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Glad you spoke up

Posted By: self-contracting on 2005-10-02
In Reply to: YES SIR BUDDY!! It is time to cut out the middle man. - Nationals are mostly clients.

I worked at home and self-contracted before. MQ used to be where it was at - not any more - you don't have to be a man to think that way, industrious women do too, which is what I consider myself and you sound likewise. VERY few on this broad responded to requests about walk outs or union representation, so employee team work is not the way to go here.

I left my $40 to $45 an hour self contracting to eliminate dealing with tehnical problems, printing out letters and reports, outpicking up and dropping off, and the accounting work that comes with self employment for the $25-$30 an hour I was able to make at that time with smart expansion use but that does not work anymore. ASR took over for the expansions and now they are cutting our rates by 20% as we speak, cannot and will not accept it.

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Spoke Way Too Soon
Well, I spoke too soon when talking about EMR impacting my job.  I just found out last week that as of September I'll be without a job.  Supposedly they didn't realize just how much of an impact EMR was going to make on the transcriptionists.  They offered us two months (July and August) of working in-house in the medical records department.  I really think that I'm getting out of the MT business.  I never thought I'd say that.  I'm most likely going to have to find a job outside and just work my part-time jobs at night from home.  I'm planning on staying with transcription though and just going the safer general or legal route. 
Spoke with them last week.
I also saw several posts on here that others have also spoken to them. Suggest to perhaps just hold onto the check.
I spoke with them a few months ago SM
and they said they are getting a pool of resumes together to fill positions AS THEY BECOME OPEN.  So there is really no "position" there, they are just getting a bunch of them together to go to if they need to.
I got the call to and actually spoke to her..
She was looking for good experienced rad MTs for VA hospital accounts. All work is done via the internet..no extra equipment needed..pay is 7 cpl. Her first name was Lena and the website for the company is www.alsi-llc.com Don't know anything about her or the company itself but she seemed like a very nice lady and was willing to answer any questions

They have different platforms. Have never heard of one you spoke
The recruiter I spoke with was a transcriptionist - sm
and I know for a fact that I make much more than her, and she supposedly has all this experience and knowledge. When it came down to it, my experience was almost on the same level as hers, just in less years.

All I know is that I will never interview again with a national service. I feel that my experience and my knowledge and my background definitely made me a candidate for the position posted. I truly believe it was my salary that "threatened" this recruiter (for lack of a better word). I think she felt it necessary to be condescending. I will just stick with the job I have. It's not a bad job, but I just wanted a change and a chance to grow even more.
TWice, I spoke to 2 different Vonage reps, and TWICE
they repeated my credit card number back to me incorrectly.  That made me very uncomfortable and therefore signed up with a different provider.  If you're gonna work and live in this country, LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH!
Spoke too soon. Only working on some pages, not all. nm
My folks spoke American as did

their folks as did their folks. My point is more and more ESL's are coming into our country and expecting us to learn their language. Would you like to die on the table because the American OR nurse misunderstood the ESL surgeon? I think not.

Furthermore, I think it's great that you are willing to help calm someone's nerves in a crisis, but just the fact that you had to only proves my point. I hope I am never in a situation where I'm being provided medical care in American hospital and feel the need to have a translator, only to find one is not available.

I spoke to the girl's father -
He then contacted the school but I haven't talked to him since then to find out what they told him.

She spoke at my graduation. A very impressive woman! nm
Spoke too soon. Felt so much better yesterday I thought I was home free!
Hi, just lately I spoke with a couple of companies who said they re-imbursed for telephone charges..
or supplied "calling cards" for specific accounts -- myself, I am glad to be away from C-phones, I did not have a great fondness for them! Have a good one!
Glad I could help and glad you got your setup going. nm
glad to help, glad it worked!
be glad to.
let me finish my job (another 30 min or so) and i will find the verse.
Glad I could help ! .nm
Thank you - I'm glad to see that there is sm


somebody here that's intelligent enough to tell the difference.  I wasn't looking for advice.  I just wanted to know if anyone else experienced anything similar.


I guess I should have known better than to post anything here.

