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She spoke at my graduation. A very impressive woman! nm

Posted By: nm on 2006-01-31
In Reply to: Coretta Scott King passed away overnight....sm - Georgia Gal


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Therapy for what? Because I don't support any woman who spouts an idea because she is a woman?

And you fall into the "therapy" or drug routine?  Why not address the issues.  You want women to support women no matter how ridiculous the idea is or you want to support a truth, no matter who tells it.  The rest of the "therapy" crap you post is BS.  You must know that by now.

Very impressive! I'm jealous! : )
WOW! So impressive! A VOLVO??? OMG!!!!
That's right up there with a Ferrari, right?

Impressive! The owner responded himself.

Incidentally, I really like editing with eScription. I would never go back to the old way.
Whoa! Impressive! Amazing. See, we go just about everywhere too, sm
but we've haven't done anything THAT adventurous! I was just talking to one of my sons tonight and we were discussing where we should "go" next. We've done Disneyworld (twice), we've done Universal Studios, and we go to the gulf of Mexico about 3 times a year since it's pretty close. My husband and I just priced and went and looked at a few RVs. We are thinking of taking the boys on a cross-country RV trip. But Africa? Wow!
I loved how you mentioned about the orphanage and vocational school. I am a Christian and have been seriously praying about doing a mission somewhere, but I have to be able to take my family (5 in total). God has lay it upon my heart to do a foreign mission, I'm just not sure where yet. Also, my husband is the primary breadwinner so I'm not sure how that would all work out!

I'm so glad to see other MTs doing things other than MTing! If any MTs are out there reading this and you haven't taken a vacation, I have some advice for you: MAKE IT A PRIORITY. Yes, it won't be easy. Yes, you may not be able to afford it right now. But save! Save up and make it a point to go SOMEWHERE you want to go - whether it would be the mountains or the beach, or whatever.

There are so many affordable ways to get away nowadays! We did Disney with 2 adults and 3 kids for 5 days for under 1000 dollars! I'm serious!
Impressive! I love bamboo floors!!!
Very impressive. Reading this really charged me up, and I hope it does him also. nm
trash it, pure garbage!
I usually do $25 for junior high grad, $50 for high school (family members get $100 from high school).  
When I graduated there was no party, etc.; however, they do things differently now. Of course, when I graduated it was expected of you! Thank you all for responding.
Spoke Way Too Soon
Well, I spoke too soon when talking about EMR impacting my job.  I just found out last week that as of September I'll be without a job.  Supposedly they didn't realize just how much of an impact EMR was going to make on the transcriptionists.  They offered us two months (July and August) of working in-house in the medical records department.  I really think that I'm getting out of the MT business.  I never thought I'd say that.  I'm most likely going to have to find a job outside and just work my part-time jobs at night from home.  I'm planning on staying with transcription though and just going the safer general or legal route. 
I think a kg graduation is great
I think that a small child getting through their first year of school is a great accomplishment and that there is nothing wrong with celebrating when they're finished. My son is having a kindergarten graduation next week and I know he is so excited because he gets to get an award for missing no school. Personally I'm glad that it's just a small ceremony in the park during lunch and not a big production, but if it was a big production I'd be happy for that too. I say if someone wants to celebrate and make kids feel good about school then I applaud that, there's nothing wrong with a pat on the back now and then.
I started at .07 after graduation - sm
I graduated in Dec. '05 and participated in an externiship program (acute care).  I was hired by a national company in March '06 doing acute care work at .07/65-character line.  Good luck!
Graduation gifts

What is the going rate for a graduation gift?  It is the granddaughter of an acquaintance of ours.

Spoke with them last week.
I also saw several posts on here that others have also spoken to them. Suggest to perhaps just hold onto the check.
Glad you spoke up
I worked at home and self-contracted before. MQ used to be where it was at - not any more - you don't have to be a man to think that way, industrious women do too, which is what I consider myself and you sound likewise. VERY few on this broad responded to requests about walk outs or union representation, so employee team work is not the way to go here.

