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TWice, I spoke to 2 different Vonage reps, and TWICE

Posted By: English 101 on 2007-02-20
In Reply to: Vonage has pros and cons, for sure... - anotherMT

they repeated my credit card number back to me incorrectly.  That made me very uncomfortable and therefore signed up with a different provider.  If you're gonna work and live in this country, LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH!

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Offshored service reps.
I had to call customer service about a credit card accout.  I got someone on the line, foreign accent, and I asked where they were located.  Turns out it was India.  As if that wasn't bad enough, this person had NO idea what he was talking about.  I insisted I talk to an American and finally was given a phone number in Virginia.  I called and talked to Jim, who knew just what I needed.  From now on, ASK where the person on the other end of the line is located and insist on speaking to an service rep. in USA.
It is true...and the sales reps will tell you anything to obtain your business, but then they...sm
get you once you start using the ULD.  I know, I have been told the same thing that you say you have been told but then I received the dreaded "cut off" notice.  I wish you the best, but it is just a matter of time until they get to your area.  It's not allowed! 
Spoke Way Too Soon
Well, I spoke too soon when talking about EMR impacting my job.  I just found out last week that as of September I'll be without a job.  Supposedly they didn't realize just how much of an impact EMR was going to make on the transcriptionists.  They offered us two months (July and August) of working in-house in the medical records department.  I really think that I'm getting out of the MT business.  I never thought I'd say that.  I'm most likely going to have to find a job outside and just work my part-time jobs at night from home.  I'm planning on staying with transcription though and just going the safer general or legal route. 
Spoke with them last week.
I also saw several posts on here that others have also spoken to them. Suggest to perhaps just hold onto the check.
Glad you spoke up
I worked at home and self-contracted before. MQ used to be where it was at - not any more - you don't have to be a man to think that way, industrious women do too, which is what I consider myself and you sound likewise. VERY few on this broad responded to requests about walk outs or union representation, so employee team work is not the way to go here.

I left my $40 to $45 an hour self contracting to eliminate dealing with tehnical problems, printing out letters and reports, outpicking up and dropping off, and the accounting work that comes with self employment for the $25-$30 an hour I was able to make at that time with smart expansion use but that does not work anymore. ASR took over for the expansions and now they are cutting our rates by 20% as we speak, cannot and will not accept it.
I spoke with them a few months ago SM
and they said they are getting a pool of resumes together to fill positions AS THEY BECOME OPEN.  So there is really no "position" there, they are just getting a bunch of them together to go to if they need to.
I got the call to and actually spoke to her..
She was looking for good experienced rad MTs for VA hospital accounts. All work is done via the internet..no extra equipment needed..pay is 7 cpl. Her first name was Lena and the website for the company is www.alsi-llc.com Don't know anything about her or the company itself but she seemed like a very nice lady and was willing to answer any questions

They have different platforms. Have never heard of one you spoke
The recruiter I spoke with was a transcriptionist - sm
and I know for a fact that I make much more than her, and she supposedly has all this experience and knowledge. When it came down to it, my experience was almost on the same level as hers, just in less years.

All I know is that I will never interview again with a national service. I feel that my experience and my knowledge and my background definitely made me a candidate for the position posted. I truly believe it was my salary that "threatened" this recruiter (for lack of a better word). I think she felt it necessary to be condescending. I will just stick with the job I have. It's not a bad job, but I just wanted a change and a chance to grow even more.
Spoke too soon. Only working on some pages, not all. nm
My folks spoke American as did

their folks as did their folks. My point is more and more ESL's are coming into our country and expecting us to learn their language. Would you like to die on the table because the American OR nurse misunderstood the ESL surgeon? I think not.

Furthermore, I think it's great that you are willing to help calm someone's nerves in a crisis, but just the fact that you had to only proves my point. I hope I am never in a situation where I'm being provided medical care in American hospital and feel the need to have a translator, only to find one is not available.

I spoke to the girl's father -
He then contacted the school but I haven't talked to him since then to find out what they told him.

