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Take care of yourself...

Posted By: Lindy on 2005-12-13
In Reply to: I've found the answer and how to declutter. - decluttering queen

I hope your treatment and recovery are speedy and uneventful.

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Kinship care versus foster care/adoption
Having been placed in a position where I now have custody of my 3 YO granddaughter and going through the legal system, I sought an online network of relative caregivers for children. I would encourage you, especially since you are in Georgia, that if you take any children into foster care with the idea of adopting them, there is federal law that requires the state to take certain actions in a specific time frame. When a child is removed from it's bio parent(s), the state is required to investigate any possible relatives who can take the child before foster care is considered, but even before that, reunification with the parents is the priority. Once a child enters the system and is in the system for 15 out of any 22 months, the state is required to find permanent placement for the child.

The problem with this is that there are case workers who may favor a foster family and do not seek out relative care. I have a good friend in Georgia who had to fight all the way to the state level to get custody of her grandson after the child was placed from the hospital into a foster care home with the promise that the foster parents would be allowed to adopt. She has now adopted her grandson, but it was a long, hard battle to get the state to admit their own interests were placed above those of the child and/or family.

If you get a child placed through the state, please make certain there is not a relative who wants that child before you get your hopes up. The courts are now favoring return of children to relatives even after a child has spent years with a foster family who hoped to adopt them.

States get bonus federal funds by complying with the time lines and being able to close the case, so some states place children in foster care because it is easier than trying to locate relatives.

Didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but I can't imagine my sweet bella going to someone outside her family.
If it was a clinic, it might have been urgent care, but it was NOT acute care. sm
Acute care refers to work in an acute care setting, a hospital, doing at least History and Physicals, Discharge Summaries, Consultations, Surgery notes, Emergency Department notes, and much more, including GI procedures, Cardiology procedures, Neurological procedures, Pulmonary Function Studies.  It goes on and on and it means and acute care hospital setting, not a clinic.
I always figure if they don't care about their dictation, they probably don't care about their
Dont care how many languages you took. Care
oh, so if I don't care about my job, I "should" care
you come off as narcissistic.
I dont know. I didnt care then and I dont care now.
Just me

I said he looks like he could take care of me.

i mean that in the sense that i am 5'2" and the REAL MEN I am attracted to are tall and strong and could do things i cannot do.  it does not mean i NEED someone to take care of me either.  it is just nice to have a natural manly MAN around the house who could when push comes to shove take care of things. 


i don't want to hear women's libbers direct me in why i should not need to feel protected as i could do things for myself.  of course i can, or if i can't i hire a MAN to do it for me.  and the men I hire to do work like painting and electrical work are not effeminate girlie men with hair product and designer jeans. 


get off the political soapbox.  

Do you think they really care???
They don't give a rip about their employees-- it's all about the TAT and looking good, and making the big bucks from the clients. When they are out of TAT, they in not within their contract and they lose money. That's why they want to hire so many people. If there is no work, it's OUR problem, not theirs.
I don't think they care too much about...
subscriptions. I just started getting mine free one day and they have just kept coming.I think it is basically an advertising tabloid for coders and HIM people with a slight amount for MT. Lord knows the articles are not worth reading.
I think you do not really care what anyone says, you think you know its the same, so go for it.
I am!!!! :) I don't care what YOU say!!
Get over yourself. LMAO
They don't care
Of course they don't care. But the point is that it hurts everybody in the long run. This might be the last generation of wealthy CEOs because there won't be any more $$ to suck out of this country for much longer. And our government is happy to let them do it because it shares in the spoils. GRRRR!
I could care less. :)
LOL...you must be a mom, huh? ;) Take care! NM

I don't even care if (sm)
all they want is 10-15 minutes a day, just don't make me wait 23 hours to get that 10 minutes back!

Or they feed you some cockamamie story about why they can't get their work done, but they wait until two hours before it's due back to tell you!