I left my $40 to $45 an hour self contracting to eliminate dealing with tehnical problems, printing out letters and reports, outpicking up and dropping off, and the accounting work that comes with self employment for the $25-$30 an hour I was able to make at that time with smart expansion use but that does not work anymore. ASR took over for the expansions and now they are cutting our rates by 20% as we speak, cannot and will not accept it.
I spoke with them a few months ago SM
and they said they are getting a pool of resumes together to fill positions AS THEY BECOME OPEN.  So there is really no "position" there, they are just getting a bunch of them together to go to if they need to.
I got the call to and actually spoke to her..
She was looking for good experienced rad MTs for VA hospital accounts. All work is done via the internet..no extra equipment needed..pay is 7 cpl. Her first name was Lena and the website for the company is www.alsi-llc.com Don't know anything about her or the company itself but she seemed like a very nice lady and was willing to answer any questions

kindergarten graduation - how dressy?

my son is graduating in 2 days from kindergarten.  his note to parents says to wear "dressy" dress.  how dressy would you all go?  i don't want him under dressed but not over dressed either.  also, i have had a hard time finding a good "children's tie".  any ideas?    i found some in those prepackaged shirts/ties combos but none were his size and long sleeved.  we are in Texas so we are already hitting 90s so didn't want the long sleeves.  i just got him some dockers, docker shoes, and nice dress shirt but dh says he needs a tie. 

FYI, just last week we bought my 8th grader a dress to wear to her band concert (at this school the 8th graders are in high school band).  i kid you not, 90% of the females in the concert were wearing formal dresses for the concert.  wow, i know my daughter felt out of place and i felt it for her.  we just moved here a few months ago so i had no idea these girls would wear formals to a band concert and this is a very small 2A country school.  so this is why i am wanting my son to not be over or under dressed and wondering what most normally do and if the norms have changed in the last few years.

$0 because high school graduation SM
is part of life and to make a giant celebration of it seems unnatural to me.  I was always told that high school graduation was expected of me and it was my job to do that.  If I went on to college and earned a degree, THEN, the hoopla could start.
They have different platforms. Have never heard of one you spoke
The recruiter I spoke with was a transcriptionist - sm
and I know for a fact that I make much more than her, and she supposedly has all this experience and knowledge. When it came down to it, my experience was almost on the same level as hers, just in less years.

All I know is that I will never interview again with a national service. I feel that my experience and my knowledge and my background definitely made me a candidate for the position posted. I truly believe it was my salary that "threatened" this recruiter (for lack of a better word). I think she felt it necessary to be condescending. I will just stick with the job I have. It's not a bad job, but I just wanted a change and a chance to grow even more.
TWice, I spoke to 2 different Vonage reps, and TWICE
they repeated my credit card number back to me incorrectly.  That made me very uncomfortable and therefore signed up with a different provider.  If you're gonna work and live in this country, LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH!
Spoke too soon. Only working on some pages, not all. nm
My folks spoke American as did

their folks as did their folks. My point is more and more ESL's are coming into our country and expecting us to learn their language. Would you like to die on the table because the American OR nurse misunderstood the ESL surgeon? I think not.

Furthermore, I think it's great that you are willing to help calm someone's nerves in a crisis, but just the fact that you had to only proves my point. I hope I am never in a situation where I'm being provided medical care in American hospital and feel the need to have a translator, only to find one is not available.

I spoke to the girl's father -
He then contacted the school but I haven't talked to him since then to find out what they told him.

The high school class took a graduation trip sm
to Aruba. I guess every parent that let their child go on the graduation trip was in bad judgement. There are many HS trips out of the country. Please get a grip.
I received a new car as my high school graduation gift
A 1966 Mustang. A lot of my high-school classmates received new cars when they got their licenses. When I got my license, my folks bought a new car and gave me their old one. I was happy to have it and really thrilled with my Mustang when I graduated, which was a complete surprise, certainly not something I asked for or expected.
I agree with you. I had a kindergarten graduation back in ྉ...sm
But it was really casual, our caps were cardboard and yarn, and it was very short. I think the parents had to sit on the little kindergarten-sized chairs. I didn't want to do it because I was very shy and terrified of being in front of people, LOL. But we had nothing else after that till the real graudation from high school. I don't get the significance of grad from 6th or 8th grades, either. It makes them come to expect rewards for EVERY accomplishment no matter how small. That stops abruptly when you get out of school!
Spoke too soon. Felt so much better yesterday I thought I was home free!
Hi, just lately I spoke with a couple of companies who said they re-imbursed for telephone charges..
or supplied "calling cards" for specific accounts -- myself, I am glad to be away from C-phones, I did not have a great fondness for them! Have a good one!
It was a graduation trip with the high school class. There were chaperones but evidently sm
she went out on her own, but for you the blame the parents and victims dosen't make sense.  Go back to your rocking chair and rock on.
maybe she wants to be the woman.

Seems to me, this is about those woman who only think they look like that...
and unfortunately do not.