She spoke at my graduation. A very impressive woman! nm
Spoke too soon. Felt so much better yesterday I thought I was home free!
Hi, just lately I spoke with a couple of companies who said they re-imbursed for telephone charges..
or supplied "calling cards" for specific accounts -- myself, I am glad to be away from C-phones, I did not have a great fondness for them! Have a good one!
Any of you out there using Vonage?  It seems like a really good deal, 25.00 a month for unlimited (opposed to the 110. we pay for Verizon).  Anyone using it to connect to hospitals? and do they say anything if you are using 8 hours solid for work?  I see they have a small business plan for around 50.  If any of you have it, how is the connection and the sound quality.
I have been using Vonage for almost
a year now. I didn't get the business plan and I didn't tell them what I was using it for, and they have never said anything about it. I do dial into a hospital and have used it on a personal basis. The sound quality is good. I have been disconnected a few tiimes in bad weather but not for very long and only maybe twice since having it. Go for it, I think you'd like it. Good luck!
I would like to get Vonage but I have two extension phones in my house and they told me it would only ring on one phone and not on the extensions. Any suggestions?
It is not against the law for Vonage as they are
However, for the other LD companies i.e., Sprint, Verizon, etc., it is not allowed. I also used my local carrier only to be notified several times that I could not use it for this type of work and if I continued they would disconnect my service! I know use Vonage and have had no problems.
I use Vonage
Only VoIP plans don't put a minute limitation on "unlimited" long distance, i.e, 5000 minutes a month or whatever.  So far no problems.  I still get nervous about it though because they could crack down at any time like the other traditional LD companies started doing.
I use Vonage.
I am using Vonage
My husband and I are using Vonage. It was a handle to get going but now seems to be smooth sailing. The only problem is if we loose our cable modem then our phones go down as well. Also if you have problems more than likely you will be speaking to someone in India, so I do not know if it is based out of India or what.
Vonage here
Vonage has worked well for me.  I pay about $27 a month on the residential plan and have had it for about 4 months.  I know some people have had problems with getting disconnected a lot, but I haven't.  It must depend on where you live.  I use a high volume of LD for MT and haven't had any troubles (so far).
I have had such little trouble with Vonage that I sometimes forget that is what I am using.  They are great, no problems.
Vonage is
works great! love it...and hubby likes the bill ;-)
I had problems from the beginning with Vonage and working on the internet. I finally had to take a loss and switch - went over to MCI. The rate is ok - and your first month is free (26.99) and then every 6 months you get a coupon to send in with your bill for $26.99 - so I guess it is like getting two months a few for free - anything as long as my phone works.
Mine used to just keep going when I hit the rewind pedal and would rewind all the way to be beginning of the report.  Try changing the bandwidth on the Vonage website under your account.  Change it to the lowest setting if it is not already there and see if this helps. 
Yes,that is what Vonage is...
I have used it for four years and haven't had a problem. See the messages below about Vonage. Actually Vonage is only in the US and Canada though. You can call other countries but they charge you, but from what I hear, they are very good rates.
Vonage sm
I see a lot of ads for Vonage locally but have heard negative reports on this board. Does anyone have this service and is it a good one? I am in search of a good low-cost long distance and direct cable service. I am currently on AOL and they are pushing broadband either through Verizon or Cox in my area. Someone in my family just went through a terrible business venture with Verizon for weeks and their computers were "totally down" and were unable to transmit important information, so I am being overly cautious.

That terrible business venture ....  did you mean "Vonage" versus "Verizon"?  Okay, if you did then you should know that is a realistic gamble you will always have to take with Vonage and computer down-time.  That is just how it is.  Computer is down, work does not get done.  Second, check the archives on this board for negative Vonage comments.  I, for one, have had nothing but a big fat negative experience with Vonage.  Spent 6 hours -- HOURS! -- in total over the telephone with every "rep" that Vonage seemed to have, most of them The Patels from India type reps (all called Jason or Tom, yeah right), and even the American sounding reps could just not get there stuff together. 

I was a residential user with a single phone line and NOTHING fancy involved, but they just could not get us hooked up.  Oy veh!, the frustration.  And that was just getting us SET UP?  We canceled before going any further.  The money savings is substantial, so we gave them every chance to prove themselves, but it just did not work out.  Good luck to you.  Not a lot of fantastic options, unfortunately. 


Comes with practically everything.  Only $24.99 a month and unlimited long distance.  You have to have Cable or DSL for it to work though.

Yes and at $24.99 remember you are getting what you pay for. I tried it and it interfered with my broadband and I had to cancel. I could not get an answer from them in the 1st 30 days - so I had to pay a penalty to cancel. Just another untrustworthy company in my opinion.
Didn't work for me - what a waste of time and money.

I am thinking of getting Vonage phone service.  Does it really work that well and how easy is it to set up?  I know the ads say that it is 24.95/month, is this really accurate?  Has anyone experienced any hidden costs.

Just trying to test the waters before jumping in.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!