Or give some newbie a break and have them argue with QA over what they need to correct!
I don't care what they pay
Just tired of all the problems with platforms and "oh, you logged in 3 min late today", etc.
IS care.............*tsk tsk on you*....nm
No, they don't care.....sm

All they want is for the work to be done and returned on time.  It's business, and it's a different business than any other.  I have had family births, deaths, personal illness, moves, etc., etc., and I don't even tell them.  I just manage to get my work down around my problems.  It's unfortunate, but they really don't care.

It is not that they don't care but

the company that they are contracting with does not care.  That is why there is at times an over hire to cover for these things and then when everyone is up and ready to work the work becomes sparse.  It is so hard to balance the amount of work with the number of workers with all the variables that get thrown in, sickness, death, etc.  And when the company you contract with penalizes you financially because you don't meet the TAT, we all suffer.  I am sure that the company is a little frustrated as they were counting on one thing and it is not happening.   Put yourself in their shoes and you will probably understand a little more. 


LOL!!!!!!! I don't care much for him either. We need.....
...one of these little character people that "barfs"!!!!!
Why do we care!?!?
Maybe if they were a little more discreet about it! We don't divulge all the details of our lifestyles, do we? I agree with the above poster! Why do they have to march in parades, shout it at the rooftops and ALWAYS ALWAYS be engaging in public displays of affection. You barely see a straight couple even holding hands these days. It's almost like they are rebelling or saying look at us! We're gay and proud! And I am just so sick of it. Okay, so you're gay? Keep it to yourself - then we really wouldn't care!! We really don't need you to PROVE it!! : )
You too, take care................SM

Well, there was absolutely no way I would've known all that you kindly just shared about your personal life, and from that I took a re-lesson just now......that we don't know who we are typing at....and to be more careful in our approaches to our posts.....and I thank you for that because a lot of times I can be misconstrued in my posts and you're not the first person to think I have attacked them.  Hence, this communication with you has been a reminder to me.

I hope things get better for you and your children, and they will, I promise, as time does have a way of healing deep wounds.  A gentle hug to you from warm and NOT sunny (at least where I'm at) SE USA! 

you don't care, but (sm)
Funny how you say you don't care if anyone agrees with what you have to say or not but yet you jump on others about their opinions in a heartbeat. Why do you come here anyway? It seems obvious to me you get your jollies from trying to stir the pot. Well, enjoy it...you're in the right place. For someone who doesn't care what other people think you sure to like pick apart other posters statements.
I don't care for her either...
She's just riding Oprah's coat tails, IMHO!  But, I don't watch the show, so don't guess my opinion really amounts to a hill of beans, does it???
I care...no, I really, really do.......

Does anyone really care?
I don't. LOL!
They don't care.
I assumed I would get to work on my prior account and have the new account be secondary. That's what I get for assuming. I'm looking for a side job/new job and going to the food bank today. I worked hard to get off of welfare a decade ago and I'm sliding right back into it.
Because they just don't care
Just had one of those infamous cell phone dictations so gave her every "you know" she said--hey it is verbatim, you know. 
Would anyone care to help with
MT survey


Do they really care?
I don't think they really care if you thank them or not - I recently was offered a job by one of the major companies that is always recruiting on this board. Before I turned it down, I was getting calls from the recruiter almost every day, trying to convince me, asking if I had any more questions, then when I sent an e-mail explaining that I had a family situation that came up and it would not be beneficial to myself or the company to accept and turning down the job offer, asking her to keep my resume in case something came up in the next couple of months (after which my divorce was finalized), and putting it very nicely, thanking her for the opportunity and she did not even respond, did not acknowledge that I had even e-mailed.
Do they really care?
Maybe not...but this didn't involve a big national, and it's more of a strategic move on my part to refresh her memory of me and maybe to put my name toward the top of the list of applicants she is considering. I think there is only one job opening, and I'm hoping to improve my chances of being the chosen one. Who knows how many interviews she had after me and how well she will remember me.
It is certainly NOT about pt care. they sm
could care less about pt care when you are working for a natl service. To them it is about speed and that is what they pay for, speaking as an employee for webemdex for years and years, all they care about is how fast you can produce the work. If you can pass QA on a random review, then they are fine with that.
I'd go for #2 if you don't care about - sm
the paid holiday's or vacation time; assuming it is time you don't have to earn in advance (like comp time/PTO). I don't get any of what you have as I am an IC; but then again I don't need benefits though a paid sick day or 2 would be nice when you have been at a company for several years, though only an IC.
Don't care who ya are. (nm)
Oh, I think we should care very much. sm