Glad I'm not alone. sm
I always just try to consider the source.  The sad part is that the people, whomever they may be, who makes these hateful posts on ALL boards are either 1) Trolls or 2)  Very unhappy people.
I am so glad I did not take the job with them..s
I am glad I did NOT take the job with that office...sorry pay to boot...7 cpl.
I'm so glad! Also, ...sm
I hate that you cried yourself to sleep all night. It's too much pain for anyone to bear, and I've been crying too. Your post reassured me that I'm not being overdramatic about feeling so compassion for our furry friends. My husband is getting tired of hearing me talk about the those poor dogs down there. I also want to drive there and get some of them. If I don't hear from Best Friends soon about being a foster parent to dogs belonging to the evacuees, I may just do that. (Best Friends says they will transport the pet(s) to you, no matter where you live). Time was of the essence for some of those dogs I saw on the news, and that was yesterday a.m.

Hope someone can get word to the little boy that his pet is located and safe - don't know how though. All I can think about is the little boy worrying about his pet. If he knew his little buddy was OK, he might have some comfort and lessen the pain.
I glad I could be of help!
I know that the decision to homeschool is a mammouth one and can almost be mind boggling! Try to fine a homeschool support group. The public library often knows of them and can direct you or sometimes churches will have large support groups. Call around. I am from Indiana and our state's homeschool office is called Indiana's Association of Home Educators. I know they can give you all the info you need if your from the Hoosier state!
I am so glad this came up...
Please, can you tell me, I am 100% hooked on this program (the sound does not interfere a bit with the dictation for me); however, I did not know it was only a free trial. Supposedly, I only have 15 days left.

Help! Now I have sound pilot. Is home typist different, and if it is, is it free and how would I download that?

Did you have to pay for yours?

I am so grateful to you for posting this originally because it has really helped me...

For the poster previously, "sis," if you read this there are a bunch of other sounds you can download. I switched to the "smith-corona" sound and it is a little softer sound, like the old electric typewriters...
So glad someone had a
chance to read it before it's deleted.
Glad to see there are more too
Being 33 and single without kids and no man or one in sight, just meeting guys who are afraid to commit..well thats my life.  I feel kind of judged by people, esp friends who have gone on to marry, some have gotten divorced, but even the divorced ones look down upon me.  Like i'm the bad one to not have gotten married and divorced yet.  These guys just drain me, it seems like so much work to keep one around let alone faithful.  I've got work and school though. 
Glad U like it!
Same 2U!
That is what I do. Glad to see others doing the same. nm
Wow. I'm glad
I'm not that wasteful to just fill up our landfills with perfectly good food.
glad I could help....*S*....nm
I am glad I was of some help. :) nm

I'm glad you said this
The docs never stop dictating. Sometimes a hospital will allow another service to come in for a trial run. Sometimes they funnel all work to the 'trial run' company and sometimes they will funnel a portion. Wanna know why hospitals do this...

1. TAT is not always met...because MTs call in sick and ICs don't keep a consistent schedule and work sits for days waiting to be typed.

2. Hospital continuously gets lousy work...because MTs who have been released from QA upload lousy work because they are more focused on getting more lines instead of producing a quality product.

I know this because I have worked in hospital administration before. I am now an MT. Many MTs gripe and moan about getting fired or not having enough work. What you guys don't seem to realize is that a lot of this is due to MTs who have a poor work ethic.

Everytime you call in sick, you cause an avalanche of issues. Because you work from home, many of you don't understand the concept of 'teamwork'. You see things as they apply to you and not the big picture. MTSOs are under a lot of pressure to find good MTs who will provide a quality product to the client.

MTs are probably the most job hopping people there are. It is very difficult to keep a client happy and make sure TATs are met when you have 10 MTs off 'sick' each day. It's also very difficult to keep a client happy when they have 10 or more crappy reports uploaded each day.

A hospital can drop an MTSO and move on to another. Well guess what...the account that you were hired for is no longer. You also have companies who hire lots of ICs who work and work and work taking away work from the MT employees. I could go on and on but I'll stop here.
You are Welcome...glad I could help...nm

I am glad for you.
Instead of being jealous, I am inspired.  So far I have only worked for a clinic as an employee (making very little money) or for companies, first as an employee and now as an subcontractor.  The owner of the company I am with now is a wonderful person, but I am not making as much money as I need to make.  I am looking into other ways to do it.  I live in a rural area, so there are not as many opportunities as in more urban areas, but ever since I have been doing MT there has always been plenty of work to do.  Most of it is being done by companies, but I am sure if I check around I can find some work that pays better.  I personally know people who are doing well.  I do not intend to totally give up what I have now and just sink or swim.  I guess what I am saying is that most of us do make choices.  Some of you may have circumstances that keep you from going it on your own.  Even then, you do make choices.  When I was working for a company, I enjoyed having paid time off.  As an independent contractor, that is something you have to work around. If we just sit around and whine about what we make, we will never get out find something better.     
I'm glad :-)
I'm glad it made you feel a little better .  Good luck to you.  I will be thinking and praying for you. 
I, too, am glad to see him gone
He was a nice kid, I'm sure, but just wasn't mature enough, in my opinion, to be an American Idol. Give him a few years and he may grow on the public!
Now.....Let's hope Bucky goes next week!
Glad to know I'm not alone at 5' 2" :)

