misleading advertising. Bring the complaint here and ask everyone who views it to make a complaint to the BBB. It would shut them down. I filed one on Transcription for Dummies website www.transcriptionfor dummies.com!
no solution for me,
other than positioning in the shade, with sun not shining on the screen. Its so nice to be out there working in the fresh air, but much less convenient for me (even with the minimal items packed along, and the various concerns, animals knocking something over, dust, wind, bugs...)

I interviewed for a company a while back whose method for discouraging cherry picking was to dock their paycheck by $5.00 for every report they cherry picked !    ha.. love it !!