The question isn't whether the site has value in terms of the information it gives. Nope, that isn't the point AT ALL.  Lots of sites give "value", but they only do so simply in order to harvest or "farm" information from unsuspecting users.

It wouldn't take more than a week to put this site together and populate it with references.  From that standpoint, it really isn't that impressive. The question is, why the owner secrecy, and why registration?   



We care.....
If they had deleted your post, that would have been heartless too. The whole point of message boards is to help people when they need it and this seems like a much bigger problems than MT. Keep us posted on your progress PLEASE..... I think you have tugged at all the hearts on this board, at least the people who have them.
Do not care about getting something that
turns around and bites me on my rear end. I think it would count as earned income. I pay plenty of taxes at present and do not care for that to be counted into my income, can do without.
She Does Care
This post contains a personal name and will not be allowed. Although you used a * to substitute for one or two letters, the name is still very clear. Please follow the rules or you will not be allowed to post again.

Drs could care less we use cc & q whatever.
Why do you care so much?
We should all care.
It's called compassion--caring about other people. We all need to care more about "others" and less "me".
I do not care...
If the past was unknown to us and we were dubed or whatever - we all understood this was an American site - NOW we know it is not - why didn't they continue to use the off shore forums they had to post on. Why did they feel the need to not post that they were no longer American? Because this site gives them the opportunity to review and apply for jobs posted by those who NEVER would post on non-US site.

When jobs are posted we always got foreign resumes, want to bet this is tripled now. Those who post anything here except their displeasure with his actions and the use of a once American site for off shore purposes are giving him his feed. Every hit on his website moves him up and companies who do not know will post thinking they are supporting a US forum that gets a low of attention. Ads are posted and PAID for thinking it is a US forum.

This is no longer a US site, ads should be pulled and renegotiated to let them know this fact. Companies with jobs posted should be informed so they can make the decision.

Other web sites that are US should offer the same to these posters free - watch them grow. If MT Daily were smart they would drop the subscription rate and offer it free.

American MT here spreading the word to every single poster and website I can - MTSTars is not owned by an American.....Enough said.

I have to said I don't care for it. (sm)
Public language has been degrading for a while and it supports it.

It bothers me when people feel free to curse or be vulgar without regard to others' feelings. No one is offended by the lack of inappropriate language but many are when it is used.

I appreciate your asking opinions.

The only ones who seem to care
are professional MTs and the facility's risk managers! They worry not about the patients' care but their chance of being sued.
They don't care ??
Then obviously you are running in the wrong circle - do you have children and grandchildren who are going to inherit the mess this government has put upon us - do they not care that hard-working people are losing their jobs every single day so the company can save a buck ? All I can say is WOW - that is shame
Like I care....obviously I don't! Get over it....

Once a thief, always a thief.  Name doesn't mean a thing!

like i care what you say
Well they might care a bit more (sm)
if they are paying the insurance and God forbid something happens on that road trip with the person that is NOT on their insurance policy.  It sounds more like they have no control over the situation and just don't want to admit it.  Apparently their son doesn't need a car if he can live with loaning it out to someone to drive to Canada.  I wonder what they'll do if if breaks down and the borrower gets out, shrugs their shoulders figuring "it ain't my car" and leaves it on the border of Canada - LOL. 
It has been taken care of. (sm)
If you find post reporting is not working, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Moderators or the Administrator.


This has been taken care of. nm

Taken care of.