Even young girls do this - I have seen young girls more and more, bellies out, cracks out (pardon me, do not know what else to call it- smile), and maybe 2 out of 10 have the bodies for it. The rest are overweight and have bulges and cellulite, etc.

I think almost everyone would agree, if a woman can wear something (or nearly nothing) and look good, more power to them. If they do not have a body like a model, or even close, best to hide the cleavage in public, in my opinion...
Done 2! Come on MTs....help this woman win!
Staples inventors contest. Vote for Julie Savage.
Can't we get this woman out of here?
I would sooner see your Avon and candles! This woman has been over on MT Chat, now here, who knows where else. I don't even believe she is an MT. How could she be when she is so busy with her "company"? Can't we get these types of "free advertisers" off here? Makes me mad!  If fshe is free to advertise, then I think the rest of us should be able to, as well!
Yep, that's right, it was to a woman.nm
One woman actually said she (sm)
spent so much time at the pediatrician's office, she KNEW she could do it.  NO KIDDING.  She really said that.
She is more woman than you could ever-sm
hope to be in your wildest dreams. What did she ever do to you anyway? come on, take my one on one challenge...make my day. lol
Probably every woman on here has done the same or more
than this person is saying she had to do in order to take care of grandchildren. Most women here work and take care of children every day. She asked did I have grandchildren like you just could not work and take care of them. I did - others have here also- no bashing- just truthful, sounds like a cop out to me and probably others here.
Seems that woman
had some issues. Okay ... I can see being a little irritated, but really! Your director had the right attitude, and now you have your funny little story you can share. : )
No woman asks for it EVER
A woman can be walking down the street naked, she is not asking for rape.  No woman ever wants to be raped.  Old ladies, young ladies, middle aged ladies get attacked and raped and sexually harrassed and murdered.  Women do not ask for this.  Until we put the blame where it belongs, on the perpetrator, not the victim, nothing will change.  You need some consciousness raising, me thinks.
A woman I worked with ... (sm please)
erased a tape of a day's worth of radiology reports. She pulled all the jackets (before PACS system) and took them to the rad. She apologized sincerely with a stiff upper lip. He did not say a word, read all the films again and life went on. She is now the lead MT and has been there for 15 yrs.
You really need to get a woman in your life!
And what do you consider an older woman?

I can assure you that I'm not an older woman.  Thirty is not old.  I still get carded buying alcohol.  I've never bleached my naturally blonde hair either.  The clothes aren't skimpy.  I have full coverage with nothing hanging out.  I certainly don't shop in the plus or women sized departments either.  It's just a change from slob mode, which is the point I was trying to make.  Women will feel and look younger by taking a few moments to care about their appearance.  Try some trendier clothes, a new hairstyle, a touch of makeup.  Besides, if I was a fat, ugly, old lady as you're implying, troll, hubby would tell me.  He's the one who didn't like my "comfortable" work clothes to begin with.

omg i know a woman who talks just like you
and is just as much an a** and even her sunday school class doesn't want anything to do with her!!! hehehehehe talking about an ugly, stinky attitude!!! hehehe
psycho woman
You sound like a nice woman that just has lousy tastes in men. First of all, you need to get involved in a church. If you have a large one in your area, they typically have groups of people that are in your same boat or had been in a similar boat. Go there first, and seek their advice. and it would be very good for the kids to attend also.
No. Owned by a woman.
woman of the opposite sex
That's hilarious! Thanks for the belly laugh. I needed it today.... LOL.
I had to reply here to what the woman said
That the radiologist would call the physician by phone and report the serious finding on the x-ray. HELLO: Most (or all) patient charts have an order to them in which patient medical records are to be distributed chronologicaly. I would think Medical Records Manager/personnel would be screaming for the hard copy of the report to be placed on the chart, to be reviewed by QA, Coding, etc. This woman sounds lazy.
one good woman

Q: How many women with MENOPAUSE does it take to

change a light bulb?

A: One! ONLY ONE!!!! And do you know WHY?

Because no one else in this house knows

HOW to change a light bulb! They don't even know

that the bulb is BURNED OUT!! They would sit

in the dark for THREE DAYS before they figured it out.

And, once they figured it out,

they wouldn't be able to find the

light bulbs despite the fact that

they've been in the SAME CUPBOARD

for the past 17 YEARS!

But if they did, by some

miracle of God, actually find

them 2 DAYS LATER, the chair

they dragged to stand on to

change the STUPID light bulb would






















I'm sorry.... What was the question?