When I first got vonage everytime I picked up the line my whole wireless network would go down. No help at all from vonage or my ISP. Since I was using a wireless phone with vonage I thought it might be the phone, so 3 phones later the problem stopped. I am currently using an old ATT 900ghz unit. Now, from a quality standpoint it is not like a regular phone. The thing stops when you stop talking and starts when you start talking. This results in the first part of each sentence being cutoff a bit and the last part ends abruptly so the listener has a hard time hearing the last word. Also, unlike a phone where both parties can talk at the same time, vonage has a hard time dealing with this. If you are on the phone a lot, I would not recommend it. I use it for my home phone, but for my business I still have a land line.
Vonage. nm


ANybody else having problems with Vonage last night this morning????



Not that kind of problem.  I am getting circuit is busy messages and when I cannot connect to my account I am getting dropped every couple of minutes and then have to try multiple times to get a connection.  Oh well it seems to be getting better have actually been able to type five reports so far without getting dropped.   Thanks

RE: Vonage
People I know on CenturyTel are getting satellites for typing. They work wonderful and they say they are faster than DSL.

For the first time. I now have to get unlimited long distance service. I need to take care of this today and have been recommended Vonage.

I took a look at their website, but was wondering if anyone could give me some more info. I saw something about being able to hook up 2 phones to what they send you. I have 2 phones and my C-phone that I need hooked up. One will be downstairs. Is this possible to do?

Also, what is a rough estimate of your bill? If I get this service with them, I am assuming I can drop my regular phone service. How much do you pay down too? It says you get a refund on that money, but I wanted to see how much.

My other option I was thinking of was getting the phone service through Time Warner. Does anyone have any experience with this?


Vonage not my cup of tea....sm
Here's my experience with Vonage. I have broadband satellite and some issues may be different with cable.

Vonage requires a router that you hook into your internet router. You hook your phones into that. So, you could have an upstairs phone if it was #2 of a cordless and #1 was hooked into the router. C-phone plugs into router also. Yes, there are only TWO plug-ins for Vonage router, so only two phones on it.

Cost me about $28 with tax monthly. Take note, though - when I went to cancel after 2 months they charged me $97 to cancel the account! Once you get past that first "free" month they have you in their clutches.

I oftentimes had poor (crackly/static) audio and thank goodness did not get rid of my land line. Sometimes I had to reboot the Vonage system multiple times a day- some days it was fine all day - some days I just hooked into my dial-up and gave up on Vonage entirely.

But, I know folks who use it for all their phones and have no problem. I am in a very remote rural area, which may contribute.

I can't remember what it cost me to get it all hooked up, they did charge me for the router.

All their customer service help is obviously outside of the US - they are helpful, but heavy accents.

So, that's what I know about it. I later found a one cent/minute phone card with a 49 cent connect fee that worked out much better for me with the C-phone.

Good luck!
Worked fine for me. I dropped it after about 6 months when I didn't need it anymore and like the other poster said, got hit with a disconnect fee (I think it's in their small print you have to keep it for a year or you get the fee). I paid around $27 monthly and didn't really have any problems with it. I used it for C-phone work and it was always fine, also never had any trouble with working high volumes with it. If you are thinking about the calling card, try to estimate how much it would cost you with the card if you were working on a secondary account that got busy for maybe one week a month and see how that compares to Vonage's $$.
My son has Vonage and the sound is poor. You can hear what you just said like an echo. Also cuts out. Poor sound quality...susan
I've had Vonage for almost a year and love it. No complaints. Very reliable. Very good rates. I would never go back to a regular phone company. I don't know what a KVM switch is, but I do have a router. I picked the cheapest plan (about $15) with limited calls, as I have unlimited calls on the cell phone.
Vonage is the best way to go.

| considered Vonage, but if this is true it can't work for me.  My phone bills are atrocious, but for two accounts I dial on with a C-phone and work live.  Does anyone know a phone person (like a private company) that would make this work for us?  There must be some way to program your pedal or tweak the software, but I have no resources here to find out.  Does anyone? 

I use my Vonage with DSL and have no problem my phone is just as clear as the dictator is
I used Vonage with DSL and a C-phone for about a year and never had a problem. Some people have problems with Vonage not working for unclear reasons, but hopefully it will work well for you.
I have Vonage
have a little bit of trouble sometimes with foot pedal command not making it to the other end but other than that, the amount I save using Vonage instead of Verizon is very much worth a little inconvenience here and there. Although Vonage did require me to get a business line because of the minutes I was using.
Dont remember exactly how he worked it. If I remember right it was some kind of splitter/router but I used my vonage.
I had the same problem. And sometimes when I would press the foot pedal, nothing would happen. It would also periodically just hang up on me. I switched to Suddenlink phone service last week and so far have not had these problems.