I was blessed with longer legs and a shorter torso though so chairs aren't a problem.  My hubby is 5' 10" and he has a long torso and shorter legs and we both drive the car with the seat in the same position. (and yes I can see over the steering wheel). :)

Now top shelves. . . . .that's a whole different story. :)  My boys are 6' 3" and almost 6 feet so, while I still have them around, I just yell to one of them when I need something up high. 

I'm always rewarded with them teasingly resting their elbow on my head though.

Older daughter is 5' 6" and younger one is almost 5 feet already at 11.  I'm destined to be the "little one." 

I'm so glad she's gone!!
I absolutely hated her voice, it drove me crazy watching the show!! Her voice is great for church, but not for the real word and definitely not good enough to be an Americal Idol winner! I mean look at Fantasia, where the heck is she now?? I can see Chris getting pretty far in the business, but nobody really seems like they have the "it" factor like Kelly Clarkson did/does.
I'm glad
I'm glad somebody brought this up because I was thinking the same thing.  It is a good thing to keep discussions focused but focusing them too narrowly can defeat the purpose of having a discussion.  And then being scolded and having posts moved all over or deleted is really annoying.  No offense, but it is. And before we are told to go elsewhere, would anybody be interested in a Yahoo discussion group for MTs where they can discuss things other than MT work?  I know there is one group like that, which shall be nameless, that is dominated by a nasty clique.  I would like to start a more friendly one if anybody is interested.   Let me know!    
You are welcome, glad you like it!
Me too - I'm glad it's not just me. He looks no different than anyone else you see every day.
What's the big deal?
so glad he's doing better!
  It's so hard with animals when they can't tell you what's wrong.  Glad he's home again and feeling his old playful self ! 
Glad to help!
I'm glad to see that someone else...sm
doesn't pay their kids to do weekly chores. Our kids know they're responsible for cleaning their own rooms and bathroom and everyone takes a day of the week to vacuum the living room so that it's vacuumed every other day. I do sometimes offer them pay if they want to do extra chores i.e. pull weeds in the yard but not always. I tell them when they fuss about the regular chores and not getting paid for them that when they become an adult no one will pay them to clean their own house!

I am glad for you....

you sounded in such a bind at the time, I was hoping you would get some keepers out of it all.  I just knew that posting your cpl would bring responses in!

Good luck with your new employees/ICs/SEs!!

I think that was me.....I am glad sm
it worked for you.   Although I did not have a big kitty at the time I thought of this (in fact, opposite for me, small petite cat who liked to stand), it worked great, and still does for the cats I have now.   I was getting so sick of having to clean "P" off the floor and wall and from underneath the box, although I do every once in awhile wipe down the walls.   I only wished I had thought of it earlier!!!!   My husband cut the door with a saw or knife and then used duct tape to cover the rough edges.  
Yay! I am so glad...
that you do not agree with their views.  Way to go MT Stars! 
glad I am not alone

I was beginning to feel like no one cared.  Some of my reports have patient name and addresses in them - that is freaky scary to think that all their medical information could get into the hands of someone who makes a dollar a day. 

Glad that is all it was! nm
glad you like my name

it's what I wear over my adult diaper.


Glad I could help!
I hope things work out for you. I'm typing a note whose medication is $1300.00 per month (psychiatric medication, of course). Gosh, this is just another problem for a person with mental illness to have to deal with. It's a crime, no doubt.

Good luck to you! :)

Be glad you have a job?
You must be the owner of one of these places that don't pay their MTs or cheat MTs of their lines. Your superior attitude reeks of it. You're doing us a favor right? Be glad we even still have a job doing this and the work is not all farmed out overseas? We should be so lucky to make $10/hr right? Burnout is very real and if you have been an MT that many years you should know that. I think your post was very insensitive to this very real issue.